Friday, 30 April 2010

Louise Ellman-The Dame of Dereliction-Time to Vote Her Out.

It is hard to believe that as an MP she can still be there representing the people in Warrens war zones without doing anything to help their cause She has become oblivious to dereliction she has seen so much of it since coming to stand in the Liverpool safe seat from Skelmersdale, all those years ago. Just what happened there, why did she leave?
pic What Louise sees every time she comes home near Wapping Dock where they have built more badly designed architecture to complement the trash that is out of keeping with the historic area.
Some of the areas in her constituency can be declared as bad as 30 years after the Toxteth riots.
Clevor Trevor Jones acted as a property developer while leading the City Council. He was all over her area like a bad rash, possibly making a fortune, while his wife was chair of the planning committee. I met with Louise about the knocking down of the last ships chandlers in the city by the Jones's, and asked her numerous questions. She knows how to play the game alright, just doing the amount of work to pass the buck to someone else.  The International Garden Festival site is only just having work done on it, and its slow, after she watched for years whilst the Velodrome was dismantled from inside so they could build more houses.  Then the city builds a convention centre on Kings Dock. Its called Robbing Peter to pay Paul.
In meetings with her and found her a complete and utter waste of space. As Chair of the Transport Select Committee she is presiding over Labour plans to stop the high-speed rail link at Manchester. What about Liverpool?
Relics such as St James Church  lie there rotting, 500 yards from where she lives, if she hasn’t flipped it.

The Dame of Dereliction is oblivious to decay, this what she  can see this area from her lobby which is set back behind electric gates, so she can escape the abject poverty down the road.  While down the road less than a mile away, and this.  And then she watches while 500 yards away from her house the build this with European cash  and this goes on with World Heritage views that she does nothing to stop despite the Labour Government telling Unesco its all fine.  While this happens up the road  And Charles Clover talks about the pathfinder’s part of Warrens   War-zones  that has decimated the people of the Welsh Streets while she looks on. Ignoring the pleas of her public.  She says what legal drug, (at the time) her son deals in is nothing to do with her. Her son effectivly comes from one of the most deprived areas in the country, Toxteth.

You know what the Dame looks like she will get in again because of the pathetic turn out of her constituency, which is how she has stayed there for so long.  She abandoned the Dockers fight years ago. Picks her argument even negotiates them.  Try Correspondent for a liberal read.

 Her constituency has some of the poorest people in the country. Time to vote her out folks. We couldnt get any worse than her as some one in who becomes oblivious to decay and stands idly by while 500 yards away, from where she lives, while in Liverpool, the World Heritage Site is destroyed.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

SS Manxman-Its Over, Its Scrap. And Its Crap..

The asbestos is being removed ready for the big cut up. It looks like the curtain has come down and we are just waiting for the fat lady to sing. There has been a declaration that the breakers will auction off the good stuff. The brassy bits, that is worth some dosh. That’s no good to those that care about Maritime History. Once its gone it wont be coming back. What is the next generation going to think about what has been done in the rebranding of a city where the superlambanana replaces the Liver bird as the symbol of the city because it is easy to understand that the kiddies like it, they can draw it.  Or on it. Should we just rename the city Grosvenor-pool. and get on with it.  How much more can we allow to be destroyed by the likes of Neil Scales the purveyor of bad sculpure and public art, who cut the historic submarine U-534 that was pulled from a Norwegian Fjord? When the historic warships collection was scrapped. Or the Wincham travesty.  Our museums don’t care. MV Wincham was scrapped right in fron of their eyes  by morons.  There has been a valiant effort led by the work, above and beyond the call of duty, the man who knows everything about ships and maritime history in Liverpool, Peter Elson. Though critical of the Daily Post,  Peter is a last bastion of everything that the Liverpool Daily Post and Echo should have been. Instead, it is a dead man walking with the drivel of property developer’s vested interests and placation of council blundering and promotion of world heritage disaster. Instead of promoting Peel holdings they should be asking why Peel Holdings have scuppered the plans to save the SS Manxman by retracting a berth for it. They want to walk all over the city yet give nothing back. Questions need to be asked as to why the backward thinking paper, is not looking backwards to helping to promote the need to protect Liverpool’s Maritime past, well apart from Peter. A campaign was launched by the Daily Post, by Peter Elson who probably cant sleep at night thinking about the rusting hulks clattering together in some graveyard dock, being denied the true requisite of attention needed to save them to bring them here to Liverpool, set them up, make Liverpool a Maritime City as it world heritage inscription declares.
Where has the Manxman cash gone? The Chairman of the trustees Bill Ogle will not pass it over to another trust set up to make an effort to save the ship instead of letting it rot.

Where is the cash that was raised I am aware that several people committed over One and a half thousand pounds. The Earl of Derby gave a grand. But one or two grand to some may not be a lot. I know some who contributed a tenner and a blue one who couldn’t afford it but felt so sharp about it.

Don’t you think Peel Holdings could help and make it a feature of Wirral Waters. Give something back instead of take, take, take.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Warren Bradleys Liverpool War Zones.

There are a few bloggers that we admire in their forthright and honest no-nonsense approach and one of them is Correspondent from the "blog roll" on the right hand side. Scribblings Jottings and Musings. He is a seld styled Correspondent.
 I wish he was working for Trinity "Smoking" Mirror group he would not allow himself to be institutionalised. Its best if we keep on the zone with the finger on the pulse and this is not a bad stop for a liitle truth now and again in between the advertorial world of Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors . Yesterdays Daily Ghost (will someone put the old dog down its riddled with arthritis ) did a spin which we all know about but Correspondent spells it out which I have reprinted below. 
The picture I have used was taken in One Park Gone Worst at Chavasse Park, (entitled "I tell them that big") which came 4th in BD magazines Carbuncle cup, defering to the winner the Terminal Ferry Carbuncle.  Here Warren Bradley is talking to John Prescott who came up with the ideas, to rip the heart out of huge communities, and call them New Heartlands. Did he question him about his sick idea?
No he chatted about his proudest achievement, which was....Grosvenor-pool.
Well considering he was mentored by Clever Trevor and Doreen who live on the Duke of Westminsters estate, what do we expect.

Warren's War Zones
Election campaigning continues apace. Yet amidst the bombast, bluster & bullshit, there are disconcerting sounds of, well, not contrition or remorse exactly, more like an embarrassed clearing of the throat, a muffled sigh, a sotto voce aside.
Home truths are beginning to be acknowledged by those whose state of denial has been so deep as to be subterranean. Wayne has long pointed out how, inter alia, the disfigurement of the city's waterfront blocks the view of the Three Graces. The response until now has varied from an embarrassed silence to an exercise in juvenile name-calling. However, the pretence is starting to slip & Wayne expertly dissected its threadbare nature earlier today

Another area where the Fib Dem council is inching dangerously close to a mea culpa concerns housing. Warren Bradley blurts out the obvious to David Bartlett in this morning's Oldham Echo  
Bartlett is moved to observe that Bradley's comments are "frank". Well, yes & no. It certainly puts the Fib Dems' Bread & Circus approach to the city in a stark context hitherto ignored by Oldham Hall Street. However, it also seeks to deflect at least some of the blame onto Whitehall & the quangocracy: "The council, national government and (regeneration agency) English Partnerships probably bit off more than we could chew.
"We announced six renewal areas, and in hindsight we should have done it one by one. Completing one area and then moving onto the next."
Bradley's tactic is totally transparent, admit mistakes, but imply that Labour & English Partnerships are at least equally culpable. This is election time, don't forget.
The man who is to local history what Jeremy Clarkson is to cycling goes on to deliver some choice comments which act as incriminating evidence in the case against the Fib Dems' reign of misrule in the city:
"You can't rip the heart out of the community and promise them something in 15 years time.
"I just don't think it is correct, but we are where we are. We have now got the job of rebuilding communities and giving them reassurance.........
"We should have landscaped areas so that people didn't feel they were living in a war zone".
That's some self-confessed record of ruin to play at the voters, isn't it? As well as the civic vandalism of what's still mystifyingly called a World Heritage Site & inflicting Grovesnor-pool in the process, Bradley & his cohorts have neglected whole neighbourhoods not fortunate enough to live in the city centre or in Fib Dem wards. The war zones have been left to fester.

Well said Mr Correspondent hope you dont mind me borrowing your well written and direct to the point text.

This is the same bloke Warren Bradley who said,  Prince Charles told him it was all great and the regeneration in Liverpool was marvelous. When David Bartlett was presented with a letter from Prince Charle's private secretary to the contrary he hushed it up, shame on you Larry Bartlett, shame on you. You are worse than Larry Neild.
See Warren talking about Liverpools waterfront that under his errr...leadership was destroyed

Mates with fellow fire-bobby, the disgraced, Steve Hurst
Its all OK our heritage is fine, they even write the stories for the Oldham Hall Street Brigade.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Mann Island-Is The Penny Finally Dropping?.

Ben Schofield has a go today in the Daily Ghost. (Dead man walking will someone put it out of our misery).  He tries to give reasons why the Fib-Dems should be booted out of Liverpool. How they destroyed the World Heritage Site. He (Oldham) echoes the opinion of Paul Brant of the Labour Party whose head Honcho in Liverpool Louise Ellman, The Dame of Dereliction knew more than enough to stop this and actually ignored and promoted the schemes. In fact she is a major part of the problem to the World Heritage Blight.   Warren Bradley could have stopped it only he doesn't know his arse from his elbow. As for the Dame of Disaster Doreen Jones.
 Ben says VIEWS of Liverpool’s Three Graces, which have been blocked by a landmark new development, should have been preserved under its original planning brief, the Daily Post can reveal.

It is now impossible to see the ornate roofscape of the Port of Liverpool Building, in the heart of the waterfront World Heritage site, from key points in the city centre.
But the original Mann Island planning brief – seen by the Daily Post – sets out six “key views” in the city centre, as well as two others, which were to be protected.
He can reveal, hey!, is this an exclusive. He goes on; “These views inform the location, scale and massing of development on the site.”
But that brief appears to have been abandoned as the development – currently being built by Countryside Neptune – gathered momentum.
The two “key views” were both looking from the south of the Three Graces. The first was of the buildings from the road between Salthouse and Canning Docks, from where, the development brief says, “the principal roofscape features of the Pier Head group of buildings will be visible”.
The other is from the arch of the former Transit Shed, farther along The Strand.

And On he goes.
In a recently-published book called Liverpool: Shaping The City, which was published by the Royal Institute of British Architects and Liverpool city council, the authors admit what is now left are “glimpses” of Liverpool’s famed buildings.
It says: “The view of the Pier Head group of buildings from the south has been changed as the Mann Island scheme takes shape, and the composition of the buildings across the site provides for glimpses of the towers and domes rather than unobstructed views.
He then writes.

But Cllr Paul Brant, the deputy leader of Liverpool’s Labour group and who represents the city ward covering Mann Island, lamented the loss of the views.
Cllr Brant, who said he had no idea the planning brief existed, lobbied against the buildings when they were being considered by planners.
He told the Daily Post: “I like the buildings. I think they’re great buildings, but I think they’re in the wrong place or on the wrong scale or massing.

Funny That I didn’t see him or hear him objecting he then continues.
It seemed to me to be madness to be downgrading views of some of our architectural heritage in a way that might make it less attractive to visit, especially as these areas were deemed to be so exemplar that they were given World Heritage status.
“It’s a major piece of investment and what was there before – the Mann Island car place – was hardly exemplar.”
He added that the building’s impact on the views has not taken him by surprise because he had looked at models of the area before they were built.
But he said: “I’m deeply disappointed that those views are now being lost. It’s bizarre that Liverpool residents now have to go to Birkenhead to see that best view of the Three Graces.”

A Liverpool city council spokesman added: “The development brief set the framework for schemes on this site. It was intended as guidance and was not prescriptive.
“Planning applications are considered in the light of this guidance and when this scheme was determined it was considered that it followed the principles of the brief in that developments should provide ‘glimpse’ views of the Three Graces.
“This view was endorsed by ICOMOS, who visited the site on behalf of the World Heritage Committee.”

Well that is not correct it was never endorsed by Icomos….The Council just went ahead and did it leaving UNESCO and ICOMOS to either put up or shut up.
In the Comments section
Tourman wrote:
It is nothing less than criminal that these three monstrosities have ruined one of the finest views in Liverpool. The people involved and in particular Doreen Jones, who should never have been on the planning committee, must be held responsible and questions must be asked as to their motives when there are so many other available sites. It must also be asked as to why the land was sold so cheaply and the to what extent those involved benefited. I would demolish these eye sores I feel that strongly and if it can be proved that the construction of these buildings was done illegally those people involved should be prosecuted for corruption in a public office.

Then Mark Thomas, Grey Man of Trinity “Smoking” Mirrors hardly able to have an opinion EDITS the papers view in the opinions page.

Tide of change on the waterfront

Apr 26 2010 Liverpool Daily Post
Add a comment
PEOPLE go down to stroll by the Mersey at the Pier Head not simply because it’s there, à la Mount Everest, but rather because the whole setting and ambience make the waterside such a great place to be.

So the transformation currently taking place around the Mann Island site, where the previous Voss Motors showroom has been obliterated, and replaced by three jet-black blocks, has hardly met with universal acclaim.

Now it has emerged that the original planning brief for the development called for six “key views” in the area to be protected, so important were they to the riverfront environment – but at least two have vanished for ever, and another can be seen from only the narrowest of perspectives, on a tiny stretch of pavement.

It has to be said, though, that the buildings which have ousted Voss Motors are not without architectural merit. It is not difficult to imagine Prince Charles resurrecting his favourite “carbuncles”, if he were to drop by, but less reactionary visitors would surely be impressed by the new arrivals’ impact on the site.

Some may complain about the downside of that impact, and the views which are no longer with us, but if Liverpool is to be seen as the progressive city which it aspires to be, then it will not be possible to pickle every square metre in some type of heritage-branded aspic. That way lies stagnation and fossilisation.

But there is a balance to be considered, however difficult that might be, and the compromise between preserving history and developing for the future must be maintained.

But the level of controversy surrounding these buildings raises serious questions about whether the balance has tilted just a little too far in favour of commercial interests.

One possible saving grace is, however, that for every view that has disappeared, other stunning perspectives are lying there down by the river, just waiting to be discovered. Nothing will deter those crowds of visitors.


Friday, 23 April 2010

The Merseyside Civic Society-Heritage Collaborators.

The LPT was formed by Professor Quentin Hughes and myself after long deep conversations into the impending gloom that was to befall the WHS. Quentin who wrote Seaport and LIVERPOOL City of Architecture was more than qualified to meet with the UNESCO officials on their visit to decide whether to award World Heritage Site Status to Liverpool in 2004. He had asked me, as their Chairman to join the Merseyside Civic Society but I had refused. I was asked to give a talk to the MCS council in February 06 after kicking up a fuss about the then proposed museum in the local and national press. Even the Times were writing about it. And more was to come.  The lottery funding would be refused for the interior fit –out, (which they have now spent) because as all there was to look at for the fit out was some sketches on the back of a ciggy packet.  I did my talk in the offices of Edmund Kirkby here in India Buildings who gave the offices for free. Edmund Kirkby are surveyors with lots of clients and conflicts of interests in the city but I presume it was with good intentions that they laid on the tea and coffee. It was a good turn out I was told, 15 or 20 of them. I thought to myself there was a definite pull in the room as I tried to persuade them that the museum disaster was funded by the then proposed Three Grotesques at Mann Island.  Quentin had not long passed away and the current Chairman was and still is Dr Peter Brown was even arguing against me.  He would later show his true colours. One of the members was an archaeologist working for the museums  who would go on later to do the dig on Manchester Docks.
There was a trustee of NML present if I am not mistaken was the Earl of Derby, and the vice chair of MCS was also the chairman of the Friends of Liverpool Museums. Andrew Pearce  was a worry constantly going on about the museum arranging wine and cheese presentations on it, promoting it. He was commended by David “Fuzzy Felt” Fleming in a yearly review. He and the friends were later binned by him as being an extremists. With a few stalwarts in the room such as Pat Moran who is always honest if not a little loud and Tony Moscardini, I did the best to explain what World Heritage meant as quite a few of them, who had bothered to turn up seemed to be lacking in what it meant to have such an accolade. I gave all my best in a frantic exchange at times, thought I had pulled some in. Dr Knobolis, who teaches at Liverpool Uni. (well some Greek sounding name) Who I later found is a property owner of two apartments in the “Plassy Flats” the saddest block of flats at Kings Dock, asked if I would like to become a council member. I was cheered and seconded in, and there began part of the most frustrating relationship I have ever had.
I was keen; I even gave up my busy lunchtime for meetings. At great financial cost. I would watch as the most foolish things were discussed while world heritage disaster had started. Occasionally people such as Hilary Burridge  who I would find out has quite close connections to her low-ness the Dame of Dereliction Louise Ellman.  Burridge would turn the meeting into a Tesco bash….a nimby. Tony Moscardini always seemed to get it spot on.  Patrick Moran used to get annoyed, he stormed out once in anger, only to have to come back 10 minutes later because he had forgotten his shopping. A Grosvenor mole Trevor Skempton turned up at the planning meeting for One Park Worst on behalf of Grosvenor. Now call me old fashioned but is this the reason he was there. He would want to talk and he would spend a lot of time trying to discuss how great Grosvenor were. Even when Private Eyes, Piloti give it a bashing, he was there to defend it even writing in to BD. Writing in about the LPT’s warnings proclaiming the need to blend the old with the new…Yeah, as if we don’t know this.   The MCS even put it on the website. A delegation including Peter Brown, Charles Hubbard of Edmund Kirby were allowed 10 minutes with the Unesco mission whitewash in October 06 as I had persuaded some to get on board, well those that turned up, some meetings had as little as three people, its hardly a gathering. One MCS council member said to me he couldn’t argue with the planners because he has to work with them.
Its called Lying Down to be Counted.
 Peter Brown who teaches at a Liverpool University stitched us up with a consultaion evening there presented by Neptune Developments. One of Neptune’s whose directors trained at the Liverpool Uni and so did the architect of disaster Matt Brookes. Neptune donated the model to the University. Oh and Brian “Mad Hatter” Hatton an educated idiot who couldn’t put a shelf up who also teaches there lined us up on the developers behalf. He would later edit an Architectural Review Jan 08 entitled Liverpool Work in progress and he never upset a developer or architect once. Remember how it was all going to be Iconic. Pulling them all in to help the decimation of WHS, in fact promoting it. It’s funny reading that now. Anyhow it wasn’t long I was thinking this Brigade are like the Vichy Government, Collaborators with the establishment who are in fact the enemy, on the wrong track, they represent vested interests.
I resigned and renamed them the Merseyside Inert Society they are worse than the developers in my opinion. Only, in my opinion, they are not that inert when they are helping their friends. They all turned up for the wine and cheese evenings that were frequently arranged as smoothers. They actively tried to get one laid on from Peel Holdings who refused. Peter Brown became entertainments organiser...yes. Gave an evening for Henry Owen John to give a talk who was lambasted by some of the more brave.  Peter Brown was mates with John Hinchliffe.  I said to him stop writing letters Dear John these people are getting away with it and you are letting them. Or Dear Nigel to Nigel Lee the Chief Planning disaster.
Now I am not saying anything illegal has taken place, other than. They have been a shadow of themselves, they were indeed Civic under Quentin’s chairmanship.
They had a civic duty.
There is an old saying for evil to succeed it takes good men to do nothing the Merseyside Civic Society, what a waste of a good name.
 I would prefer to be in the resistance than side with the collaborators, I hope they can all sleep at night.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Heritage Fruitcakes from Bonkers-Ville #4

I have been told off by some of my colleagues for wasting valuable time this week in not highlighting some of Liverpool’s problems it looks like the SS Manxman is to be scrapped. It looks like they are planning to renew the temporary landing stage at the Pier Head after nearly 10 years despite spending 12 million on a Terminal Ferry Carbuncle. But it has been an insight into the mindset of the heritage do-gooders who cant do anything because they spend so much time arguing with themselves. Count me out of this crew. I write because I have nothing to lose, because I have lost all of that nothing. Just look at those pictures of what is unfolding at the Pier Head and any fool can see we are in a shambolic mess. This is why I write not to satisfy myself. Where were they when the battles were being fought, stalking someone else probably? It was BD magazine last week when a few fruitcakes decided to round on us and waste my time. I shouldn’t have done it I know. One of them kept asking to join. I have to conclude the reason why we don’t have an open membership is to keep heritage fruitcakes from Bonkers-Ville, who don’t even live in Liverpool out of our hair. So we can highlight the problems in our city. You have to earn the right to be taken seriously by my colleagues. But bloody hell a bunch of Zimmer framed pensioners trying to bully us by stalking us asking to join. Oh please. I dropped my biscuit in my tea once I was that terrified. I ususlly deal with these sort of nutters before my first teabreak but I was a bit late that day. The last people in the world we want anywhere near us is the likes of these.  
I confer and am guided by people who I respect I don’t need to name them they don’t need the acknowledgement they are confident in themselves. One of my colleagues who I have not seen for a while as we have only spoke on the phone and conference on the Internet recently came in the shop Tuesday last. I was shocked because he was only a little bloke in reality, and my respect for him is so large that I had been thinking he was a 6ft 4-inch giant of a man. These are the people whose advice I take not a group of Zimmer-ed nutters from no-where-ville. These are the people who I admire those who fight on when the going gets tough. That stand up for their principles and more importantly don’t collaborate. Those that fought against world heritage vandalism being played out in front of your eyes without ego. You know we have lost but its better to have fought and lost than not have fought at all.

Normal Service Will Be Resumed Soon.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Heritage Fruitcakes from Bonkers-Ville #3

It is now obvious I am being stalked by a bunch of heritage fruitcakes with nothing else to do. Its hilarious. Use to having to argue with local authorities and developers now I am wasting my time with nutters. It seems a few people dont like the style to which we want to expose everything that is wrong in Liverpools so-called regeneration. Its like as if some of the heritage brigade dont get anywhere because they spend so much time sticking their ugly noses in other peoples business. Doing the developers a favour in the process.
We want nothing to do with do-gooding do nothings who seem to think that by, stalking, it will be of benefit to their sad existances. Make them feel better. Give them a Raison D'ete. I never asked for this and have to ask what has Liverpool got to do with a bunch of heritage mafiosa that dont live here, who in reality are more like a bunch of wet farts. I reluctantly spelt it out on Friday last as a last resort to the continual bombardment of e-mails and comments and letters from, what we can only now conclude to be people with nothing else to do. It went worse. And its not just me either. some people stick their gobs in everywhere because they think they can hide behind psuedonyms. Everything that is wrong about the sad lives of heritage morons I have seen over the last months. It is like most of them dont even realise that they are collaborators with the establishment.
This is what my screen looks like, my personal e-mail address. One heritage collaborator has sent me nearly 500 e-mails despite telling them in no uncertain terms to stop. Everything that is wrong with why heritage causes go no-where is wrapped is up here in Bonkers-Ville. I think I may have to contact the police if they dont go away. Stalked by heritage pensioners some-one should take their zimmers away from them.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Heritage Fruitcakes from Bonkers-Ville #2

There are so many of them about. After last Fridays Post it went a bit looney as expected. I am now more convinced than ever that the Heritage Mafia need their Zimmer frames taking away from them and their computers locked down. I had someone who calls himself Conservation Officer........from East Anglia wanting to join, trying to post comments, thinking he was being mischievous. Yawn...Yawn...Yawn, its so boring. This blog is an anonymous blogger, it seems, whats the point, he even swore on one posts, he's so daring is, Gareth Hughes who, is a Conservation Officer from East Anglia. Surely these people need their bosses to look at how they represent their local authority? He says he is, or was on the committee of the c20th Century Society who would not speak up for Liverpool when the central core, which is 20th century part, of the world heritage site was to be decimated, despite numerous requests from Aiden, Eddy and Graham at the North West group. Despite the fact that a Herbert Rowses building was under threat and my favourite building, Herbert Rowses Ventilating Shaft was to be blighted. Where were the Heritage Mafia when you need them. Some good local people spoke up but we needed a big society to help. Where were you Gareth Hughes when we needed you?

  I had moved his blog to the trashcan, as it was so boring. It now seems he along with his mate at the Nemesis "Banana" Republic who just copies down things other have written, they want to make nuisances of themselves.  It is far too easy these days for a walking zombie with no-life and a computer to start thinking they are powerful, never having to speak face to face with anyone. They, the heritage mafia, leave anonymous comments all over the place think they are being antagonistic...but really serve to take the argument away from real issues such as world heritage destruction and make it all the clearer that this is the reason why we are in so much trouble in Liverpool are the heritage pensioners who just talk amongst themselves....and stay anonymous so their wine and cheese evenenings wont get interupted.

I am being picked on by a bunch of Heritage Fruitcakes from Bonkers-Ville, who think they are the Mafia...but in reality they are the problem.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Heritage Fruitcakes-From Bonkers Ville.

I have met some of the most highly intelligent people that I respect and admire, in Heritage circles, I have trodden, if there is such a thing. People locally, like Florence Gersten and colleagues of mine at the LPT whose determination to see out a cause should be rewarded, but are not, as they put their time in for free. Instead they stand up to be counted while others do nothing. People with a richness of character to see through the press pap and don’t need to be part of a backslappers anonymous are the people who I admire. People who wont be swayed. Then there are those who are a Nemesis of themselves who have nothing better to do and take any argument to a new level……….downwards into a intellectual twaffle that just allows the developers and the councils, wherever they be, to do exactly what they want, while the twaffs are holding another wine and cheese evening, twaffling on, making friends with which to future twaffle, because they have a lonely existence……yes you know who you are. Its like they need acceptance and the heritage brigade are a well mannered lot and dont often argue. It does not mean that these exhibitions to a city, and involvement highlighting problems are not welcome, but with any battle it is the locals know the lay of the land. But, others see those arguments as publicity and a need to be accepted by people, so they join groups and pay subscriptions and turn up at places and….twaffle. These people are no use to us at the LPT. Colleagues of mine have resigned or want nothing to do with do-gooders who do nothing, yes you know who you are from groups like the Merseyside Civic Society. Those that run so called heritage forums talk about cigarette stumps outside the Port of Liverpool Buildings being unsightly and don’t mention world heritage blight 10 yards away…blind to facts…..those that should know better.

At a Heritage wine and cheese evening I met someone called Evelyn Cook “I am Byword” she said “In BD”. Oh all right if you like I thought. She then rattled on as to what she wasn’t happy about slagged off Liverpool’s blight, all those at SAVE  who did the exhibition and how she does this and that and she runs the Nemesis Republic blog which I added to ours. But no more, After 450 e-mails of which 430 are just plain bonkers-Ville I have removed any involvement from this silly woman. But we just can’t take any more of this twaffle. It seems anyone these days can set up a pseudonym and then rattle off antagonistic comments  which defeats their own argument. Some people want to be heritage groupies and get annoyed when they don’t get accepted, defending those that do the damage  Those, well her, at the Nemesis Banana republic should be ashamed of themselves for having nothing else to do than try to undermine work done by us. We offer no explanations to who we are the words LIVERPOOL PRESERVATION TRUST mean one thing …………..You can trust us. We will tell the truth and wont be swayed by anyone, and the type of friends and colleagues who twaffle about nothing while creeping into the next wine and cheese evening to make themselves feel important can stuff off.
I did radio 4 interviews with Nick Ravenscroft about Liverpool’s World Heritage Site or Blight, as we shall now call it. All the bods were rolled out Jim Gill from Liverpool Vision  and they all tried to bemoan us at LPT as opposition to their hairbrained schemes.
It was 20 minutes later that I received e-mail from the then President of the Royal Institute of British Architects, RIBA, it said.

“Wayne I can see what they try to do and always remember even in a minority of one, the truth is still the truth”.
I wont forget his support but will never pander to liars who ignore world heritage s*ite so they can stay in with their mates. I know who my colleagues are, those who I can trust, because they trust themselves, do you?

Monday, 12 April 2010

Liverpool Malmaison-The Facade is Falling Off.

So the binge building is over, and now we are all waking up to the hangover. To the shoddy workmanship overseen by a planning department  led by the Riechmarshal Nigel Lee who is  not fit for purpose.
pic courtesy Liverpool Daily Post whose offices in Oldham Hall Street can be seen behind. Todays Ghost says
The Malmaison opened in January 2007 in a blaze of publicity, but its £2.5m stonework started to come loose and a building survey determined the entire work needed to be redone.

It was the first time this specific cladding, which is attached to the building by a bracketing system, has been used in the UK.
Yes it was they, who give it all the publicity as it was a nice place for all the editors and the staff at Trinity "Smoking" Mirror Group to get the wool pulled over their eyes. "Would you like another cocktail Sir". This way well and truly oiled, with freebies, they forget to mention that its views were over the worst  looking  car park.............and it was in the world heritage site buffer zone. Did the building not have a old fashioned clerk of works? Did someone not check the work?

 They say it was the first decorative cladding scheme to be bracketed on to a structure. The new Museum of Liverpool  also has this method of fixing the Jura Limestone that replaced the original Travertine Marble that was passed by delegated powers by the planning manager, all too quickly and under the table in my opinion. The Three Grotesques on Mann Island has its black granite stick a brick things fixed with brackets.

Mark James, general manager of the Malmaison Liverpool, said: “It is disappointing that this has happened, but it is reassuring that Malmaison will survive for many years to come.
“Malmaison has made a very long-term commitment to Liverpool. We have had a great three years since we opened.
“This work is not because it is falling off, but we know there is a defect in it as there was extensive work done to survey it all.
“There was a tile that came loose, which was the reason for the investigation.”
He said the problem was related to the bracketing system and the fittings.
“The type of cladding that was used was the first time it had been used in the UK. It was quite an innovative design for the UK.
“Once we knew there was a defect, we took the best measures for the longevity of the building so that is here for the next 60, 80, 100 years.
“It is at no cost to the hotel, we are drawing down on the warranty for the hotel.
“The work is scheduled to take several months, hopefully it will finish by the winter.

Yet this is all too familiar last month a whole building has to be checked for faults. The Alexandra Tower. Dont they realise the weather conditions. The Unity Building not far away had pieces fall off. Yet Peel press on with a tacky scheme  in the same vicinity.
This is all next to the Cruise Liner Jetty

A spokesman for AMEC the Jerry Builders who threw it up said: “AMEC’s former construction business was the main contractor on the Malmaison hotel, Liverpool.
“Certain defects in the facade have arisen and we are honouring our contractual obligations by having the defects rectified.
“AMEC sold its construction business in 2007 and is now focused on high-value consultancy, engineering and project management services to the world’s natural resources, nuclear, clean energy, water and environmental sectors.”
Yes pull the other one. I had a client who ordered breakfast in bed and the operative who came in with the tray proudly proclaimed. "Compliments of the Malmaison the Hotel that Dares to be different" Yes it does doesn't it, it hasn't got a facade.

Friday, 9 April 2010

ARE UNESCO CORRUPT-Or Just Plain Stupid Ignorant Imbeciles.

Is Francesco Bandarin ignorant to the facts? Why has he turned a blind eye? Is Ron VanOers Michelle Bonnette who did the reactive monitoring mission in October 06 in on the scam to destroy Liverpool’s World Heritage Site? Did Caity Marsh at the DCMS pull the wool over their eyes or are they turning a blind eye to the destruction of Liverpool’s World Heritage Site because the UK Government through the DCMS has provided 20% of the funding for Unesco? Where Peter Marsden, ask him,   has played politics with our heritage and what should have been our best asset the WHS and all it could be for the future. So now the kickback and the unflattering recognition begins this time by BD magazine who awarded Liverpool the Carbuncle Cup award for the Terminal Ferry Building, this time highlighting the disgusting mess that is unfolding before UNESCO's eyes  The picture above is the governments statement on the Historic Environment 2010 showing it was.... which is now been allowed to be destroyed by the corrupted officials compliant with world heritage disaster.................They really cant be that stupid can they all. Are they not supposed to be clever people there because of their architectural and historical knowledge. Why have they all conspired against us.

This is the reality that BD highlight the mess unfolds while our World Heritage Officer of Space John Hinchliffe stands idly by and Henry Owen-John of English Heretics turn a blind eye right under the nose of head honcho, the Saville Row Bazooka Joe Dr Simon Thurley.  
Just look at the way English Heretic have not woken up to reality yet as the use the same old image to promote world heritage sites.....this is wrong.

And they all watch as the Reichmarshal Nigel Lee our Chief Planning Disaster runs riot. Some get the level of the disaster but at Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors Group they are..well educated ignorant people really who have let us down badly. Bill Gleeson has an excuse he has bad sight,but the rest of them have no excuses for what has unfolded in front of our eyes, the slant they have projected is ignorance.
Others say they have done nothing illegal. I disagree, they have allowed themselves to be corrupted by the power they possess. They may not have taken cash or done anything illegal, all mentioned have sold their souls......shame on all concerned and watch the backlash begin as the world realises what we have done.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Mann Island-An Artists Impression

A Piss Artists Impression more like................How can they get away with this stretch of someones imagination. Here is the crammed in reality. To think this is world heritage site and UNESCO let them get away with this piece of world heritage vandalism.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Peel Holdings-Asset Stripping Liverpool, Right In Front Of Your Eyes.

It was six months ago that I told the both local editors of the plans that were passed to build a new port in…Salford at a cost of 400 million. The local papers had conveniently misplaced the story to the “Ignorant to the facts” or "Just plain Ignorant" section of Trinity “smoking” Mirror Group at Oldham Hall Street. I wrote to both editors showing them the glaring disaster that was unfolding in front of their very eyes and criticized them heavily on these pages. Shouting of the need to get this out to the public as there were thousands of Liverpool jobs at stake.  It was followed up with further writing  and once an understanding of the way we were being manipulated was unravelled it all became a little too easy to see through those smoking mirrors.  We were being sold down the river to….Salford by a Tax Exile John Whitaker, the Chairman and owner of Peel, living in the Isle of Man. Peel should be investigated by the competition commission.

Then they play around with our fledgling Cruise business and we are supposed to believe they are anything other than asset strippers wanting to build flats on the World Heritage Site while allowing Trafalgar Docks to be filled in with the rubble from the underground car park of Chavasse park on Grosvenor-pool.

Peter Elson today reports, and he has a good stab at it having taken time to get public opinion he writes.
INTEGRATING Liverpool docks and the Manchester Ship Canal for the first time will create a phenomenal transport and economic asset, claims Mersey Ports boss Gary Hodgson.

Mr Hodgson, Mersey Ports managing director, rejected all criticism that investing in the Manchester Ship Canal (MSC) would damage Liverpool’s maritime trade.
The new £400m Port Salford at the MSC terminus, Port Wirral and other interchanges on the 36-mile canal instead would boost Liverpool trade.
Peel Ports is poised to start work on its £200m Post-Panamax double river berth in 2011 to take bigger ships.
“We think next year will be right, but economic conditions will decide,” said Mr Hodgson.
“People do not realise how important this is to the city.
“We’ve spent £2m on site surveys and creating a good engineering plan.
“Construction will take about 18 months to two years.
“The port drives what this place is all about. We’re trying to do the right thing to create wealth and jobs. We’ve planned integrating Liverpool docks and Manchester Ship Canal into a 44-mile system for a long time.
“They complement each other, but it’s the first time this has happened since the MSC was opened in 1894.
“This is one of our key strategies. We’ll achieve the opposite of what people claim – that it’s bad for Liverpool. In fact, it’s good for the city.”
Peel’s plan is for giant container ships to berth at a new 800m quay outside Royal Seaforth Dock.
Containers would be unloaded onto smaller ships fitting the MSC’s locks for distribution along its 36 miles.
The Liverpool – MSC barge shuttle (including wine for Tesco) set a precedent in replacing road haulage.
“Our chairman John Whittaker is passionate about this integration. Nothing compares with its impact.
“The economic benefits are huge when linked into the rail, road and motorway network along the canal.
“About 15m people live within two hours of the port, so why do 60% of our containers come via Felixstowe?”
The Post-Panamax berth is unaffected by tides, and ships are not constrained by Gladstone Lock’s size.

Comments left are not as kind as Peter to Peel but he has done a good job in asking the questions to Peel Ports and bringing it to the attention of those who wish to comment.

Linnetlane wrote: How is it good for the city? It's becoming clear that Peel is asset stripping the port of Liverpool in order to support its assets elsewhere. As anyone who has been up the Manchester Ship Canal will verify most of the activity is within the Liverpool City Region (there's very little past Runcorn) that's because there isn't the demand from the market - it isn't as though the existing facilities at Irlam are run off their feet!Peel is just trying to maximise its assets by using the port of Liverpool as a conduit to breath life into its Port Salford scam - aided and abetted by NWDA. It's hard sometimes to tell them apart these days with the same people moving between both organisations.The question we need to ask is would this be occurring if someone else owned the Port of Liverpool? Obviously not! Why would anyone want to create jobs elsewhere when there is more than enough capacity to do everything from the existing facilities at Seaforth, and keep jobs within the Liverpool city region.As a private company Peel is free to do as it likes with its assets. However, this does not excuse the behaviour of local authorities and local media who collaborate with them against the Liverpool city region's best interests.What BTW is Port Wirral? In this the new name for the Port of Liverpool on the Wirral side of the water?6/4/2010 9:20 AM BST on Recommended (15) Report Abuse Permalink

Mekanik59 wrote: DO PEEL THINK WE ARE ALL 'THICK'...They are literally 'shifting' our commerceto wherever...our docks and our waterfrontare in 'dangerous hands' our councilUNAWARE of this..6/4/2010 11:20 AM BST on Recommended (5) Report Abuse Permalink

blogalot wrote: Why cant our local press and councillorstake a sensible 'in-depth' look intothese proposals....A panamax berth bringsNOTHING to our region when everything is 'BARGED' out to be handled 'ELSEWHERE' why cant you see and distribution will all be inWhittakers Salford...the NWDA and Network RailAND LORD Adonis are all working on this plan...this city is set to be another jobsnothing...relying on a few OAP's to stop overnightin our hotels.....We are NOT just a touristdestination...are you listening NWDA/Peel..Weneed REAL jobs..6/4/2010 11:33 AM BST on Recommended (6) Report Abuse Permalink

h2400blue wrote: Come on Mr Hodgson, surley you are not a complete plant pot, trying to get in on the cheap again on the back of Liverpool. It was only a month ago your company had so much to say about development at Liverpool for passenger facilities needless to say the only company using Langton Have given two years notice that they are pulling out of Liverpool (WELL DONE)So you want to open the Canal again The only Deep sea vessels ever to go all the way up the Canal Manchester Liners who operated a regular sevice to Canada years ago have finished, The use of Eastham locks at the entrance to the Canal in the main were used by Tankers Going to Q. E. 11. Dock at Eastham You still have a small number of Small chemical tankers going no futher than Moor sidings, The canal is probally silted up as you know, as the water becomes less bracish the further that you go up the canal the draft of the vessel will increse, you state that you have spent two million pounds on a fezability study . I think Peel need to study if you are worth employing. you are either being miss Quoted or your off yor Head.REGARDS6/4/2010 12:20 PM BST on

5,7 & 9 Bridgewater Street up for Demolition. Louise Ellman a Compete Waste of Time.

They make look a bit tired but its the people who own them that have stealthed them into this state. I wrote months ago about the need for the conservation(sic) office to look into the Baltic Triangle. This area contains numerous warehouses unique to Liverpool in style and are part of its history. They at the council office, are of course a complete waste of time they have become atuned to buildings rotting and falling down that they dont see them anymore and they dont even raise an objection to a proposed demolition planning application 10F/0481. What is as bad is that our very own Dame of Dereliction Louise Ellman can see theee warehouses from her house, if she hasnt flipped it. A safe seat for Labour, just who votes the Dame in.

Just what does she have to declare other than being oblivious to the dereliction within her constituancy.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Museum of Liverpool-On Time and on Budget

Yes and its April 1st. Only its us who the joke is being played on. More handouts are now being given to old Fuzzy Face at NML. They have never been able to manage what they have and they still want more. Maybe there is another developer they have to pay off. Maybe they have breached another covenant or not allowed enough slippage. Wasn't it supposed to open in 2008? pic Rome MAXXI (well they look exactly the same dont they)? Today packaged as a good will story by those Trinity "Smoking" Mirror boys is the fact that, in their words.  Or maybe its to pay off the architects.
LIVERPOOL’S newest museum will receive a £3.4m cash boost to help create four new exhibition spaces.

The £72m Museum of Liverpool, the first newly-built national museum in the country for more than a century, will use the European cash to tell the story of Liverpool ‘in the context of the wider region’.
The museum will focus on four main themes: Port City, Creative City, People’s City and Global City.

This has always been the case and its not a new story. Alistar Machray the editor of the glum little (toe)rag the Oldham Echo should learn to check his facts.
The untruths go on National Museums Liverpool director David Fleming said: “The museum already looks spectacular from the outside.

"Now we are planning to make the inside breathtaking too. “We are delighted to receive this funding which will go towards the internal fit-out.”
“There will be 8,000 square metres of public space across three floors and visitors will have access to more than 6,000 objects.

How many times can they report tthe same stuff. I am aware of the contacts in high places that Fleming has in Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors Group who are determined to do his press campaign for what price.
Councillor Flo Clucas, member of the Northwest ERDF Programme Monitoring Committee, said: “The new museum of Liverpool is architecturally striking and will be one of the region’s flagship cultural attractions.

“This investment will ensure that the museum is able to deliver a world-class visitor experience that will set it, and the Northwest, apart from our competitors.”
The money is part of a ‘pot’ of £521m to be contributed to the North West by the ERDF between 2007 and 2013. 
Is this current reporting to placate Fleming after he recntly threatened to sue Ben Schofield...again after the article he did on the 24.2.10 which added more controversy to what he sees as his career maker...and we see as Flemings Folly. He has threatened to sue Ben Schofield before, its a plan which means he gets more publicity. 
Really dont buy these disgusting local placating papers the sooner they are put out of our misery the better.