Monday, 28 March 2011

Liverpools World Heritage Site-Pearls Before Swine

Pearls Before Swine.
Its an old Biblical saying you hear a lot amongst the old school in the antique trade.

Frank NcKenna has a radio programme on City Talk, can you believe it, and this week he had Jon Egan on the show, or so I was told, along with someone called Richard Wallace, if I am not mistaken.

I bumped into Larry Neild last week in the Baltic Triangle who is an employee of Jon Egan.

Larry who I used to work with quite a lot, on heritage matters, when he was city editor at the Daily Ghost, was quick to defend himself before I even said a word.
“You don’t do much in the paper now do you. We cant get anything in the paper”.
“Larry you know quite well I got banned by Mark Thomas for being too honest and what about the Mann Island Advertorial last Monday, remember who you are trying to kid, my name is Wayne”.

“What about Peel Holdings Liverpool Waters”

“We have been working advising Unesco” I told him

“David Bartlett has just picked up an award for my reporting after I was handed confidential English Heritage Documents that were not handed to the press but me, that tells you a lot.”

Apparently Ginger Nut John was none too happy with me after I said he would sell his kids for fee. This was the man who sold the Pier Head on behalf of Liverpool Vision and organised a so called consultation on the scheme that was directed by David Wade Smith around the same time that we brought a Unesco reactive monitoring mission to Liverpool.

Frank McKenna was on TV at the time, as we turned the heat up, saying we should lose the World Heritage Site, its not worth having.
So they were all on Radio City discussing the Heritage lobby a name made up by Egan and Co who now runs Aurora Media, to try to discredit work that educated people do, who have aesthetic values.

I told Larry that it was the likes of him who was misguiding the city through bad PR for spivs.
Take the way October Communications were employed by Neptune Developments to destroy the Pier Head, and Trevor Jones Windsor Developments”
“He was not Windsor Developments” he was quick to reply

“He was their facilitator spiv” I told them and he moved his accountants to the same office in Churtsey Surrey as Windsor”

“I didn’t know that” He said

“Oh yes you did, I told you but you turned a blind eye, and all that was under the protectorate of Rex Makin, who you know quite well who is “It is alleged” (Why is everybody so scared of the old screwed up windbag) is a shareholder in Trinity Mirror”

“Well so am I, he said

“Yeah you know what I mean so why defend him and Trevor who I handed packets of information on business dealings in the Baltic Triangle that was against the law because as a councillor Trevor did not declare an interest”

“He used to own this garage, (that we were standing next to, where his car was being serviced) don’t know if he still does and that property there next door”.

“So you knew this and did nothing to make the public aware of it, see what I mean.
“You also knew he lived on the Duke of Westminister’s estate”
“Yes” he declared
“And now you do a radio show, does anyone listen to it” I asked,
“The figures are coming up”

“Now isn’t that good for your boss Jon Egan” I said. Now I like Larry as a character but he does not have, in my opinion the truth of duty to his profession, But when you talk to him its as if he does not realise he has been institutionalised and is a shadow of the man he believes he is.

Just imagine the skeletons him and Rexy have had buried.

Jon Egan was outside my shop Friday, it seems he is getting a bit brave of late, it was as if he needed to say something to me but scurried off. I knew it was him when the cleaning ladies had to clean up the trail of slime left behind as he slithered away quickly.
He tried to wind me up once before. He should not try it again.

Bill “Phsyco” Gleeson was sick as a parrot when he lost his radio programme on City talk.
Talk about round up all the usual suspects.
So what do all these people know about heritage to discuss its merits when the truth of the matter lies in a vested interests of business groups deciding what should be built and all three of them in on it for sure.

So now the fact that the Government have declared a relaxation of planning laws the Spiv Lobby are out in force.

I was asked for an interview for ITV last Thursday and I duly obliged only to be part of a bad edit but what I said was clear, if we continue to ignore the Overall Universal Value of the rest of the World Heritage Site, and let Peel Holdings do what they want, after Unesco made the U.K Government, who have now declared a relaxation of all planning laws for the docks, we will lose it.
We had to draw up a whitewashed Supplementary Development Plan, Unesco was so worried.

It wont worry the Spiv Lobby.
It really is Pearls Before Swine.

see what Warren Bradley thinks, well when I say think!!!!.

and where is the World Heritage waste of space John Hinchliffe

Friday, 25 March 2011

Mann Island Director Toby Whittaker of Dylan Harvey-Cleared of Fraud, But His Electrician Pleads Guilty.

It has been reported in several newspaper out of the city, but despite the constant advertorials on the Mann Island Development this is what is not printed!!!!!!!!!!

Read businessman 'lied to claim insurance on £120,000 Rolex'

5:18pm Tuesday 6th April 2010

A WEALTHY businessman from Lancashire lied to claims investigators when he realised his stolen £120,000 Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch would not be covered by his insurance, a court has heard.
The diamond-encrusted gent's platinum watch was among valuables burgled from the mansion of property developer Toby Whittaker in December 2008.
Whittaker, 32, of Read, in the Ribble Valley, initially told police the watch was taken from his bedroom while he was out enjoying a meal with his wife, but gave a different story to insurers and said it was snatched from an underfloor safe in the home, Preston Crown Court was told.
The limited edition timepiece was only covered for theft if the owner wore it, stored it in a safe or kept it at their side if they took it off. The defendant was also said to have panicked when he wrongly thought the whole claim would be invalidated because the house alarm was not set.
He is alleged to have then conspired with a director of the alarm firm to make a false report that stated the alarm had not activated for technical reasons which was no fault of the householder.
Whittaker denies one count of conspiracy to defraud Zurich Insurance and one count of fraud.
Three hooded men struck at his home in Back Lane and smashed his front door down before they ransacked the property of the watch, jewellery, guns and £20,000 in cash.
They then loaded the haul into Whittaker's Range Rover vehicle and made off.
The defendant raised the alarm when he returned home on the evening of December 19.
Andrew Longworth, prosecuting, said Whittaker told a police constable at the crime scene that the alarm had not been set and his wife, Jennifer, further explained they would not activate it if they left the house for a short period of time.
Ironically his top-level insurance did not require the alarm to be set, added the prosecutor, so his actions were "all for nothing".
But he said the essence of the offence was the agreement to tell a lie.
Whitworth also went on to tell a claims investigator that the thieves must have found the key to the safe and stole his watch and cash. The trial, expected to last three days, continues.

East Lancs businessman forged alarm records after burglary

9:00am Saturday 29th May 2010

BUSINESSMAN lost his wife, his job and almost his firm after ‘helping’ a millionaire friend by forging burglar alarm records, a court was told.

Stefan Halenko, 56, the director of Blackburn Alarms, based in Davyfield Road, had earlier pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud Zurich Insurance.
His falsification was said to have cost his property tycoon friend Toby Whittaker, who he regarded as ‘family’, a £400,000 insurance payout.
Despite all that, Halenko left court smiling yesterday after being given a community sentence by deputy circuit Judge Charles Mahon.
Preston Crown Court heard that Halenko's firm had fitted the £25,000 high-level security system at Mr Whittaker, the boss of Dylan Harvey, home in Read.
Mr Whittaker was burgled in December 2008 with hundreds of thousands of pounds of jewellery stolen and the alarm had not been set.
Prosecuting, Nigel Booth, said Halenko produced a forged 'alarm event log' purporting to show the alarm had been set.
In a ‘cruel irony’, it was later revealed that Mr Whittaker's insurance policy did not require the alarm to be set.
However, Halenko’s act made Whittaker’s claim void, costing him most of the £400,000 payout for his stolen property, including his £120,00 diamond encrusted Rolex watch and wife’s jewellery.
A month after the burglary, Halenko, of Mayfield Gardens, Oswaldtwistle, confessed to Zurich claims investigator Lol Pedley, leading to a police prosecution against Halenko and Whittaker for a conspiracy to defraud.
Mr Booth said Halenko's guilty plea was on the basis that he was asked for help by Mr Whittaker between December 18 and 20.
“He agreed to go along with the story that the alarm was set because Mr Whittaker was telling everybody it was set,” Mr Booth said.
Last month, Mr Whittaker was acquitted after a trial of the same conspiracy charge as well as fraud.
During the evidence, his defence claimed that Halenko had acted alone to 'ingratiate' himself with his best client and maintain a contract worth £2m to Blackburn Alarms providing security for Mr Whittaker's businesses. It represented 90 per cent of the firm's business.
However, Michael Maher, for Halenko, told the court yesterday that his client was 'bemused' to find himself effectively having conspired with an innocent man.
Mr Maher said that although Halenko insisted Mr Whittaker did not put any pressure on him to falsify the records, he was 'not a man you said no to' and was 'genuinely upset that he was not going to be recompensed'.
The solicitor said Halenko's guilty plea not only voided Mr Whittaker's claim, despite his acquittal, but had lead to the 'massive downturn' of his Blackburn business.
In April, he resigned, resulting in his son having to come back from New Zealand to pick up the firm which was on it's 'last legs'. The case had also lead to the breakdown of his marriage.
His last company tax bill was down from £20,000-£30,000 the previous year, to £500 for the past 12 months.
Mr Maher said it was a 'genuine sadness' that a man in his mid 50s of previous good character had a 'moment of madness' prompted by a desire to help a close friend.
Judge Mahon said Halenko woud have benefitted 'over time' from Mr Whittaker and said he had been in a 'position of trust'.
He gave him 12 months supervision and 80 hours unpaid work.
Halenko declined to comment after the case.

Theres More

Read property mogul breaks down in tears in court

5:27pm Wednesday 7th April 2010

A MILLIONAIRE property mogul received kidnap threats against his children in the months before his mansion was burgled, a court heard.

Toby Whittaker, 32, of Back Lane, Read, invested in a £25,000 top-of-the-range security system to protect his family after thugs sent him pictures of his four young children's school, his house, and his father's, solicitor's and accountant's houses, along with kidnap threats.
Whittaker is accused of conspiracy to defraud and fraud in relation to alleged falsified burglar alarm records and an insurance claim in the wake of the £400,000 raid in December 2008.
He denies changing his story to say a £120,000 diamond-encrusted Rolex Oyster Perpetual was kept in a safe and also denies conspiring with burglar alarm company owner Stefan Halenko, to provide Zurich insurance with false documents showing the alarm had been set.
Whittaker, the son of a former Blackburn police officer, took to the stand at Preston Crown Court and explained he had made his money in the buy-to-let market during the property boom.
But he said after receiving the threats he told Mr Halenko he wanted 'as good a system as he could get'.
He disputed prosecution evidence that he and his wife of six years Jennifer had told officers at the scene that the alarm wasn't set.
“The only time I would not have set the alarm was if we took the dogs for a walk around the grounds for 10 or 15 minutes or maybe if I nipped to the shop during the day.
“Every time we leave the house my wife asks me two questions which irritate me and they are 'GSM?' – got some money, and 'have you set the alarm?'
Whittaker broke down in tears as he recalled the conversation with his wife and two officers soon after they returned home to their burgled manor house.
“My wife was crying on the settee saying 'you haven't set the alarm'. I said I had set it but it hadn't worked.

“One officer said we wouldn't be covered by the insurance and I told him not to worry about because I had good insurance.”

The trial is expected to conclude today.

He may have got off with it but happened to all thse investors that lost a fortune out of his failed business ventures.

Dylan Harvey boss cleared of fraud charges

12 Apr 2010, 07:45
Michael Hunt
Toby Whittaker, whose Dylan Harvey Residential business collapsed last year owing creditors £6.5m, has been cleared of faking burglar alarm records and lying to an insurance claims investigator after a burglary at his home.
Whittaker, 32, was cleared of allegations he lied to claim insurance on a stolen £120,000 Rolex watch, which was among £400,000 of goods burgled from his mansion in December 2008.
The property developer was accused of conspiring with Stefan Halenko, director of Blackburn Alarms, to produce a false burglar alarm record to show his alarm had been set at the time of the raid.
He was also charged with fraud, with the prosecution claiming he lied about keeping an expensive Rolex watch in a safe.
A jury was told by Whittaker's defence barrister, David Turner QC, that Halenko had acted alone to 'ingratiate' himself with his best client.
Halenko had already admitted to producing the false burglar alarm records and will be sentenced at a later date.
Whittaker gave evidence at Preston Crown Court last week and said his family had received kidnap threats prior to the burglary.
The court heard that Whittaker turned to Halenko, who he had a £2m contract with for his property portfolio, which represented a 90% of the company's business.
A total of eight security cameras, amongst other security measures, were installed and Whittaker also took out a £5,000-a-year home insurance policy arranged through family broker John Meadows.
It was later discovered that the alarm did not even need to be set for Whittaker's home insurance policy to cover his losses.
In February this year Whittaker was beaten up and his family threatened when six men robbed their £1.5m home in Read, near Blackburn.

The armed gang forced his wife and their four children to hide under a dining table while he was assaulted before the men fled with jewellery. The robbers used Whittaker's £60,000 Audi Q7 4x4 car for their getaway.

Here he is shaking hands with Steven Gerrard on his apartments the Mann Island Deal. I hope he checks he still has his watch.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

George Osbourne Budget-The Con Dems To Relax Liverpools Planning Laws!!!!

I find it hard to believe that Liverpool's planning laws could be relaxed anymore than they are already.
Now Osborne says he will relax planning laws in the Budget.
The Liverpool Planning Manager Nigel Lee, who has done more damage to Liverpool's Architectural prowess than Hermann Goering and the Luftwaffe during the blitz, has had three primary functions for over a decade.

To accept a planning application to process a planning application and rubber stamp a planning application.
While the English Heretics stand by and watch. What future.

The journalists at the Daily Ghost say the Pier Head has won award.
LIVERPOOL’S revamped Pier Head and canal link scooped its 17th award in just two years.

They were among city projects dominating a prestigious architecture contest last week.

The £28m project to create a new canal link and transform the Pier Head picked up one of 24 commendation awards at the Civic Trust Awards, in Manchester.
Judges said: “The works represent best practice in accommodating growth and investment in a dynamic, living World Heritage Site city.”
Projects by Liverpool’s universities also played a starring role.
The University of Liverpool’s heating infrastructure project, designed by architects Levitt Bernstein Associates, picked up one of 27 awards.
The contemporary energy centre, which sits in a group of 19th-century listed buildings in Dover Street, was praised for “reflecting the past in a modern solution”.
Judges described it as “a brave, imaginative brief [which] has created a unique and modern design with architectural qualities commensurate with its neighbours”. Council planners worked closely with the architects to refine the design.

Liverpool Hope University’s Angel Field, in Everton, and John Moores University’s art and design academy were also praised.
Cllr Malcolm Kennedy, Liverpool council’s cabinet member for regeneration, said: “Our four award winners are all fantastic examples of how good design and planning can help deliver world-class, contemporary projects, which breathe new life into our city while complementing our existing architecture.”
Council regeneration director Nick Kavanagh added: “Liverpool’s overall success at the Civic Trust Awards shows we continue to be a leading city of architectural excellence.”

Information about this winner. There is a slideshow on the link.

The works are to be applauded for their extent and quality which further enhance the setting including the grade I listed Liver Building, and grade II* Cunard and Port of Liverpool Buildings. The scheme provides a flexible, usable public space that responds well and is enjoyed by many. The City Council and its partners have delivered a programme of major investment over some 10 years to regenerate the city and the works represent best practice in accommodating growth and investment in a dynamic, living World Heritage Site city.


While Manchester Docks was destroyed.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Mann Island-Another Liverpool Daily Post Advertorial.

There should be laws against this.
We all know that Jon Egan of October Communications, now Aurora PR is editing Bill "Physco" Gleesons business pages at the Daily Ghost, but this is a advertorial by any other name.
Mark Thomas, the editor really should learn to know better than to make it this blatent.
You may think this is a one off but not really it is part of the Culture of Capital that is prevalent at Oldham Hall Street.
Where the news is controlled by ex Trinity Mirror employees now working for PR companies....or in fact moonlighting, on the sly, while still working there.

So who says so, me, well maybe there are others.

Correspondent wrote some time ago about it. Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Americans Call This An Infomercial
Daily Ghost editor Mark Thomas will, no doubt, protest that his publication is "pro-business". So far, so obvious; it's the sort of thing any provincial editor will say.

There is, however, a distinction to be made between reporting on commerce in Liverpool & publishing PR pieces which amount to free advertising. In this regard, the Ghost has long fallen short. Matters are made more murky by the role of Larry Nield, late of the Oldham Hall Street parish, now, of course, a leading light at October Communications/Aurora Media.
Take this innocuous-looking piece in this morning's edition:  ).
The Liverpool law firm Hill Dickinson hosted "a networking event for 'the next generation' of city professionals."
So what, you might ask. Well, Hill Dickinson is a client of October/Aurora .
Mutual back-scratching facilitated by an ex-Oldham Hall Street hack isn't a crime. Nor, however, is it journalism, it's PR. Mark Thomas really should do the decent thing & insert the words "advertising feature" at the top of pieces such as this.

How about it, Mark?
Unfortunately Some of the links may no longer work.
What happened to this Mann Island article that never appeared in the Daily Ghost buried in the foundations of Manchester docks that survived the blitz, but never survived the developers.
Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Mann Island-Dylan Harvey Director Bailed on Suspicion of Fraud it is Alleged

As reported in Crains Manchester
July 27, 2009 Toby Whittaker, managing director of Salford-based property broker Dylan Harvey, has appeared at Blackburn Magistrates' Court charged with conspiracy to defraud Zurich Insurance. He is jointly charged with Stefan Halenko, managing director of Bellit Security and Blackburn Alarms, companies which are based in a Dylan Harvey Business Centre in Blackburn. A spokeswoman for Lancashire Police said the charges related to the presentation of false alarm activation records following a reported burglary at Whittaker's home in Burnley. Both men have been bailed to appear at Preston Crown Court.

pic Toby Whittaker with his new signing Steven Gerrard.

Further out of town reading from Manchester Evening News.

No cherry picking again no wonder the World Heritage S*ite is now blitzed with tack.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Liverpools Great Land Sell Off-At The Wrong Time, For Some.

  It was several years ago that I attended the World Heritage Inscription Ceremony at the Liverpool Town Hall. I was uninvited.
I met Rex Makin there who asked me to call into his office to assist with advice on how to campaign against the then proposed Museum of Liverpool, which I did shortly after. He did not appear to like Dr David Fleming one bit.
George Downing was there I approached him and asked him if he would put up a fight against the Mann Island Developments. “I am sitting on the fence at the moment” he said. “Yes and you are going to get a sore arse” I said

He would later go on to receive a £750,000 pay out for a breach of covenant that Liverpool Museums made by blocking views of the Port of Liverpool Building that he owned. That’s what you call nicely cushioned.

Sir Neil Cossons the then Chair of English Heritage said, I remember this because I wrote it down.

“Liverpool has a wealth of great architecture and now has the opportunity to build on the strength of its world heritage site”. I shouted out “That’s what they’re doing” and several people turned to me, some aware of the impending doom that would descend on the Pier Head.

When Cossons said build on the nucleus of the World Heritage Site, there was some already taking him literally.
I spoke to a quite trendy and Tough looking bloke who said he owned or leased a large warehouse on the waterfront that he wanted to develop.

He was a big out of town developer with a standing for making things happen, creating International tourist destination, that people came from all over the world to visit, or so he persuaded me. He then went on to allege some very worrying claims.
He told me how he wanted to develop his site into a rival to his London Base.
“Well why don’t you get a planning application it needs doing up” I said.
“Councillors, he replied, I was told that if I coughed up some money it would have a clear run”
I was not amazed in fact quite the opposite it was just more confirmation of how the stranglehold on the city was being tightened by those in power.
“How much”
“60 grand” he replied. “I just cant do it, I am so annoyed”
If he was to be believed and I have no evidence to doubt his claims it just shows how the city has been run.
He is no longer around Liverpool, so his investment has gone elsewhere.
I put this forward to several local reporters who I knew quite well and it was subsequently ignored.
I have been speaking to a researcher for the BBC called Alex Ritson and this and quite a lot more information has been made available. It seems I have quite a file.
He said he is putting a FOI request in to determine the lease details for Grosvenor-pool.

Lets hope he digs a bit deeper than the local press.
I telephoned the Echo in 1985, I recall speaking to Rob Rohrer and I told him of the involvement of a then little known and up and coming councillor with a local businessman. "I cant just take your word for it" he said. "You need to dig a bit" I told him.
I later found out he was part of the Liverpool Free Press and covered a Trevor Jones expose entitled The Undeclared Interest of 'Jones The Vote' for the New Statesman.
That declaration was taken close to court by Trevors solicitor, Rex Makin, Rob told me.

Everyone in the city had a theory of what was allegedly going on.
Some of the senior journalists were in fact card-carrying members of the party.
It was 5 years later that the Sunday Times by-passed the local press and did a massive expose, that led to the councillor in question being taken to court, with his friend as co-defendant.
I recall how the defendant offered no defence and was cleared.
It was national news and brought Liverpool down to a basket case image.
This court case was over a piece of land that was claimed by the defendants had little interest to anyone.
It was claimed, in court that the only person who had taken an interest in this plot of land, alleged to have been sold on the cheap by the council, was Hitler who dropped a bomb on it.
This land is now part o the Liverpool One Grosvenor-pool Development and is worth a fortune.

And what checks will be made of the great Council Land "errr umm" Sell Off happening today under a new Labour administration.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

David Wade-Smith-Carping On, With The Same Old Bullshit.

"City has never looked shinier, brighter" sums him up really, my opinion is he is a professional bullshiter and I told him that outside the so called exhibition for the plans for Mann Island that he supported.
Yes, he was right behind the scheme to destroy Liverpool's World Heritage Site. The only person in the city it seemed at the time, I wondered what his motives were.
A failed Connoisseur of trackies and trainers in the failed Wade-Smith retail empire.
A wanker, that is not my words but the words of his own brother, a planning specialist lawyer, who I had told about how I had to fight him for public opinion in Bill Gleesons Business pages of the Liverpool Daily Ghost, on the local radio, TV and on the Pier Head itself.
At the time I did not realise how readily he had access to the press through Jon Egan and October Communications who had been PR for Liverpool Vision, Liverpool Museums, the city council and the NWDA, Egan who would sell his kids for a fee in my opinion masterminded it all while Wade-Smith fronted the campaign to destroy Liverpool's World Heritage Site.
 Joe Anderson was on Liverpool Vision and now has made the failed ex Room Store Director his business advisor. You couldn't make this up.
He was then the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce a post Neil Scales now unfortunatly holds. 

The Chamber of Commerce lost £750,000 last year, yes they cant even do their own books.
Here is the actual Neptune press release.

I thought I was working with Larry Neild the Daily Ghost City editor at the time.............he now works for Jon Egan, who are now Aurora PR, and has sold himself out really, all that work he did wiped away, showing exactly who he is, a little man of little stature.

News Release
For Immediate Use
Monday, 9th October, 2006
Business Backing for Mann Island Vision
One of Liverpool’s most influential business leaders is today backing development plans for Mann Island as a “key link” in the vision for the transformation of Liverpool’s waterfront.

David Wade-Smith, Chairman of Liverpool’s Chamber of Commerce and founding member of the Liverpool Vision board, believes that the £113 million mixed-use development - which is due to be considered by The City Council’s Planning Committee later this month - will complement plans for The New Museum of Liverpool and The Pier Head Canal Link as well as providing a major commercial boost for the wider waterfront.

He explained: “Neptune and Countryside’s development on Mann Island is an eloquent statement about Liverpool’s future ambition and its commercial resurgence. It is also a vital component in the big picture vision for the City Centre.”
Mr Wade-Smith believes the restaurants, shops and exhibition venue proposed at Mann Island will also be good news for existing waterfront businesses. He commented:
“The Mann Island development will create a vibrant new leisure and cultural destination that will link with The Albert Dock, Kings Waterfront and the new Pier Head. Our waterfront is our greatest usp.”
“We have fabulous architecture and breathtaking views, but we also need a critical mass of commercial and cultural activity if we are to create a successful and sustainable destination.

“I believe the Mann Island site is the most important development site in the North West with a pivotal location at the heart of our Waterfront, and also forming a crucial link between the commercial district around Old Hall Street and the new retail district offered by Grosvenor and Liverpool One. It is excellent news for Liverpool and Merseyside to see these proposals move towards reality.”

Neptune Managing Director Steve Parry commented: “We welcome the support of David Wade-Smith and other business and regeneration leaders who recognise the importance of this key site. Our twin aims are to deliver a scheme that respects and enhances the setting of Mann Island, but also brings life, activity and prosperity back to this once thriving maritime hub.”

Subsidiary Managing Director for Countryside Properties, Ian Kelley, added: “We are delighted to receive such an endorsement from David Wade-Smith and are hopeful that the City’s Planning Committee will approve our joint proposals to enable Neptune and Countryside Properties to deliver this exciting development.”


Information - Jon Egan 0151 236 2323 / 0771 4104937


Friday, 11 March 2011

Liverpools Regeneration Game- Littlewoods Edge Lane.

I made an application this list this Art Deco Building nearly a decade ago, I did my best to draw attentionm to its merits. It was saved from demolition.
 It now lies rotting.
Dis-Owned by the North "Vested Interest" Development Agency its gone no-where, and now is letting water in.
Mike Storey who was on the NWDA and the Liverpool Land Company at the time has a lot to answer for here.
 Despite English Heritage Inspector Hawkins stating the area should be considered a conservation area, he hid it under the table, there was no effort whatsoever to uphold the English Heretic decision.
Repossess It Quickly I say despite the Local papers waking up now the NWDA want to repo it, its too late. Get it sold to someone who wants it before it falls down. The local papers champions of! Right!
For ten years there has been no effort to restore it.
Urban Splash who were the development darlings, now the bankrupted clowns, after they and the English Heretics ruined Parkhill, (which was awful anyway) proposed a scheme for the building.
  Its painfull watching the Heretics at work, especially Basil Thurley the then CE.

They tried to placate public opinion with the scheme with a dumb scheme for a school.
All this while Joe Anderson does all he can to help his property development friends of Edge Lane.
It seems we have replaced Mike Storey with another....Mike Storey.

I also made an application to list Turning the Place Over by Richard Wilson

I didn't see the local press taking that much of an interest then. Better late than never.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

We In Liverpool Pay To Help Peel Holdings With Its Wirral Waters Venture

It is reported today by Alex Turner
PEEL has unveiled plans to build a £130m International Trade Centre (ITC) by the River Mersey to house more than 1,000 Chinese companies that want to trade in the UK and Europe.

The developer, which is behind the Liverpool and Wirral Waters schemes, as well as the Trafford Centre and Media City, in Manchester, has identified two possible locations for the two million sq ft development.
They are West Float, in Birkenhead, and the former Bridgewater Paper Mill, near Ellesmere Port, which are both already part of Peel’s land bank.

He goes on, without a question on the foundation of his reportage.

Peel’s development director, Lindsey Ashworth, has already met with potential investors in Beijing and Shanghai, and was encouraged by their response.

He credits Peel’s involvement with Liverpool’s Pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai last year as providing the platform for the ambitious ITC plans.

“It’s led out of the Expo – our involvement with that has boded very well with the Chinese people, and we just want to keep building on that relationship,” said Mr Ashworth.

Wirral Council leader, Cllr Jeff Green, said: “Given our active support for this project, we believe that the West Float site, with its outstanding links to road, rail and port facilities, is the best site for the International Trade Centre as it will also kick-start a chain of development at the Wirral Waters site.”

Leader of Cheshire West and Chester Council, Mike Jones, added: “The Peel Group’s plans would be a huge boost to Ellesmere Port’s economy, potentially creating thousands of jobs locally and attracting trade from across the world.
“If the project were to come to fruition, the benefits to the town would be incredible and go a long way towards our over-arching regeneration plans for the area – with benefits to both local residents and businesses alike.”

Never Once questioning the fact that we in Liverpool sponsored the Shanghai Expo to the tune of 1.2 million pounds The Daily Ghost just want any old wollap of news to glitz up in a glossy spin......without thinking about it.  

The Mersey Partnership chief executive Lorraine Rogers added: "The concept fits well with the superport plan which has excellent connectivity and infrastructure at its core.

"An International Trade Centre has the potential to open up links with international markets that could accelerate economic growth in the area."
Peel said the decision on which site they will progress with is “for a later date”, but it is pressing ahead with planning applications for both sites. Mr Ashworth expects to lodge the applications at the start of May with the process to be completed by autumn. The development could be completed by the end of 2014.
It added that the sites in Wirral and Ellesmere Port could both be developed, depending on the level of interest, with the potential for them to be focused on different product areas.

Though it may be good news for the region. And these pages have been supportive of Wirral Waters, they don't have a WHS Why does our council leader sponsor the Wirral.
Why do we have to pay to ship jobs on to the Wirral Peel are already shipping most of the Port of Liverpool to Salford right under Blind Bills nose.
With a spiv in every corner Peel can do no wrong.

We are the ones who have been Shanghai-ed by a slight of hand here.
How long can this rubbish reporting go on, not very long according to Correspondent.

Daily Ghost to go weakly

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Liverpool Pathfinders-Left High And Dry

Yesterday I posted about how the Sunday Times journalist Olivier Shah reports on Liverpool without even visiting the city, she googled it. Though she mentioned the Liverpool Preservation Trust, that does not mean we have to have any respect for a pathetic piece of reporting entitled, Born Again Liverpool Dances to a Different Beat, and shows a picture of yesterdays man Paul McCartney, seems like the same old boring recycled shit to me.
As Correspondent points out its not only The Daily Ghost who recycle the same old nonsense.
While yesterdays front page at the Daily Ghost said how wonderful it is they are filming an advert for the Range Rover here, now it maybe is good news, but front page?

Yesterday the BBC showed a report on the disastrous Pathfinders scheme on Merseyside where now the least able in society are left high and dry by mismanagement and dare I say Elizebeth Pascoes self effacing campaign to show herself as some sort of champion for the people.
 I have never subscribed to this or to all the complimentary gestures made by architectural mercenaries and bandwagon jumpers such as Trevor Skempton and the rest of them, including Jonathan Brown at the Merseyside Civic Society.
These areas need regeneration, a more careful approach was needed to care for the vulnerable section of society but work needed doing to create areas fit for living in todays age.
It was always going to be a mess with Warren"war zones" Bradley leading the way.
He drives his fire engine around Toxteth putting out fires.......with blinkers on to the plight of his fellow citizens.
While the middle class upstarts at SAVE Britain's Heritage do all they can to upset as many people as possible, and further their own publicity machine.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Same Old Liverpool-Same Old Second Rate Reporting.

It is alarming when you read an article fom Olivier Shah working for the Times, although she gives us a mention, it is obvious she has never been to Liverpool and has done her research by Google.
You may have to click on the article to read it which is paywalled so I have taken a picture of it.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Liverpool Waters-Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dock.

Henry Owen-John, English Heretic, well known to these pages is at it again, playing around with Liverpool's Heritage. My opinion is he is now going through the motions on Liverpool waters.

Peel Holdings, it is said, is facing increasing pressure from English Heritage to make further changes to its plans for the £5.5billion Liverpool Waters regeneration scheme.
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dock, playing the game to pretend he is doing his job, but behind closed doors?

Henry Owen-John, English Heretic

pic Lancashire Economic Partnership
In the realms of the destruction of Liverpool’s Architectural History one name stands out above all others,that of Herman Goering.
He and the Luftwaffe saw to it that during the blitz we lost so many architectural masterpieces that they could never be replaced.
We were once The Athens of the North .
The Customs house by John Foster Jr seems to spring to mind when thinking in a solemn mood. Bombed and then knocked down to give work to people after the war. They didn't think to rebuild it to dole out work!!!
Add another name that of HENRY OWEN-JOHN.

This is what the Architect Journal recently reported. It may be paywalled so I have printed it.

In December last year the developer submitted plans, overseen by Chapman Taylor, to construct a series of skyscrapers in the city’s northern docklands, claiming the scheme would create more than 25,000 jobs and boast more than 14,000 apartments.
But Henry Owen-John, regional head of English Heritage (EH), said Peel had a ‘significant’ way to go to prove scheme would not damage the city’s World Heritage Site and warned that EH would fight the development if further concessions were not made.
Peel’s plans are already being considered by Liverpool City Council, and the company’s director of investment, Lindsey Ashworth, said last year that they were not prepared to make any more changes after already making substantial reductions to the size of the development.
Should EH lodge an objection and planning permission is granted, it is likely the scheme would be referred to Communities Secretary Eric Pickles.
Owen-John said English Heritage has commissioned an independent report into the potential impact of the scheme, and revealed that advisers from Unesco, which oversees World Heritage Sites, were also preparing a report on the project after being contacted by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.
In an exclusive interview with the Liverpool Daily Post, Owen-John said: ‘We fully support the principle of developing the area. Clearly it is a brownfield site at the moment which is inaccessible and there is real opportunity that could have enormous benefit for Liverpool widely and north Liverpool particularly.
‘I think we have come a long way in three years and we are appreciative of the changes that Peel have made. The scheme is now very significantly different, there were many more tall buildings.
‘The adjustments that have been made are clearly significant from Peel’s point. We feel, despite that, we are not quite there in being able to reach agreement with Peel.’

HE IS ABOUT TO SELL OUT AND CAVE IN. Weak will is his forte.
Hi ex buddy the disgusting ex historic building advisor Peter de Figueiredo is advising Peel.
There should be laws against this.

Listen to him, on the washed up Roger Philips BBC Radio Merseyside programme yesterday. He comes on about 35 minutes in and goes through the same old shit again, about, when they built the Liver Buildings there was controversy and Philips, who is waiting for his retirement, trying to be Devils Advocate, but now well and truly part of the establishment goes with him.

Though I previously said they at English Heretics were against the scheme it is now clear Chief English Heretic, Owen John is now caving in, well he was never against it really, just appearing to be, and my prediction is will come to an arrangement with Peel and his mate, the opinion for hire, Peter de Figueiredo.

What is John Hinchliffe doing, as usual, nothing, his wages funded by the English Heretics.
What are the Victorian Society doing, what are the upper class twits at SAVE Britains Heritage doing.................Sod All. 

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Berni Turner-Up To Her Neck In It.

Claiming for a tin of sardines while on council duty was a really crass way of operating while on council duty.
Considering she was a candidate on Mastermind, yes you heard me, her specialist subject was Vegetarian Vampires, yes you heard that also, is not a very clever person.
She was the English Heritage Environment Champion for Liverpool at the time and as such a complete and utter waste of space, she took over from Doreen Jones, says it all really, they were made for each other.
A loud mouth with nothing to say.
 She said she would report me to the Police when I wrote about her Sardine Claim, if I kept on about her, bloody 'ell I was so scared I nearly fell off my chair laughing my socks off.
She is now non gratia, out in the cold, but will the big mouthed sardine swilling woman go away, it appears not.
She came last on Mastermind. She also came last in looking after Liverpools Heritage.
Yes lets take a sentimental journey with Bernie down misery lane......Dale Street.
Its still the same.
So now what is she up to, oh! she claims nothing.
It is alleged she received £2,500 grant for a Debt Rescue company she was involved in when the session she was paid for never took place, she denies this, well she always denies everything doesn't she.
click on the picture above of the reporting article in the Daily Post to expand to read and make your own mind up.
I can hear the police sirens now, on their way to arrest me, only it is not me who the Police should be arresting.

Oh just why did she fall out with Mike Storey.