Friday, 22 April 2016

Liverpool Futurist Lime Street To Be Demolished By Stealth-Blame Joe Anderson.

Dodgy Liverpool City Council planning department.
 Rob Burns strikes again. 
He is the ignorant heritage and design manager appointed by a dodgy Mayor to ensure that no spokes are put in the wheels of development for Joe Andersons cronies.
 Neptune Developments are one of those "cosy" developers who have somehow managed to wangle their way into the council chamber and have privileged access to a Mayoral Development Fund that is being administrated in the most disgraceful manner.........Largely To Frank McKenna's mates.
We first highlighted this years ago.
When we questioned the way the Echo are in on it and bringing the attention to the public is what the developers and its dodgy PR company create a debate. The time would have been best employed fighting to save the facade rather than the usual rabble rousing that they like to do. Misguided by a fool of an editor they print this headline after the cordon was placed around the old cinema a week ago, almost helping Joe Anderson and his cronies.

Where are the surveyors reports where are the questions?

Well Alastair Machray is only good at one thing and thats making staff redundant.
SAVE have done a good job here in trying to SAVE the Futurist.

This will be a big regret if we lose the city scape and roof line of Lime Street and replace it with a load of shoe boxes that will become the tenement slums of the future.

Shame on You Joe Anderson You Dodgy Little Mayor.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Baltic Village-Jerry Built Architecture By Neptune Developments. Not Fit For Liverpools Historic Landscape

 There was a time when Liverpool had pride in its past, 
When it respected its heritage.
Not any more.
With a Mayor who has restructured the planning department to assist his property developing mates and aquaintances such as Frank McKenna of Downtown Liverpool.
Allowing Rob Burns to run riot with the planning department is a outrage in itself.
This man has been allowed to steamroller through some of the most awful sets of plans that we as a city will have to live with.

There are far too many who are still living in the past making, now silly comments about Liverpool's Wonderful Skyline being up there with the best in the world. 
The writer used to think so too.
 That's why we fought so hard to save it. 
But now it is a sad and forlorn shadow of itself and the public need to wake up to reality before any more damage is done.

 Liverpool is on the Unesco World Heritage In Danger List.
There were many objections when they built the Hotel Ibis overlooking the Albert Dock.
The writer was one.
 We said it was not fit for its location across the Strand from the biggest bulk of listed buildings in the country.
And they went ahead and built it.
This was a time when the biggest property developer in the area was the creepy Trevor Jones......and while his wife was chair of the planning committee.
 They both jointly owned Lamb & Sons the last ships chandlers in the city.
 Knocked down overnight to escape an appplication to list it.

Then Neptune Developments aquired the site and now Jerry build a couple of new blocks of student style flats that make the Formula One look like  outstanding architecture.
Its not just the style of construction it is the way they are being pre-fabbed.
They are knocked up out of pre-formed concrete panels with stick-a-brick decoration.

 They come on a lorry and then are craned into place.

They have incorporated a end block where the students can sit and look over the architectural abortion that Neptune also created at the Pier Head .......that helped get us in deep water with Unesco who are trying to advise the city that you just don't do this with a World Heritage Site. 

The world will laugh at you if you do. 
The only thing that is allowing the planners and the Mayor to assist his property developing mates is that the public don't really care and allow it all to happen without a fuss.

Where are SAVE Britains Heritage when you need them......well at least they are fighting.
The Lime street proposals......also put forward by the Jerry builders Neptune Developments

Friday, 1 April 2016

New Chinatown An Architectural Disaster For Liverpool. Will It Lose Us World Heritage Status?

Another Architectural Disaster For Liverpool. How much more can it take.
For nearly a hundred years the Anglican cathedral has been the dominant force on Liverpool's skyline.
 It has sat head and shoulders above The Three Graces since its inception. It was meant to do this.
Designed to be placed on the highest point where it could be seen from everywhere. Not just in Liverpool but from the Mersey and beyond to Wales. 
It has proudly proclaimed its majesty to all.
Until now when Joe Anderson becomes Mayor.

Joe Anderson is not known as an aesthetic values. But what he is known for is letting his friendly property developing mates introduced by Frank McKenna to build garbage all over the city.
Student flats everywhere and most of them are not even sold and are built on spec. 
If you scroll through Right Move you will find them in the lower price ranges being offered with a guaranteed 8% return.

 There is a giant Pyramid scheme being played out in front of our eyes. These are the slums of the future. Liverpool worked 30 years to get rid of its tenements only to start building them again. 
They knocked down the badly built high rise flats....only to start building them again.
Liverpool is a World Heritage Site. Though you wouldn't think so when you look at Liverpool's New Pier Head.
They have destroyed the sense of the place and still the sycophants at the BBC and the Liverpool Echo keep on calling it Liverpool's world renowned skyline, unable to admit it is a architectural disaster.
Joe Anderson and the Labour party actually put objections into the Three Black Coffins and the New Museum of Liverpool.
It is bad times for Liverpools Heritage and if the reader does not want to, or can not see the disaster there is nothing the writer can do about your taste in architecture. 
But why ruin the rest. Open your eyes wake up to reality, use your mentality. Its a mess.
Liverpool's Supplementary Development Document spells out the key views and most of them have been destroyed or largely ignored.
The most important key views are from all over pointing from every direction to the Anglican Cathedral designed by Giles Gilbert Scott.
Now Joe Anderson's “cosy” developer maes including Eliot are planning to destroy the key views by submitting a planning application that looks as if it is a feit acompli for the new Chinatown.

 Liverpool Deputy Mayor, Cllr Ann O’Byrne added: “Today’s decision is a key step forward for this crucial project, and we look forward to working with the developer so that their vision becomes reality.”
Why would you want to build a New Chinatown destroying its history?
A boring and bland architectural disaster on its own without coming up to the shoulders of our great ecclesiastical masterpiece.

There is also a fine upstanding building Grade II listed (does Joe Anderson's planning appointees understand the phrase) that is currently a wedding shop. 
This is designed by J.P Seddon and will look a sorry and pathetic sight in the new setting, if it went ahead.
How can Liverpool do planning so bad.

Is it corrupt?

Meanwhile Unesco have not been informed
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North Point Global are discussed by Kilfoyle see link below.

Marc Waddington Of The Liverpool Echo Gets It Spot On.

Fed up with Liverpool Echo Advertorials by Alastair Machray & Co at Trinity 'Smoking' Mirrors at Oldham Hall Street we find it surprising that this bit of writing escapes the censors. We don't have to add to it just click on the picture.
Now maybe Marc could continue with the good work and look into the planning corruption that is going on right before his eyes.
Alastair Machray is in charge of the third rate journo's who have been turning a blind eye to the planning corruption while being spoon fed by the property developers PR companies. Shame on you Mr Machray....well done Marc lets have some more.