Thursday, 13 August 2015

Will SAVE Britains Heritage Get Lime Street Plans Called In?-We Hope So.

Describing the proposals as “oversized student accommodation and shopping units of bland design”, SAVE have condemned the move to knock down historic buildings like the Futurist to make way for the scheme.
Director Clem Cecil said: “Lime Street is quintessentially Liverpudlian in its great variety and charm. It is in the buffer zone of the World Heritage Site, a status to be proud of. Liverpool is a truly great city: these new plans are not worthy of it.
“As gateway to the city, Lime Street desperately needs repair. As stipulated in the WHS guidelines, it is a matter of working with the historic grain of the street rather than against it. We will be calling on the Secretary of State to intervene to allow the best design solution for this important site.”
The planning application, submitted by Regeneration Liverpool and developers Neptune, was opposed by heritage groups concerned at the loss of buildings including the Futurist cinema, built in 1912.
Experts say the site is in such poor condition it cannot be saved, with local campaign group Save the Futurist accepting this with a “heavy heart” ahead of the planning committee’s decision.
Neptune have committed to working with Save the Futurist to ensure the new-look street celebrates Lime Street’s cinematic past - with panels etched with designs to mark this among their plans.
While their argument does not focus only on the Futurist, SAVE believe the building should be repaired instead of being replaced. President Marcus Binney said: “The years before the First World War were a golden age of architecture in Liverpool.
“This section of Lime Street leading directly into the World Heritage site is especially rich with the riotously ornate Vines Pub of 1907 and grandly baroque Futurist Cinema. Built as the City Picture House in 1912 this is the incunabula of Cinema Architecture and must be saved.”
SAVE are requesting the call-in because they believe the site is of national and international significance, the proposals conflict with planning policies, they will have significant effects beyond their immediate locality and raise architectural and urban design issues.

If a planning application is called-in it leads to a public inquiry. Recommendations over the plans are then made to the Secretary of State, who takes the final decision.
The Lime Street plans include a 101-room hotel and 412 student accommodation complex. Neptune revised the plans after critical feedback of its original designs, with Joe Anderson praising the new-look proposal and suggesting it would have a “vibrant and exciting” impact on the area.

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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Lime Street Plans Passed-Spiv Anderson says "Its Great News"

 Only in Liverpool could a set of plans that would destroy a whole cityscape be passed and the Mayor says thats great.
Spiv Anderson is not the most educated of people in the manners of architecture but even he cant be that thick. It is an architectural abortion.
WE DONT TRUST THE SAVE THE FUTURIST CAMPAIGN who capitulated and then said these plans were alright.
Were they orchestrated by Jon Egan and Archetype Studios, the shady backroom PR for Neptune Developments. Who worked for Joe Anderson in his Mayoral campaign.We think so.
Why did the developers allow them to put a placard up?
 To cause more controversy because they want controversy. Controversy equals public funding for Neptune.
There will be a bit of grant farming going on here for sure. A FOI will find out how much public money will go into destroying a whole street Yes we know it wants developing but not with this rubbish. Dont forget the Grapes and the Vines bookend this street and there are several listed buildings in the vicinity.
Is it also true that one of Neptune Developments directors used to work for the Liverpool City planning disgracement. Neptune are the vandals that built the Mann Island black coffins lets not forget the mess they have made of the city.
How many city scapes are going to be ruined by inadequate planning tht is told what to do by spivs looking after their mates.

This is a sad day for Liverpool a World Heritage Site.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Lime Street Architectural Abortion. Paul Jones Liverpool City Planner You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself.


These planners are out of control. Paul Jones is responsible for the city centre lets hope he can sleep at night.

OUR OBJECTION LETTER submitted late because of technical problems on the council planning explorer.

We have tried o leave these on planning explorer and the councils own system will not allow me to do so.
This has taken out our right as citizens to be heard which is why I need them communicated to the committee.

We wish to object firstly on the proposals being in the centre of two fine listed buildings The Grapes and The Vines.
There must be a facade retention of the Futurist cinema as demolition would alter the cityscape significantlty. There is ample technology to save this facade.
The developers have owned the building for years and have let the back of it fall down.

Liverpools City Councils Supplementary Development Plan page 118 Section 6.6.12
Lime Street is Character area 5; The William Brown Cultural Quarter.
This includes Lime Street station.
 The guidance contained within the SPD says the restoration where possible and redevelopment should follow guidance in section 4 and should be of high architectural quality and where relevent present a frontage towards The World Heritage character area 5.
These plans do not do this in any way.
These plans if passed will alter the visual character and the impact they have on surviving historic buildings which are listed.

The Liverpool City Planning department have not followed their own guidelines contained within the SPD on this occasion.

It is important that the city's own prepared SPD which was ratfied in October 2009 be adhered to.
Unesco have placed a moratorium on development in the World Heritage Site.
It would not be sensible to allow these proposals of little architectural merit to be built.
This would not be taken lightly by Unesco who will be informed should they be passed.
These plans are of no character whatsoever and should be rejected.

Friday, 7 August 2015


This would be bad enough but this now extinct listed building is right opposite the entrance to the Municipal Buildings (council offices) on Dale Street where many of the people reading this post may go to pay their rates.
Which is also the offices of Mayor Uncle Joe "Stalin," the biggest threat to Liverpool's Heritage since Herman Goring sent the Luftwaffe to bomb the history out of us in 1941. Owned by the city council for decades it was listed in 2008.
 This building is on the corner of Cheapside and Dale street and will come under the auspice of the second biggest threat to Liverpool's Heritage, ROB BURNS from the Liverpool Planning boiler room, that has no respect for history.
In the world heritage site, that is on Unesco's World Heritage In Danger list.
Cheapside was subject to a recent planning application by the developer for a hotel..........after he had built it. And it was passed by the planning committee, no doubt with a nod from Anderson.
This demolished building was sold to a sticky developer called Jamworks Ltd for a quid.
They promised to develop it.
No doubt the Jammy Dodgers are one of Andersons "prefered developers" just like the convicted fraudster who they sold St Andrews Grade I listed church on Rodney Street to and is now half finished after the developer went bust.
 Remember Anderson tried to sell St Lukes Church, a monument to the Blitz, for a quid until he got what for.

Yes folks Its Liverpool City Council Big Listed Building Sell Off, roll up, roll up, and get your listed building for a quid.

If you take two listed buildings off Joe Andersons hands, they could do you a deal for £1.50.  Scouse Poundland get your listed buildings for a quid.


Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Battle of Waterloo Bicentenary and Liverpool's Wellington Rooms Rot. Its A Disgrace

Wellington Rooms-Call This Regeneration.

The Wellington Rooms-Liverpool's Disgrace.

They at the City Council talk of Regeneration and even have a Regeneration Officer appointed by Joe Anderson called Malcolm Kennedy, who it appears, is so wrapped up with Peel Holdings that he cant see the true nature of our city's historic past. 

The Wellington Rooms in Mount Pleasant were once described as a ‘house of mirth and revelry’. They were erected after funds were raised by public subscription in 1815.
An Adaptation of the Choragic Monument of Lysicrates of Athens, which was illustrated in the influential publication by Stuart and Revelt Antiquities of Athens.
It had a porch on one side for the setting down of sedan chairs.
The Portico was originally open but was found to be draughty and a disfigurement to the original design was made with the blocking up.
A ballroom of some 80ft by 40ft it had a card room and a supper room.
It was thought to have been frequented by the upper classes, as subscription balls, assemblies and occasional fancy dress balls. 
How that description conjures up the most remarkable images of Georgian Liverpool. A Maritime City at the nucleus of its upward growth taking it to the city of its height in the early 20th century.
Known as The Irish Centre in the 70s and 80s, most Liverpudlians are ignorant of these facts relating the building back to the Battle of Waterloo and Napoleons defeat by the then axis powers under the leadership of the Duke of Wellington. Especially Uncle Joe "Stalin" Anderson.

And what of Chris Griffiths of the useless Liverpool Conservation office.

Next to it and with objective one funding an extension was built on the Gibbard Cathedral, that Oscar Niemeyer rip off, Paddys Wigwam while this wonderful little Georgian gem lies there, rotting, a forlorn looking Mausoleum to Liverpool's Regeneration Con. 

A disgrace. The Council Have Powers to Save This Historic Gem.