Monday, 30 November 2009

Loyd Grossman-Lectures Us On Heritage, After He Helped Destroy Manchester Docks.

The country’s leading heritage organisations — including the National Trust, the Campaign to Protect Rural England, Save Britain’s Heritage and Historic Royal Palaces — will next week issue an election manifesto calling for sweeping reforms to the sector.

Following a major consultation of its members, umbrella group Heritage Link, which represents more than 75 NGOs, will use its annual heritage day this Wednesday to challenge the three main political parties to end neglect of heritage.
It will propose measures including legislation to streamline heritage protection, fully restore levels of National Lottery support, investing in local authority expertise and cutting VAT on repair and restoration.
Heritage Link has a secret weapon in the form of Lloyd Grossman, the media personality and former chairman of National Museums Liverpool, who will be unveiled as its new chairman at the event in London’s King’s Cross.
Speaking exclusively to BD, Grossman revealed that culture secretary Ben Bradshaw, conservative shadow minister Ed Vaizey and Lib Dem shadow minister Don Foster, would all take part in what he called a “hustings”.
He said: “It’s now a very important time for the heritage sector to really begin speaking in a more co-ordinated, articulate and forceful way.”
But Heritage Link’s ambitious move was dealt a preemptive blow after Vaizey, whose Tory party remains well ahead in opinion polls, poured cold water on the plans, calling the main proposals “unrealistic” because of the recession and impending cuts in public spending.
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Well another high profile career building manifesto from professional heritage people.
So Loyd Grossman who as the purveyor of world heritage disaster at National Museums Liverpool, in the ultimate destruction of Manchester Docks along with the other vandals at English Heretics of which he was once Chairman. They all rode the Bulldozer that did the sod cutting for the foundations of the new Carbuncle Museum in the WHS.

Asking why Unesco are inefective Unesco say English Heretics are the government advsors yet the then Chairman of the Heretics Sir Neil Cossons was working for the museums. How did they get away with this.
As was another one of their heritage spivs.  Peter de Figueiredo who is now allegedly adising, and I use that term loosley Peel Holdings
I once told Loyd Grossperson that architecture is not like making a sauce and the ingredients were certainly a bad mix with him and David "Fuzzy" Felt Fleming who he got away from at the earliest he could. Grossman should be held to account for his involvement in WHS destruction not rewarded with another cushy Quango post. Amanda the editor of BD gives concern to government lack of responsibility.
In the meantime Liverpools listed heritage continues to be in perilous condition and the WHS is being taken apart till it is now a joke of what was left us by our forebears.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Cheeky Evertonian Monkey's.

It is funny though. Not able to get the result on the pitch those cheeky monkeys have made the name of the gift shop right next to Liverpools…Everton 2. Strange I may hear you think but considering it is in Grosvenor-pool it means that the address reads Everton 2 Liverpool 1. What a result. It is funny though; only in Liverpool would that happen.

Only in Liverpool would millions of pounds of public money have been wasted on allowing Tesco to effectively take control of a football club by bankrolling the move to Kirkby on the Merseyside periphery in fact in the borough of Knowsley. They would have had to change the name of the club to Tesco-ton and have a sock as an emblem breaking all those years of tradition, it wasnt right. How much has been spent of our cash on this.

It was said that the whole scheme to turn Kirkby civic centre into a giant Tesco, (who own the centre now) was deemed detrimental to the local economy. The fallout ahead of this decision may have been instrumental in the company abandoning its outlet for the ultra sensitive Hope Street.  The government report was entitled Everton and Tesco. The Chief exec of Tesco Sir Terry Leahy is a lifelong Everton supporter.
Are they, Tesco, taking over the country.

What is more worrying for most Evertonians is how they will live up to expectations this Sunday in the local Derby when they play the most successful club in English footballing history, Liverpool. Even more worrying being fourth from bottom in the table is why a new stadium needs to be built for a team on the cusp of relegation anyhow. They are now calling for investment. What about buying a few players not a town centre.
And now they want our ground again.

Reich marshal Nigel Lee the chief planner of disaster in Liverpool said he wanted Goodison listed and Warren Bradley another toffee nose will be upset. Not about the public money wasted but his own face.

Pages and pages of it all over the local papers Mark Thomas a Evertonian while Alistair MaCrazy supports himself, has seen to that, it is a shame they could not have made the same fuss when the world heritage site was being destroyed. Sarah Wilde of Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors was a member of Liverpool Visions board who helped to destroy the Pier Head with carbuncle after carbuncle. Why?

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Is the Liverpool Daily Post-The Daily Stooge.

This is a question I am being asked over and over again.

Yesterdays front page was a disgrace Fury at golf hotel setback. This was sheer and unadulterated advertisement for the property developer Simon Mathews-Williams who wants the Wirral Council to break its rules to allow him to do what he wants. He may as well have written the article himself. He described Wirral council as shambolic.
So what about public representation through the democratic process? Why do the Daily Post seek to bypass this? Who do they represent? One reader or the population?

“In Liverpool you can see a planner in 48 hours”. Mathews Williams was quoted Isn’t that strange if any of my colleagues want to speak with them its like doing the okey kokey round a load of faceless numbskulls who have already approved a deal for weeks.

Not only was it the front page it took over the editor’s comments.   Why whats in this for the paper?
Just who do these second rate reporters at the Daily Ghost think they are, some powerful player in property development bending rules?
Why do they come out so hard on this application for a…. restaurant.
Considering that both editors live on the Wirral it is no surprise that they take an interest but considering they know nothing of planning applications just why are they sticking their awe in? Just why are they now the biggest anachronism of news an adverting space for PR companies to get their deals done of which this smells fish to me.

Just who was the PR Company who placed this in the lap of the uneducated kids at the Daily Post? Why has this got past Andy Kelly the news editor who I once respected but not any more and why is Mark Thomas a weak willed individual with no respect for his profession that he is now become a Daily Bugle to Downtown Liverpool. Oh wait I can feel the answer coming through because they pay for the adverting space and the whole of the newsroom is now such a shambolic pale shadow of itself that it has literally turned into the Merseymart.
Help us if we ever lose the likes of Peter Elson who tries very hard to understand public opinion on matters concerning our heritage.

Shame on you Mark Thomas it is easy to read behind the lines as to what is going on and you and you easily led colleagues should be ashamed of yourselves.

All the battles we have fought around the preservation of heritage and saving the world heritage site from destruction are countermanded by the lack of foresight by this shower with its editors who I wouldn’t let write a shopping list never mind an editorial. Shame on you all if you had any respect for yourselves you would get out now, I suppose there are a host of PR companies awaiting your services so you can punt the stuff back into the Daily Stooge.


We are now compiling a comprehensive report for the directors of Trinity Mirror. Editors have been informed.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Museum of Liverpool a Sad Rip Off of Rome's Maxxi?

LOOK FAMILIAR. This is the decade of building new museums for the sake of it. Accountants work out how best to sell merchandise and how to franchise the wealth creation machine that comes with art these days. The first thing is where the coffee shop or restaurant will be. How the exhibits will display is a long way down the agenda. Centuries of well trodden styles of showing the public the history of mankind and its creations and its humanity has been swept away in curators egos fighting with their ill educated architects for supremacy. Modernisation they call it, most times it is just plain stupid.

Roman horror day at Zaha Hadid's Maxxi are the headlines greeting the opening of a new museum in Rome….the eternal city. Those Romans know a thing about style…or is it that their forebears did.  It is worth reading the commentary from journalists who try to understand architecture. just google the Maxxi in Rome.
Zaha Hadid it was said did a design for the 3XN carbuncle in the Liverpool World Heritage Site (it was kept secret from the public) does the design look familiar.
At least the Romans had the common sense the good sense to build it away from its historic sites of world importance. What will happen when the architectural journalists give their opinions when the Museum of Liverpool opens with John Lennons bedspread as a focal point.

Monday, 23 November 2009

BERNI TURNER-Liverpools 'So Called' Heritage Champion on Mastermind!!!

I couldn’t believe it Big Mouth Berni is on national television, will she slap the judge if he doesnt agree with her. What will her specialist subject be? Sardines.  It certainly wont be the 46 listed buildings that have been downed under the liberal democrats. Or will it be the disastrous state of Dale Street  or the 200 listed buildings in a bad state of repair. Or the thousands of homes demolished under the pathfinder scheme. Her title is The English Heritage Historic Environment Champion. No she was to have her specialist subject on The Twighlight Novels of Stephanie Meyer.

Introduced as Bernadette Turner.
“The supernatural romance genre is huge. You walk into any bookshop or go online and there are reams and reams of these books (so yes they are common) and some of them are well incredibly well written. Twighlight novels are a series of 4 books and they are about vampires if you like!

Oh she is going to talk about Trevor Jones and Doreen Jones bleeding the Baltic Triangle site dry sucking all the lifeblood out of it with their involvement with Windsor Developments whose director it was alleged was struck off the accountants register for Fraud. She took over the previously fraudulently titled job of Heritage Champion from the Dame of Disaster she who did more damage to the world heritage site than the Luffwaffe, Doreen Jones what a Dame.

But no She continued “They are about a very special breed of Vampires if you like.

Vegetarian Vampires”, I was laughing out loud by this stage, “They remind me of Romeo and Juliet, Cathy and Heathcliffe in Wuthering Heights it’s a great romance but with all the extra things Werewolves, Vampires. What more could a girl want”.
Well there you go what do you expect, another contestant masterminded on the Architecture of Aberdeen since 1860. No sign of her talking about Liverpool’s heritage or its architecture though. She came last, but in fairness she did not descend into any of the same old vile banter and did alright on the general knowledge which I am not surprised with simple questions such as “Who entered the UK charts with shout and was backed by the Luvvers”   So anyone can read four tacky novels and go on Mastermind these days. What next for Beradette Turner.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Liverpools Canal Link; A Waste of Money.

THE WONKY JOURNEY. 17 million pounds of public money and it is wasted money. Our taxpayers money to split the Pier Head in two to take away the open green space. Yes I may hear you say it is unobtrusive but it is a cut through what was an open vista. This silly idea to link up fresh water with salt water was put forward by two obscure councillors and the Council and Liverpool Vision fell into the deep pool, of lack of thought and sold it to us with the help of the Oldham Echo and its sick little sister the Daily Ghost writer for the council. Funded by the NWDA along wit the new museum and the Three Black Slugs. The original plans said it would have a recoverable finish that would enable open air concerts. This was dropped once the plans were passed, by guess who The "Dame of Disaster" the Cruella DeVille of Liverpools architecture Doreen Jones now living it up in Chester. Where her and Trevor it is alleged live next door to the Duke of Westminster. She of the big hair still comes into Liverpool to have her barnet made larger by Herbert whose Bling building did not go to planning committee. The woman leaves us with a hole in the ground after she and Trevor teamed up with Windsor Developments(she owned Lamb and Sons that was knocked down over a weekend when a listing application was recieved. She did not care about anything but herself in my opinion and both of them were allowed to run the city and direct its planning where they thought fit. You did not stand a chance with this disgraceful woman passing what suited her and ignoring the public. Only six barges at a time can use this link and all barges have to put up overnight while a British Waterways person comes and lets the waiting boats through in the morning at 6.45 a.m. Talk about making it difficult. It is no wonder that all the berths in front of the Albert Dock are empty. What a complete and utter waste of cash.  Just follow the wonky journey on the British Waterways skippers guide and you will realise that navigating the shopping trolleys and lovely little creatures throwing halfies at the boats as you peacefully sail past the Strand is not quite worth it. 

Thursday, 19 November 2009

LIVERPOOL It all came Tumbling Down

I still recall the first time I read Freddie O’Connor’s, It all came Tumbling Down. And 25 years later it still gets to me just what we have lost. Post 2008 it continues and won’t stop. I am not sure how or when it happens or how you feel a sense of loss watching old times that were tough and hard change and we roll into a plastacine characterless paradise lost that we are all suppose to be eternally grateful for.

It was about 20 years ago that I wandered into a derelict forlorn church ‘Our Lady’s’ on St Domingo Road and saw part of the rude screen on the floor the place was a wreck, pieces strewn all over the place. I had been born two streets away in poverty in a damp ridden rabbit hutch. A two up, two down. All around were bomb craters we called the debris. I played war in streets abandoned by owners because they were worthless. The industry was leaving and there was no work. No we don’t want to go back to that but it is something to say that there was character in the poverty, people were different, skills were abound. I remember the beautiful stain glass windows of that Church smashed to smithereens and I decided to rescue the wooden carved structure. I went to ask the priest who quickly said to me as I pleaded to take a childhood memory before it goes. “Do what you want mate, I am the Vicar and that’s a catholic church”. Well the old Irish rivalry still seemed to be there all those years later. We used to team out the football game Protestants against Catholics. I read in Freddie’s book 15 years later that it was a Pugin Church that was to the original Chancel Chapel to what was to be the biggest Cathedral in Christendom as it was on the peak of St Georges plateau and could be seen for miles. The site was abandoned for the current place and Lutyens was brought in and in turn he only got as far as the crypt and decades after the war we ended up with the Oscar Neimeyer copy by Gibbard instead. I really felt that I had saved something a little piece of history. I later found out there were three other Pugin Buildings in the same short space in between the Grade I listed St Georges to which was attached to our school with its old fashioned headmaster with his old fashioned values. They are all gone now and the poverty is still there only it is flimsy and character-less. Our Street is in Freddie O’Connor’s book a picture of the house I grew up in. It reminds me of how I lament the passing of a spirit, a link to the past. Because if you build on your past you keep the simple senses happy, those of security and pride and belonging… that’s what came tumbling down, and its still happening, when will it stop.

Monday, 16 November 2009


Liverpool bids to be Unesco City of Music.

Well we have wrecked the World Heritage Site let’s destroy the music scene.
Warren Bradley, is leading a steering group to bid to be a Unesco World City of Music. There is no doubt we need an accolade for our musical achievements but he who is so uncultured, as to have to spike everyone else, bugging them on how good our past musical highlights are, becomes a little tedious. Talking of tedious Warren Bradley (the only thing he can play is the fool) says :
“Music is in Liverpool's blood and its influence has been truly global from the days of sea shanties and Merseybeat to classical and dance – it was a fundamental reason why we were European Capital of Culture. “The city today has a phenomenal pool of talent and its exciting that now, more than ever, it has the venues, the studios, the promoters and the festivals to nurture new ideas and diverse artists who will carry on Liverpool's best musical traditions. Yes we know all that we also had the most amazing world heritage views a Unesco World Heritage Site that the city under his stewardship destroyed.
“To be a UNESCO city of music would be a massive boost to the city’s international cultural profile and give the city a focus, like in ‘08, to develop our music offer at all levels for the benefit of musicians and music lovers alike.’’

Chief Conductor with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Vasily Petrenko said: “I don’t think there is any other city in England that understands the power of music more than Liverpool.

“It has fantastic tradition of producing great music and great musicians of every kind and is still doing it today. To be a UNESCO City of Music will really help to promote Liverpool as one of the world’s music capitals.”
The news comes on the day Kasabian close Liverpool Music Week – Britain's biggest indoor winter music festival.
This year has been in my opinion, the worst year at the Philharmonic Hall for years. But if you want to go for a beer swilling punch up go to the Oldham Echo Arena.

Cream CEO and joint director of the Liverpool Music Week festival James Barton said: “I am really honoured to be invited onto the team that will steer the bid to become UNESCO city of music.
“I believe that music has always been central to Liverpool life, which is why winning the title would be so exciting.
“Not only would this accolade recognise the already world–famous music scene within Liverpool, it will also act as a focus for the further development of music in the city for many years to come.’’
How concerned are Unesco about the mess that has been created on the Unesco world heritage site they have made us the focus of a Unesco reactive monitoring mission.
So in ten years to come by the past standard that we look after our world heritage we will have all the Beatles ditties remixed with Black Lace’s Agadoo because that is the architectural equivalent of what’s been done.
We could term the phrase “ Liverpool we had Palladio and now we have got Puff Dadio” to help Unesco understand what we are about.
This is the town that called itself Beatles City after we knocked down the Cavern Club…..This city council, who couldn’t even organise the Mathew Street Festival in 2007, who just cant be trusted with anything to do with heritage or tradition. Its just spin, spin, spin.
The class of this city Fib-Dem council is a Capital of Culture which destroyed the Pier Head the very thing that made us who we were.

Joe Anderson a Labour Councillor Delivering Redundancies on the Tram!

A MAJOR road scheme should be delayed to help pay for Merseyside to get a tram network, it was proposed last night.
What is with all these people in Liverpool who are content to think that Liverpools tommorrow is based on getting people to the shops in Grosvenor-pool. Bazooka Joe Anderson fires another salvo at the workforce to our region. Is he not aware that Peel Holdings already are planning to circumnavigate Liverpool. This is Bazooka's resume at the council. Does he not think and is it a fact that he has watched the world heritage site being destroyed without lifting a finger? Is he a Liberal Democrat by any other name? Was he not on the boards of every regeneration agency who have milked European Slush Fund? £950,000,000 of Objective One money a load of it wasted on Mann Island and the Pier Head, and still complaints of no funds.
It has taken me a while to realise that the phlebiens of this city are not the local folk but those who have taken over the power strings of politics. So why dont you just admit it Joe as part of Liverpool Vision............You should have went to Spec-Savers you are not thinking joined up. or is this Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors putting words in his mouth and he is not clever enough to realise it, desperate for the front page of the Daily Peel. Or is he working with the NWDA whose new Chairman is a ex Executive of Peel Holdings. Shame on you Joe. Labour putting peoples jobs at stake.... DeJa-Vu.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Liverpool City Council, Planning Committee Poodles.

I dared to venture to this weeks Tuesdays planning committee a colleague of ours had been fighting against plans sponsored by Liverpool Vision and Liverpool University to smack a mass of student flats in Myrtle Street to make a packet out of the people they teach. They had been doing a good job.

What came up first was agenda item 4 Land and buildings at Hartley Avenue 08F/2126. There was a host of objectors Tony Seibentiela (I think I have spelt that right). There was someone sitting there in short pants and a blazer behind me with a gobstopper in his mouth of all about 12 and he had a notebook. Oh he must be the new local reporter lacking about 20 years experience to even know what they are discussing. But hey he is just a reporter.

The last times we attended we did cause controversy and it looked like there was a meeting within a meeting.$

David Irving was on the table with his hush puppies and his Aran Cardy with a packet of Worthers originals looking like someone’s grandfather or favourite uncle while underneath the table brandishing a stiletto knife ready to stab the objectors in the back like a laughing assassin whilst going through the motions. “What about the listed buildings next to this proposed site does the applicant own these” He did “So cant we do something about them” The objectors were clear and concise we want this area to be a heritage led regeneration zone and they are doing something about it. I was not aware of the potential of this location until recently. They want to make it like the Eldonian Village. They have got the whole area behind them. Sitting there arrogantly chewing gum was the Reichmarshal Nigel Lee who has been discussing this scheme with the developers for years and his henchman John Bimbow does the dirty telling the committee this is a good scheme while I am looking at the screen showing the proposals thinking you should be ashamed of yourself I do not know how Bimbow can sleep at night. Why is he always pushing awful schemes on us does he live in Liverpool? The Reichmarshal doesn’t and David Irving defiantly doesn’t,

What hope do the people have in protecting their area. Anna Rotheray seemed a bit vocal maybe she is coming out of herself I thought she is putting up an argument. I would later find out she was standing for the vacant Wavertree seat.

“Couldn’t the listed buildings be cleaned up as part of this scheme” Irving asked Bimbow “No”. “Surely we could ask them to…..” “No”. There it was the stiletto is out and it’s in and out like a flash and its passed. Mr Woodward just sat there; as did the other objectors who had said this specific proposal could undermine the future of the area.
You know the people who pay the wages of the disgraceful planning authority that is Liverpool seemed powerless to impose their own views on their own area. Shame on you all. David Irving is just Doreen Jones in brogues it seems. A wasted opportunity.
The passing of the plans said
Resolved that the recommendation be approved and that the Planning Manager be requested to advise the applicant that the Committee would welcome any actions undertaken that might enhance the visual amenity of the listed buildings and their surroundings at this location through general routine maintenance and upkeep.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Is Frank McKenna Really Editing, The Liverpool Daily Post & Echo?

Should it be called the Daily McKenna.

Why do DLIB get so much publicity in Liverpool? They are a business lobby group.
If from now on all the advertisements of theirs that appear in any of the papers on Merseyside owned by trinity Mirror are not labelled as a advertising feature I will write to the Directors of Trinity Mirror Group advising them that if this is not changed a full blown complaint to the Advertising Standards Board will be made.
The last straw is when the Daily Post blatantly allows them sponsor the views and blogs section of the paper. This, the reporter’s blogs and the letters pages. We deserve better than vested interests running this city.
The local papers should be seen to appear be above being manipulated.
While putting my time into what I believe to be issues of importance, in fact world importance in heritage contexts I consider that the public have been let down by the local press, especially the Oldham Echo.
My opinion is the Daily Ghost business editor Bill Gleeson is far too close to where the stories are originating…from local business with vested interests.
Just who sponsored Barry Turnbulls Fred Olsen cruise? While the editorial stance was attacking Southampton who would benefit from Liverpool being able to operate a turnaround facility at the Cruise Liner Jetty…Fred Olsen registered in Chorley.
Who sponsored Mark Thomas to go to Shanghai? There are many questions that need answering but number one is. What has happened to the quality of the press?
Where did all the campaigns go? Why have they ignored the cities important heritage?
When did the local business take such a stranglehold of Trinity Mirror in Liverpool that it now looks like the Merseymart, Oh sorry they own that too and use the same editorial making sure the Daily Council ram it in every direction to the public, they dont even have to buy a paper now, one come free.
Are these just my views? Maybe not?
But what is significant is when the press themselves get so fed up that they cant hold back any longer you know it is bad.
So how are Trinity “Smoking” Mirrors stifling equality in arms with the public on heritage matters? Simple by ignoring them and allowing the vested interests to infiltrate the City Council without question. Why question the people who pay for adverts in the paper is a question I think may have already been asked.
Why do DLIB get a full page in the Liverpool Daily Post Business section without a mention of it being an advert?
I am of the opinion that an advertising standards board complaint is to submitted soon.

“Downtown Liverpool is helping to shape the political agenda. We campaigned very hard against the Liverpool planners’ tall buildings policy, which would have made it virtually impossible to build a tall building. We are also tackling the myriad of public sector agencies on Merseyside – would you believe there are 82 QUANGOs running the place?”
Downtown Liverpool now has more than 300 member companies, drawn mainly from the property world, the professions and new media companies.
(McKenna now franchises the operation to Preston)
Downtown Preston will operate in the same way, hosting events, networking dinners and award ceremonies. Membership costs vary according to the size of the business, starting at £250 a year and rising to £500 for companies with more than 20 staff.

McKenna himself says

Frank McKenna was a young Skelmersdale politician with the world at his feet. Chairman of the North West Regional Assembly, leader-elect of Lancashire County Council, he was destined for a safe Labour seat in the House of Commons where a ministerial career surely beckoned. Then rumours of election fraud surfaced in satirical magazine, Private Eye, forcing him to resign from public office. After a £3 million police investigation, the judge threw out the case but his political career was over. Now he is back in Lancashire as the head of Downtown Preston in Business – a high profile lobbying group which is sure to create waves. Editor Andrew Calvert went to meet a man who is remarkably sanguine about his experiences. When you are awaiting trial on fraud charges, your chances of finding a job are somewhat limited. “There’s not a lot you can do other than work for yourself,” recalled McKenna, reflecting on the events back in 2001.The sharp-suited, fast-talking Scouser had never been short of contacts in both the public and private sectors. A public affairs consultancy business was the obvious choice of a new career and McKenna was soon winning work throughout the North West.
He had built a reputation in Liverpool for his work with property developers on planning issues and came up with the idea for Downtown Liverpool in Business.
Yes so why are they held in esteem by the local papers? This has to stop.
Or a full-blown complaint will be issued to the directors of Trinity Mirror and with another 17 staff to go I do not think they at Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors can afford to ignore a warning.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Liverpools Hanging Gardens of Babylon Found After Centuries of Neglect.

This is Victoria Street and the historic Fruit Exchange. What is being done about this mess the property has been deteriating for decades.
The City Council are alright Compulsory Purchasing from poor defenceless householders in the Welsh Streets and Edge Lane (Elizebeth Pascoe excluded) but faced with doing anything to protect our prize buildings from getting to too far gone a state, the Conservation Office (sic) just rolls over like little squealing puppies while they have their bellies tickled. Here Lies the problem while the council are telling us constant Heritage Lies.

This another porky.
 Significant progress has been made in dealing with buildings at risk throughout the city including within the property, including the Fruit Exchange, Stanley Dock, and Royal Insurance Building. The Townscape Heritage Initiative for Buildings at Risk is making steady progress on buildings in the Rope Walks area with grant-aided restoration schemes. A priority list of 44 properties has been drawn up and will be subject to consideration for urgent works notices and repair notices;
This is what the Coucil Liars reported to Unesco.  And the mugs believed them.
Just what are the English Heretics doing.
Chris Griffiths, the waste of time Buildings At Risk officer whose wages are paid by the English Heretics, has dry rot in the balcony of the Grade II listed building where he lives.

Monday, 9 November 2009

The Banalization of Liverpool

The Banalization of Liverpool

By Paul Robinson

In all facets of the city (and I imagine in all cities of the country) banality is demonstrated, conformity is rampant, there is no new milieu, just the reclassification of old principles. People are still scared to leave plates in the bedroom for fear of what other people might say. In the surge toward cosmopolitanism, we forgot to watch our backs as tedium crept up and snatched our wallets.

The new build sought only to conglomerate existing structures, not to threaten. The new tenements, espousing inner city living, are bland reconfigurations of brick and mortar, indemnifying the unity of the moneyed. No architectural rebellion, no challenge to the skyline or the eyeline has been implemented. No Liverpool revolution, only dash renovation to make room for transportation of citizens in and out of the city. The city must be rejected, it's edifices denounced.
There has been no significant artistic movement for over half a century. The Merseybeat legacy has jammed new pathways in music and poetry: in music we look to continental Europe and America for inspiration, bringing back mere imitation; in poetry we pack no unified punch, no “wah! wah!” or hand jive, no imprisonment, none willing to commit poetic crime. Creativity frequently requires penury: contentment strangles creativity, reducing artistic purpose to a diversion, pastime or hobby. Investment is not a requisite for creativity. Where is the avant-garde Liverpool breathing artistic fire? A vision we must will to transpire, otherwise the monotony of reality will lock us up and throw away the key. The artist must reject the city.
Originality is confined to subterranean hideouts, radicalism is a shop, protest is the new spectacle, no adventure or defiance stands-up in the crowd, no artistic infection that can revolutionise our town. Flash clubs and bars act as fashion parades, places for courtship serenades, the weekend providing destructive escape from the working days gone, and those to come, that mash us into the ground.
Klimt cannot reclaim the city for “artists, lovers and poets”, nor continental tender, nor transmutation, be it lamb or banana, nor movement or scene be reared on gossamer dress, yet the throng will tread in ignorance sublime, ploughing through reactivate buildings assembled from hurried cement.
A new expression must be seeded, a new artistic ideology needed, the old guard thrown aside, the sewers and the backyards opened to see what can be found. No care should be given to national trend, we should cut our own path through the earth, wear what we want, think what we want, create the profound, a new subterranean art that eschews pound, terrifies the classes and reclaims a Liverpool lost to contaminated investment.
Let starved cars choke the roads, pedestrian streets be deserted, let litter festoon retail doorways, window displays wither until dead: the emphasis must be shifted. Let Liverpool create it's own masterpiece, let the domestic screams of Grafton street be condensed into artful streams of consciousness, let the river drown the town hall and absolve the Capital enshrouding our culture. Within a few years Liverpool can become a hub of progressive chaotic excellence saturated with artists, poets, musicians and lovers, reclaimed from the dull misery that we have been intravenously fed. The city must be rejected.

Paul Robinson Poetry

Friday, 6 November 2009

Liverpool City Council Tells Heritage Lies.

I picked up a free letterbox magazine called City Life from the floor and knowing it is compiled by the council with my taxpayers money and contains all the usual council propaganda I went into the kitchen to get a pinch of salt then put my tongue in my cheek and opened the glossy rag.

Everything is wonderful the city is in fantastic shape, Warren Bradley has saved the world aided by Mike Storey and it was all mopped up by the direct works department of the council who put flowers around the edge just to make it all seem a bit better for us. Not a mention of giving a third of the city centre away and being 20 million short on a budget.

I was expecting the usual load of half-truth PR pap, but not expecting outright lies.
Considering that most people do not question what is written this magazine has been a convenient way of brainwashing those members of the public with pea brains who believe what is told to them. Of which there are many in this city.

Page11 In the section labelled, annual report, for 2008, it stated the number of Grade II* listed buildings at risk was cut from 15 to 9. This was in a section of uplifting news of how we are being looked after by our mates at the council.
This is a lie. So I asked Berni Turner the self-styled heritage champion who took over from the Dame of Disaster Doreen Jones. Not a reply. She seems to only talk on heritage matters when it suits her and then it’s with a vile misuse of the English language, that make one cringe to be from Liverpool. I wrote to the Chief Executive Colin “Cover up” Hilton. The next I receive, is a reply from Legal Services that it is being dealt with as a freedom of Information Act request. I did not request a FOI I told Kevin Symm. Oh that’s all right we often do that he replied.
So I wait, and wait, and wait and finally I get a letter, which said.
We used to have 19 on the critical list in 1999 and that has been reduced to 9 thanks for your letter.
Hang on I thought I know all this is wrong I have been writing about it for years and where do you get the 15 from. The press release was aimed to make it look like the list was recently reduced from 15 to 9 to make the council look great to those who dont question what they are being told. Well that’s not me. So its a lie, a utter and damn right lie from a city council run by spivs who think they are not accountable, who make it up as they go along. Oh and my rates pay for them to tell me the lies. I am still waiting for an inquiry to be dealt with into the misleading facts…and waiting…and waiting.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Whats the Time-Liverpool World Heritage Vandalism O'clock

I used to be so proud of our waterfront. I used to say to people "Do you know what the biggest clock face in the country is". "Big Ben" they would reply "No the Liver Buildings". Not any more. The reason that a clock was put on the South elevation was so you could see it, so you would be able to tell the time. So that the mighty image of a cultural icon, the Liver Bird could be seen they put two of them on the top of the Building. Hey but in a city using culture as a gimmick where the editors of the local press promote penguins what would you expect. In order to promote culture you have to be a little more educated in the arts and architecture than some who are running the city appear to be. Click on the pictures of the unfolding saga of the Three Black Slugs emerging on Mann Island that funds the new museum that destroyed Manchester Docks,   and you will agree, unless you have perpetrated the damage that it is world heritage vandalism. The third and final monster has suprised even me. I thought it was going to be bad, but not quite that bad.Carbuncles-R-Us. Perhaps with the recent pressure the local press has had Larry Bartlett wheels out Peter Brown of the MCS in conjunction with Guy Butler from Grosvenor-pool telling us how Renshaw Street needs saving now that all the footfall is moved and Grosvenor are pulling the strings making sure there is no competion. Dr Peter Brown from the largely redundant Merseyside Civic Society leads the charge. But wasnt it he who said Liverpool was all the better for having the three grotesques at Mann Island.
Peter Brown, chairman of Merseyside Civic Society, personally feels that the Mann Island scheme is a good one, although other society members disagree.

“I’ve been quite happy with the way it’s been handled and the final outcome. It would have been better if there was a masterplan, but in its absence this is the best scheme.
“My view is that it complements both the new museum and the Pier Head Three Graces.
“The new Mann Island blocks are square and black, so it’s a stark contrast with the white of the sloping new Museum of Liverpool and the classicism of the Three Graces.
“I think it’s a mistake to keep a ‘fire free’ zone between Albert Dock and the Pier Head. There is a need for financial stimulation in that area and to show entrepreneurial skills.
“The scheme offered the prospect for this and the architects worked it out well. They also managed to exceed their brief and more views of the Three Graces were retained than was proposed. I appreciate that the principal view from the south is obstructed, but none of these buildings were planned as a group, nor was it expected that these views would not be built across.
“We need a modern statement to showcase the aspirations of this city.
“It’s all consistent with what was proposed.”

Did Matt Brookes the architect of Broadway Malyan building the Three Black Slugs study at the University that he teaches, Civic Design......Unsuccessfully?

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Liverpool Novotel, A Tragic Addition to Liverpools Bluecoat; The Oldest Building in Liverpool City Centre.

But hang on the Daily Ghost today, say its a Eureka moment. They would wouldnt they. They dont think about a heritage point of view as to what they are reporting. Are they edited by Frank McKenna at Downtown Liverpool in Business, (DLIB) or is that just me being cynical.
Rememeber this image of our old friend, because no more are we able to see our beautiful Bluecoat as it was built in its Georgian finery. I warned of this years ago. Everything the local papers wrote was on a positive score leaving the void for the wreckers to fill without adequate debate. It used to be an interesting place a bit rough around the collar but full of character. One of the Daily Ghost reorters partners had a hand in its awful restoration or should we say vandalism. Roger Philips of Radio Merseyside said "We have never had so many callers as about the destruction of the Bluecoat Garden. Radio Merseyside are next door fronted on Hanover Street. David "Fuzzy Felt" Fleming is a board member. Everything this man goes near gets dumbed down to a characterless cafe. He should have been a director of Starbucks instead of Liverpool Museums he has opened more cafes than they, this year. Cafes are not culture Doctor Fleming.
Just wait till the leaves completely fall off the trees, this is last years picture, and the full horror show now has a Novatel hotel as a chimney. This is really bad planning. The Novotel, owned by a foriegn chain, the money wont even stay in the country, they dont care. Grosvenor did this to us. A third of the city centre was given to them and they have stolen our street names our history in the process.
This what they, the Daily Ghost have been fed and in turn are feeding to you. They call it a Eureka moment. It has to be a joke.  Larry Neild on Grosvenor-pool Does it look like the press and Grosvenor have been working in tandem here?

Its probaly not the hotels fault but Neil Hodgson should write an article about the changing face of Liverpools Heritage this is not a Eureka moment its a tragic event.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Boy Stood on the Burning Deck. Picking His Brain and Wondering, Why?

The boy stood on the burning deck, picking his nose….. No hang on that’s not right. My schoolboy recollections of one the famous and most recognised lines in literature are a little different than the original. “Whence all but he had fled” thats it.. The name of the poem and the story behind it is often forgotten. The poem is Casablanca written by Felicia Hemans, it was first published in 1826.

Giocante was the boy who inspired the poem. His father was Captain Luc-Julian-Joseph de Casablanca. His ship L’Orient was the flagship of Napoleons fleet at the Battle of the Nile.
In Aboukir Bay off Egypt Rear Admiral Horatio Nelson attacked the French ships and the three decks 120 gun L’Orient was set ablaze.

The poem recalls how Giocante refused to leave his post until he gained his fathers permission even though his father is already dead.
The fire is to ignite the ships store of gunpowder and a massive explosion throws parts of the ship all over the Bay.

The poem was published in a periodical called The Monthly Magazine.
They did not discover the carcass of the wreckage till 1983 scattered over more than half a square mile.
Giocante was thought to be all but 12, that was five years older than the vessel he stood upon.

The mast of L’Orient was used as the timber to make the coffin for Nelson who died seven years later at the Battle of Trafalgar.
We commemorate Trafalgar in the Docks of the same name which were filled in by Grosvenor with all the millions of tons of rubble dug out, which is now the car park below Chavasse Lawn, (How did they get away with that).

Liverpool Mercantile and Maritime World Heritage City it seems a bit surreal.
What is even more surreal is that Felicia Hemans house in the world heritage site on Lower Duke Street is standing there falling down along with many, many more of our original Georgian stock. Hanging on a forlorn hope while we continue to build high tensile shopping malls.
What a way to recall our Maritime History by disregarding it. The Duke Street area is still in a precarious state of repair (both pictures are taken fom the same spot) and a lot of hope for the future is now credit crunched along with a lot of our maritime history.

Have a look at the excellent and well thought out site above Save Liverpool Docks.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Liverpool Central Library Is to be Privatised? What a Mess.

Further on from Fridays post regarding the Central Library Violation, which will turn it into something that resembles a Liverpool One Extension. This is a GradeII listed building. DeJa-Vu 2004. Same plans only 20 million pounds more.
Please read some of the comments.
A third of our city centre was given to Grosvenor.
Whenever I write a piece of criticism I will always try to ensure that the people criticized have a right to see the article.
This was the case on Friday.
Vicky Anderson replied to my criticism.

Hi Wayne,
Do you suggest the local press do not report on this kind of development at all?
For your information, the council held a press briefing about the library development on Wednesday. Granada Reports and the BBC were also in attendance - are they going to get both barrels as well?
I do not "report on behalf of the council". Every single paragraph of my story today is either plain and simple fact or an explanation of the schedule to come, as it was when I covered the Stirling Prize the other week.

Both these stories had a news value that the local press could not ignore. It is as simple as that. If you're right, then these new plans are bound to spark debate, and if so, we'll cover that. But it all starts with the breaking of a story, and I'm getting pretty tired of being criticised for that as if I'm some kind of stooge.

What it's my job to do is to present the facts of a story to readers as they stand. Whatever Cllr Bradley says in quotes is his business, not mine. It's called reporting. I await my next disparaging mention on your blog.

We don’t have to wait long. I caught the news that evening on the BBC, just a brief part of the BBC article with Warren Bradley being grilled and replying to the tune of ‘Yes private financing in the public sector has not worked in the National health and other local government sectors, but here we are going to make it work'. This was also good news story but asked questions of the private sector involvment. The BBC showed pictures of ceilings falling down and reams of books and records at risk, part of which may have been the Chambre-Hardman archive that I put a hundred and odd hours of my time into lobbying out of the clutches of a trust who did not function.

Then the penny dropped Vicky had been tricky in placing this as a good news story but what the real reasoning should have been that the LIBRARY IS BEING HIVED OFF, TO THE PRIVATE SECTOR. In those heady militant days when the Town Hall was to be sold to the Gnomes of Zurich they never even thought of selling off the Library. This is an utter disgrace to turn a bad news article into the usual Daily Ghost writer for the Council rubbish, that the public do not deserve. Tricky Vicky should sit next to Peter Elson for a while,    as it was he who received the Chambre-Hardman press release, which said its great we have found a home for the archive, in Bradford Museum and we will sell off his house in Rodney Street. This landing on his desk saved the slant being sold to us as he saw right through it. There was recently an exhibition of his work in the wonderfully restored Victoria Buildings.  So now, editorial out of control unfortunately at The Daily Council, we get a constant drip-feeding. I doubt if Vicky Anderson was even at the press conference and if she was, shame on her for allowing herself to be manipulated.
Why was this not explained that the Council, if they are, may be leasing the Library….and, I myself am speculating a bit because…it has not been explained properly and I only caught a bit of the BBC Northwest.
But the editors have to be culpable for not making things clear.
How embarrassing we have had a billion pounds of European money and we couldn’t even look after the library and it has come to such a sad state that the council are hiving it off. That should have been the story and shame on all concerned for not telling it in true and reflective manner which will have alraedy stifled any future debate or  consultation with headlines, that, in my opinion, do not reflect the true situation.

CODA What a cheek the Oldham Echo critisizing the BBC. They say;
The ECHO still values the BBC as a trustworthy brand and reliable provider of news and information, but its role as a public service broadcaster needs to extend to providing more content which is not simply assessed on a commercial basis.

It should not be scrambling after big ratings for the sake of them. Rather, it should allow ITV and the cable and satellite channels to provide us with the endless reality shows, dancing, singing and cookery contests.
Instead of Strictly Come Dancing, the Beeb should be strictly concentrating its resources on making far more quality dramas and documentaries, while also striving to win back some of the major national sporting events it has shamefully lost in recent years.