Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Is the Liverpool Daily Post-The Daily Stooge.

This is a question I am being asked over and over again.

Yesterdays front page was a disgrace Fury at golf hotel setback. This was sheer and unadulterated advertisement for the property developer Simon Mathews-Williams who wants the Wirral Council to break its rules to allow him to do what he wants. He may as well have written the article himself. He described Wirral council as shambolic.
So what about public representation through the democratic process? Why do the Daily Post seek to bypass this? Who do they represent? One reader or the population?

“In Liverpool you can see a planner in 48 hours”. Mathews Williams was quoted Isn’t that strange if any of my colleagues want to speak with them its like doing the okey kokey round a load of faceless numbskulls who have already approved a deal for weeks.

Not only was it the front page it took over the editor’s comments.   Why whats in this for the paper?
Just who do these second rate reporters at the Daily Ghost think they are, some powerful player in property development bending rules?
Why do they come out so hard on this application for a…. restaurant.
Considering that both editors live on the Wirral it is no surprise that they take an interest but considering they know nothing of planning applications just why are they sticking their awe in? Just why are they now the biggest anachronism of news an adverting space for PR companies to get their deals done of which this smells fish to me.

Just who was the PR Company who placed this in the lap of the uneducated kids at the Daily Post? Why has this got past Andy Kelly the news editor who I once respected but not any more and why is Mark Thomas a weak willed individual with no respect for his profession that he is now become a Daily Bugle to Downtown Liverpool. Oh wait I can feel the answer coming through because they pay for the adverting space and the whole of the newsroom is now such a shambolic pale shadow of itself that it has literally turned into the Merseymart.
Help us if we ever lose the likes of Peter Elson who tries very hard to understand public opinion on matters concerning our heritage.

Shame on you Mark Thomas it is easy to read behind the lines as to what is going on and you and you easily led colleagues should be ashamed of yourselves.

All the battles we have fought around the preservation of heritage and saving the world heritage site from destruction are countermanded by the lack of foresight by this shower with its editors who I wouldn’t let write a shopping list never mind an editorial. Shame on you all if you had any respect for yourselves you would get out now, I suppose there are a host of PR companies awaiting your services so you can punt the stuff back into the Daily Stooge.


We are now compiling a comprehensive report for the directors of Trinity Mirror. Editors have been informed.


  1. Question - is the editor-in-chief of the Daily Post and Echo (Alistair Machray)a member of the Royal Liverpool Golf Club ? If so, I wonder who else is a member at this Wirral club.

  2. Interesting idea how can we check this one out maybe we could do some investigative journalism to fill the void and apparent overisites.

    Correspondent also comes in with another corker!