Friday, 13 November 2009

Liverpool City Council, Planning Committee Poodles.

I dared to venture to this weeks Tuesdays planning committee a colleague of ours had been fighting against plans sponsored by Liverpool Vision and Liverpool University to smack a mass of student flats in Myrtle Street to make a packet out of the people they teach. They had been doing a good job.

What came up first was agenda item 4 Land and buildings at Hartley Avenue 08F/2126. There was a host of objectors Tony Seibentiela (I think I have spelt that right). There was someone sitting there in short pants and a blazer behind me with a gobstopper in his mouth of all about 12 and he had a notebook. Oh he must be the new local reporter lacking about 20 years experience to even know what they are discussing. But hey he is just a reporter.

The last times we attended we did cause controversy and it looked like there was a meeting within a meeting.$

David Irving was on the table with his hush puppies and his Aran Cardy with a packet of Worthers originals looking like someone’s grandfather or favourite uncle while underneath the table brandishing a stiletto knife ready to stab the objectors in the back like a laughing assassin whilst going through the motions. “What about the listed buildings next to this proposed site does the applicant own these” He did “So cant we do something about them” The objectors were clear and concise we want this area to be a heritage led regeneration zone and they are doing something about it. I was not aware of the potential of this location until recently. They want to make it like the Eldonian Village. They have got the whole area behind them. Sitting there arrogantly chewing gum was the Reichmarshal Nigel Lee who has been discussing this scheme with the developers for years and his henchman John Bimbow does the dirty telling the committee this is a good scheme while I am looking at the screen showing the proposals thinking you should be ashamed of yourself I do not know how Bimbow can sleep at night. Why is he always pushing awful schemes on us does he live in Liverpool? The Reichmarshal doesn’t and David Irving defiantly doesn’t,

What hope do the people have in protecting their area. Anna Rotheray seemed a bit vocal maybe she is coming out of herself I thought she is putting up an argument. I would later find out she was standing for the vacant Wavertree seat.

“Couldn’t the listed buildings be cleaned up as part of this scheme” Irving asked Bimbow “No”. “Surely we could ask them to…..” “No”. There it was the stiletto is out and it’s in and out like a flash and its passed. Mr Woodward just sat there; as did the other objectors who had said this specific proposal could undermine the future of the area.
You know the people who pay the wages of the disgraceful planning authority that is Liverpool seemed powerless to impose their own views on their own area. Shame on you all. David Irving is just Doreen Jones in brogues it seems. A wasted opportunity.
The passing of the plans said
Resolved that the recommendation be approved and that the Planning Manager be requested to advise the applicant that the Committee would welcome any actions undertaken that might enhance the visual amenity of the listed buildings and their surroundings at this location through general routine maintenance and upkeep.

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  1. P.S What happened to the reporting there did not seem to be anything in the paper meanwhile Larry Bartlett rehashed piece pointed out by correspondent. I saw it it in the merseymart. Larry Bartlett must be so proud he did all that training to headline in ...the Merseymart. ( )