Thursday, 29 January 2015

English Heritage List The Wrong Building And Do The Former Midland Bank On Dale Street Instead.

You know how long and hard we have fought to get buildings listed.
We have had some knock backs by English Heritage only now to see those much loved buildings demolished and gone forever.
Then the goon squad come to town and list a giant egg crate on Dale Street right next to the town hall.

You have to despair its a One Stop Shop.
Is there a worse looking building that sat uncomfortably in its setting than this eyesore?
They are even claiming it resembles Oriel Chambers.
 Dont know what sort of rose tinted glasses the clown who listed it was wearing but they need cleaning.
There are rubbish sixties blocks all over the city that they could have listed and they have to list this one next to the Town Hall, and now we have to put up with it forever.
Bradshaw, Rowse Harker has its origins in the practice of Herbert J Rowse, who was one of the most influential architects of the inter-war period.
English Heritage said: “The Former Midland Bank showcases the firm’s experimental approach to sculptural form and design evident in their later work.”
Herbert Rowse must be turning in his grave

English Heritage said: “Office buildings shape the face of our cities and today’s listings have ensured that this area of architectural achievement is recognised for future generations.
“Listing helps the nation acknowledge and understand its shared history. It marks and celebrates a building’s special architectural and historic interest, and also brings it under the consideration of the planning system, so that some thought will be given to its future when change is underway.”

We chipped in to save the other side of the street from becoming a bookies.
Sometimes you wonder why you bother.
English Heritage in the North’s Nick Bridgland, said: “The startlingly modern frontage and oversized windows in mirrored-glass echo one of Liverpool’s most famous buildings, Peter Ellis’ Oriel Chambers, built in 1864 and Grade I listed, and make up a key part of the character of Liverpool’s commercial area.”
Constructed to the designs of local architects Bradshaw, Rowse and Harker, English Heritage said the former Midland is a key example of a post-war bank, unusually employing a high-quality Modernist design – a form of late 1960s pop architecture, which brought “fun and diversity” to the street.
Fun and Diversity? What a clown.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Paul Dooley Sells His Fathers Liverpool Legacy-To The Highest Bidder-Shame On You Mr Dooley.

Does Paul Dooley give a damn really about the legacy that was left in his fathers Seel St studio
. It seems as soon as was possible he got in there and grabbed what he could.
It could be said that he owns it. But was it not held by a trust so that the Legacy of Arthur Dooley could have been kept alive.
It now seems it is at the mercy of speculators of which it looks like his son Paul, is one. He has been knocking out a load of......finished off stuff on Ebay since Alan Johnstons death, when there was nobody around to keep the collection together. 
When we say collection, what we really mean is a load of rejected stuff that was shoved into the studio/workshop when Arthur died in 1994.
The basement space had remained in tact since his death and it was hoped that something could be done to open it up to the public, as what happened in 2008 when The Liverpool Acadamy of Arts(sic) were awarded a £50,000 plus grant to further the memory of one of Liverpool's sons by opening it up to limited numbers of interested visitors.
They also made a packet by staging a selling exhibition of his work.
Although this exhibition did bring together an assemblage of his work so it could be seen, they were more than well paid for it.
We had tried to alert the public to the need to get together to do something about the threats from property developers who give Dooley junior access as soon as they could to alleviate themselves of the burden of the works.
So they could get in there and turn it into an apartment, no hold on a luxury apartment.
The whole of Liverpool is going to turn into a giant sterile flat with no character just shops and coffee bars selling frothy cappuccino's to snotty nosed kids who don't know the meaning of struggle or strife or hard work, that think that money just comes out of a hole in the wall, that will never understand what Liverpool was like in the post war blitz society who couldn't just pop to the nearest Tesco to buy food, because the shops didn't have any. We don't want to return to that time but this is an era that spawned Arthur Dooley, a tough working class hard drinking, hard punching Communist catholic of Irish decent.
That didn't disown the city like the others that buggered off to make their name, he stayed here and sweated it out.
 He was able to articulate his Liverpool language on a higher stage as he was often featured on the BBC, talking affectionately about how the city made him tick, how it was part of his soul. 
He hoped that his soul would be part of the city and he would leave behind something. It is said he was once short and asked the city council to take a sculpture in loo of unpaid rates at his workshop near Woolton and they refused.
So now his son Paul has got his grubby hands on a load of works, mostly half finished and rejected commissions, some of which that should not be sold as individual sculptures, but mostly rejected pieces that have now been polished up by Paul who it is said is a stonemason.

He is giving them attributions such as Hillsborough memorial that are not being questioned, but enhanced by middlemen auctioneer Adam Partridge who are only interested in the commission money.

Has he donated any work to any local institution? No.
Did he bugger off out of Liverpool at the earliest opinion? Yes.
Does he care about his fathers name? No, in our opinion.

Is all he is interested in money........well you decide.

Will Arthur be turning in his grave.

Paul Dooley J'accuse.  

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Joe Anderson In Private Eye Over Cunard Council Cock Up Deal.

Private eye have the measure of Joe "Il Duce" Anderson with a new twist on the story of 'The Cunard Council Cock Up Deal'

Reported as the deal that was so great for Liverpool that Peter Elson, Liverpool Echo shipping correspondent, is quoted as saying "Cunard Buildings is a sleeping beauty kissed by Prince Charming"
Perish the thought, of being kissed by an ugly bloke in a suit, that cant add up.

Sycophantic comments will get you nowhere, reporters who do not do the homework are a far too common thing on the Echo these days.

So click on the photo and see what they say about Uncle Joe "Stalin" Anderson.
Just who is sending all this stuff off to Private Eye.........certainly not the pathetic hacks at Oldham Hall Street the headquarters of the City Council PR machine who don't know how to ask a question but just print any old crap and then wait till it all goes pear shape and then print that.  

Further reading

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Cunard Cruise Terminal Cock Up. Is Joe Anderson Out Of Control?

You could not make this up. Liverpool's Mayor, who David Cameron said "Gets things done" has bought a White Elephant with our money. 
Anyone with half a brain could have told him that the Cunard Building would not work as a Cruise Terminal. It is easy to work out how can you have a terminal half a mile away from the landing stage. How will you get the clients on magic carpet. 
Today Marc Waddington, and a huge part of this problem, Echo shipping correspondent Peter Elson write about the collapse of the idea. 
This idea should never have got going. 
Only Joe Anderson sycophant,Peter Elson kept pushing, at one time, during an interview about the Cunard takeover, on Radio Merseyside he called Anderson Liverpools Prince Charming, (sic)

 Anderson went with it, hook line and stinker, sensing great PR headlines. 
Wayne gave Elson the idea to run a Daily Post campaign to start cruises at the new cruise terminal after it was doomed to be a turnaround facility. And even put a plan forward to develop the site of the current cruise customs tent.
 We now have to accuse the press for its lack of educated and joined up thinking in this whole sorry saga that is The Cunard cock Up..

It is even more ironic that the very press who have forgotten about Liverpool being on the World Heritage In Danger list now print reasons for the Cunard Cock Up as harming the World Heritage Site.
Liverpool Confidential writes; 

LIVERPOOL Mayor Joe Anderson last night confirmed his dreams of creating a stunning cruise terminal departure lounge in the riverfront Cunard Building have been torpedoed by strict security controls.
But the mayor defended his £10m purchase of the one time headquarters of the world’s best known shipping line.
Instead the one-time sailor and his team will have to go back to the drawing board to find a replacement for the temporary, marquee-like check-in area close to the cruise terminal.
It seems the logistics of moving passengers from A to Sea would not only have cost millions of pounds, it would also compromise what is the epicentre of Liverpool’s World Heritage Site.

Things have changed since the days when first class passengers arrived at what was Cunard’s first class passenger lounge before strolling over to the Princes Landing Stage to board their ocean-going liners. These days you have to go through a massive security check before they’ll even let you set foot in the cruise terminal.
Border controls, now stricter than ever, pose a problem for a check-in facility without a secure link to the gangway of departing liners.
Various suggestions – even a monorail – have been put forward as a way of meeting new maritime security regulations.  It is a wonder they didn’t even throw in the popular Church Street sky-ride as a potential carrier of cruise line travellers.
Maritime consultants Royal Haskoning were commissioned by the city council to carry out a feasibility study to explore the potential of using the ground floor of the Cunard Building as a cruise liner terminal facility.
Their report, due to be released at the end of this month, will reveal a range of options could cost anything between £5m and £60m.Mayor Anderson said all of the options put forward were based on the requirements of TRANSEC and Border Control and include everything from basic covered walkways to a monorail for transporting passengers. 
The Mayor commented: “We have, in addition to cost, to be mindful of the fact that we do not want to do anything that impacts on the World Heritage site the building is on. In light of these findings it is clear we will not be able to progress with this plan.

What a Cock Up. Joe Anderson says they are going to bring hosts of tenants to the Cunard Buildings, when half of Liverpool's historic buildings in the locality are half empty and the reason the Pension fund sold it in the first place is that it was proving a dead duck to them.

Wayne Colquhoun: Arthur Dooley's Last Studio Ransacked To Make Way For Flats. Its a Disgrace. Exclusive.

Wayne Colquhoun: Arthur Dooley's Last Studio Ransacked To Make Way For Flats. Its a Disgrace. Exclusive.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Save Peter Elson Of The Liverpool Echo-From Himself.

It is sad watching the decline of a once proud journalist.
We know the standard of the Liverpool Echo, under Alastair Machray has fallen to an all time low.
We don't expect this from people who should know better. Mr Elson. 
He has been spending far too much time promoting the Kenwrights Signature Living Brand.
Ignoring articles in Private Eye. He has taken PR through the local paper to a new low.

Shame on you Peter Elson.
Forever sucking quotes out of our members to save the building at 30 James street, Elson now promotes its metaphorphing into something that looks more like a Texas brothel than a new use for a historic place.
We wish we had never got involved, to think we helped in the PR for this tacky regime to WAG out the interior of the old White Star Headquarters map room, to now look like Little Whorehouse on The Prairie 

Here is an example of some of what we would call Private PR Promotion. A blatant advertorial about.......a hotel room. Kenwright may as well have written it himself.
This is the death of journalism at an already rancid regime that has watched The Daily Ghost collapse and is taking whats left of the rancid carcass.  
Look at the comments section. this has allowed Signature Livings PR company to manipulate the comments pages. This is the local business community, turning the once free press into a pay as go scheme for The Kenwrights Signature Living Brand..

Though they at The Titanic Hotel did help Elson with The Daniel Adamson Trust Dinner, of which he is now grateful and is now thanking them profusely, no doubt.

Far from being annoyed here at LPT, it is a very, very sad day for what could have been an amazing project.
David Ward.

Liverpool's newest flamboyant accommodation for party groups bursts into business next week when Morgan’s Vault throws open its steel doors at £1,700 a night.
It is carved out of the basement of 30 James Street – Home of the Titanic apartment hotel, former headquarters of the White Star Line, which was once owned by the banker John Pierpont Morgan.
What the straight-laced US multi-millionaire, who visited the building before World War I, would have felt about a luxurious private dormitory room for 20 guests being named after him will never be known, but the Vault already has its first booking for October 10.
During White Star Line’s prime the Vault is where plans for its superliners Titanic, Olympic and Britannic would have been stored with company cash deposits and huge handwritten ledgers recording the business of carrying people and freight across the world.
Now Morgan’s Vaults boasts 10 gilded double beds (all with “fun fur” bedspreads) with seven on the main floor and three on a gallery reached by ladders.
There are two whirlpool baths big enough for four people each and a secret spiral staircase to the spa below reached via a private steel safe door.
Not only does this sub-basement level contain spa treatment rooms and saunas, but also a colossal whirlpool bath 35ft by 18ft.
It’s fair to say the Vault’s occupants won’t be burning the midnight oil brain-storming about transatlantic travel economics as Mr Morgan once did with White Star’s founders, the equally upright Ismay family, in this venerable Grade-II listed property, built by them in 1898.
The future mood will be more likely dictated by the fact that the entire ceiling is covered with a giant classical mural of a full frontally naked Adam and Eve in discussion with a serpent.
The 300-bed hotel will stage a grand gala opening on Friday evening for 150 specially invited guests, although accommodation was available in stages over the last four months.
Lawrence Kenwright has spent £400,000 on Morgan’s Vault and the spa, out of a £7m total on buying and creating the hotel.
“Tourism is Liverpool’s big selling point and it’s the only way we can beat other cities, so we have to be dynamic and creative,” said Mr Kenwright.
“I don’t think there is anything like Morgan’s Vault in the world, but 30 James Street remains primarily a weddings hotel and we’ve 150 receptions booked over the next two years, which was from a standing start four months ago.”