Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Lark Lane-What A Load Of Bollards.

 Can you believe it the idiots at the council, just as the lockdown eases, bollard the whole of Lark Lane.



Gordon who runs the business Remains To Be Seen situated half way along The Lane has decided to retaliate. The 73 year old has removed all the bollards from outside his shop

Or should I say borrowed them and made his own shop window display.

 Now Gordon isn't really the best window dresser, but he's made a good job of this one!

Are the council trying to destroy the local businesses?

This was carried out without consultation. 

Without reasoning.

"They just come along with wagons full of bollards and bolt them to the tarmac. Creating thousands of holes".


Many shopkeepers and business owners felt powerless to object.

A fait acompli by the council.

But Gordon is fighting back.

With a slogan.

What A Load Of Bollards.................................. daubed below the dozens of the plastic reflective pieces, that are now...... in his shop window.

Roger Philips of Radio Merseyside has taken up his shout reading out a plea for his plight. 

He got a long letter from Gordons friend that he read out on air and a nervous Gordon Barker was given air time to state his case.

“I just woke up one morning and there they were closing the lane, how can they do this.” 

Gordon has a heart condition and this is not helping his tick, toc.

Ten minutes later workmen from the council turned up.

They must listen to Radio Merseyside.

“You are wasting your time replacing them” an angry Mr Barker declared “They will end up in the window too”

While the writer was talking to Gordon, who is a well known addition to Lark Lane numerous people stopped to show support and many were going past giving him the thumbs up.

“What a load of Bollards” one man said “That's brilliant Gordon”

The antique shop that he runs is a welcome stopping off point for many visitng the numerous eateries that makes Lark Lane a vibrant and bustling place for many.

One sign says Covid-19 Keep Your Distance.

Well that's not too difficult if the jokers running the council, yes you know who you are Mayor Joe Anderson, stop the public from supporting these long established businesses that have just been through four months of lock-down.

But possible gentrification by a meddling council who in the long term may want to put in pay and display bays and penalize the many establishments now opening after the Lock-down has now caused a great rift down the lane.

It now 'Remains to Be Seen' if the City Council Covid-iots listen to the residents



Saturday, 13 June 2020

Liverpool European Capital of Bad Sculpture.

Most of its not rascist... its just bad


Liverpool European Capital of…Bad Sculpture

What about the legacy of 2008. Our opinion is that it is the worst load of rubbish sculpture anywhere in Europe. The latest ones of Kenn Dodd and Fanny Craddock top it all.
Neil Scales the head of Misery travel, who cut the U534 U-Boat into five, and some say should be sectioned himself for a outragous and barbarous act, should be sacked for using public money to dump this trash on us. It was he who commissioned the god awful Ferry Terminal that turned Gerry Marsden to Seasick Steve and then come up with the idea for another Beatles museum because they had nothing to go in it.
Some people should not be let loose with more than 50 quid.
We think Murphy himself should be cast......headfirst into the nearest lake for this one.
Now all those people arriving from London at Lime Street staiton can see for themselves what the Plebs up north do with 200 grand. They waste it on a pair of garbage statues that any kid could have made a better job with, using plasticine and a lolly ice stick. Murphy is best friends with David Charters of the Daily Post so he has had far too much good press. Some sculptors make steel look like bronze, Murphy makes Bronze look like pig iron.Please someone tell us these are not bronze and we have made a mistake and they are made of plastic padding and cost 100 quid and I will forgive him. These have the same copper finish on the prizes they give out in the Mecca bingo down Park lane...with names like y'know "Kid leaning on Lampost" and that sort of stuff.

Someone left a comment on a LPT post..."Do you have to knock everything". Well you try living here mate watching these embarrassing nightmares unfold and see how long it is before you get annoyed.

Doddy said at the opening "Discumknockerous missus"
I agree.

He had the same problem as we did in identifying the material "Its all made of Iron so now we know where Sefton Park gates went" he said.
Going on to sum up the whole joke "Well one of the nicer things is it gives the pigeons a bit of focus they will be better once the hair goes white"One of his famous quotes is "Everyone in Liverpool is a comedian, you have to be a comedian to live here". We don't know how he managed to keep a straight face.

It was bad enough enduring the comments from educated idiots about the John Lennnon Turkey Spud did at John Lennon Airport which looks like.... errr Ken Dodd with its head like a burst couch. Hang on did he get them mixed up I remember snarling it looks more like Ken Dodd than Jack Lemmon.Now we have the nightmares on Lime Street.
Murphy cant even sculpt a fat tweed overcoat with a hat on it. Hey and whats that in Bessies hand..oh its a egg. Yes she is famous for getting the lion mark put on eggs ...oh what poetry, what artistic license..the man is a genius We wish I had thought of that.
We would like to take that iron tickling stick that looks like a Kebab in the hand of Ken Dodd and shove it somewhere, very hard so Murphy can never sculpt again.
We do not know how Professor Chucklebutty kept a straight face at least Fanny has whipped up her last Omelette's and cant see the mess that she is to be remembered by.
Our opinion is Kens family should take legal action he has been made to look like he had shot headfirst over the handlebars of his bike when he was a kid.

We cant stop laughing they are hilarious. Only the one person laughing louder than me is Spud Murphy .....laughing all the way to the bank with 200 grand of my public money now that reall would be Fanny. Only he has made a laughing stock out of all of those who let him get away with this shoddy workmanship that he should be ashamed of himself for making.
LIVERPOOL THE EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF BAD PUBLIC SCULPTURE. Hang your head in shame Mr Scales for your public art programme.
It is best if you leave what you dont know about alone.

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Lawrence Kenwrights Giant Ponzi Scheme Goes Bust.

Most people knew what he was up to.
None of Liverpools reputable estate agents, if there is such a thing, would touch him.
They all knew he was operating a giant Pyramid Scheme where one development was funding another.
 The council planning department bent over backwards to accomodate him.
 Nick Kavanagh who is being investigated for fraud in a public office rushed through the plans for his James Street hotel development.....................there should be an investigation into this.
Someone died because of inadequate handrailing not picked up by building regulations.
And he did his own asbestos survey.
After ruining several listed buildings as what he described as luxury(sic) hotels in the city. It now transpires his customers were eating mouse droppings for years and that he had stopped the reporting of this by applying for restrictions while the court case was ongoing.

We have worked with Private Eye for a while and it was they that exposed him as being banned for being a company director.

Read more here.

Now the dodgy developer is claiming that the council stitched him up.
Or maybe he had a falling out.
In todays Liverpool Echo, who may we say have acted as his own personal PR company for a while.
It was alledged that his wife was once employed by them.
 In 2014 he tried to buy St Luke Church. St Lukes is a memorial to The Blitz that Liverpool endured.
He wanted to turn it into a wedding venue. We alerted the local press and it was kyboshed.

We asked the Council Chief Executive Ged Fitzgerald, picked by Mayor Joe Anderson, about money laundering.  Here is his reply. He was arrested shortly after.

read more Murkeyside Liverpool related Private Eye articles here.

So another "Chinatown" is taking place, where a load of investors will lose money and the name of Liverpool is tainted.

But in the meantime Kenwright has got his cash out and wait for it.........he will try to buy back the assetts for half the price. This is Murkeyside after all.

Monday, 16 March 2020

Eliot Lawless Giant Liverpool Ponzi Scheme Collapse.

Liverpool developer Elliot Group will be placing three schemes into administration following funding problems brought about by allegations of fraud and corruption against the company’s founder, Elliot Lawless.
Lawless, who was arrested on December 18, 2019, denies all allegations.Paul Cooper and David Rubin of David Rubin & Partners, based in London, have been brought in to assist Elliot Group’s efforts to protect the existing investors and creditors of the three companies going into administration.
So, the Ponzi Scheme collapses and more Chinese and other overseas Investors will get stung.

It is hardly surprising that this announcement has been tied in with the postponement of the cancallation of Mayoral Elections due to Coronavirus fears.


We say a full investigation is required into how he spent a million pounds on his ex council flat at Beetham Plaza spending £35,000 on a single lampshade and lining the whole building with exotic marbles. 
He combined the whole top floor buying up of several Penthouses combining them into one Super Penthouse.......overlooking Cunard Buildings.....Mayor Joe Andersons Office.
We also say an investigation into alledged links between family members of The Mayor and employees of Eliot Lawless's companies.

AND WHAT ABOUT LAWRENCE KENWRIGHT. Is this the next council protected Ponzi scheme to collapse.

Monday, 10 February 2020

Private Eye-Liverpool Rotten Borough. Murkeyside.

Police have seized £200,000 from a property linked to a Liverpool
developer arrested last month on suspicion of 
bribery and corruption.
The money was found during a search of a property belonging to
 Elliot Lawless, boss of the Elliot Group which is
 involved in 20 developments across the North West worth around
Merseyside Police was granted permission to withhold the money at a
Liverpool Magistrates’ Court hearing.
Mr Lawless said he can prove the cash was held legitimately and
receipted, and expects it to be returned.
In a statement released to the Oldham ECHO, he said: “At a recent
court hearing it was set out that a large sum 
of money was seized from one of my properties.
“This money was from various cash businesses that I operate as well
 as bank deposits and was receipted and 
properly accounted for.
“I’ve provided the necessary details to the police and fully expect it to
be returned in due course once police
 finish their inquiries.
“I do not propose to comment further on the investigation at this stage.”
Mr Lawless, 32, was arrested on December 18, 2019, at his Liverpool
city centre flat on suspicion of conspiracy to
 defraud, bribery and corruption.

The same day, Nick Kavanagh, 50, Liverpool City Council’s director of
regeneration, was arrested in his office on 
suspicion of conspiracy to defraud and misconduct in a public office.
Both men were were released on conditional bail after questioning.

At the time Mr Lawless described the allegations as “completely
 baseless”, adding: “It is important that I clear my 
good name quickly and that we move on from this.”
We will show some pictures of his marble lined swank pad in the next post.
It was announced that Liverpool-based property firm Vermont had agreed to suspend work on two projects it is 
currently delivering in the city for the Elliot Group.

They are Aura, a £100m student scheme on the edge of the city’s Knowledge Quarter which was due to complete
 in September 2020, and phase one of the £250m Infinity scheme on Leeds Street – a 38-storey, residential tower
with 416 apartments, scheduled to be handed over in December 2021.

Vermont is in talks with its supply chain to reassure all subcontractors that payment of all works to date will be met.

All of Vermont Group’s other projects are unaffected by this decision and all operations continue as normal.

Work remains ongoing at all other live Elliot Group sites. FOR NOW.

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Nick Kavanagh and Elliot Lawless Arrested on Bribery and Corruption Charges.

Both were released after questioning on conditional bail.
Police arrested Mr Lawless, aged 32, at his city centre flat. 
That he has spent one million pounds, yes a Million pounds restoring from its ex council office style 1960's building into his new swanky pad.
This pad overlooks Joe Anderson's offices at Cunard Buildings.
Why was he given the contract to restore publicly owned properties?
 Is there where the alleged misapropriation has taken place?

Mr Kavanagh, aged 50, was arrested in his office. He was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud and misconduct in a public office.

Mr Lawless was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud, bribery and corruption.

Mr Kavanagh was appointed director for regeneration at the city council in 2011 and is in charge of the city’s major regeneration schemes.A Merseyside Police statement said: “A 32-year-old man from Liverpool city centre has been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud, bribery and corruption.

Police said “Whilst a 50-year-old man, employed by Liverpool City Council, has been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud and misconduct in public office.”

Mr Lawless said: “This is a frustrating turn of events as we are extremely busy delivering major schemes across the north.

“I’m helping the police fully with their enquiries and am more than happy to do so. It is important that I clear my good name quickly and that we move on from this.

“The allegations are completely baseless but due process needs to be followed and whilst the police do their work I’ll not comment further on the issue.

“In the meantime, it’s business as usual. I have seven live schemes in Liverpool to deliver and am back at my desk doing just that.”
Which may or may not be run by Jon Egan and co who also PR personally for Joe Anderson and the council and several publicaly funded bodies.
Mr Lawless, a former plumber, who drives a Bentley is the founder of the Elliot Group which is working on major schemes in Liverpool and Salford.

Schemes include the £170m redevelopment of Heap’s Rice Mill, the £100m redevelopment of Wolstenholme Square, the £100m Aura student scheme and a scheme including 1,000 apartments on Leeds Street in Liverpool.
Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson said: “We will co-operate with the police unequivocally and will assist them in any way that we can."
Yes he would say that wouldn't he.
He was recently questioned by Police.
Why has frank McKenna from Downtown Liverpool in Business gone quiet these days?????

It was Kavanagh that Joe Anderson said brought to his attention the fact that Cunard Buildings were up for sale and they should move the whole council from, the quite newly build council offices on Victoria street and sell the block to Lawrence Kenwright.

Maybe another investigation should take place. 
This corruption goes right to the top in our opinion.

Here is a couple more we did earlier

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Liverpool To Lose World Heritage Site Status in 2020.

UNESCO World Heritage Committee Meet next week and they  STATE. Read more by clicking the link.
Factors affecting the property identified in previous reports
  • Governance: Lack of overall management of new developments
  • High impact research/monitoring activities: Lack of analysis and description of the townscape characteristics relevant to the Outstanding Universal Value of the property and important views related to the property and its buffer zone
  • Legal framework: Lack of established maximum heights for new developments along the waterfront and for the backdrops of the World Heritage property
  • Social/cultural uses of heritage 
  • Buildings and development: Commercial development, housing, interpretative and visitor facilities
  • Lack of adequate management system/management plan

Draft Decision: 43 COM 7A.47
The World Heritage Committee,
  1. Having examined
  2. Document WHC/19/43.COM/7A,
  3. Recalling Decision 36 COM 7B.9337 COM 7A.35, 38 COM 7A.19, 39 COM 7A.43, 40 COM 7A.31, 41 COM 7A.22 and 42 COM 7A.7 adopted at its 36th (Saint Petersburg, 2012), 37th (Phnom Penh, 2013), 38th (Doha, 2014), 39th (Bonn, 2015), 40th (Istanbul/UNESCO, 2016), 41st (Krakow, 2017) and 42nd (Manama, 2018) sessions respectively;
  4. Acknowledges the increasing engagement of civil society in the care of the property and its World Heritage status;
  5. Recalls its repeated serious concerns over the impact of the proposed Liverpool Waters developments in the form presented in the approved Outline Planning Consent (2013-2042) which constitutes an ascertained threat in conformity with paragraph 179 of the Operational Guidelines;
  6. Although noting that the State Party has submitted an updated and revised draft Desired state of conservation for the removal of the property from the List of World Heritage in Danger (DSOCR), notesthat comprehensive assessment of the proposed DSOCR by the World Heritage Centre and the Advisory Bodies is still not feasible, as the approval of the DSOCR relies on the content of additional documents, which are yet to be prepared or finalized, including the Local Plan, the revised Supplementary Planning Document, the majority of the Neighbourhood Masterplans, and the Tall Building (skyline) Policy;
  7. Reiterates that the submission of a further draft of the DSOCR by the State Party and its adoption by the Committee should come prior to the finalization and approval of the necessary planning tools and regulatory framework and regrets that the alternative proposal of the Committee, expressed in Decision 42 COM 7A.7, for substantive commitments to limitation on the quantity, location and size of allowable built form, has not been followed;
  8. Although also noting that Peel Holdings (Liverpool Waters developer) reiterated its confirmation to Liverpool City Council (LCC) that there is no likelihood of the Liverpool Waters development scheme coming forward in the same form of the Outline Planning Consent, strongly requests the commitment of the State Party that the approved Outline Planning Consent (2013-2042) will not be implemented by Peel Holdings or other developers, and its revised version will not propose interventions that will impact adversely on the Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) of the property, including its authenticity and integrity;
  9. Expresses its extreme concern that the State Party has not complied with the Committee’s request to adopt a moratorium for new buildings within the property and its buffer zone, until the Local Plan, the revised Supplementary Planning Document, the Neighbourhood Masterplans, and the Tall Building (skyline) Policy are reviewed and endorsed by the World Heritage Centre and the Advisory Bodies, and the DSOCR is completely finalized and adopted by the World Heritage Committee, and urges the State Party to comply with this request;
  10. Also regrets that the submission of Princes Dock Masterplan and changes to the Liverpool Water scheme to the World Heritage Centre took place after their adoption by the LCC, and expresses its utmost concernthat these documents are putting forward plans, which does not ensure the adequate mitigation of the potential threats for which the property was inscribed on the List of World Heritage in Danger;
  11. Also reiterates its consideration that the recent planning permissions issued for the Liverpool Waters scheme and elsewhere within the property and its buffer zone, and the stated inability of the State Party to control further developments, clearly reflect inadequate governance systems and planning mechanisms that will not allow the State Party to comply with Committee Decisions and will result in ascertained threat on the OUV of the property;
  12. Finally requests the State Party to submit to the World Heritage Centre, by 1 February 2020, an updated report on the state of conservation of the property and on the implementation of the above, for examination by the World Heritage Committee at its 44th session in 2020, as well as a DSOCR and corrective measures that could be considered for adoption by the Committee;
  13. Decides to retain Liverpool – Maritime Mercantile City (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) on the List of World Heritage in Danger, with a view to considering its deletion from the World Heritage List at its 44th session in 2020, if the Committee Decisions related to the adoption of the DSOCR and the moratorium for new buildings are not met.