Friday, 28 August 2009

Liverpool Wins The Carbuncle Cup.

Liverpool Ferry Terminal wins Carbuncle Cup 2009
28 August 2009
By Amanda Baillieu
Despite strong competition from a record number of entries, this year’s winning building by Belfast-based Hamilton Architects is a shining example of bad architecture and bad planning
This year architecture’s only prize for sheer downright ugliness has seen a record number of entries: buildings so drab, hostile, or puffed up with their own self-importance they made you queasy, angry and depressed.
Many of you wailed at opportunities lost, egos gone unchecked, or sheer downright laziness, while others wanted the prize to go not simply to the architect but to the clients and the local authority that waved these hideous schemes through planning.
The winner is the building that shows how bad architecture and bad planning can combine to produce something truly awful — a building so ugly it can turn human flesh to stone or at the very least make grown men cry.
These arguments only got going when it came to deciding an order for the final three: Make’s Amenity building for Nottingham University, Belfast-based Hamilton Architects’ Ferry Terminal in Liverpool and Queen Margaret University campus, Lothian by Dyer Associates.
In the end the three judges, BD’s buildings editor Ellis Woodman, BD columnist and critic Owen Hatherley and architect Sean Griffiths of Fat were split between the Nottingham and Liverpool buildings.
Both buildings are appalling, they said, but after much deliberation they decided that, given the damage inflicted by the ferry terminal on what is a Unesco world heritage site, it was the more worthy recipient.
“It is such an amazing site, directly in front of the Three Graces, but the architects seem barely to have noticed. It is like letting a bad second-year student build next to St Peter’s,” said the judges despairingly.
“This is bad patronage by an ignorant council which thinks having jazzy architecture is putting the city on the map again.”
Completed this summer by Hamilton Architects (not to be confused with Hamiltons) the £9.5 million building incorporates ferry operations, a Beatles museum and a rooftop restaurant. It is cantilevered on two sides and clad in limestone to complement the new Liverpool Museum next door.
“The architect evidently once looked at a Zaha building in a magazine,” said the judges. “It is essentially a horrible sectional idea that has been extruded like a stick of rock. The long elevations couldn’t be more tedious, the Dr Caligari end facades no more grotesque. When you go there you think: oh no, I can’t believe they’ve done that.
Were back on centre stage after all the investment in the city over the past decade we were told the new dawn had arrived and we were there to compete with the rest of the world proudly proclaiming our new found status as European Capital of Culture, Mercantile and Maritime World Heritage Site. Well that's what they told us only the pathetic twassers running the place did not have the talent or the education to compete on a footing that fitted the charitable status bestowed upon us to pull us out of the doldrums to make us a city worthy of the people who live here.It is such an amazing site, directly in front of the Three Graces, but the architects seem barely to have noticed. It is like letting a bad second-year student build next to St Peter’s,” said the judges despairingly.
We now have another accolade as if to prove it 2009 winner of the Building Design Magazine Carbuncle Cup. Yes that new Terminally ill designed Ferry Terminal in the middle of the world heritage site that the Dame of Disaster Doreen Jones passed.
The Architects Journal have had a debate also which was the most commented article for a while.
John Hinchliffe the invisible World Heritage Officer said it was his favourite building.....there is no chance really with people like this looking after world heritage.
Nemisis is familiar with the building and has a architectural knowledge that I respect.
Warren Bradley even has the cheek to defend it he is such a blag. Bringing out the old "There was controversy when they built the Liver Building" crap that he readily bandies about to anyone uneducated enough to listen and there are some who have believed him. There is no evidence for this at all.
We said it was a dog and a minger and now the fellows who understand architecture and design confirm our worst fears that we have a carbuncle for all to see bang slap in the middle of the world heritage site to show the world that we cocked it up that the missed opportunity that has left us with an eyesore.
I was there at the planning meeting arguing against this. When the criminal Councillor Steve Hurst tried to stop me talking and giving advice to the planning committee on just how bad this carbuncle was to be when erected. Maybe if the planning office and its rubber stamping planning committee poodles, playing politics with our world heritage site listened, we wouldnt be in such a mess.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Lets Take a Sentimental Journey-With Berni

Here we start right in front of the Municipal Buildings on Dale Street and we walk towards the Town Hall where the planning committee met. All those council members including Colin "Cover up" Hilton, Mike Storey, Warren Bradley and Councillor Berni Turner who describes herself as The English Heritage Historic Environment Champion, let me just check I have got that right, yes, will have walked past this for.........well decades really. And here they are now listed, but still falling over. No matter how many soundbites we get in the local press the fact is there for all to see this council is immune to dereliction despite telling us how wonderful they are.
So over the road from there is Old Jamaica, we call it Old Jamaica because the Georgian building was bulldozed despite strenuous efforts to save it. We started off complaining about the UPVC window front that had been fitted in Revive hair salon, that now needs reviving because it is shut. To no avail there it was dust.


The next street is Sir Thomas Street runs adjacent to the municipal buildings. We tried to save No 6. Now demolished. That too needs reviving as after destroying the facade it is now well and truly credit crunched. What a waste.

Then we just go a short way down and we come across further dereliction, and this is just an example, there is more. To think this is the route that Berni Turner would have taken to the planning committee meetings to sit alongside Councillor Steve Hurst, who passed the demolition of 6 Sir Thomas street with such vigour I could not believe what I was hearing, it seemed like he wanted it down.
Doreen "Dame of Disaster" Jones rubber stamped it and a very interesting point of fact, that needs, considering is, that she was the previous English Heritage Historic Environment Champion. She who knocked down the last ships Chandlers in the city along with her husband Trevor. She who in my opinion passed plan after plan with no thought for world heritage or in fact heritage, who said "Politics is a dirty business" while supporting Steve Hurst whilst he was under caution. To think she was a heritage champion is a joke.

And down to the Royal Insurance building on the Corner of Dale Street and North John Street on English Heritics at risk register for a decade laying there decaying with all the vultures waiting to roll over its carcass and pick dry its bones.
So there you go Berni the memories will come flooding back of how you strolled down Dale Street off to planning meetings and others, to defend our heritage day after day and what a wonderful job you are doing and how you proudly proclaim your title as
The English Heritage Historic Environment Champion.
Three Cheers for Berni.......hip hip.... hang on, what have you been doing Ms Turner, this is a world heritage site that you have been journeying along for years and it is a diabolical mess.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Was European Capital of Culture the Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Liverpool

When I started editing this blog it was with the vast amount of frustration that both myself and my trusted colleagues felt, that set the tone. In being truthful and honest to what you believe it is more than necessary within this city of spivs and shysters to step on a few toes. There were a lot more spivs at work than I first thought, and you know who you are. I have also met some of the most truthful people whom I respect and admire. Who have fought for things that they believed in at their own time and expense, to try their best to save the essence of a town set upon by uneducated idiots who did not care one hoop what they left behind on their journey to retirement in Spain or some other exotic location a million miles away from Liverpool.
After fighting the planning process for some time now, trying to defend the degeneration of the world heritage site, fighting for principles we hold dear I have come to the conclusion that the Spivs have won and it is all over par the embarrassment of having to live in a city with such a lack of culture that it destroys its best asset in the year labelled as European Capital of Culture for all to see.
Imagine if you built across the Taj Mahal or the Sphinx or the Pyramids.
Please spare me the "City should not be kept in aspic" PR stunt that was taken from the programme Coast where the presenter was talking about the World Heritage Site Jurassic Coast being full of people. This was then lifted to suit the PR firms and bandied about by all at Liverpool Vision relaying it to everyone so it would stick they knew this was the line that would sell the developments to the public through the press. Imagine if they had built three blocks of flats across the Pont D'Avignon or the Palace de la Papes it is unimaginable. You would never get it past the public. But this is Liverpool.
I thus conclude in my personal opinion that 2008 is the worst thing that could have happened to Liverpool in its recent history.
It sent the whole carpet-bagging regime that descended on the city for a European Culture of Capital fest. Or Capital of Vultures, whatever. We all know we needed a few more shops, we all know we needed some redevelopment but to destroy the very thing what made you that held you together, that gave you pride, is plain stupid.
A respected architectural journalist for a national said to me "Wayne, why does Liverpool always shoot itself in the foot"
This is something I have had to live with all my life through darkened days when Liverpool seemed to be at the point of no return. I recall the slogan daubed on a wall in frustration 'Will the last one out of Liverpool please switch off the lights".
I was working in Lodge lane when the riots were on I was a property developer in the Derek Hatton era and now I deal in art post 2008. A small individual unusual business the thing that the city should be cherishing not a homogenisation that looks like any other town. We are heading for a Grosvenor-pool within a Tescopool. I can find the same shops anywhere, what about unique-ness and individuality.
We had a blank canvas to weave some magic in with the old.
I was recently asked "Do you like any new building that has been built in the last ten years". This was levelled in a way that I should, and there was something wrong if I did not, that I was somehow stuck in the past. Having studied modern architecture "Le Corbusier died decades ago" I declared "In order to understand the question you have to know that what we now call modern is in fact 70 years old built with inanimate materials such as steel and glass".
It is a real shame that we have been over-run by the carpet bagging Spivs and the uneducated people who have allowed this to happen should hang their heads in shame. It breaks my heart to watch and understand that we have created so little out of so much.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Berni Turner-Opens Her Big Gob Again.

And off she goes. It has to be Berni Big Mouth Turner. More publicity seeking press bites. This time its trendy Hope Street, but it was, at one time how wonderful she is to be a heritage champion and what she does for Liverpools Heritage. Example. So what happened to all these buildings you listed Ms Turner that are right in front of the Municipal Buildings.........well apparently they are still falling over and have been for the past 20 years. We are so grateful.
A heritage champion (sic) for the Fib Dems and cabinet member for the environment, who whilst controlling the city have lost 46 listed buildings yes 46. How do thee people get away with it?
She is, this time talking about Tesco opening in Hope Street but she could be in real trouble for calling Tesco an "evil empire" on face book. Back to There is just something plain WRONG about a Tesco on Hope Street which now has 571 members at time of writing.

Her original comment said
Bernadette wrote at 04:34 on 22 August 2009
So agree,we do not need another tacky red and blue outpost of Sir Terry's evil empire!
Bernadette wrote at 03:24 yesterday
Following my comments in this morning's Daily Post and on this site my office has received a call from a Mr Kissman, Head of Corporate Affairs at Tesco, who wants to discuss my "Evil Empire" remarks with me!!!He's a tad cross apparently!
Yes they would and lets hope she gets a good warning what makes her think in future. If she gets in trouble she only has herself to blame. On David Bartletts blog victor denton said:
What a hyprocrit Berni Turner is
slap bang in the middle of her very own ward is a massive Tesco that has completley revitalised old swan and made it a pleasnt place to shop.
Perhaps she's like them to leave old swan as well and make numerous of her constituents unemployed!
also why is an elected representative of this city calling another native of this City (perhaps one of the most successful!) "evil"
Obviously Sir Terry is not going to have a clue who Berni Turner is. However as ive just emailed his PA dwawing attention to Berni Comments, perhaps she will soon be hearing from messars Carter and Ruck/
lets hope so. the publicity seeking fool deserves it
Peter Cranie said:
This presumably means that the Liberal Democrats are now opposed to taking further donations from Tesco? Labour and the Conservatives have also been happy to take donations from them in the past.
She is member for Old Swan which has a giant Tesco on the corner, was she then fighting against it for her residents.

Cllr Berni Turner, city executive member for environment and heritage, said: “The Buildings at Risk project has been a success story for the city.
“We’ve targeted some of the most neglected but significant buildings in the city and have helped to bring them back into use. RUBBISH WHAT ABOUT THE 46 LISTED BUILDINGS LOST? Ms Turner. What about the ten buildings still on English Heritage at risk register?
Ms Turner would it be that your mouth operates without engaging your brain. Over a development row at Edge Lane she said "The judge needed a good slapping". I am of the opinion that this woman is out of control and takes any debate that she gets involved in to the gutter this is not what being a heritage champion should do.
Mr Brocklebank: Council leader sprouts new idea
Apr 28 2009 Liverpool Daily Post
IS LIVERPOOL City Council taking its Year of the Environment too personally?
At an executive board meeting, during an item to encourage “green” entrepreneurs with a business week, the following cryptic exchange took place, with council leader Warren Bradley asking “Is Berni Turner going as a sprout?” To which Cllr Turner riposted: “Only if you dress up as a turnip.”
Mr Brocklebank is reminded of the popular Spitting Image sketch of the Tory cabinet at dinner and Mrs Thatcher ordering a steak. When asked by the waitress, “What about the vegetables?” she snaps, “They’ll have the same as me!”

Monday, 24 August 2009

Grosvenor-pool the new name for Liverpool.

Are Grosvenor now running the City Centre.
It is now stated that Grosvenor have bought the old Rapid Hardware and Rapid have now moved to the old John Lewis store as part of a deal. Rapid used to be claiming the biggest shopfront in the city, this will now be broken up. (Incidentally Larry Neild used to be Rapids publicist I was informed with a direct route into the local papers).
I see no evidence presented with this article as to price or land registry details of completion so there is a chance that the kid who wrote it just packaged a bundle up for a Grosvenor PR company or the council. Alistair Houghton wrote; Grosvenor’s projects director Guy Butler said Grosvenor had no firm plans for the site itself but was talking to two interested parties about their "exciting plans" for it. What did they buy it for then???????????
Time will tell what they are talking about. But will they let another big retail centre happen?
WILL IT BE A TESCO? Was there to be a new Central Village planned in this area? So what has happened to that?
What is happening here is with the centre of power changing and a new footfall being found in the city centre, It seems Grosvenor are now able to dictate to the council outside of Grosvenor-pool by owning the land around their existing gifted domain. Are they now taking over the city. Time will tell.
Liverpool has seen so many small independent retailers and business's go to the wall.
First we had the city centre dug up for years to facilitate Grosvenor who opened up their new retail empire at the start of the biggest recession since the 30s and it now seems they are able to dictate any new developments that threaten them. What happened to all those fledgling businesses in the old Quiggins.
If you read the local papers with its current attitude everything is rosy but below the surface so many mistakes have been made turning our city into something that resembles any other with its homogenisation of the retail. It is easy to level weighted questions at the public and make headlines. We all know we needed a few shops but what is the need to keep on day after day publicising all the big businesses while small businesses go bust on a daily basis. They dont have PR budgets. It needs something a little more clever than the kids at the local papers who are caught up in the whole retail therapeutic experience and have entered a 'culture' at the local papers where shops are king and shopping is the answer to all our dreams and desires. It really is not.
I run a small business and it has been tough recently, there are others who cant sit out the next few months like Grosvenor, with their huge resources.
But what about the future look of our city. One journalist down at the Oldham Echo recently asked another. "Do you know anything about Architecture and World Heritage"
"No but I will find someone who does"
So she phoned the pathetic world heritage officer John Hinchliffe and wrote an article that was so far unbalanced as to amount to be covering over the mistaken decisions to destroy the Site, that it was an anachronism of the truth..
IN ORDER TO BE REPORTING CULURE IT WOULD HELP TO BE CULTURED. YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND IT. IF YOU HAVE TO PHONE A FRIEND IN THE LOCAL PR FIRM..........IT IS NO GOOD PRETENDING. Our future is being put on a PR platter in front of our very eyes and is being lapped up by the public, but hey we can always go shopping.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Tescopool- The Invasion of the Business Snatchers

The TESCOPOOL Invasion continues with Hope Street now being lined up in the sights of fellow Liverpudlian Sir Terry Leahy.

We all lined up to argue about recent planning applications that most thought would destroy the character of Hope Street watching facades being wrecked right in front of the Council Planning departments noses, and now the rot is to set in big time.
The proposals were for. A massive development opposite to the Art Nouveau Philharmonic public house, originally a hotel. We thought it was out of keeping with the Phil, with its stepped gables and turrets, balconies and oriels designed by Walter Thomas (1898-1900). They just didnt seem to fit in but now we have plans to plonk next door, a shop selling plonk........ a Tesco-Express. Advertised in the last weeks Sunday Times as a place to come and see Liverpool's Culture proclaiming it almost as a separate entity the city the advertisement said Hope Street has Great Architecture, Two Cathedrals, Great hotels and Restaurants mixed with amazing culture by the North West Tourist Board and now its well and truly buggered for any one wanting to set up a small enterprise because Tesco are to illuminate the street.

I wrote some time ago about the strangle-hold of Tesco on Liverpool. (Well before Larry "The Lamb" Neild plagiarised what I wrote, I think, he still thinks he is on the Daily Ghost staff and can take other peoples thoughts).

I wrote about the Belle Vale boy of Liverpool Vision helping Tescopilise Britain. Hilary Burridge of the Hope Street wallers and the Merseyside "waste of a good name" Civic Society seems to be well connected with Liverpool Vision, she writes so lyrically to them and often, and in the correspondence I have seen, fondly making suggestions to them. So what will she do about this?.........nothing probably just get a wagon load of publicity for herself and her Friend Louise Ellman.
Steve Mumby who is out of his medical closet does not even represent this ward. But scenting the publicity hes off on one. I admire people having a go, but what will he do?.....Nothing Probably,.
He has two Hopes of stopping this.........No Hope and Bob!

The shelves are as good as stacked they have all the power.
David Bartlett writes
TESCO has announced plans to open an Express store in Liverpool’s historic Hope Street, generating extensive opposition.
The supermarket giant has applied for permission to put up an illuminated sign in a unit next to the Philharmonic Dining Rooms pub.
As the premises is designated an A3 category use, allowing for a cafe or restaurant, it can be changed to A1 – a shop – without planning permission.
Campaigners hope that opposition to the signs proposed by Tesco will help force a rethink.

It is not just happening here Nemisis writes with the usual informative reasoning about it on their blog of recent days. Today's Guardian has an article by George Monbiot on the planned Tesco on the outskirts of his small Welsh town.My town is menaced by a superstore. So why are we not free to fight it off?People know a Tesco will suck the marrow from us. Yet the decision is left in the hands of a remote and frightened council...

One Park West-Voted One Park Worst by the public.

PR Stunt backfires big time. Think Publicity have not paid attention to the details and realised that this was going to show the whole North West what a sad carbuncle of a building it is, even stimulating nominations for other carbuncles.
They even showed the other Carbuncle Cup nomination, the Ferry Terminal and one of the interviewees declared that big white thing out of keeping which was the new egg-box museum.
It went down like a sinking ship all who were interviewed on BBC give it a downer.
Except MARTIN WATSON from Brock Carmicheal, the "helper" to Cesar Pelli the pretentious and arrogant architect. He said
"It is very cool and very confident".
When asked about it being a carbuncle he said "Well, I mean that's personal opinion" Just, who do these architect people think they are as if because they have turned up to to college, whether they learnt anything or not, their opinion is right and others are wrong and here he was standing in front of a carbuncle with the whole of BBC North West laughing at him. I wouldn't have shown my face, never mind admitted to being involved in this, what is now being described as in the shape of a boat. The PR firm should be re-named Not Thinking Publicity because if a boat was this shape it would be upside down.......are they mad?
Ed Hall from BBC said "People are saying you have got a world heritage site, and The Three Graces of Liverpool and questioning if that should be next to them"
"I think it should" I fell off the chair laughing at the barefaced cheek of the guy masquerading as if he understood architecture behaving like a confidence trickster, pretending he knew what he was on about, he went on, "I think it is a well justified this design", I couldn't bear it I was doubled up and still there was more, "I think what it provides is a backdrop to the World Heritage Site and does not compete with anything on the WHS its all about city scale, rhythm, and texture on the facade".
No Mr Watson you have given us a dog and I wouldn't go around admitting it if I was you. In my opinion Mr Watson if you are a qualified architect and did in fact contribute to this eyesore you should be struck off for crimes to the architectural profession.

So they sent Richard Down out to cover it on behalf of the PR company the Daily Ghost writer. How come he gets all the PR stunt jobs. Dickie who recently said when I called him Richard Downer. "Great play on my surname by the way. Right up there with Eryl Roberts who first latched on to its comic possiblities in Penycae pre school".
Obviously his wet nurse nanny didn't teach him to be so outrageous it just comes naturally. Here is Dickie Downers piece.
Oh and here is a Correspondents, I know who was the true writer present.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

One Park West The Balloons Arrive for a Group Hug.


Todays Architects Journal carries a headline
Beauty or Beast: Cesar Pelli's One Park West Liverpool
18 August, 2009 By Richard Waite

The huggers want to show that, despite the recent nomination for an architectural wooden spoon and for generally ‘getting it in the neck’, there are people who still care for the 326-apartment, boat-shaped block. So who’s right?
Speaking about the scheme, Pelli said he wanted to ‘to create a modern, striking building, a memorable place to live, with exceptional view of a wonderful waterfront and park’. Meanwhile Guy Butler, senior development manager at project backer Grosvenor, described the prowed block as a ‘building design which has really stuck its head above the parapet and has, without a doubt, vastly improved an area of our city centre which was formerly wasteland.’
David Dunster from the Liverpool School of Architecture said it boasts ‘one of the nastiest looking pieces of standard office glazing since Britain was bombed by the Luftwaffe; and cheap.’ He added: ‘The prow can only be a ghastly reference to Liverpool’s maritime past and conclusive evidence that all architects should be banned from the use of metaphor, simile or metonymy in the next 100 years at least.’

Also Building design run a story too

So the PR company seem to be earning their fees and most of the crowd seem to be made up by them and Grosvenor staff. They even tried to get the BBC reporter to wear a badge. "I cant do that he said I work for the BBC.
Then they brought one of the blokes who said he worked with Cesar Pelli.....with a megaphone to direct the 50 people. They had been hoping for 150. I think they did well to get that many people as the six who were not getting paid to be there.

Councillor Miller with his new found friends, schoolkids bussed in for the occasion to make up the numbers. His letter in yesterdays Daily Ghost.
A negative few
DESIGNED by Cesar Pelli and stabbed in the back by a small group of internet surfers on a website, One Park West is bold, modern, thought-provoking and in the right place and definitely at the right time.
Liverpool One is up for the Stirling Prize by the same website, yet one of its iconic buildings is being lambasted by the negative and disgruntled few.
The Pier Head Ferry Terminal has also been drawn into the same nonsense. I personally love its positioning, style and seamless linking of old and new, including its proximity to the Three Graces, the new canal link and the fabulous new museum.
Liverpool is an amazing world- class city and we should all congratulate Merseytravel for their bold new Ferry Terminal and Grosvenor for transforming the city centre. They helped create almost 5,000 new jobs, while bringing iconic retail outlets, a fabulous new Hilton Hotel, a stunning new Chavasse Park and, of course, a great place to set up home in the bold design, that is One Park West.
Cllr Gary Millar, Executive Member for Enterprise and Tourism, Liverpool City Council
Not quite sure who stabbed the building in the back Mr Miller who asked me did I want a badge, I declined.

Well it has been said that the standard of this piece of, well if you could call it architecture is more suitable for the preferences of a 10 year old.
Paid for by Grosvenor they rolled them out at Park West Worst for this desperate PR stunt. A colleague of mine went on facebook to check out how its all going and the organiser of it is She works for a PR company called ThinkPublicity and guess what (if you can stand the annoying website) their clients are Trinity Mirrors Group, Grosvenor and they launched the One Park Worst opening evening. They say they launched LDP the Liverpool Daily Post Business Club.....they say at the launch for and they are pleased to be associated with Trinity Mirror.
They also have as clients Negresco and a couple of other Guttman enterprises who seem to always go bust and recently went bang and caused outrage when the same owners opened up the same week further down the same road in Lark Lane.
Nick Wensley (Liverpool) wrote at 12:07
I'm in work then too... Do they not understand our great home is supposed to look like a ship? Explaining that would make all the confusion and bad feeling evaporate i'm sure!
followed by another comment
This building is supposed to look like a ship ? The Titanic comes to mind. No bad feelings or confusion, it is truly awful and should sink without trace. Are there enough lifeboats ?

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Mann Island-Dylan Harvey Director Bailed on Suspicion of Fraud it is Alleged

As reported in Crains Manchester
July 27, 2009 Toby Whittaker, managing director of Salford-based property broker Dylan Harvey, has appeared at Blackburn Magistrates' Court charged with conspiracy to defraud Zurich Insurance. He is jointly charged with Stefan Halenko, managing director of Bellit Security and Blackburn Alarms, companies which are based in a Dylan Harvey Business Centre in Blackburn. A spokeswoman for Lancashire Police said the charges related to the presentation of false alarm activation records following a reported burglary at Whittaker's home in Burnley. Both men have been bailed to appear at Preston Crown Court.
pic Toby Whittaker with his new signing Steven Gerrard.

Further out of town reading from Manchester Evening News.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Concourse House One Step Forward and Two Back.

During the recent posts of One Park Worst one of our colleagues suggested it was the new Concourse House. I think that is a fair assessment and it made me think about the way the building was hailed as a new dawn in the 60s as was St Johns market. It started me to think we are in the same position as that new dawn they promised us when the town centre was re-jigged a couple of decades ago and the Liverpool One of its day was built.
Click on the pic Iliad say History is our future and look what they think about our history with the vandalising of 6 Sir Thomas Street.
Incidentally the Criminal Steve Hurst was very vocal when he passed the plans for the demolition of the facade of 6 Sir Thomas Street he was infact reported to the Chief Executive Colin "Cover Up" Hilton who was picked by him and Storey and Bradley.
We finally get rid of the obscene 1960s monster on the Vista of Lime Street opposite St Georges Hall and then the communists from the Eastern Block move in and build us "The Breeze Blocks". This was a nomination for Liver pools Carbuncle Cup from a colleague of mine. Its one step forward and two back all the time with the morons who are planning my city.
The whole amateurish approach to planning our future by the Reichmarshal Nigel Lee and his planning team (sic) leaves me to fear that in no uncertain terms that we are building...The New Concourse Houses of their day with the likes of One Park "Gone" West. We are creating the new Milton Keynes-On-Sea. The Binge building is now over and we are waking up with a headache and none more so a headache as this Stazi brute which could not even be called architecture it is that bad.

Built under the guise of regeneration, this is degeneration of the worst kind it is another legacy that we will have to live with forever in the World Heritage Site.
Imagine building this in front of the Taj Mahal another World Heritage Site.

Friday, 14 August 2009

One Park West and the Carbuncle Cup.......The Fightback Begins

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
The Cesar Pelli eyesore is now being called a wondrous place by Paul Du Noyer author and journalist......oh and he has just got a new book out to publicise. Having left the city for London, he has taken out a 6 month let in Widnes Tech on speed look-a-like, One Park "Gone" West.
I bumped into Paul, a client of mine outside the multi coloured Costa cafe in Lord Street three weeks ago and he told me he was here for three days and staying in Chavasse Park.
"Oh I have just nominated it for Building Designs Carbuncle Cup" I said, he wryly grinned in embarrassment. He seemed at the time to agree with me.
"Oh well its not the best from the outside but the views are good from inside. "Well it depends which way you look" I replied.
Then on Wednesday morning he was waiting for me outside my shop at 10 am with a Daily Post under his arm.
"How are you getting on down at Chavasse Park, there was some publicity in the paper yesterday, sorry about that" I said". I had previously e-mailed the BD article to the paper which they hacked.
"Oh yes he said well the worst thing is that the views are being ruined as they build the black granite blocks" in agreement with me.
"Paul they are only just starting, the worst one on Mann Island" I said with another client present.
"Yeah its looking bad" Not a mention of this opinion. So the fightback begins with the post editor Mark Thomas (who I have recently criticised, so this may be his idea for a fightback) at the Helm, and our intrepid reporter Alan Weston....God help us. The fightback is on facebook. Oh and there is a group hug by the residents next Wednesday at 12.3o.
This is the future of architectural opinion for Liverpool....a group hug by the EMO look-alikes from what is turning into Goth City, up top, on the multi storey car park, that is Chavasse lawn.
Paul, best stick to music you are an expert there. Don't forget its a world heritage site imagine if they built this in front of the Taj Mahal or the Pyramids. I am sorry if I was critical of your....second home and it may have upset you, but I think.
They promised us world class architecture a Cesar Pelli.......and instead give us a Cesar salad.
Its all a matter of taste really, just like music, Phil Redmond a professional scouser who doesn't live here told me right outside the place, "Well at least it will fall down in 50 years". "Thats no good to me" I replied "I wont be here I have to look at it now."
Paul, If this building was a song it would be "Agadoo" by Black Lace, only you cant switch the radio off and forget about it, this is here forever and wont go away and keeps grating my nerves and bugging me, but hey I must be wrong Paul Du Noyer likes it, apparently. Push pineapple here for Agadoo

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Now Thats Culcha for Ya!... 08 All The Pies!

Well there was a joke that the only culture in the city in 2006 was in a yogurt in the Kwik Save in Old Swan.

That's not fair.
But as any good European Capital of Culture wouldnt have, we had sponsors of the likes of curry pasty purveyors Sayers and brewers Cains (who went bust in 2008 as did the Alliance and Leicester, what about Sayers) so it was Pies and Pints all round.
One of the worst ideas for sponsorship was Trinity Mirror......where can we have debate about whats going wrong if the local press are sponsors and blank half the problems. The front page of the Oldham Echo now contains post 2008 all the culture most of its readers need........ a free Cheese and Onion Pasty from Greggs. I despair. I really do.
If this sort of crassness was uncommon, if it was just this once it would not be at all bad but its every day now that the lowest common denominator is invoked.
In my opinion THE LOCAL PAPERS ARE BEING RUN BY BUSINESS. So are they portraying a fair and proper representation of what is our history and culture, or helping to promote stereotypes? What chance when the editor of the Echo Alastair Machray runs the leditorial for the paper this way. Setting a bad example. What next free Shell Suits with curly wigs and muzzies? Do we really expect more? He did once say on his blog. I quote Correspondent
The post, entitled, "10 things to do before I die", is a predictable wish-list of a middle-aged, middle-class hack (see kids graduate, watch a test cricket match abroad, improve golf handicap, etc.). However, Machray also lists as one of his wishes, "See Newcastle United win a trophy (more chance of shagging Catherine Zeta [Jones])." The post was later removed after it was reported to the press complaints.

Richard Downer was on a upper the other day on a crane peering over what he described as the best views in Liverpool at Mann Island. THE BEST VIEWS IN LIVERPOOL RUINED MORE LIKE. This is another of the Larry Neilds school of reporting as he did it several times when he was on the LOCAL paper. This time it appear to be for Neptune Developments and guess what they are another client of October Communications.......who he now works for, doesn't the advertising standards regulate this sort of nepotism.

I left a comment on Correspondents blog who seems to have got a balance on whats going on, and I got confused with Neptune doing the scheme at New Brighton with a disgustingly bad idea to build a supermarket on the riverfront. Larry you should be ashamed of yourself, a good old Union rep and all, now working promoting companies who are in my opinion doing untold damage to our history. And you keep on telling us on your Liverpool Confidential column (set up to advertise and promote business) how you are fair and balanced. When you are doing your City Talk radio spot who are you sticking up for then. You have sold yourself short pun intended, all those years of hard work sold out for money.
Incidently Radio City, Hill Dickinson, (who feature in todays Daily Ghost) BT along with Trinity Mirror were also sponsers of 08.

Let me just explain the way it works without regulation. A press company knocks a article into the laziest of the journos at the Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors Group, who then believe what they say or dont care, and then they follow it up with bogus letters in the Daily Post and Echo...who are happy to publish a letter without checking if the recipient exists especially if it is via email....that's if the reporters themselves have not planted one in there themselves.


A fair and level playing field to help save and promote our culture would be a thing that the public expect, and not smoking mirrors.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Is the Daily Post Turning into the Morning Museum

Here is a little task...see if you can identify the picture on the left. You may be able to click on it and enlarge it. Clue, it is not the entrance to any public toilets. Or a new-town shopping centre. You may be able to see the tacky artex job and the glistening twiddly things hanging on the entrance door, oh and the lack of architraving on the small door frame. Someone has really tried hard to not make a finished job out of this.
In the words of Loyd Grossperson..."Who work's in a place like this"?

So yesterdays Morning Museum did all it can to promote NML. If this was not a PLC it would be easy to think, it is as if one of the directors of Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors Group is a personal friend of Fuzzy Felt Fleming. It is that obvious that they want to promote NML.
There was three articles all good news items. The one that got me was about the new eatery in the Maritime Museum and how wonderful it will be. It is as if the NML press officer Clare Ryder has phoned up Vicky Anderson and said how wonderful it is and a story was plucked out of it without a thought. I telephoned David Bartlett as chief reporter several weeks ago and advised him of the impending disaster of the loss of the Herculaneum pottery in order to make way for seats for a cafe. Our history, Our Culture being put in permanent storage for seats for a cafe its a disgrace. Not a mention of this disaster, just good news from the Morning Museum.
Then, Hey more good news and then there is more,

Fuzzy Felt Phleming, NML director is an avid reader of this blog and having contacted Mark Thomas the editor of the Daily Museum to tell him that I have been criticizing him he has now seen that there is a window of opportunity to have the Post on his side by the relaxation of the recent legal threats. "See I told you what he was like" he would have said. "Look what he has said about you Mark" My one dissapointment for being banned from the Daily Post is I will not now be able to remind the journos of the destruction of Manchester docks or the ruination of Liverpool's historic ferry bell. And there will be more>
They will be telling us we have won a lottery award soon. Well if the deceitful plan works to get people to click on the website so it artificially inflates the figures, they will. Here is a copy from NMLs internal magazine the INSIDER advising staff what to do. So that's how it works?

-----Original Message-----
From: INSIDERSent:
Wed 05/08/2009 14:12
Subject: We need your help!
Good afternoon
We're asking all staff to get behind our latest campaign. The International Slavery Museum has now reached the finals of The National Lottery Awards and we need your support! Please copy and paste the text below and email it onto friends, family and contacts. Feel free to personalise.
Email template:
Dear ...
I'd like to let you know that NML's International Slavery Museum has reached the finals of The National Lottery Awards 2009. We're the only Northern project in the Best Heritage Project category, and competing against just two other projects for the chance to win the award, decided by the public. I'd be very grateful if you could take a minute out of your day to vote for us!We need your help - voting has been reset to zero for this last stage and with your support we now have a chance to win the award. If you believe that the International Slavery Museum deserves support in its stance against racism then there are two ways that you can vote:* Online by visiting the and selecting the Best Heritage Project category* You can telephone on 0844 686 6957 (calls costs 5p from BT land lines).Voting closes at midday on Friday 14 August 2009.
Many thanks,

Oh and talking about black role models. The black guy I recently wrote about who spoke up against His Flem-ness at a recent Maritime museum speech he gave, is not working there....It is alleged his contract was not renewed. They didn't print that in the Daily Museum did they? Or the fuss he kicked up over his parking ticket at the Albert Dock.

Oh yes back to the picture at the top of the page where is this? Got it yet?
Well it is the entrance to the World Museum on William Brown Street.....yes, The World Museum the pathetic person running the place has just grabbed a tenth of a billion pounds of public money spending 40 million on this proclaimed and reported, new tomorrow, for THE WORLD MUSEUM proclaiming he is bringing it into the 21st century......... and he artexes the foyer.
It doesn't stop there it is like Alcatraz inside where two tragic deaths have occurred in recent dates. All there seems to be is screaming kids running round with crayons its like "The Wacky Warehouse". It is a mess the signage looks like the same as the Estuary Retail Park in Speke.

This is the entrance from outside re-designed with rusting gates. What is the point? I am ashamed of this image to visitors, this represents my city. How did they get this past English Heritage......Oh Sir Neil Cossons the then Chairman of EH was a trustee of NML as was a previous one Loyd Grossman. Did they print that in the Daily Museum, No. So when the people are grabbing any headline they can from the Feltman and his cronies at NML telling us how many visitors they bring in. Just think how many are laughing at us and saying "A world class museum and some stupid twasser artexes the entrance". Clever Man Mr Fleming, Clever Man.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Knock me down with a Feather its Clever Chester!

Where does Clever Trevor Jones now live and how long has he lived there for?
After knocking down the last ships chandlers next to the Grade II listed Baltic Fleet pub on behalf of Windsor Developments, who it was alleged had a director, who was struck off the accountants register for fraud, he buggered off and went a bit quiet
leaving us with a great gaping hole in the ground.
I was curious as to where he lived
it took me a while to place where he has been residing. Today's letters page of the Daily Post refreshed my memory with a letter from someone from, of all places Tushingham hall saying he saw him on the bus going to Chester. I would have thought the tight-arse would have been able to afford a chauffeur never mind use his bus pass to save £1.50 but some old habits die hard. My understanding from a good source is that it is alleged he is a neighbour to his Highness the Duke Of Grosvenor-pool and may in fact live on the Grosvenor (biggest landowner in Liverpool) estate. I just did a quick google earth search for CH4 9DG. His daughter in law Mia was a Chester Councillor but has been binned. He and Doreen went to the Duke of Westminster's daughters wedding. When I argued at the planning meeting against the Chavasse Park monstrosity she vacated the chair because she knew the applicant. Hmmmmmmmm.
The Letter.
Fine day out by bus
ON SATURDAY, I made use of my new bus pass to travel into Chester to collect my new car, bought with the help of the Government's Scrappage Scheme. I caught one of the smart new Helm's A41 Route buses in Tushingham, near the ancient Blue Bell Inn.
There were already quite a few passengers on the bus coming from Whitchurch. Its route is on through Malpas, Tilston, Tattenhall, Waverton and Christleton finishing its journey at Chester Railway Station. The timetables can be found on the CWAC website.
It is a pretty route with good views of the Welsh Hills, the Cheshire villages through which it passes and the South Cheshire countryside.
For the latter part of the journey, the bus was full and we had the company of two distinguished fellow passengers, Sir Trevor and Lady Jones, formerly of Liverpool Council. Fifty years ago there was a train which made the same journey between Whitchurch and Chester Stations, although in a straighter line. I am sure many people would enjoy the day out exploring this part of Cheshire and even North Shropshire which this bus service makes possible.
Peter Moore Dutton, Tushingham Hall.
Thanks to the Daily Post to keeping us informed as to his movements and here is a little bit of history in case you have forgot.
There would be benefit in reading the older LPT posts below as he caused a great deal of anger when he did his act of vandalism on behalf of Windsor developments who incidentally were clients of October Communications......remember "The Little Apple" slogan, it was to be the new New York.
His wife Doreen really was as chair of planning committee the Doyenne of Disaster for Liverpool in my opinion.
So what happened to all those 18 properties it was alleged, Clever Trevor had an interest in, that the New Statesman informed us of all those years ago.............just on the edge of Grosvenor-pool.
Why is it the local papers never raise any questions relating to undeclared interests of councillors?

Monday, 10 August 2009

Building Design's 2009 Carbuncle Cup Nominations. Two Entries for Liverpool

BD magazine, the Architects Weekly have had a lot of nominations for this years Carbuncle Cup. Liverpool is in the unfortunate situation of having two nominations for this years Carbuncle.
LPT nominated the horrendous One Park "Gone" West as a crime against architecture the building they, promised us would be Ichonic and it turns out Ichronic. Grosvenor promised us a building by a world class architect, a Cesar Pelli.......and they give us a Cesar Salad.
The architect, if that's what you would wish to call him did not even visit the city. He couldn't have done as he would have had to think how it would look from the Albert Dock, the biggest group of Grade I listed buildings in the country and a World Heritage Site. What a mess. Click on the link below to see this years nominations.

Less than half a mile away is the Terminal Ferry Building nominated by David Swift. It has to be a close run thing between these two monsters. If you would have told me you could build a worse building then the old Bernie's Inn, The Shanghai Palace, I would have declared it couldn't be done. Well they did it. What an achievement...only its the wrong achievment for sure. The World Heritage Site has been despoiled, in such a way that it is akin to giving a pretty girl a black eye. The Ferry Terminal is a perfect match to the new museum, which could well be next years nomination for the carbuncle cup, if they ever finish it. Oh hang on there is some big competition with the Three Grotesques at Mann Island. So Warren Bradley tells us that Prince Charles told him that he supports Liverpool's regeneration...well can you believe that. It seems the architectural profession don't quite agree.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors Group.

Yes it is well deserved by the local rags. All the recent criticism, at the state of reporting and the way the Oldham Echo (nice term by Correspondent) seems to be run by local business through their press companies such as Finch and October Communications. Larry Neild who was the City Editor of the Post and Echo, now works for October, and it would not be too unreasonable to assume that the reason that Jon Egan employed him is to use his contacts at his old paper. Last time I spoke to him he was working on the congestion charge debate in Manchester! Peel holdings had a big interest in the outcome of that vote owning Trafford Park. The local papers no longer appear to have journos in the old tradition, who do the true work that their profession requires. Instead Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors Group in Liverpool rely on the Council (partners with Peel) and the local communications companies to feed them with snippets that they often get wrong, see yesterdays Daily Post. Larry Neild was once given an award by Frank McKenna's Downtown Liverpool and his acceptance speech lasted 15 minutes he had all those local business people in stitches. I liked Larry when we were working quite closely on a thing that I knew he held dear to him, the impending disaster that was to befall the world heritage site. But ath the same time was he doing a job for Grosvener or was he misquoted? And look at the mess at Chavasse Lawn of what he promoted as a jewel in the crown.
It is alleged that the godson to the director of a national museum's offspring is quite high up in Trinity "Smoking" Mirror Group. Quite a lot of the local journos are moonlighting doing other jobs for other papers, glossy or not. Some owned by Trinty some not. Its all wheels within wheels.
I decided to post the article several weeks ago after I decided I cannot stand the style of the local papers anymore. Which began my criticism of the local rags with a lack of reportage that Peel had plans passed for a super-port at Salford, that the Oldham Echo and its Daily Ghost ignored. I questioned who paid for Mark Thomas's trip to Shanghai that he 'twittered' about.
Peel are sponsoring Shanghai 2010 along with Liverpool City Council. All we need now is Steve Hurst to be Liverpool's delegate on the stall and we will have a fete acompli.
I had boycotted buying the Post, well because its free, they give it away, but will not even look at the Echo, which is a bad paper in my opinion edited by........So I was bold enough to e-mail my complaints to both editors and the Daily Post business section giving an opinion as to the importance of Peels impending grasp and the threat to our local industry, complaining why it was not reported upon. Who are Peels press agents? It is my opinion they are getting preferential treatment by the press almost being suck holed to.
Fair enough weeks later an in depth article was done by Barry Turnbull. In the same copy it showed an example of our fears manufacturing being moved to China and a piece about Princes Dock they own. This delay will suit Peel holdings who are now saying that it will now be able to barge goods down the Manchester Ship Canal and turning it into a good news story by saying it will free up the the roads. Remember the seed was sown by Tesco with wine being barged down the canal.....who spun that one if, Tesco are going to use barges with consumables.
We will lose a lot of jobs in Liverpool as a result of this shift of the port to Salford and the Daily Peel should have been up to speed.....ahead of the event, not after it.
So is it the editing why we get the news late? Is it because the printing is now done in Oldham that we are getting the Daily Ghost 5 days late? Or is it the transport situation? Just wait till the snow comes in, and what about this preferential treatment of Peel?........then the penny dropped when I was sent this picture here it is the reason the news is late, its the new mode of transport for the local press, barging the paper down the Manchester Ship Canal from........Oldham.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Should Mark Thomas be Relieved from his Last Post.

The Editor of the Daily Ghost Writer Mark Thomas cant make up his mind. Do Dylan Harvey own Mann Island or don't they? Today's paper has an apology about the fact that they said Dylan Harvey residential was the company who owned Mann Island. It now says that it would like to make it clear that DHR, while part of the Dylan Harvey group which is involved with the sale of the Mann Island apartments, is not itself one of the developers or involved in any way. They also said that they would like to emphasise that the Mann Island project is not affected by the collapse of DHR. DO THEY OWN MANN ISLAND MR THOMAS HAVE YOU CHECKED THE LAND REGISTRY? Or do you take their word for it? The Manchester Evening News reported that the investors who have been left stranded could be swung over to Mann that legal? Numerous warnings were posted on the Internet.
What are the local press going on about now. Are they at our local papers now ventriloquist dummies for the business community and is it coming to Mark Thomas's last post. Today is a grand reunion of one of the Daily Posts old editors and the current one click on link for the story and see Mark Thomas being handed over to the imperial war museum by the old Post editor Walter Huntley.
So off they go with another good news story on how a crane has arrived to build the most ugly of the three sisters that we are paying with our taxpayers cash to bail out the project and Steve Parry of the arch vandals Neptune says "It is an indication the city's regeneration is continuing even in this difficult economic and commercial environment. So it must be alright, they say three quarters are reserved and they said that about Chavasse Park and look what happened there they have now dropped 25% in value and initially only six sold of the 146 claimed to have been 'reserved'.

Yes we are paying through the NWDA subsidies for our world heritage site to be obliterated and thats good news.
Would you invest a spare tenner in this development next to a giant Chimney..not me.