Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Save The Curzon Cinema-Old Swan Liverpool.

This is a decent building a brick built Art Deco block that should not be demolished to make do for some B&Q shed that will only last 10 years.
We have yet to quantify all the 1930’s buildings in the city.

This is a really nice one that we should not let go.
We tend to think of saving old buildings like the Georgian or Victorian ones Only a few decades ago that these period properties were being demolished hand over fist and it took a while for attitudes to shift, when people started realising that the more that are lost the more we will regret it.
Ex Councillor Jan Clein has whose ward was Greenbank has expressed an interest in this strange planning application to demolish a decent Art Deco stylised structure.
Can we trust the Liverpool Conservation Office to respect this style of architecture when they cant even protect the Georgian. It may be hard.
It may have been mucked around with and had some naff shop signs and frontages slotted in. But this can all be put right.
The Futurist and the ABC on Lime Street are also at peril.
Does anyone care?

Save The Curzon. Application No: 14PM/0257 Case Officer/Team: City North

Ward: Old Swan


To demolish former Cinema building.
Location: Applicant: Applicant Address: Agent (if any): Agent Address
599-607 Prescot TJ Morris Portal Way Quod Ingeni Building

Road Limited Liverpool 17 Broadwick Street

Liverpool L11 0JA London

L13 5XA W1F 0AX
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