Monday, 21 November 2016

Littlewoods Edge Lane-Are They Waiting For It To Fall Down?

Promises, Promises and even more promises. 
Unfortunately these were from Joe Anderson and his corrupt planners so they mean nothing.
Consistently they have told us it will be sorted out and restored.
Instead they build another building on the land and are leaving this fine Art Deco structure to rot away.

Next thing they will be saying its too far gone like they did with The Lime Street Con.

The City Council need to get hold of this and pay attention to its state of repair.


Here is where the Echo says its saved........IN 2009!  

 YES IN 2009. Are they doing the fat Mans job for him?
Grant farming Urban Splash had it once.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Skelhorne Street Development-What Unesco Actually Said About It, At The 2016 World Heritage Committee Meeting.

This video was sent to all planning committee members ahead of this weeks Planning Committee meeting. dated 11.10.16.
They were carefully advised that status would be lost if they passed these plans, having already passed plans for a 34 storey tower on Princes Dock.
 They ignored our advice.

Councillor Radford and another Councillor objected so the vote went 5-2.
Richard Kemp despite his reservations about loss of WHS status was not present.

Here are the planning committee email addresses just in case you want to ask them anything.



Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Catherine Jones-Shoddy Journalism At The Liverpool Echo.

Another Advertorial from Trinity "Smoking" Mirror on Merseyside. 
This time disguised as a article.
Lets explore.
A wine bar in Lark Lane is.........being painted.
The world heritage site status is about to be removed and we have to put up with this sort of trash journalism that is not enough merit to be mentioned in the Merseymart, that The Liverpool Echo also owns.
Catherine you should be ashamed of yourself.
 'Can't wait to see the shiny new Keith's'.
You have brought the Liverpool Echo reporting (sic) down to a new low.
Alastair Machray who has sacked more than half the staff and sent the printing press to Oldham, has obviously had to edit this trash. But he is a large part of the problem with little or no respect.

Go and hang your head in shame Catherine.......... while you are having a free lunch at Keith's Wine Bar in Lark Lane.
This is the latest advertorial done by a whole series of moonlighters pretending to be writing news.
 Yet the Liverpool Echo are cheeky enough to try to dupe the people who read it by doing an advertorial about Catherine Jones doing an Advertorial. 
You couldn't make this up.......unless you worked for the Echo that is.

David Ward.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Josh Parry-Shoddy Journalism. Following a Long Tradition Of PR @Trinity "Smoking"Mirror

Its only a matter of time before, like a Banksy Rat jumping ship, the new kids on the block at Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors, or as know locally The Oldham Echo take the path to PR and print exactly what the council want them to.
Take a look at todays offering.
The Futurist is demolished despite huge public opinion and they are now to keep a breeze block.......and thats suppose to be news headlines, Come on!
Josh Parry you should be ashamed of yourself this is shoddy journalism indeed.
Now the "new kid" starts helping the rehabilitation process of the city council and their "Cosy" developer mates Neptune Developments after The Futurist was demolished in an act of Civic Vandalism.
 This is no more than an advertorial piece of trash.

Josh you may still be in short kecks and be getting your nose wiped by David Bartlett but there are no excuses for this level of dross that have filled the Oldham Echo pages on the 13th September 2016. 
Unlucky for some, but there are many gullible Echo readers. 
In fact you would have to be gullible to buy the trash.

Shoddy journalism may be encouraged by Alastair Machray but once that corner is turned into the abyss of "hear no evil speak no evil", there is no turning back.
do a dance with the devil and you know the outcome young Josh.
 It takes years of training to become a Liverpool Echo double dealing two face PR. allowing themselves to be spoon-fed like little children by local dodgy property developers PR molls who are well seasoned in manipulating the new snotty nosed kids on the block.
Not mentioning any names. errrr Jon Egan and his mate Mo.
Remember Liam Murphy and his PR spin for Peel.
 In this internet age, he was happy telling the whole world that Peel have an investor, Stella Shiu, a high ranking Chinese government official who was protected by Kalashnikov wielding bodyguards. Who we exposed as a bankrupt in Hong Kong.
So now we have Josh Parrot stating that by knocking down the Futurist it is opening up new exciting views of the city. Yes parrots just repeat what people tell them.
You should be ashamed of yourself. Just look at the Stazi blocks that you can now see. Have he been out the office in the last year.

He is now stating that a Banksy.........may have been found. Yes may have been found.
What a plant, and its worked.
The caption next to the cartoon, even reads "This is not a Banksy" and he still thinks it may be. 
There is one born every minute.
Here is yesterdays post. This is where the headline is, you clown.
We will not believe a word he says in future.
 This article is a disgrace to the many good journalists out there who try to do decent work.
Parry may not like it but if he takes the time to have a long hard look at himself he this criticism may do him a favour. Though I suspect not.
Alastair Machray who has sacked more than half the staff and sent the printing press to Oldham, has obviously had to edit this trash. But he is a large part of the problem with little or no respect.

Boycott The Echo you know it makes sense.

David Ward.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Joe Anderson Spends £2,000,000 To Demolish The Futurist. Lime Street Will Never Be The Same Again.

If you are ever wondering why there are potholes in the roads and schools are crumbling, and your ageing relatives cant get a place in a nursing home because it has been closed. And they cant get the care they need then this is it.
Its because the money, taxpayers money, needed to run the council is going to Joe Anderson's property developer mates.
Two million quid spent helping his mates demolishing a decent building that was part of our history. 
What does he get out of going against the wishes of the public who elected him? 
The out of control Mayor of Liverpool has just spend the cash needed for services, servicing Neptune Developments.
 So embedded are they, along with, quite a few other developers, that are, in bed with Joe Anderson that he has been blind to what his priorities are.
He was not elected to Spiv for developers.
He keeps on winging about how his budgets have been cut by the government, and he wastes millions helping his mates.
Lets hope that someday he is sitting there eating his 46 pies for lunch, and he gets a sharp prick to his conscience.
And he realises that he is not the Mayor of Liverpool, who was elected to destroy the heritage of the city and lose the hard fought World Heritage Site status.
He was elected to listen to the public.
We have to question also the rest of the staff at the City Council.
What does  Ged Fitzgerald the Chief Executive do about this waste of taxpayers money while claiming the Tory government are to blame.
And whatever happened to transparency about the council child abuse scandal while Ged Fitzgerald who is lying low, out of sight, was at Rotheram Council. 
There appears to be another cover up.
Where are the so called journalists at the Liverpool Echo in following up this?

Come back Derek Hatton all is forgiven.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Reclaim St Luke's Church and Preserve It As A Blitz Memorial........Before Its Too Late.

Why have the public now been barred from St Luke's Church and Gardens?
We are worried that, the people who should be in charge of our historic buildings, and St Luke's is registered with The Imperial war Museum as a memorial to the blitz, are being Gerry-Mandered by Malcolm Kennedy and his foolish idea of regeneration.

 I.E Lime Street, which he was in charge of.

Read about some of Malc's previous work here.

The public do not want st Luke's, our church, our blitz memorial to be carved up as a trendy wine bar.
Or worse remember Lawrence Kenwrights idea for a wedding venue..

The Church and Gardens have been closed for repair for a year now.
So why aren't we the public allowed access again?

SAVE ST LUKES from another Malcolm Kennedy Regeneration disaster.


Friday, 26 August 2016

Elliot Group Build a Block of Student Flats....Without An Electrical Supply.

 How can you build a block of flats without an electricity supply?
And call the block Artesian as if they have taken some pride in the job.
On the corner of Bridgewater and Jamaica Street in the Baltic Triangle this boring block has recently sprung up, well the completion date on elliot Group website (without a capial E) says completed August 2015, and alongside it is a big black hoarding taking over the entire public pavement.
Inside the hoarding is a generator with a temporary supply into the building. elliot group are offering these apartments to investors with a 6-8% guaranteed yield.
This is a ridiculous thing to offer investors especially when it does not even have an electric supply.
The little bakery next door has been blighted by these hoardings around the noisy generator.
How can they get away with this?
 Be mates with the Mayor of course.
Recently a developer got hold of Mayor Joe Andersons private council number and phoned it. The lady on the other end said "Hello, Hello", as the muffled voice, "Is that you Elliot" she then asked.
Best mates or partners in slime?
No wonder he has just been given a contract to restore a group of proprerties in Percy Street Liverpool 8.
While Joe Anderson is cutting back all over the place he is dishing out the Mayoral Development fund like sweets.

Oh we are, report back to you soon.
David Ward.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Heaps Rice Mill-A Letter To Joe Anderson. The building is in a bad state.

Mayor Joe Anderson
Liverpool City Council
Municipal Buildings

By Post and email.

Mr Anderson.
I enclose pictures of Heaps Mill which is in a perilous state at present.
You will recall both myself and numerous other people who care about the citys past campaigned vigorously to save the building from demolition. I think the developer was Elliot Developments.
English Heritage decided the building was of national historic importance and decided to list it after the Merseyside Civic Society made the application.
It seems that Liverpool City Council with its non existance conservation people consider it to be of little importance.
There are now trees growing out of the structure, mainly around the top which will create structural problems. The roots of these buddlia trees are growing through the courses of brickwork seperating them and if left unchecked for any longer will lead to the building being of little significance. I do not wish to watch this building become the same fate as the Futurist in Lime Street, being allowed to deteriate and then spurriosly be claimed it is unsafe.
I would request an immediate structural survey to ascertain the situation.
I would further request a repairs notice be served on the owner of the property who does not it seem respect the historical context of this, a piece of our history.

Please would you advise me what you are doing to stop this disgraceful situation falling into a place where the developers will claim it is too far gone.

I look forward to hearing from you by return.


Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Are Mayor Joe Anderson and Derek Hatton Working Together?

In a recent Echo article (6th August 2016) Derek Hatton says Sefton Meadows is not worth keeping as parkland. Joe Anderson wants to build swanky upmarket houses there.
This is the man who in the 80's claimed to be doing us all a favour by building parks for the people of Liverpool.
Take example Everton Park.
He also claimed to be building houses with gardens for the working classes.....good old socialist charmer is Mr Hatton.

Here is an interesting news article how Trinity Mirror bought the Hattons family business.
The Drum says:
The acquisition of Liverpool-based digital agency Rippleffect raised a few eyebrows. But this surprise was not based on the agency’s performance – far from it. The intrigue comes in the form of the buyer: Trinity Mirror.
 The agency was formed in 1999 by managing director Ben Hatton with the backing of his father and former politician Derek Hatton and now has upwards of 40 staff and clients that include football clubs Everton, Celtic and Fulham; gym brand Total Fitness; and corporate firms such as Mercedes Benz and Littlewoods. In addition, The Drum broke the news last month that Rippleffect had been appointed to a three-year contract to manage the website of Arsenal FC.

 There are plenty of rumours around town about the relationship between Mayor Joe Anderson and Derek Hatton.

We would like to hear about them, and seperate the truth from the myths.
 email us in confidence at

Liverpool Preservation Trust: Joe Anderson-Sitting Far Too Close To Frank McKenna.

Liverpool Preservation Trust: Joe Anderson-Sitting Far Too Close To Frank McKenna.

Monday, 8 August 2016

The Battle For Lime Street Is Lost. This is just the beginning.

Now they want to destroy Renshaw Street.
Despite Unesco stating that Liverpools planning department led by Joe Andersons are out of control, the City Council still wants to destroy another of our familiar locations. RENSHAW STREET.
Unesco realise that the council spivs are so connected with local developers that a moratorium is required to make them take stock of the situation.

Joe Anderson once tried to sell St Lukes Church to Lawrence Kenwright for a quid.

If these jokers are allowed to get away with the ruination of another familiar landmark on Renshaw Street then we will all be a bit worse off.




Monday, 11 July 2016

Liverpool Back Before UNESCO World Heritage Committee.

Liverpool is on the World Heritage In Danger List.
This is the 40th UNESCO Agenda regarding Liverpool World Heritage In Danger.

Liverpool council do not tell you there is a meeting. They hide it from you so you cant find out.
No wonder there is not an outrage that Uncle Joe Stalin Anderson has got us on the In Danger list.......because the council don't tell you.

And our thick journalists don't want to tell you either...............despite them being informed of the World heritage committee meeting this week.

The section on sites on the In Danger list is here:-

Liverpool appears on Page 45 of 83 pages

Section 6 is interesting !!!!

"Further notes the confirmation from the State Party that a moratorium remains in place for the Liverpool Central Docks, butrequests the State Party to ensure that only repair and reuse of historic buildings, maintenance work and small scale projects should receive permission within the rest of the property until the DSOCR is finalised and adopted"

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Elliot Developments-Where Is All The Money Coming From?

David ward writes;
 I was asked the other day several questions about Elliot Developments, and one of those was quite clear.
Where Is The Money Coming From?
That is a question that keeps rearing its head every time a new development is announced by the Oldham Echo.
Why Don't They, The Liverpool Echo, raise any questions about how a new obscure developer can get so much of the land in Liverpool and earmark it for student shoeboxes.
So one development funds another in property circles but someone has to pay the wages and the money has to come from somewhere.
How can the planners allow that to happen, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.



Thursday, 12 May 2016

SAVE Propose to SAVE Lime Street. The Proposals Look Good.

If ever there was a part of Liverpool that typifies the way dodgy developers are allowed to bribe the City Council officials into allowing them to do what they want. 
Then this is it.
Common sense needs to prevail.

SAVE have had an architect prepare images as to what it would look like if the existing city scape was retained.
English Heritage did not agree with saving this building 10 years ago in the meantime it has deteriorated, exactly what Neptune want.

In the meantime a disgraceful article in the Echo today sees Tony McDonough the dodgy property developers moll printing exactly what Jon Egan, Neptunes PR, wants. 
Shame on you McDonough you should not be allowed to get away with this. trying to bend the public opinion and what for.......a free lunch.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Liverpool Futurist Lime Street To Be Demolished By Stealth-Blame Joe Anderson.

Dodgy Liverpool City Council planning department.
 Rob Burns strikes again. 
He is the ignorant heritage and design manager appointed by a dodgy Mayor to ensure that no spokes are put in the wheels of development for Joe Andersons cronies.
 Neptune Developments are one of those "cosy" developers who have somehow managed to wangle their way into the council chamber and have privileged access to a Mayoral Development Fund that is being administrated in the most disgraceful manner.........Largely To Frank McKenna's mates.
We first highlighted this years ago.
When we questioned the way the Echo are in on it and bringing the attention to the public is what the developers and its dodgy PR company create a debate. The time would have been best employed fighting to save the facade rather than the usual rabble rousing that they like to do. Misguided by a fool of an editor they print this headline after the cordon was placed around the old cinema a week ago, almost helping Joe Anderson and his cronies.

Where are the surveyors reports where are the questions?

Well Alastair Machray is only good at one thing and thats making staff redundant.
SAVE have done a good job here in trying to SAVE the Futurist.

This will be a big regret if we lose the city scape and roof line of Lime Street and replace it with a load of shoe boxes that will become the tenement slums of the future.

Shame on You Joe Anderson You Dodgy Little Mayor.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Baltic Village-Jerry Built Architecture By Neptune Developments. Not Fit For Liverpools Historic Landscape

 There was a time when Liverpool had pride in its past, 
When it respected its heritage.
Not any more.
With a Mayor who has restructured the planning department to assist his property developing mates and aquaintances such as Frank McKenna of Downtown Liverpool.
Allowing Rob Burns to run riot with the planning department is a outrage in itself.
This man has been allowed to steamroller through some of the most awful sets of plans that we as a city will have to live with.

There are far too many who are still living in the past making, now silly comments about Liverpool's Wonderful Skyline being up there with the best in the world. 
The writer used to think so too.
 That's why we fought so hard to save it. 
But now it is a sad and forlorn shadow of itself and the public need to wake up to reality before any more damage is done.

 Liverpool is on the Unesco World Heritage In Danger List.
There were many objections when they built the Hotel Ibis overlooking the Albert Dock.
The writer was one.
 We said it was not fit for its location across the Strand from the biggest bulk of listed buildings in the country.
And they went ahead and built it.
This was a time when the biggest property developer in the area was the creepy Trevor Jones......and while his wife was chair of the planning committee.
 They both jointly owned Lamb & Sons the last ships chandlers in the city.
 Knocked down overnight to escape an appplication to list it.

Then Neptune Developments aquired the site and now Jerry build a couple of new blocks of student style flats that make the Formula One look like  outstanding architecture.
Its not just the style of construction it is the way they are being pre-fabbed.
They are knocked up out of pre-formed concrete panels with stick-a-brick decoration.

 They come on a lorry and then are craned into place.

They have incorporated a end block where the students can sit and look over the architectural abortion that Neptune also created at the Pier Head .......that helped get us in deep water with Unesco who are trying to advise the city that you just don't do this with a World Heritage Site. 

The world will laugh at you if you do. 
The only thing that is allowing the planners and the Mayor to assist his property developing mates is that the public don't really care and allow it all to happen without a fuss.

Where are SAVE Britains Heritage when you need them......well at least they are fighting.
The Lime street proposals......also put forward by the Jerry builders Neptune Developments

Friday, 1 April 2016

New Chinatown An Architectural Disaster For Liverpool. Will It Lose Us World Heritage Status?

Another Architectural Disaster For Liverpool. How much more can it take.
For nearly a hundred years the Anglican cathedral has been the dominant force on Liverpool's skyline.
 It has sat head and shoulders above The Three Graces since its inception. It was meant to do this.
Designed to be placed on the highest point where it could be seen from everywhere. Not just in Liverpool but from the Mersey and beyond to Wales. 
It has proudly proclaimed its majesty to all.
Until now when Joe Anderson becomes Mayor.

Joe Anderson is not known as an aesthetic values. But what he is known for is letting his friendly property developing mates introduced by Frank McKenna to build garbage all over the city.
Student flats everywhere and most of them are not even sold and are built on spec. 
If you scroll through Right Move you will find them in the lower price ranges being offered with a guaranteed 8% return.

 There is a giant Pyramid scheme being played out in front of our eyes. These are the slums of the future. Liverpool worked 30 years to get rid of its tenements only to start building them again. 
They knocked down the badly built high rise flats....only to start building them again.
Liverpool is a World Heritage Site. Though you wouldn't think so when you look at Liverpool's New Pier Head.
They have destroyed the sense of the place and still the sycophants at the BBC and the Liverpool Echo keep on calling it Liverpool's world renowned skyline, unable to admit it is a architectural disaster.
Joe Anderson and the Labour party actually put objections into the Three Black Coffins and the New Museum of Liverpool.
It is bad times for Liverpools Heritage and if the reader does not want to, or can not see the disaster there is nothing the writer can do about your taste in architecture. 
But why ruin the rest. Open your eyes wake up to reality, use your mentality. Its a mess.
Liverpool's Supplementary Development Document spells out the key views and most of them have been destroyed or largely ignored.
The most important key views are from all over pointing from every direction to the Anglican Cathedral designed by Giles Gilbert Scott.
Now Joe Anderson's “cosy” developer maes including Eliot are planning to destroy the key views by submitting a planning application that looks as if it is a feit acompli for the new Chinatown.

 Liverpool Deputy Mayor, Cllr Ann O’Byrne added: “Today’s decision is a key step forward for this crucial project, and we look forward to working with the developer so that their vision becomes reality.”
Why would you want to build a New Chinatown destroying its history?
A boring and bland architectural disaster on its own without coming up to the shoulders of our great ecclesiastical masterpiece.

There is also a fine upstanding building Grade II listed (does Joe Anderson's planning appointees understand the phrase) that is currently a wedding shop. 
This is designed by J.P Seddon and will look a sorry and pathetic sight in the new setting, if it went ahead.
How can Liverpool do planning so bad.

Is it corrupt?

Meanwhile Unesco have not been informed
Scroll down to 2016

North Point Global are discussed by Kilfoyle see link below.

Marc Waddington Of The Liverpool Echo Gets It Spot On.

Fed up with Liverpool Echo Advertorials by Alastair Machray & Co at Trinity 'Smoking' Mirrors at Oldham Hall Street we find it surprising that this bit of writing escapes the censors. We don't have to add to it just click on the picture.
Now maybe Marc could continue with the good work and look into the planning corruption that is going on right before his eyes.
Alastair Machray is in charge of the third rate journo's who have been turning a blind eye to the planning corruption while being spoon fed by the property developers PR companies. Shame on you Mr Machray....well done Marc lets have some more.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Joe Anderson says "Waterfront Is Our Best Asset-After He Has Got Us Placed On The Unesco World Heritage 'In Danger"' List

You couldn't make this up.
Only in Liverpool can a Mayor be such a bold faced property developers friend and get away with it. come back Derek Hatton all is forgiven. Oh he is already back.
Il Duce Anderson is the reason Liverpool is on the In Danger list and he now he, along with his Daily Poodles at the Liverpool Echo gets a soundbite that give the impression that he cares about it.
While allowing his minions such as Rob Burns to run riot over all the rules of planning based on good practice.

While Liverpool becomes the European Capital of Potholes he tells all his property developing friends at MIPIM the jolly junket that he will bend over backwards to help them.

And all reported by Peels poodle Tony McDonough and edited by Alastair Machray.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Chancery House Destroyed By Liverpools Brain Dead Planners. Rob Burns Has A Lot To Answer For.

 How can they do this to a listed building and then market it as a prime address.
This once proud building stands just by the 'paved Paradise and put up a parking lot' bus station at Liverpool One and opposite the new John Lewis. Just look what they are doing to a Grade II listed building.
Only in Liverpool would this be allowed.......and in a World Heritage Site.
This can only be described as an architectural abortion and Liverpools planners are to blame.
Joe "Must Go" Anderson dissolved the conservation office when he arrived in office on his 17% of the electorate vote and then set about building a property developers paradise.

Why would you do this unless you wanted to pave the way for his property developing mates?
 Those "cosy" developers many of whom are enrolled in Downtown Liverpool In Business. (More on them to come).

Chancery House was a pretty good building that was listed Grade II for its architectural merits. 
A solid red brick turreted folly dating from the 1870's, built when they used craftsmen who knew what they were doing. When people had pride in the city and its street scape. 
Built of rich red terracotta brick banded by coloured brick. 
It has romanesque style round headed windows. It was a noble building that does not deserve this disrespect. 

All this means nothing to Rob Burns who surely needs to be moved on. He knows nothing about heritage. He does not care one jot about Liverpools great architectural past.

 Just look at the architectural mess that he is helping create.

He is responsible for heritage and design while David Hughes has the title of the new Chief Planner,
This allows Rob Burns to ease all planning applications from Joe Andersons "Friends" through the planning process at breakneck pace with what seems a total disreguard for listed status.

Little wonder we are on the Unesco In Danger list.

Here you can see the setting against the old Henry Poole  gates erected as a momento of the past mistakes when they demolished the old Sailors Home.

 The old conservation office was pretty bad but now being led by Rob Burns it is a disgrace.
And what are English Heritage doing about the problems here in Murkeyside.
Mr Burns you should go and hang your head in shame for what you are doing to our city.
Why cant they leave anything along?
Why destroy something that has taken a century to mature with for a load of apartments?
 It can only be Miseryside. 

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Boring BAY TV-Can Public Service Broadcasting Be This Bad.

Bad Lighting, Bad Sound. Corrupted Ideas put together by their friendly PR companies and lapped up by the producers of Bay TV.

Can a public service be so out of touch?
It is like a group of middle aged men have been let out of the Athenaum Club for a weekend and come up with a load of ideas on how they think the public of Liverpool should be entertained .......only it is their idea, and these so called ideas are aided and abetted by property developers such as Neptune Developments wanting to convince the people of this great city that it is a good idea to dump a load more student shoeboxes on the population.
I recently watched a programme where David Lloyd of the the website/blog Seven Streets interviewed a director of Neptune over Lime Street plans.
It was such a bad interview that he may as well not have been there. (Can't you buy the services of Seven Streets as your very own PR machine?) So there's another conflict of interests. Isn't there?
Lets hope that you the public can see through the drivel of ill thought out topics that the untalented researchers at Bay TV employ to entertain you.
We feel so strongly about the lack of topic quality and the constant churning of repeated programmes that we are writing to Ofcom to complain.

David Ward

Monday, 29 February 2016

Lets Take A Sentimental Journey

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Liverpool South Parkway Station-A Complete Cock Up

Yes someone has to say it especially as they are spinning it that this is, or has, "World Class Connections".
Well the reality is they spent £30,000,000 of our money rebuilding this station and rebranding it.....................but the London trains cant stop there because the platform is not long enough.
So you get off at John Lennon Airport you get a bus to Lime Street Station and get on a London train and then steer right past the station that claims to have world class connections. The planners can only be described as world class idiots for even attempting to kid you that it is a success. All that is missing is a Ken Dodd statue like the one that was unveiled at Lime Street Station and Neil Scales could have wasted another couple of hundred grand.
The local press kept all this quiet in 2008 so as not to show how innefectivly the billion pounds of European Objective One funding was being distributed by the North "Vested Interest" Development Agency.
So now Joe "Come and inspect the books" Anderson has opened a Embassy in London so he can promote business for Frank McKenna's mates at Downtown Liverpool.
Anderson just sounds like a whinging scouser blstering away. BBC News article about the Embassy.

They wont be promoting this, err, apparent oversight to those business men who come here by plane from London and waste hours sitting on a bus going through the council estate in Speke sitting next to a scally in a trackie with a Pit Bull Terrier.
And then when they get to Lime Street watching as the train goes right past where they started.

Liverpool Preservation Trust: Neil Scales and Merseytravel Spend £67,000,000 Of Your Money-Who Sanctioned This?

Liverpool Preservation Trust: Neil Scales and Merseytravel Spend £67,000,000 Of Your Money-Who Sanctioned This?

Liverpool Preservation Trust: Merseytravel-Mark Dowd and his Expense Claims Are To Be Investigated By The District Auditor.

Liverpool Preservation Trust: Merseytravel-Mark Dowd and his Expense Claims Are To Be Investigated By The District Auditor.

Liverpool Preservation Trust: Neil Scales Buggers Off To Australia-Good Riddance.

Liverpool Preservation Trust: Neil Scales Buggers Off To Australia-Good Riddance.

Liverpool Preservation Trust: Should Merseytravel Be Investigated By The Police?

Liverpool Preservation Trust: Should Merseytravel Be Investigated By The Police?

Friday, 26 February 2016

Grade II Listed Georgian Property Demolished-In The World Heritage Site.

There is supposed to be protection against demolition in a world heritage site......isn't there?

Lets take a sentimental journey back to 2009


Lets Take a Sentimental Journey-With Berni

Here we start right in front of the Municipal Buildings on Dale Street and we walk towards the Town Hall where the planning committee met. All those council members including Colin "Cover up" Hilton, Mike Storey, Warren Bradley and Councillor Berni Turner who describes herself as The English Heritage Historic Environment Champion, let me just check I have got that right, yes, will have walked past this for.........well decades really. And here they are now listed, but still falling over. No matter how many soundbites we get in the local press the fact is there for all to see this council is immune to dereliction despite telling us how wonderful they are.
So over the road from there is Old Jamaica, we call it Old Jamaica because the Georgian building was bulldozed despite strenuous efforts to save it. We started off complaining about the UPVC window front that had been fitted in Revive hair salon, that now needs reviving because it is shut. To no avail there it was dust.


The next street is Sir Thomas Street runs adjacent to the municipal buildings. We tried to save No 6. Now demolished. That too needs reviving as after destroying the facade it is now well and truly credit crunched. What a waste.

Then we just go a short way down and we come across further dereliction, and this is just an example, there is more. To think this is the route that Berni Turner would have taken to the planning committee meetings to sit alongside Councillor Steve Hurst, who passed the demolition of 6 Sir Thomas street with such vigour I could not believe what I was hearing, it seemed like he wanted it down.
Doreen "Dame of Disaster" Jones rubber stamped it and a very interesting point of fact, that needs, considering is, that she was the previous English Heritage Historic Environment Champion. She who knocked down the last ships Chandlers in the city along with her husband Trevor. She who in my opinion passed plan after plan with no thought for world heritage or in fact heritage, who said "Politics is a dirty business" while supporting Steve Hurst whilst he was under caution. To think she was a heritage champion is a joke.
And down to the Royal Insurance building on the Corner of Dale Street and North John Street on English Heritics at risk register for a decade laying there decaying with all the vultures waiting to roll over its carcass and pick dry its bones.
So there you go Berni the memories will come flooding back of how you strolled down Dale Street off to planning meetings and others, to defend our heritage day after day and what a wonderful job you are doing and how you proudly proclaim your title as
The English Heritage Historic Environment Champion.
Three Cheers for Berni.......hip hip.... hang on, what have you been doing Ms Turner, this is a world heritage site that you have been journeying along for years and it is a diabolical mess.

Friday, 15 January 2016

SAVE Lose Legal Fight Over Lime Street Plans.

£35m Liverpool regeneration scheme to go aheadIn a judgement handed down today (Friday, 15 January 2016), The Honourable Mrs Justin Patterson has dismissed the substantive application for a judicial review made by SAVE Britain's Heritage on the grounds that Liverpool City Council had failed to notify the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and UNESCO's World Heritage Committee in breach of planning guidance.
Judge Patterson rejected the claim because Historic England was consulted and did not raise any objections, nor request the scheme be called in for scrutiny by communities secretary Greg Clark.
She described the evidence provided by the council at the hearing in December 2015 as "impressive and clear", concluding that the local authority had properly considered whether the scheme would have an impact on the outstanding universal value of the World Heritage Site.
Judge Patterson also noted that it would cause "considerable problems" for the World Heritage Committee, which only meets once a year, if it had to consider all planning applications that could have an effect on the outstanding universal value of World Heritage Sites.
Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson said: "We were confident that we had properly and rigorously considered this application following all of the relevant government guidance, and it is pleasing that the High Court has come to the same conclusion.
"Lime Street is a key gateway route in the city centre that is in desperate need of investment and upgrading. The scheme went through a very rigorous evaluation before being approved.

So is it all over when the fat man sings.

Steve Parry, managing director of Neptune Developments, said: "We are pleased that the High Court has ratified the local planning decision and found that it was made in an entirely appropriate and thorough way.
"Lime Street urgently needs this project to happen. There has already been a cost associated with a delay that has impacted on the project's financial viability.
"On a positive note we have exchanged with a major fund before Christmas and can now hopefully get on with early demolition and delivery of a new vision for Lime Street." 
What a misguided individual.
Is Joe Anderson the biggest threat to Liverpool, Heritage since Herman Goering and the Luftwaffe?...............You also have to ask where was SAVE Britains Heritage when the real battle to SAVE Liverpool's World Heritage was being fought???????