Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Josh Parry-Shoddy Journalism. Following a Long Tradition Of PR @Trinity "Smoking"Mirror

Its only a matter of time before, like a Banksy Rat jumping ship, the new kids on the block at Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors, or as know locally The Oldham Echo take the path to PR and print exactly what the council want them to.
Take a look at todays offering.
The Futurist is demolished despite huge public opinion and they are now to keep a breeze block.......and thats suppose to be news headlines, Come on!
Josh Parry you should be ashamed of yourself this is shoddy journalism indeed.
Now the "new kid" starts helping the rehabilitation process of the city council and their "Cosy" developer mates Neptune Developments after The Futurist was demolished in an act of Civic Vandalism.
 This is no more than an advertorial piece of trash.

Josh you may still be in short kecks and be getting your nose wiped by David Bartlett but there are no excuses for this level of dross that have filled the Oldham Echo pages on the 13th September 2016. 
Unlucky for some, but there are many gullible Echo readers. 
In fact you would have to be gullible to buy the trash.

Shoddy journalism may be encouraged by Alastair Machray but once that corner is turned into the abyss of "hear no evil speak no evil", there is no turning back.
do a dance with the devil and you know the outcome young Josh.
 It takes years of training to become a Liverpool Echo double dealing two face PR. allowing themselves to be spoon-fed like little children by local dodgy property developers PR molls who are well seasoned in manipulating the new snotty nosed kids on the block.
Not mentioning any names. errrr Jon Egan and his mate Mo.
Remember Liam Murphy and his PR spin for Peel.
 In this internet age, he was happy telling the whole world that Peel have an investor, Stella Shiu, a high ranking Chinese government official who was protected by Kalashnikov wielding bodyguards. Who we exposed as a bankrupt in Hong Kong.
So now we have Josh Parrot stating that by knocking down the Futurist it is opening up new exciting views of the city. Yes parrots just repeat what people tell them.
You should be ashamed of yourself. Just look at the Stazi blocks that you can now see. Have he been out the office in the last year.

He is now stating that a Banksy.........may have been found. Yes may have been found.
What a plant, and its worked.
The caption next to the cartoon, even reads "This is not a Banksy" and he still thinks it may be. 
There is one born every minute.
Here is yesterdays post. This is where the headline is, you clown.
We will not believe a word he says in future.
 This article is a disgrace to the many good journalists out there who try to do decent work.
Parry may not like it but if he takes the time to have a long hard look at himself he this criticism may do him a favour. Though I suspect not.
Alastair Machray who has sacked more than half the staff and sent the printing press to Oldham, has obviously had to edit this trash. But he is a large part of the problem with little or no respect.

Boycott The Echo you know it makes sense.

David Ward.

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