Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Catherine Jones-Shoddy Journalism At The Liverpool Echo.

Another Advertorial from Trinity "Smoking" Mirror on Merseyside. 
This time disguised as a article.
Lets explore. http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/whats-on/food-drink-news/keiths-wine-bar-gets-first-11884859
A wine bar in Lark Lane is.........being painted.
The world heritage site status is about to be removed and we have to put up with this sort of trash journalism that is not enough merit to be mentioned in the Merseymart, that The Liverpool Echo also owns.
Catherine you should be ashamed of yourself.
 'Can't wait to see the shiny new Keith's'.
You have brought the Liverpool Echo reporting (sic) down to a new low.
Alastair Machray who has sacked more than half the staff and sent the printing press to Oldham, has obviously had to edit this trash. But he is a large part of the problem with little or no respect.

Go and hang your head in shame Catherine.......... while you are having a free lunch at Keith's Wine Bar in Lark Lane.
This is the latest advertorial done by a whole series of moonlighters pretending to be writing news.
 Yet the Liverpool Echo are cheeky enough to try to dupe the people who read it by doing an advertorial about Catherine Jones doing an Advertorial. 
You couldn't make this up.......unless you worked for the Echo that is.

David Ward.

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