Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Is Professor Ian Wray a Peel Poodle?

That is a question we were asked the other day and the person asking the question did have some valid points.

Ian Wray is the Chair of Liverpool’s unrecognised and secretive World Heritage Steering Group.
What is a steering group for?

What does it steer?

Who does the steering?

And who pays for the steering?

What credibility does a World Heritage Steering group have, when it is being funded by the very people who want to lose Liverpool the world heritage site?

Today we ask, Is Dr Ian Wray, the Chair of the Liverpool World Heritage Steering Group a “Peel Poodle” and is he is an opinion for hire?
And are his opinions lets say, assisted by Peel Holdings?

But thankfully not by Unesco.

He has, conveniently, under Joe Anderson's orders possibly, as he has mislaid the documentalso, forgotten that we have a Supplementary Development Plan (SPD) that was ratified in 2011 by the city council. How convenient.

The SPD was meant to steer developers and the public to an understanding of what World Heritage means and what the duty of a WHS entails.
But no under his misguided stewardship Unesco have placed Liverpool on the World Heritage At Risk Register.

A recent addition to the In Danger list, is Aleppo, in war torn Syria.

We note there are several Civic Society members also on the same list.
 In fact the MCS is run from the University of Liverpool…that is publicly funded.
Ian Wray.
For he’s a jolly good fellow he used to work for the NWDA who funded most of the rubbish architecture on the Pier Head and funded Peel Holdings stand at the Shanghai Expo 2010. Our money in other words.

 Robert Hough was the Chair of the NWDA then he was a Director of Peel Holdings, oh and a few other companies

Peel Hodings are members of ,the Liverpool Daily Post sponsored,  Liverpool Downtown In Business  Here Christian Erikson speaks Frankly about the shady organisation.

This is what it says on the Liverpool University website website about Ian Wray.

Professor Ian Wray
Visiting Fellow
+44 (0)151 795 2485

Ian's expertise lies in the areas of infrastructure planning; metropolitan mayors; world heritage and new garden cities.
 As Chief Planner with the NWDA, he directed the planning, transport and housing team and drafted the first Regional Strategy in 2000.

So could we at LPT ask who is he in fact visiting maybe?
Who pays his wages?

Liverpool WHS Steering Group has only one set of minutes from 2010 online yet it claims to represent…….well who does it represent?

So is Ian Wray Peels Poodle, after all he who pays the ferryman steers the course.

We hope he can sleep at night. He obviously does not care about Liverpool and its World Heritage Duty.

Here,s some we did earlier

Monday, 16 September 2013

Herbert Rowse Ventilating Tower Is Deteriating Badly-MerseyTravel Have Allowed This To Happen?

Why has this been allowed to happen?

Herbert Rowse would be turning in his grave at the way Miserytravel have allowed his Grade II listed Ventilating Tower at Georges Dock to deteriorate.
Please click on pictures to see full extent of the mess that has been allowed to happen due to poor maintainance.
This Egyptian inspired Art Deco style structure that is a ventilating tower for the Mersey Tunnel is within the Liverpool World Heritage Site.
 It is rated very highly indeed by national conservation bodies such as the c20 society.
How can this be allowed to happen?
 It is an outrage that one of our finest Inter War buildings.....that survived the Blitz, ends up in the hands of people who do not understand its historical importance and let it fall into disrepair.

It seems that the previous repair work carried out by Miserytravel has been so poor that the deterioration has been escalated.

The most likely cause of the damage is that when it was re pointed the mortar that was used was too hard and this has created a different expansion rate between the Portland stone, which is soft enough to carve.

This has allowed water to get into and around the mortar joints leading to what can only be called a disaster.

Miserytravel are now based in the new Miserytravel Tower, on of the three Neptune Black Coffins on Mann Island
 They should hang their heads in shame along with Liverpool City Councils pathetic Conservation office for allowing this disgraceful, and avoidable mess that has pockmarked the facade of one of Liverpool’s most famous and Internationally renowned structures.