Friday, 26 February 2010

Museum of Liverpool-Are the Trustees out of Control

This is the BBC reporting on NML having to pay for the privlidge to destroy our world heritage site.
I wrote to the Director of NML asking about restrictive covenants relating to the Pier Head. I was refused information. It now transpires NML and its trustees knew all along that the site had restrictive covenants and have had to pay off Downing the owners of the Port of Liverpool Buildings. I do not think this is finished here as we believe that there are further covenants and an act of Parliament which we are now looking into.
Trustees at the time where Chair Loyd Grossman OBE, the Chairman of the North "Vested Interest" Development Agency (NWDA) who are funding the job Bryan Gray MBE. Bryan Gray was in fact interviewed for David "Fuzzy Felt" Flemings job as director. Sir Neil Cossons who was then the Chair of English Heretics, so it got past the heritage bods, oh and Mike "Spiv me another one" Storey the then council leader. Who had to resign when he had to resign as council leader in disgrace. How very cosy this whole nest was feathering Downing with yet more cash. Lorrainr Rogers was a trustee as was Alexis Redmond wife of proffesional scouser Phil Redmond oh and the Earl of Derby

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Liverpool Museums-How Much Have They Paid Off 3XN.

After yesterdays bombshell about the Liverpool Museums wasting £750,000,000 of our cash. I was asked to give my opinion on BBC Northwest Tonight.
They only wanted a soundbite of course to which I duly did. I had, congratulated Ben Schofield on his reporting. I had said before this museum if it was to go ahead should have been in the Littlewoods Building on Edge Lane. which we saved from demolition under the ownership of the North "Vested Interest" Development Agency,(NWDA). It was perfect and would have stimulated the whole area and left the world heritage site alone.
The Daily Post recieved a full and lengthy letter from David "Fuzzy Felt" Fleming complaining how he got some things, as he said, wrong. He would say that. He never, it was consise, but it is with intimidation that Tin Pot Director of NML, "Fuzzy" functions. Well Done Ben and shock horror a true headline in the Echo.
David Phleming is an avid reader of this blog and it is here we are to announce that a letter has gone off to the audit commission asking for a full and frank investigation into the covenants matter and how such huge amounts of public money are being wasted. We understand that it was not just a covenant but a act of Parliament dating back to 1872 that may have been breached and a Private Act (Mersey Docks & Harbour Board River Approaches)Act may have been breached. We are looking into this.
I gave Ben some further gossip and today Ben Schofield writes;
THE sacked architect behind the new Museum of Liverpool has forged a peace deal with their former employers.

Danish designer 3XN came up with the distinctive X-wing shape of the new waterfront museum.
But it was acrimoniously dropped from the project in November, 2007, and Manchester firm AEW hired to deliver the designs.
In mid-2008, 3XN’s principal architect, Kim Nielsen, said his firm was considering suing National Museums Liverpool (NML) for breach of copyright.
He also claimed NML still owned 3XN “a lot of money”.
Now, following a meeting with museums director Dr David Fleming last month, Mr Nielsen and NML have agreed to bury the hatchet.
3XN will now be officially credited as the “creative architects” on the project, which opens next year.
Mr Nielsen told the Daily Post: “It is a big issue. We had a positive meeting – we agreed about the promotion of the museum together.
“We are the designers – that is what we agreed with the museum.” Asked if the agreement was to be followed up with any cash, Mr Nielsen said: “I have no comment on that.”
He did confirm there would be no copyright lawsuit.
An NML spokesman said: “We had a very amiable and positive meeting with 3XN, and agreed to refer to the company as ‘creative architects’ on the Museum of Liverpool project.”
THE sacked architect behind the new Museum of Liverpool has forged a peace deal with their former employers. It is interesting to note the comment left by a member of the public.
ABBY1 wrote:

Its all greased palms and big brown envelopes in the pub to me ?
25/2/2010 10:10 AM GMT on

  Which is subscription so here is the text.

Back in 2007, Danish practice 3XN vowed to take legal action – reportedly for breach of copyright and lost fees – following its departure from the £68 million scheme.
The firm was replaced following a headline-grabbing switch involving Manchester-based AEW. After a couple of years of low-key grumbling, it seems the Danes have been appeased. 3XN will now be recognised as ‘creative architect’ and will no doubt be happy to pose with museum bosses outside the building when it finally opens. That, by the way, is now not expected until 2011. Correspondent writes his local take on the matter.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Now the Lyceum of Bold Street is to Get a Carbuncle.

They did it with the Bluecoat  which now has a giant Novotel chimney sticking out of it and today they, the council planning committee have passed contemptious passed plans to do the same to The Lyceum one of the finest neo-classical buildings in Europe,_Liverpool  .  
The Lyceum was saved by Florence Gersten (it must have been so hard for her to argue this one) with the help of SAVE Britains Heritage  who did the exhibition, TRIUMPH DISASTER and DECAY  which I reviewed for The Georgian issue no 1/2009 . The saving of the Lyceum is hailed as one of the successes by Marcus Binney in fact a huge one in their entire existence.  It now will be despoiled with yet more planning blight courtesy of Liverpool City Council and its ill educated planning committee  led by the soon to retire permanently to Southport David Irving.  An ignorant man whilst Florence was giving a brilliant detailed speech of why it was important to protect the views he did not listen and sat there talking to Nigel Lee, our Chief Planning disaster. He brought in the developers friend John Bimbow of the planning dept who sold it to them. I don’t know how this planning official can sleep at night.
Parts of the plans were needed but again its one step forward and two back in this city.
After all the fuss about Lewis’s closing  it become evident through the course of the committee meeting that the developers never had any intention for a shop there.

Some Lyceum history.
Originally the Lyceum was to be demolished outrage and a massive campaign ensued.

See planning application and agenda for today’s meeting.$

In the world heritage buffer zone the impact on views of the Anglican cathedral will be huge.
The English Heritics offered no comments.

David Bartlett from the Daily Ghost was there but with their lead today there is no chance of anything other than a thumbs up. Lets see if he notices anything about the iconic Lyceum to now be wrapped in plastic apartments 22 storeys high. 
The Daily Ghost claims that the shoppers deserted Liverpool but with no chance of building a business the owners of Lewis’s store were left to go downmarket to survive. Its one step forward and one back.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Lewis's is to close 300 jobs to go-The Regeneration Con Continues.

Today it is announced that 300 staff are to lose their jobs as Lewis's in Renshaw Street is to close. The pathetic Catherine Jones working for the Oldham Echo reviewed the new book that records its sorry state and gets put right by people leaving comments for not doing her research It was blitzed during the war.
I knew there was something going on when it was listed. This will be around the time that all the plans were laid before Henry Owen-John, the regional development director of English Heretics.  
David Bartlett today reports.
LIVERPOOL’S famous Lewis’s store is to close.

The firm must move out by June due to the massive redevelopment of its the Ranelagh Street building..
Around 300 “devastated” staff members are set to lose their jobs.
David Thompson, who owns the store, said there was no guarantee it would reopen once the building work was finished in around two years time.
Developers Merepark have ambitious plans to create a £160m Central Village around the store which will include new hotels, leisure space, retail outlets and restaurant space.
“It is with great regret that we have to announce the closure of Lewis’s store, as our lease with Merepark expires in June,” said Mr Thompson.
“It has now become apparent from Merepark that once the scheduled works commence it would be impossible for us to continue trading from within this building, however we will continue talking to the landlord about possible space within any new development but at this stage no new lease has been agreed.”
He said all orders would be honoured as the store starts the process of selling off £5m of stock.
A full scale closing down programme will start tomorrow and it will only be a matter of weeks before the store, founded by David Lewis 154 years go closes its doors for the last time.

This is because of a central village scheme which Warren Bradley...why is he always apearing to be on the side of the developers. We all know he was put into the spot by Clever Trevor Jones (who in my opinion was a spiv) and Mike Storey, but how can Bradley really be so short sighted or disinterested in Liverpool shopworkers jobs.
Last week in the local papers a spat broke out over the Central village scheme  
PLANS to build two skyscrapers behind Liverpool’s Central station came under fire last night for not containing enough affordable housing.

Liverpool Council’s Labour group is opposing the £100m Central Village project, claiming it could “price ordinary people out of the market”.
But Liberal Democrat council leader Cllr Warren Bradley said the city could not afford to risk driving developers away from investing by imposing limits on new schemes.
 But Liverpool’s current housing strategy declares the “development of significant low-cost market housing or affordable home ownership in the city centre should not be encouraged”.

Last night, the Liberal Democrats said a balance should be struck across the city.
Cllr Bradley said: “It is easy to talk about social and affordable housing, but to me it is about long-termism.
“Every development which comes into the city has to be judged on its own merits.”
Councillor Bradley is not very clever in my opinion.

Rapid Hardware was the longest shop front in the country and as such is now the longest empty shop front in the country. What is the point in doing up one part of the city to let another face decay. I have watched Peter pay Paul all my life.  

Friday, 19 February 2010

The Whitehouse Pub-Is it really a Banksy?

The myth has been perpetuated by the local papers that this is a Banksy, the secretive Graffiti artist who it was said was not commissioned to do it, but he popped up here and got off the train….with several sets of ladders, scaffold, brushes, rollers with extensions…oh and spray cans, and knocked it out.
If this is a Banksy then my Auntie is my Uncle.

Mythmakers Trinity “Smoking” Mirrors see mileage in this I even know the reporter who made the story up and who told him to do so.
Yesterday it sold for £114,000.
Despite carrying a guide price of between £70,000 and £80,000, four bidders battled past the £81,000 mark to try to secure one of the city’s most famous landmarks.
Kirkby-based business partners Billy Palmer and Sina Moradian eventually emerged victorious, saying they were keen to preserve one of Banksy’s largest authentic artworks.
“We are not fans of Banksy, but we are keen to keep it. We will have to see how it goes with the rest of the works.”
Mr Moradian, 24, who owns the Funky Box nightclub, in Fleet Street, said: “We were looking for a freehold property and this has a good location and good investment potential.”
Joking about the elusive Bristol-born artist, he added: “We are keen to keep the rat. I might try to get in contact with Banksy and ask him to come and re-do it once we are ready to paint the outside.”
James Kersh, director of the Sutton Kersh auction at Liverpool’s Marriott Hotel, said: “We knew it was going to sell, given the amount of interest it generated.
“It was the first building with famous artwork we have sold and it was difficult to predict the price, but it went well.”
Any alterations to the interior or exterior of the building must go to Liverpool Council for planning consent.
The Council Historic Environment Champion (sic) Bernie Turnup….just what did go on at Harthill Allotments…allotted it a repairs notice so, even though shysters Frenson, the scourge of Liverpool’s Georgiana, were selling it. So it comes along with a repairs notice that cant be ignored. Its Grade II. So even to paint over the artwork will need permission from the pathetic conservation office who have let it get to this sorry state.
Across the road the Scandinavian Hotel still is a shamble affair 

Chris Griffiths the waste of space buildings at risk officer was at the auction. He then put his blindfold back on, so he can ignore the hotel opposite and the dereliction in Duke Street, and went home to his place in the Albany in Oldham Hall Street, that has dry rot in the balcony. See what happens Mr Griffiths if you do shoddy repairs under a repairs notice from the council, some-one gets lumped with it down the line.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

St Michaels in the Hamlet gets some long overdue cash.

MORE than £350,000 will be paid to three Liverpool places of worship by English Heritage, to maintain and repair their historic structures.

Receiving the largest grant, of £199,000, is the church at St Michael in the Hamlet, Aigburth, one of the first buildings to be constructed around a cast-iron frame. This online version is a good source for Liverpools history.
St Michael’s vicar, David Parry, said he was “absolutely delighted” with the news and hailed it as further evidence of English Heritage’s commitment to the 195-year-old building. Also due a boost in funds is the Church of All Hallows, in Allerton.
Built between 1872 and 1876, to the designs of GE Grayson, the church contains fine examples of stained glass windows by Morris and Co.
English Heritage has offered £103,000 towards the cost of tower repairs.

The money is delivered in two stages, the first offer is a proportion of the funds, usually utilised for investigative and exploratory work to determine the cost of the repair or maintenance project.
Each congregation must then decide whether to accept the money, with a requirement to match fund to a certain, lesser amount.
Alaster Burman, project director at Princes Road Synagogue, hopes the congregation at the Toxteth-based place of worship will sanction the funding.
Mr Burman said: “English Heritage has been very supportive in the past and is continuing to be so.
“The synagogue is Grade 1 listed and considered to be one of the finest buildings in Europe.
“On a personal note, I hope we do go along with the work, but it is up to the congregation to accept the offer, I know that is a consideration.”
Opened in 1874, the building has a richly decorated and ornate interior that attracts visitors from across the world.
Henry Owen-John, regional director for English Heritage in the North-West region, said: “The North-West has a rich heritage of religious buildings, from tiny rural parish churches and chapels to the huge urban churches of the Industrial Revolution. Its diversity is also reflected in some important buildings built to serve non-Christian faiths. He is described as regional director when his true title is Regional Development Director and is responsible for allowing some of the biggest carbuncles in the city.

“There is an urgent need for repairs to sustain this outstanding religious heritage, and English Heritage is pleased to be able to provide help for this onerous task.”

St Michael’s vicar, David Parry says he and his congregation will now set about finding the £50,000 match funding necessary to release the English Heritage offer. If accepted, the synagogue will receive £10,000 in the first instance, with access to a further £61,000 to carry out repairs to the north west elevation and stair tower.
In total, £373,000 is being offered to places of worship in Liverpool, out of a pot reaching almost £1.2m, set aside for such buildings across the North- West.
We can only say this is a good news for all those concerned and wish the people connected with undergoing the restorations well in their endevours. But there is still a lot more work to do.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Museum of Liverpools, Opening Cancalled......Again!!!!!!!!

The so called "Museum of Liverpool" will not open in 2010. £80.000.000 of public money spent on the Carbuncle and they cant even get the thing opened on time. They promised it open for 2007, then 2008 then 2009 and then 2010 and now, well how long is David Fleming the curators nose, he just makes it up as he goes along while draining public funds from the NWDA and the likes. Last week the publicity machine opened the anouncement that they were having a exhibition at the world museum about plants.
Talking of plants this time its intrepid reporter Catherine Jone who covers the bad publicity over and turns it into a good news story failing to inform the public that it will not be open, instead glossing over the facts. Are the people working at Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors really that stupid or are they in league with some form of a cover up of decide.
Any how Catherine, again as a reporter of the Oldham Echo "Stop the Rot Campaign" that never stopped anything you need to stop the rot in yout computer and start telling the truth and stop being a museum stooge. Did you become a reporter to distort the facts?

I have used a picture of the New Rome MAXXI museum opened in 2009.....does it make any difference they both look the same.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Warren Bradley-Talking About Liverpools Three Graces.

 Our intrepid leader Warren Bradley talks about Liverpools history.  Its always a laugh. It is no wonder the World Heritage Site has been decimated under his.......errr........leadership. He thinks the Thrre Graces, Liverpools Iconic symbols of the city were built before Liverpool got its charter. 800 years ago.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Grosvenor-pool-Putting The Con into Confidence.

I will today leave you in the capable hands of Correspondent not much local gets past this blog. It is well worth reading on a regular basis. Click on the link below. Their post is called putting the Con into Confidence. They pour scrutiny over the local papers and its relationship to manipulate the news to suit the opinions they hold...without scrutiny. The Oldham Hall Street brigade dont do, scrutiny. Day in day out they seem to just print what they are fed by the council. They do not wish to involve themselves with news from heritage campaigners. It is the relationship with Grosvenor-pool and the City Council, who have given a third of the city centre away, which comes under the microscope of Correspondent. The top brass and by top brass I mean Clever Trevor Jones  and Mike "spin me another one" Storey who, without scrutiny, manipulated Warren Bradley into power. They have basicly given the land away with no public scrutiny of the lease details. Oh and talking of Con, Trinty “Smoking” Mirror Group who have just bought out the Manchester Evening News. Headline; ONE CRAP PAPER BUYS ANOTHER. Thats good news for Peel Holdings.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Neptune Developments Caught Employing Illegal Immigrants on Mann Island

David Bartlett writes in the Echo
A TEAM of illegal workers are to be removed from the country after being caught in a raid on Liverpool’s waterfront.

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) caught seven Indian nationals working illegally at the Countryside Neptune development on Mann Island, the ECHO can reveal.

He goes on;
A spokesman for UKBA said: “There was an intelligence-led operation in Liverpool at Mann Island Project Construction Site in Liverpool city centre.

“Seven Indian nationals who were working illegally were found, and appropriate action has been taken.
“We won’t tolerate illegal working in our communities, and we’re working hard to clamp down on this issue to reduce the attractiveness of the UK to illegal immigrants.
“Anyone who takes on a foreign national without permission to work in the UK is breaking the law, undermining law abiding businesses and faces a big fine.
“There are strict rules about which foreign nationals can get a job in the UK and businesses have a clear responsibility to carry out the right checks.”
A spokesman for Neptune Developments said;
It was working with Bam to make sure there was no repeat of the incident.

“We are disappointed and concerned by what has happened, particularly given our strong commitment to delivering local employment and maintaining stringent health and safety standards.
This job is funded by taxpayers money through the North Vested Interest Development Agency (NWDA)and sponsered by Merseytravel.
Local company using illegal labour hang your head in shame Steve Parry of Neptune Development aren;t you making enough money.

This follows on from our breaking news story two weeks ago........better late than never.

Further more the NWDA are giving them more money. This time to ruin New Brighton with a Morrissons supermarket on the seafront. How many millions of the public purse can one greedy company employing illegals get?.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

John Hinchliffe-Liverpools World Heritage Waste of Space.

Liverpool’s World Heritage Officer. Yes we have one and have done for over five years. Funded by English Heritage its John Hinchliffe, the man who has sat idly by and watched the desecration of Liverpool’s World Heritage Site while doing nothing about it. What is the point in holding an office of such distinction if you roll over when any developer with a scheme to destroy key views tiggles your belly. Can you imagine letting them build the Three Black Slugs across the key views to the Taj Mahal or Stonehenge. Well Johnny come lately has. I would have been lying down in front to the bulldozers I once told him after a live Radio 4 interview whereby we called him into account over the destruction of Manchester Docks, which pre-dated the Albert Docks by 60 years. I had sent off a piece to Private Eye and it was edited for Piloti’s column that has been good to us over the years. Civic Vandalism I called it he could only stutter sitting next to me. “What is the point in having the backbone of a jellyfish as far as world heritage principles are concerned”? I said to him outside. What is the point in allowing any old rubbish to be built without even an opinion? What is the point in masquerading?

Not from Liverpool he was bussed in from Yorkshire. He thanked Peter De Figueiredo the Heritage Fraud who was English Heretics Historic Building advisor for his help.  Figueiredo is now working for Peel Holdings. What good is all the money in the world if you sell your soul? Talking of selling your soul  here’s one we did earlier about the Heretics North West Development Director. Yes Development Director not Heritage Director Henry Owen-John.

If there was a World Heritage Officer abatement society this World Heritage Waste of Space should have been reported to them.  They speak with forked tongue.

What is the point of having your job description as World Heritage Officer if you are such a week willed man that you will not forward yourself for anything that upsets the Status Quo?  Does he really believe the rubbish he writes that Liverpool has a management plan?  You would have to be a fool to do so and even more of one to help in preparing such a lie. He wrote into the architect’s journal some time ago.  Now what is he doing about the Peel proposals.

What is the point in being there sitting in the same office as the Reich marshal Nigel Lee the Chief Planning Officer disaster who has done what the Luftwaffe couldn’t do “rip the heart out of the city”.

I hope you are happy with your conscience Mr Hinchliffe We are far from happy with the disgraceful mess that we the public have had to watch unfold while you stand idly by as World Heritage waste of space.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Another Carbuncle Planned. This Time Its 54 Storeys High.

Liverpool is to get another skyscraper it is reported today in the Liverpool Ghost (will someone just put the old dog down) ……..the property developer’s friendly Advert-oral

Wouldn’t you think they would be a little cautious proclaiming another new skyscraper this time a 54 storey stretched shoebox in the sky.... on a site of an old pub that only had enough room for a couple of billiard tables. The old King Edward site. This is the World Heritage Site Buffer Zone.

But both the Government’s architecture watchdog CABE and neighbouring landowner Peel objected. The application was withdrawn and never went to planning committee. read the full review.
Now the King Edward consortium is optimistic of getting widespread approval.
They have been in prolonged talks with Liverpool Vision and Liverpool City Council over how the tower will fit into the landscape and work with future projects like Peel’s Liverpool Waters.
Last week, CABE was shown the revised plans and is expected to publish its official response in the coming weeks.
Its reaction to the first designs was damning and it urged the council to throw them out.
It said while it agreed with the principle of putting a tall building on the run-down site, the old plans had “confused architectural expression” and “low ambitions for sustainability”.
Well it is strange that Peel object as their plans to cancel the Panamax Terminal and concentrate on building blocks of flats that nobody wants to live in is exactly the same lack of common sense that we see here. Where are all the people coming from to fill them?
Architects Leach Rhodes Walker, who were also behind Liverpool’s Malmaison hotel, are being asked to include a high-level restaurant with a public viewing deck.
Jonothan Brown a council member of the Merseyside Civic Society is working for town planners doing landscaping….so there will be no objections from them.

Today is a rebranding of the, overpriced, at 60p, Daily Ghost. They say; Daily Post Editor Mark Thomas on our exciting new daily package

WELCOME to the first edition of the new-look Liverpool Daily Post.
The innovative design we have implemented from today is aimed at delivering more stories, more and better background, analysis and comment, and presenting everything to you in an even more accessible way.

The Daily Post will continue to set the agenda with its probing journalism, keeping you in touch with all the important developments in the life of our city region. You have responded very positively to the increase in national and international news we have introduced in recent weeks, and that is something we will continue to develop.
Probing Journalism you just have to laugh.
It looks the same of garbage contained within to me.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

The Daily Peel-Trinity “Smoking” Mirrors.

Now how did I know that the Daily Ghost…..a shadow of its former self under the leadership, well if that’s what you could call it of Mark Thomas would be right behind it? Mark as understudy to Alistair Machray editor at the Oldham Echo. He may be under orders or was it out of loyalty to his sponsors of the trip to Shanghai that he edited this one in, we will never know. This appears to be an opinion others share.  See Correspondents excellent take on the matter. Cue Neil Hodgson the very same journo who promoted One Park Worst on Chavasse Park (that came fourth in the National Carbuncle Cup awards) in the Daily Ghost on behalf of Grosvenor by telling the public in his report in the Echo that the development was to be 12 stories with a picture in the article showing 17. This is the level of putrid reporting that we have to endure. This is what makes in an unfair and unlevell playing field to argue conservation points on the grounds of respecting our heritage.

99% of people support the scheme to transform the abandoned docks into Dubai-On-Sea he says…..out of 284 questionnaires filled in. That makes err…lets say 280 people and that is hailed a success. Shame on you all with your invested interests, its disgraceful what you put out kidding the public. You should be ashamed.
See a comment left on the noticeboard in the rooms showing the plans on Friday last. Peels Lyndsey Ainsworth listened to my complaints about the historic bridge they were to demolish.
“We are not going to demolish it he said in his Manchester accent we are going to repair it”

“Well I read in the paper that it was to be demolished”
“Well you have got it wrong”
“A Peel surveyor said it was shot”
“Look you don’t believe what you read in the local papers do you”
“Well I believe what I read in the Salford Star they have the measure of you”
“No you shouldn’t believe anything you read in the local papers”

Here is the article……… guess who Neil Hodgson…..the developers friend.
Bridge replacement could shut Dock Road until 2011
Apr 2 2009 by Neil Hodgson, Liverpool Echo

Bridge replacement could shut dock road until 2011
A SECTION of Liverpool’s dock road could be shut until November 2010 after the iron bascule bridge at Stanley Dock was condemned.
Docks owner Peel Holdings shut the key route between Paisley Street and Blackstone Street for a year last May to repair the badly corroded bridge, which dates back to the 1930s.
The closure hit motorists who used Regent Road as an alternative rush hour route to the parallel Great Homer Street and Derby Road.
Peel planned to complete the work in time to re-open the route – which lies within the Stanley Dock conservation area and Liverpool’s World Heritage site – next month.
But Peel Holdings development surveyor Ian Pollitt revealed that it became apparent the upper structure, which works the swing bridge, was too badly damaged to be repaired and needed to be removed.
So now the company is to submit a planning application to Liverpool council to demolish and remove the bridge and replace it with a new bridge, which Mr Pollitt said will be built elsewhere and then transported to the dock road site.
He said: “Because it is in a conservation area we have to go through a full planning application.”
A council spokesman confirmed that Peel have applied for an 18-month extension to the road closure, starting from next month when the road should have re-opened.
But Mr Pollitt said the company hopes to re-open the link much quicker: He said: “I would like to think we could take it (the bridge) out in three months and then look at installing a new fixed bridge by March next year, but we would like to think it would be sooner than that.”
However, he admitted that the timetable to install the new bridge and re-open the link could be affected by Peel’s existing plans to develop its £5.5bn Liverpool Waters scheme in the same Stanley Dock area.
“There could be a tram link over the bridge, so we have to take this into account.”
He said the cost of demolishing, removing and replacing the bridge will be “substantial” but Peel has already budgeted for it.
And he revealed that once the new fixed crossing is in place Peel hopes to hand the bridge over to the city.
A council spokesman said the extended closure was unavoidable: “It is not safe to allow traffic to go over it.”
A bascule bridge is a moveable bridge with a counterweight.

So we are not to believe anything that we read in the local papers then, but now keen to contribute Ainsworth says
Peel is still working on submitting its outline planning application for the scheme, but development director Lindsey Ashworth said they hoped to begin preparatory work on the site by the middle of the year when they propose to repair the Bascule Bridge over the Leeds- Liverpool canal link – which was earmarked for demolition – and re-open Regent Road, which has been closed for almost two years. He said: “A series of works are also proposed to seek to repair a number of historic buildings and structures on the site, particularly towards the north of the site.

So who are we to believe…………certainly not Neil Hodgson?

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

MANN ISLAND-You Know You've Arrived.

Yes you know you have arrived alright........The World Heritage Site is destroyed, so a handful of "Cosy" Developers can make a packet. While the idiots at Unesco waffle about Overall Universal Value and other technical stuff the very thing that gave us who we were, our Iconic Three Graces are obliterated. The truth of the matter is that the UK Government through the DCMS  fund Unesco to 10% of their budget. They say they are empowered by The Government Office North West which have offices at Cunard Building overlooking the Terminal Ferry Carbuncle, and this Quango in turn is run by the North "Vested Interest" Development Agency (NWDA) who gave the land worth 80 million away for 3.5 million. Yes you know you,ve arrived at Mann Island alright. You have been shafted.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Liverpool Waters-Glass Pie in the Sky. We Need a Public Inquiry.

It is that easy to put a few bits of perspex on a sheet of ply and tell everyone you are going to create a 5.5 billion pound development. I think this will never happen. What will happen is Peel will get planning permission and then knock the land out to developers such as City Lofts who went bust because they could not sell the appartments in Milton Keynes-On-Sea, Princes Dock. I attended the Peel exhibition in Whitechapel, it took me ages to find it there was no signs outside. Well when I finally got in, it is as bad as what I thought. All my life I have waited for Liverpool to pull its socks up to come back on centre stage to get investment and when we do get capital investment they destroy the world heritage site. These proposals are to turn Liverpool into Shanghai-on-Sea and they are potentially as destructive to Liverpool as what has happened to the world heritage site at the Pier Head.

I spoke to someone from the architects Chapman Taylors offices called Paul Taylor quite a nice man…..unlike the Development Director Lyndsey Ainsworth who was rather rude and obnoxious especially after I told him there should be a public inquiry. I did not introduce myself but he kept on accusing people of standing in the way of progress. I have heard it all before when they rolled out the Mann Island plans the Cloud Fiasco and here we have a new set of carpet-bagging arrogants who want to foist another set of third rate blocks of flats this time on Central Docks and calling it Liverpool Waters. We want to make things happen, look forward what are you doing”? he said “Well you don’t know who I am or what I am doing" as I never introduced myself”
“We don’t have to put this show on we don’t have to” he said. As if he was doing it for our benefit I told him this is for the benefit of Peels shareholders. “Shows you just how much you know we don’t have shareholders Peel Holdings is owned by one man” he knew exactly what I meant but considering that one man will benefit from all this if it is accepted by the planning authority is a very bad reality that needs to be kept in mind. This will in fact all benefit just one man. A tax exile living in the Isle of Man.
There was a bloke talking to him who stood there staring at me said he was a local, no local talks with that accent. A group of Peel employees gathered around and Ainsworth flipped away comments I made about world heritage as if he didn’t care. “We have people working for us who know what they are doing professional people”
“Yes like Peter de Figeurido the ex English Heretic who should have advised against Mann Island and instead sold his soul”  He did not like to be matched and became a slight bit agitated especially each time I mentioned public inquiry which I did several times just to see his reaction and his twitching. “It meets all the criteria for a…public inquiry” What about competing against itself with Wirral Waters.
“You just dont want anything to happen to a run down place” How long have they owned it.
You only have to look at Milton Keynes-On-Sea which is Princes Docks.
What was clearly visible to me was what I warned of months ago that Peel want to make a Cruise Liner Facility, not a jetty, and they have the customs office. Why don’t you just use ours and pay the 9 million European grant back I asked. “We don’t want to we want our own”. We can see right through the perspex blocks, we have heard it all before. When I questioned him about the press reports "Dont believe what you read in these local papers" he said in his Manchester  accent.
“Yes its all politics, I said, the Salford Star is the journal what tells it straight about Peel Holdings” put Peel Holdings or the NWDA into their search box Try this one
He also said a underwater survey has been done of the old landing stage they have let rot but Peel has no plans to demolish it. Yes and I believe that one.

"We are doing you a favour Ashworth proclaimed", It seems that a misguided arrogance from Peel will grow in the coming months………..until we have a public inquiry.