Monday, 8 February 2010

Another Carbuncle Planned. This Time Its 54 Storeys High.

Liverpool is to get another skyscraper it is reported today in the Liverpool Ghost (will someone just put the old dog down) ……..the property developer’s friendly Advert-oral

Wouldn’t you think they would be a little cautious proclaiming another new skyscraper this time a 54 storey stretched shoebox in the sky.... on a site of an old pub that only had enough room for a couple of billiard tables. The old King Edward site. This is the World Heritage Site Buffer Zone.

But both the Government’s architecture watchdog CABE and neighbouring landowner Peel objected. The application was withdrawn and never went to planning committee. read the full review.
Now the King Edward consortium is optimistic of getting widespread approval.
They have been in prolonged talks with Liverpool Vision and Liverpool City Council over how the tower will fit into the landscape and work with future projects like Peel’s Liverpool Waters.
Last week, CABE was shown the revised plans and is expected to publish its official response in the coming weeks.
Its reaction to the first designs was damning and it urged the council to throw them out.
It said while it agreed with the principle of putting a tall building on the run-down site, the old plans had “confused architectural expression” and “low ambitions for sustainability”.
Well it is strange that Peel object as their plans to cancel the Panamax Terminal and concentrate on building blocks of flats that nobody wants to live in is exactly the same lack of common sense that we see here. Where are all the people coming from to fill them?
Architects Leach Rhodes Walker, who were also behind Liverpool’s Malmaison hotel, are being asked to include a high-level restaurant with a public viewing deck.
Jonothan Brown a council member of the Merseyside Civic Society is working for town planners doing landscaping….so there will be no objections from them.

Today is a rebranding of the, overpriced, at 60p, Daily Ghost. They say; Daily Post Editor Mark Thomas on our exciting new daily package

WELCOME to the first edition of the new-look Liverpool Daily Post.
The innovative design we have implemented from today is aimed at delivering more stories, more and better background, analysis and comment, and presenting everything to you in an even more accessible way.

The Daily Post will continue to set the agenda with its probing journalism, keeping you in touch with all the important developments in the life of our city region. You have responded very positively to the increase in national and international news we have introduced in recent weeks, and that is something we will continue to develop.
Probing Journalism you just have to laugh.
It looks the same of garbage contained within to me.


  1. Can I put a plan into to have you lot demolished? You are a bunch of visionless philistines who lack even the smallest amount of imagination. It is people like you that have brought Liverpool to it's knees by trying to pickle it in aspic. You live in fear of change and do not have sufficent self control to appreciate the world around you, when there is anything close to you that might distract you from parroting the view of pevsener. As there is nothing written 50 years ago praising an as yet unbuilt building it must be without merit.

  2. I love it personally,just what Liverpool needs!!

  3. Are the comments moderated? Do you only alow the pro ones or did my last psting fail?

  4. Gareth Parr (Urban Edge Liverpool)8 February 2010 at 17:32

    I think it's great, just what the city needs. It's just beautiful; the profile, the height etc, may help finally bring some life back to the north end.

  5. This tower is different and grabs attention, which is what is needed to project the city. It is in a cluster of modern buildings. It this was next to the old White Star Building it would be out of place and I would complain. However it is in the right place. No complaints and I like it.


  6. And it shall be known as Blasphemy Tower.
    For when I saw the rear of the building with the curves, I thought well, not as bad as it could be going by recent carbuncles but then when I saw the complete mess at the front I cried out Jesus Christ! I don't know if it is the bits left over from the model of Will Alsops Cloud after it was kicked all round the Pier Head or it is some kids Transformer Robot that he couldn't complete and threw it on the floor. did cause me to blaspheme. By Jove!


    see what the Architects journal comments say
    I wonder what UNESCO's views would be on this.......if they have any. UNESCO were told this was credit crunched.

  8. The Cabal of Downtown Liverpool will be all over this helping to promote it.