Friday, 26 February 2010

Museum of Liverpool-Are the Trustees out of Control

This is the BBC reporting on NML having to pay for the privlidge to destroy our world heritage site.
I wrote to the Director of NML asking about restrictive covenants relating to the Pier Head. I was refused information. It now transpires NML and its trustees knew all along that the site had restrictive covenants and have had to pay off Downing the owners of the Port of Liverpool Buildings. I do not think this is finished here as we believe that there are further covenants and an act of Parliament which we are now looking into.
Trustees at the time where Chair Loyd Grossman OBE, the Chairman of the North "Vested Interest" Development Agency (NWDA) who are funding the job Bryan Gray MBE. Bryan Gray was in fact interviewed for David "Fuzzy Felt" Flemings job as director. Sir Neil Cossons who was then the Chair of English Heretics, so it got past the heritage bods, oh and Mike "Spiv me another one" Storey the then council leader. Who had to resign when he had to resign as council leader in disgrace. How very cosy this whole nest was feathering Downing with yet more cash. Lorrainr Rogers was a trustee as was Alexis Redmond wife of proffesional scouser Phil Redmond oh and the Earl of Derby

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  1. I watched this TV report with interest. The BBC girl simply commented "an expensive mistake" at the end of the clip. In the current economic climate, with bankers bonuses being questioned, etc I would have thought a proper interogation of NML was in order. The museum trustees knew about this covenant in 2004. I believe the plans were approved in December 2005. Well done to LPT for keeping an eye on this scandal as nobody else seems to care.