Monday, 15 February 2010

Museum of Liverpools, Opening Cancalled......Again!!!!!!!!

The so called "Museum of Liverpool" will not open in 2010. £80.000.000 of public money spent on the Carbuncle and they cant even get the thing opened on time. They promised it open for 2007, then 2008 then 2009 and then 2010 and now, well how long is David Fleming the curators nose, he just makes it up as he goes along while draining public funds from the NWDA and the likes. Last week the publicity machine opened the anouncement that they were having a exhibition at the world museum about plants.
Talking of plants this time its intrepid reporter Catherine Jone who covers the bad publicity over and turns it into a good news story failing to inform the public that it will not be open, instead glossing over the facts. Are the people working at Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors really that stupid or are they in league with some form of a cover up of decide.
Any how Catherine, again as a reporter of the Oldham Echo "Stop the Rot Campaign" that never stopped anything you need to stop the rot in yout computer and start telling the truth and stop being a museum stooge. Did you become a reporter to distort the facts?

I have used a picture of the New Rome MAXXI museum opened in 2009.....does it make any difference they both look the same.



    oh and we forgot to mention they destroyed Manchester Docks to build it.

  2. Eh? Manchester Dock was filled in during the 1930s.

    Weird stuff from Wayne as per usual.

    Is he next going to attack the builders of Liverpool's "Three Graces" (a terribly ignorant neologism but beloved by Wayne)? After all the four main buildings of the Pier Head ensemble were built on the land created by filling in Georges Dock, which was built decades before Manchester Dock.

    Such ongoing confusion in Wayne's ramblings.


    I wish I had of been around a while ago as it is we have to argue with architecturaly confused people as George, if that is his real name, making excuses for world heritage vandalism.
    We know Manchester docks was filled in and as such was intact escaping the blitz until fuzzy felt Flemings folly was built over it.

    And George dont put words into my mouth about the Three Graces, I can speak for myself....and identify myself without hiding behind a false name on the web as you do. Why not identify your I didnt think so.

  4. What "George" fails to understand is that the Three Graces have architectural merit & distinction. The arrival of the new buildings (is it possible to award architectural ASBOs against them?) detracts from the Three Graces. Not content with ruining the view of them from the Albert Dock, They Who Know Best wish to obscure them from vessels arriving at, or leaving, the Mersey. In a word, insane.

  5. Use a spell-checker or cancall your blogger account Wayne!

  6. Yes I apoligise I am trying to do a lot of things at once and is all in my own personal time. I spelt anouncement wrong. The point I am making which I hope people bear with me on is the likes of Catherine Jones at the Oldham Echo put a spell check on, and more often than not get all the facts wrong. So it would be worth Mr/Mrs Pedantic bearing worth us.



    This is the original article by Catherine (three faced) Jones about the destruction of Manchester Docks proclaiming the disaster and now she forgets all about it and waxes lyrical about "Fuzzy Felt Flemings Folly" after a "free lunch" and butter up.

  8. Wayne.You are one backward, short sighted bloke who wants to cling on to some nostalgic view of liverpool that hasn't existed for around 70 years. Every single development recently built/under construction has been/will be a 100% improvement on what was there previously.

    Liverpool One or old Chavasse park and moat house hotel?
    Kings waterfront or a car park?

    New (world class?)Museum of Liverpool and Mann island or a car showroom and little else?

    I'm not saying all these new developments are perfect but for once in your life,get a grip and see the bigger picture. Do you want Liverpool to exist as a modern, vibrant 21st Century city with a future or be stuck as an ancient relic with history but no future?

  9. Another architecturaly iliterate idiot. New Museum that destroys Manchester Dock.
    No body wanted Liverpool to be back on centre stage more than I but what has happened is less than average. The promised us Iconic and give us Ichronic. If you cant see that, its you wearing the rose tinted not I.
    You see our history was our future and with people who wish to remain anonymous I have to conclude you will be part of the Cabal that has destroyed the World Heritage Site. There really was enough land to go round. As for a museum I, tried to look forward and suggested littlewoods Building in Edge Lane...which is still derelict.