Friday, 29 May 2009

Liverpool Museums gave me a MASBO

YOU HAVE HEARD OF AN ASBO...WELL I HAVE GOT A MASBO. The infantile little "twasser" who runs the museums "his Feltness" Dr David Fleming OBE (Our Big Ego)has banned me from the museums and to think, its that "plonker" who is guilty of anti social behaviour upsetting everyone around him including all his staff with his public relations car-crash.
He has complained to everyone who he has been criticised by, and thats many, and now he has thrown his toys out of his little frilly felt lined pram, and turned on me. I am so hurt and upset about this that I have taken an aspirin..lad a lay down.......mopped my brow.....its all too much........and decided to write about it.
He is now in a spat with the Daily Ghost and Jeckyl, who is is complaining about for, er...telling the truth. He is bully, he has realised that everytime he complains he gets a bit of publicity by default and he hopes that the hard working staff at the paper's will shy away from the aggravation and confrontation, I sincerely hope they don't. He has a big (lack of)personality problem in my opinion and not content with destroying the years of heritage that Liverpool Museums has by turning the publicly funded world museum into the Wacky Warehouse, where we have had two terrible deaths. He has also destroyed the whole essence of what Sudley House was about, and nailing a glass runway on the side of the Lady Lever was a big mistake. Its a good job he cant get his hands on the Williamson in Birkenhead....Can he? No please keep him away.
Well when I say he has banned me from the Liverpool museums, who are a client of mine, he was recently presented with the guest list for the current photography exhibition by Franco who I have known for nearly 30 years and when he saw my name he crossed it out and said "Under no circumstances is he going" boo! hoo! hoo! Yes he is big, he is tough, he is Fleming. Well I will just have to sneak in next time wont I, its a public place. What a little dictator he is. He has got a right cob on about me writing on this blog about him. I am so sorry about that. He is particularly sensitive to me mentioning his wife Alison Hastings who is on the press complaints committee...oh and she is a trustee of the BBC also.
He did not say much when Reximillions who also withdrew funding for NML because Felto has upset him, mentioned them both in his column.

Well I think this is all a smokescreen because he told us that 3XN the architects that he sacked were bringing us a piece of Danish Architecture to our World Heritage Site and we will like it one day the pathetic planning committee all believed him. Or did they! David "Am I bovvered because I dont live in Liverpool"Irving, passed the plans in what the papers called a nod through on the 20th December 05.
It reminded me of something I was sure it was a Oscar Niemeyer rip-off like Paddys Wigwam. I was sure that's where the inspiration came from.....and I could not understand why a giant skateboard ramp would be a museum. I wondered about the white Elephant-on-Sea and where I has seen the shape of the giant squashed ciggy packet......................... then, I found it.

Right behind the Baltic Fleet there it was the copper power station, they have conned us all, the architect has ripped off with a power station.
This is what Phlem hates being caught out because the little tin-pot Emperor is not wearing any clothes and is standing there naked in the ill wind of uncertainty waiting till the next massive tide floods all our artifacts because they ignored the flood risk warnings from the Environment Agency.
Its not me who should be banned but the tin-pot who runs the place who is wasting my money on a museum that no-one wants that will not even be able to display the items because they designed the shape first.

The Power Station behind the Baltic Fleet Pub. Liverpools New Museum was based on this design by............ Manweb.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

David Irving Planning Chairman Does Not Live in Liverpool.

Liverpool planning chairman in Southport home row. Well done Mr Bartlett.
Well they have finally caught up with the fact that the people who run the city don't live here.....check out Trevor Jones address on Google earth CH4 9DG. It appears he could throw his mobile phone into the Duke of Westminster's back yard (y'know the biggest landowner in the city who was given a third of the city centre). While Irving standing in for Lady Doreen the previous Chairperson passed all the Grosvenor plans that came before him. When Land owned by Clevor Trevor and Lady Dorian came up at planning meetings guess what... he passed the plans. When the land lay derelict and the director of the "developer" Windsor Developments was allegedly convicted of fraud and struck off the accountants register nothing was said.
They are all swilling around I the same bucket of dross in my opinion.
I had blogged these facts weeks ago.
He came past my shop a couple of weeks ago on a crutch he had just had an operation on his toe......I asked him about the Jones property dealings. "I don't take Backhanders" he said. "I never said you did" I replied.
He gives his address as 96 Moscow Drive, L13 7DL on the councillor
Mates with the convicted Steve Hurst I watched them working in tandem stitching planning meetings as they wished,
May 28 2009 by David Bartlett, Liverpool Daily Post
Liverpool planning chairman in Southport home row
A ROW has erupted over where the chairman of Liverpool’s planning committee lives, after he was allegedly followed by “private investigators”.
Cllr Dave Irving, who represents Knotty Ash for the Liberal Democrats, claimed that the Labour Party had him followed.
Labour claim the party was anonymously sent a dossier containing evidence that allegedly shows Cllr Irving lives in Southport.
Cllr Irving said he spends the week living with his son in Moscow Drive, in Tuebrook, and spends weekends in Southport with his ex-wife, Yvonne.
Liverpool city council’s solicitor Paul Evans has been asked by Labour to investigate the claims against Cllr Irving. Under council rules, candidates must have lived in the council area they are standing in for the whole of the previous 12 months at the time of nomination, or be registered as an elector for the council area in which they wish to stand or have worked in the area.
Cllr Irving, a retired police officer, lists his home address as being Moscow Drive. He also owns a home in Dunbar Road, Southport.
The allegations against Cllr Irving were presented to him and the police last year ahead of the May local elections.
Police decided to take no further action, and Cllr Irving refused to remove himself from nomination.He went on to win the Knotty Ash seat by just 35 votes.
The row has surfaced after Cllr Irving accused Labour in a council meeting of having him followed.
Cllr Anderson said: “The evidence was sent to our office in Laurel Road. It’s a nonsense to say we had him followed.
“We gave the evidence to the police last year and they said they had no reason to disbelieve that he was trying to reconcile his marriage.
“Since then, we have been sent more information which cast serious doubt on where he spends his time.
“So we have given it to the city solicitor to look into.”
Cllr Irving said: “I live most of the time with my son in Moscow Drive, and spend weekends in Southport with my ex-wife.
“I have listened to the Labour party go on about Steve Hurst [convicted of breaking election law] and they are making out they are whiter than white, far from it.”
He said he believed the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act had been breached and had considered taking legal action, but did not want to cause members of his family any distress.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Vote Elizebeth Pascoe to Flatten Hurst

Well does Hurst know what he is letting himself in for Elizebeth is on the case and here we have an honourable hard fighting woman against a Spiv Fib-Dem shouldnt be much competition.
Considering it was Hurst as a Executive Council member who pushed the plans through to demolish her house in Edge Lane isnt this a bit ironic that she may flatten him at the next election.
Good luck Elizebeth.
Campaigning Liverpool grandmother to stand against law break councillor
May 27 2009 by David Bartlett, Liverpool Daily Post

CAMPAIGNING grandmother Elizabeth Pascoe is to stand in next year’s Liverpool Council elections against a Liberal Democrat councillor convicted of breaking election law.
Ms Pascoe, who made her name in Liverpool fighting to save her home in a battle against Edge Lane regeneration, will be running as a direct challenge to Cllr Steve Hurst in his Wavertree ward.
Ms Pascoe said she wanted to take a stand against the Lib-Dems’ decision to allow him to remain part of the group and appoint him to a £5,675 position on Merseytravel’s board.
Last night, Ms Pascoe said: “It is high time to clean up politics. I have decided to stand as a Green Party candidate partly because the Green councillors representing Liverpool have a good record of taking a principled stand in favour of ordinary people, and are neither in pockets of big corporations nor filling their own pockets at Westminster.
“If something so simple as the exposure of MPs’ blatant abuse of expenses issue can so obviously shake things up, then we must take this opportunity for an across-the-board clean-up.
“I am so angry with what is happening to Liverpool and Britain, and the world in the name of ‘progress’ when it is blatantly obvious that it is no such thing.
“I need to do something useful with that anger, even though the last thing I thought I would ever want to do was get into politics.”
It will not be Ms Pascoe’s first foray into the political sphere, having stood in 2006 for the Liberal party in the Kensington and Fairfield ward, which she lost to Labour.Cllr Hurst currently enjoys one of the largest majorities in the city, as Wavertree is probably the Lib-Dems’ safest ward.
Liverpool council leader Warren Bradley said: “Steve works very hard in his community and is well known.
“Anyone is entitled to challenge anyone, but I am sure Steve will be re-elected for Wavertree next year.”
Ms Pascoe is also putting herself forward for selection for the Greens as a Westminster Parliamentary candidate for one of the Liverpool constituencies.
Cllr John Coyne, leader of the Greens on the city council, said: “I am very pleased to welcome Elizabeth Pascoe to the council.
“It will be a tough challenge to get her elected to Wavertree, but we are going to take a crack at it.”
In April, Cllr Hurst was condemned by a judge for “dirty tactics of the worst kind”, after failing to have his conviction overturned.
In December last year, he was convicted of delivering a leaflet entitled “Walton Scab,” attacking sitting Labour councillor Pauline Walton and her firefighter husband in the May, 2007, council elections.
At the time, he stood down from Liverpool’s ruling executive board.

Spivs-R-Us Burst Hurst is Re-inflated


I AM GOING TO DIRECT YOU THROUGH TO THE BLOG BELOW because it says all I wished to say....well not quite... like... how can these ignorant public paid officials such as Warren "Barney Rubble" Bradley be so brash as to think they can get away with makes a mockery of the whole of the public system backslappery in Liverpool.
FELLOW FIREMAN LOOKS AFTER HIS MATE. And why are we always putting "Barneys" fires out in this city.
Barney was mentored by disgraced Mike Storey the new Lord Mayor who was mentored by ex lord Mayor Clevor Trevor...Barney now as leader of the council effectivly dishes out the jobs for the boys without a inkling for public opinion. Oh the poor fellow he has been through such a rough time he has to move on he says.
Just how did you get away with that one Barney.

The Proffessors acurate description of all the current proceedings regarding the downfall of the Hurst before his re-inflation.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Louise Ellman-Anything to Declare

As the "Dame of Dereliction" Louise Ellman has been contacted many times by myself and many likeminded people who I know. SO MANY PROPERTIES LAY PERILOUSLY CLOSE IN TOXTETH TO FALLING OVER, DECADES AFTER THE RIOTS AND AFTER A BILLION IN EUROPEAN OBJECTIVE ONE FUNDING.
Apart from a little bit of help with the saving of the Chambre-Hardman photographic archive,to which we were grateful, I have personally found Ms Ellman a complete and utter waste of time. SHE DOES NOT SEEM TO CARE.
I recently wrote to her requesting where I can find details of her expenses.
Here is her reply

Dear Mr Colquhoun
I would be grateful if you could confirm your home address, so that I can confirm you are my constituent.
Yours sincerely
Louise Ellman
MP Liverpool Riverside
0151-236 2969.

Who does she think she is. Touchy...Touchy. Anything to declare?

How disgraceful a attitude picking out who she talks to. Isn't this what made this country the sad place we have found ourselve's where MPs think they are above answering to the people who elect them.
I have operated a business in her constituency for 12 years. Paid my rates. I have lived in her constituency for some time and I find it an arrogance that the people who represent the public feel that they can negotiate their way around the public without explaining when they so choose to.

She then published a, what she calls, typical months expenses. ...64p for a biro?

Louise Ellman opens expenses files
May 22 2009 by Gary Bainbridge, Liverpool Echo
LIVERPOOL Riverside MP Louise Ellman revealed taxpayers pay for her breakfast – but only when she is working at Westminster.
A trawl through her Parliamentary expenses receipts revealed that over the last year she has claimed £30 for a toaster and £9.98 for a glass muesli jar. A monthly food bill for when she is in London was £320. Purchases have included a £499 26-inch flat-screen TV and a 64p ballpoint pen.
In a typical month last year she claimed £773 for mortgage interest on her London flat, £72 on utilities, £171 on council tax, £70 on telephone and telecoms, and £120 on cleanings.
Her newsletter to every constituency household last year cost £2,140.
What is the problem Ms Ellman?.......Anything to Declare? ITS A SIMPLE QUESTION.
It is not the typical month that I was requesting but the un-typical.
Why just cherry pick what you want to say, WE NEED TO KNOW.


Friday, 22 May 2009

Louise Ellman MP-Anything to Declare



MP's What a bunch of thieving Bar-Stewards.

I have written to Louise Ellman MP the Dame of Dereliction who usually ignores correspondence because she cant be bothered, with a simple request about the heritage she sees destroyed in front of her, day in day out . Questions raised, in the house.

What are your expenses?

How come the constituency you Lord over is so poor and has so many derelict buildings?

What have you been doing about it....I counted 300 in a perilous state in Toxteth.

I took a series of pictures just off Park Road of what looked like a scene from a third world country absolute poverty in the shadows of the Anglican Cathedral. You highlight them to her, and its a waste of time. I personally think she has got used to the poverty around her.
What has she been doing for the past decades?
We intend to highlight the blight she has lorded over for decades and highlight her misgivings and would appreciate any views on the subject.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Florence Gersten-A Life Spent Helping Others.

Florence Gersten.
I seem to always have to tell about the architectural distress that has befallen my city.
Forget all the stuff about Capital of Culture hype; It is a fact we are making irretrievable mistakes that with the betroth of a legacy of disdain on those who need the help, the next generation.
While the Riechmarshal Nigel Lee and his pock markers down at the planning department have set about destroying the Liverpool essence that sense of place and infilling it with glass boxes, Florence has fought all the way. Every week she trawls the planning lists.
There is only an amount that one person can do no matter how knowledgeable they are.
While Dads Army at the Liverpool Conservation Department (sic) have not even bothered to put up a fight she has been there working hard.
46 Listed Buildings we have lost while Glynn Marsden and Steve Corbett have been around. How can they call themselves Conservation officers with this record.
We even have a buildings at risk officer full time…the cushiest job in the city its like ringing the Carlsberg helpline….ring,ring……..ring,ring…ring,ring …deadening silence.
Florence Gersten is an unsung hero. Her life is spent attaining the architectural knowledge that helps her opinions to be formulated.
She is never far wrong. She is always a help, dedicated to helping to save the heart and soul of Liverpool. Not just the big areas like the WHS, but the run down areas that are a bit rough around the ears.
The problem is that when you have an uneducated clutter of uncultured idiots on the planning committee her opinions are like pearls before swine.
Now led by David Irving, who allegedly lives in Southport, so what does he care about what happens here, the planning committee is made up of numbskull's. Florence has probably forgotten more last week than the whole lot of them have or will ever know in their entire lives about architectural taste or terminology or its history.
Lady Doreen Jones who recently said, “Politics is a dirty business” who was chair of the planning committee used to brush her aside when she was playing political shenanigans and use her opinions when needed. I was at the committee meeting when a lady shouted “Shame on you Doreen” such was the anger she evoked in her dirty business.
Florence does all her printing and expenses from her own purse and it must have mounted up over the years. Nothing I have ever enquired from her has ever been too much trouble. She is an unsung heroine fighting the insurmountable odds with developers and a council with massive budgets. She will always know about the detail of a Georgian fanlight or a unique dwelling that cannot be seen from the road.
Despite sometimes not being in the best of health.
Her knowledge and understanding should be used to enhance a grasp of the past, and if that was done we would be far better with an architectural legacy of her choice than a load of tacky glass boxes that are thrust upon us of recent dates.
Florence Gersten should be listed as a monument to one lady’s fight against insurmountable odds.
SAVE EXPO Liverpool Triumph Disaster and Decay.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Neptune Developments-World Heritage Vandals

Neptune are they from another Planet?
Or are they on Uranus?
These are the first looks of what the "stick a brick granite" finish is for the world heritage site. Good eh!!!
The funding for these blocks is paying for the new X-Box, Egg Box Museum.
Clever eh!!
They told us this was a quality building.
Oh alright spin us another one, just like the other one!!
In the News today is the blurb that Neptune are to begin vandalising New Brighton. That's both sides of the Mersey ruined.

They of the "Three Grotesques".
Rob Mason has a lot to say for himself.
After graduating as a Civil Engineer, Rob was employed by an Engineering Consultancy. He returned to university to study for a masters degree in Civil Design. Rob subsequently spent 14 years working on regeneration projects, both with Liverpool City Council and Liverpool Land Development Company prior to joining Neptune in 2004.
It is interesting that Mike"Jackanory" Storey became Lord Mayor yesterday despite having to resign as council leader in disgrace. He was working for the museums when the go-ahead was given for the egg box museum...oh and he was on the committee of the NWDA where the funding came from to build it. He was a director of Liverpool Land Development Company. Funny that so was Rob Mason of Neptune, NOW there's a co-incidence.
Storey was Mentored by Trevor Jones whose wife Lady Doreen was chair of the planning committee passing all plans laid before her for the WHS, Exercising a casting vote for the "Three Grotesques". Storey was in the thick of it pushing the ruination of the WHS ....and he's back like a bad penny he always turns up.
Clever Trevor was an ex Lord Mayor himself.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Heritage Open Days Continue. After English Heritage Rescue

An event that has helped us all to understand our historic environment a little more has been rescued by English Heritage

Heritage Open Days to continue in North West after takeover
May 19 2009 Liverpool Daily Post

Heritage Open Days to continue in region after takeover
HERITAGE Open Days, the annual season that opens up hidden architectural gems to the public, will go ahead this year, after fears there would be no more.
The event has been taken over by English Heritage after previous operator the Civic Trust went into administration.
Heritage Open Days is England's biggest voluntary cultural event. More than 3,500 historic and unusual buildings open their doors to the public for free and put on tours and events during the second weekend in September – this year from September 10 to 13.
No Merseyside locations have yet been announced, but last year, they included a walking tour of Liverpool’s Georgian heritage and rare chances to see inside Fir Tree Farm, at King’s Moss, near Billinge, which dates from 1704, St Mary’s Lowe House, known as “the Cathedral of St Helens”, and Ince Blundell Hall. The Athenaeum club has also featured.
English Heritage previously helped the Civic Trust to fund and operate Heritage Open Days, but last night announced their ownership of the event.Steven Bee, director of planning and development at English Heritage, said: "We can reassure all those who like to take part in Heritage Open Days that it will happen this and every year – and we look forward to an excellent weekend of events.
“Heritage Open Days is an important cultural event and we are very grateful for the continued support of all the volunteers across England."
Katja Condy, Heritage Open Days manager, said: "When the news of the Civic Trust's demise broke a month ago, it put a huge question mark over the future of the event. We are greatly relieved the programme has found a new home.”

Maybe alll the negative publicity from the recent BBC programme will make English Heritage work a bit harder, and this is the first result.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Liverpool World Heritage Disaster led by David Fleming and NML

It is beyond belief.
The Museum hasn't even got the complete funding yet.
Imagine building yourself an extension because you think you will get the cash.
Is it an X-Box or an Egg-Box.
The giant TV screen in the Pier know, The World Heritage Site which was our best asset for our future that has been ruined for ever, led by "The Felt", David Fleming.
Slippage its called.
A museum mole tells me that David "Fuzzy Felt" Fleming the NML public relations disaster has just had to sign off an extra 100,000 grand for what was entitled ducting at the new museum. How do they keep on doing this with public funds. Shouldn't someone audit it.
He was heckled at yesterdays meeting at the Maritime Museum (that he probably will close). He was told "you don't know your staff" and was left in no doubt as to what his staff thought of him. But on he goes bungling from one disaster to another. How does he get away with this? Flemings idea of a museum of Hillsborough went down very badly indeed.
Apologies had to be made.
The place that was supposed to show the world what a "culchured" city we are.
We have a World Heritage Officer John Hinchliffe, he is the one with the white stick who has watched it all happen. He is a Yorkshire man. Saltaire is a WHS and protected against development by the city council.
Imagine the French building all over La Palace de la Papes or La Pont D'Avignon.
No,it is not even an option to ruin your history so a few "cosy" developers, led by the NWDA and Mike Storey & Co, can do what they like.
So all the "ducting" at the new museum of misery, had to be changed, and we are footing the bill for "Fuzzy Felt" falling out with his architects.
He is a public relations car crash, he even got a mention in Private Eye see current issue.
see recent comments on the excellent blog Nemesisrepublic.
Some recent PR disasters by his Feltness. respected historian and recent Chairman of the c20 society Gavin Stampwrote.
I think we will be visiting this topic again, etc, etc,etc

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Liverpools World Heritage Site Destroyed while Unesco Stand By

What a disaster.

I thought it would be bad, we fought against this at all planning stages but we did not know it would be quite this bad.

If you had of told me you could build a structure in the WHS worse than The 1960s tiled Shanghai-Palace that was there, I would not have believed it could have been done, but yes, they have managed it. What a talent we have here in Liverpool...but it is the wrong talent.

Oh, and its 2 storeys higher.

English Heritage what happened too busy with your hobby horse at Althorpe and Kenilworth Mr Thurley to pay attention to a area that was Liverpool's identity. I notified you on numerous occasions with acknowledgement.

Doreen blackmailed ???????? my behind she is the Doyenne of Disaster. A disgrace who allegedly lives on the Duke of Westminster's Estate.

Lady Doreen Jones as Chair of planning, who rubber stamped it, you have destroyed us. Imagine doing this to the Taj Mahal.



Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Henry Owen-John, English Heretic

pic Lancashire Economic Partnership
In the realms of the destruction of Liverpool’s Architectural History one name stands out above all others,that of Herman Goering.
He and the Luftwafe saw to it that during the blitz we lost so many architectural masterpieces that they could never be replaced.
We were once The Athens of the North .
The Customs house by John Foster Jr seems to spring to mind when thinking in a solemn mood. Bombed and then knocked down to give work to people after the war. They didnt think to rebuild it to dole out work!!!
Second on the list of heritage villians in my opinion is the Riechmarshal Nigel Lee Liverpool’s current planning manager.
Someone should just give him a B52 bomber with a full payload and he would be in his element.
Third on my list is Henry Owen John of English Heritage. He would be steering the plane.
Henry is an archeologist by profession.
What the recent English Heretics series has shown the nation is that the ministry is run by buffoons who act out their whims and fancies and are misguided, while the people with common sense get ignored.
Why is the most important person in the regions heritage entitled North West Planning and Development Director for English Heritage.
The whole set up leads one to believe that EH are more interested in assisting property developers such as Grosvenor and the arch vandals at Liverpool Museums and Neptune Developments than the people who pay their wages, the public.
They, EH, are now sitting at the top table with Peel Holdings assisting them, in my opinion, on how to crawl all over what is left of the WHS that does not already look like Milton Keynes-on-Sea.
I did a walkabout with Peter Elson for the centre pages of the Liverpool Daily Post
They went mad and he went on the defensive with a public relations exercise and along with his mate The Riechmarshal Lee begged to be interviewed to put thier side of the story over.
Just as recently with M.Ps expenses when you look at the set up you find there is a culture of distrust. But we stand off respectfully and say nothing. NOT ANY MORE.
I decided several years ago that the very people who were supposed to be protecting it English Heretics were making the biggest mistakes to Liverpool’s heritage.
They are corrupted with a culture that does not befit its remit and its principles and when you watch Chief Heretic Simon Thurley ,who I recently interviewed, it beggar’s belief that the whim of one man can wield so much power. Especially if the very people who are making the decisions do not have the requisite skills to protect us.

The World Heritage Site, before the ink was dry, on the Unesco Inscription was carved up by the NWDA and its “cosy” developers. Ruined While Henry Owen John never said a word, in fact the opposite he activly encouraged it.
He gave a talk at the recent Merseyside Civic Society AGM and was SHAKEN by the aggression from elderly gentlemen towards EHs government sponsored destruction in Liverpool.
The term A Educated Idiot springs to mind but I consider him to be more than that.
I cannot understand how and it is my opinion this man has rubber stamped more damage to my history by helping to shape its future with poor architecture that I will have to live with for the rest of my life. And he lives elsewhere.
Imagine the world outrage if they were to build three monstrous blocks of flats and a Museum that looks like a giant egg box in front of the Taj Mahal or the Pyramids.
46 Listed Buildings Destroyed while he stands by.
A plague on your house Mr Owen-John it is my opinion you are a disgrace to your profession and the whole Culture of Capital that is English Heritage.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Sir Neil Cossons.How did he get away with this.

Sir Neil Cossons-English Heretic.

When the Liverpool Council planners under the Riechmarshal Lee secretly slipped in the plans for the then proposed museum in Liverpool’s world heritage site on 20th December 05, I could not believe it, I should have been shopping for socks for my Uncle Billy, I did not even know of the proposals despite being very involved in planning matters for some time and specifically World Heritage.
Armed with a report from Icomos UK and my own speech. I SHOT OVER TO THE TOWN HALL TO BE THE LONE OBJECTOR. No one knew about this even though the Ombudsman later cleared them because a one-inch advert appeared in the Merseymart or somewhere that conveniently nobody knew of.
IT WAS STITCHED UP WELL AND TRULY BEFORE-HAND. David Irving as Chair standing in for Lady Doyenne nodded it through.
I got the list of letters sent out by the council one was addressed "the Statue Pier Head" another "The Car Park" Mann Island another to a shop next to mine that did not exist and my shop did not receive one. How strange.
I thought that Peter de Figueiredo who was English Heretics historic building advisor at the time has something to answer about so I wrote to the Heretics under the Freedom of Information act requesting all the documents to show how a reasonable decision could have been made with our world heritage site without public consultation. Something the toothless UNESCO would later confirm was undemocratic.
Then by chance I stumbled across a strange bit of information that the then Chairman of English Heritage Sir Neil Cossons was working for Liverpool Museums…along with ex top knob at the Heretics bureau, Loyd Grossman who was then the chairman of NML…along with the then leader of the city council the now disgraced Mike Storey (who conveniently didn’t tell anyone, in fact it appeared to be a secret)…and the Chairman of the North West Development Agency, Bryan Gray who was to fund the museum by the sale of the land to build 3 huge blocks on the Mann Island site that they owned. They were in the plans but with transparent pen.

Copy thereof
149. Declaration of Interest
The Chairman invited Trustees present to indicate whether they had any conflicting or prejudicial interests within the items of business set out below.
Not specific to any agenda items Mr Grossman advised that he may have conflicts of interest arising from his Deputy Chairmanship of the Liverpool Culture Company. Mr Gray advised that he may have conflicts arising from his Chairmanship of the North West Development Agency. Sir Neil Cossons advised the he may have conflicts of interest arising from his Chairmanship of English Heritage. Councillor Storey advised that he may have conflicts of interest arising from his role as Leader of Liverpool City Council.
RESOLVED that the Board accepts that none of these possible interests give rise to undue conflict or could prejudice the proper transaction of the business of this meeting and the Trustees concerned should not therefore be expected to withdraw from the discussions.
150. Decisions of Trustees
Permission to accept offer of £32,700,000 from the North West Development Agency
RESOLVED that the Trustees accept offer of £32,700,000 from the North West Development Agency

The list of conflicts of interest was immense one of NMLs trustees had even had a job done by 3XN the architects the strange occurrence that not a soul in Liverpool had heard of until the plans for the WHS had been approved. Despite the Conflicts of Interest, lets move on, and ignore them, they then decided.

How can you have a then Chairman of English Heritage working for the very perpetrators of WHS disaster. It should not have been allowed?

What the English Heritage series show is that if its convenient, it’s a stitch up right from the top down.
Thurley denied there was any conflict of interests after I wrote to him. Well he would, wouldn't he.
Current trustees

I hope this man can sleep at night.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Simon Thurley-Chief English Heretic

Its Friday night again and compulsive viewing is the BBC Series about English Heretics. picture courtosy

The Thurley gig starts again.
You can imagine the build up to this week’s saga.
Basil Thurley to his wife.
“Oh Darling what do you want for your birthday”
“How about landscaping the garden”
“How about landscaping someone else’s garden we could get away with a couple of million no-one would notice and as a special birthday treat you can do it yourself, be a bit of extra money for you”
“Oh Simon I love you”
“I know its easy isn’t it, I can definitely see the attraction”

And off they go. They find this letter from some Elizabethan drunkard who wrote about a garden that was erected for Queen Elizabeth. Despite the fact that it may have only been up for 16 days does not matter to them and they decide to restore it, without a scrap of evidence to support its existence, bullying anyone who stands in their way. Thurdling into it, Good Craftsmen, with skilled trades, are led by Incompetent fools at the ministry, bungling from one disaster to another. They set up a panel of committees, to decide what committee to install. Its so painful. Its like entering the twilight zone.
It’s only the tradesmen, who get completely ignored, who have any common sense in the show.

They start off with a 2 million budget and guess what the budget ends at 3.5 million.
Isn’t there an accountant down at the ministry of silly antics, cant anyone count? It’s every bloody time.
They spend 300 grand on a embankment that a Heretic says err it’s a bit of a health and safety issue "what if wheelchairs fall over the edge we really,do need it". This is three quarters into the job which runs 2 years behind schedule.
If I ran my business in this manner I wouldn’t have one. Its surreal watching them.
Basil Thurley comes on site and that’s where the entertainments really begins, how an earth did someone so lacking in even the basic communications skills get away with it, in my opinion he is a complete twasser.
He walks on set looking like a Saville Row, Bazooka Joe and when told he needs an 'elf and safety induction he throws a Wally and turns on the bloke shouting "20 minutes, 20 minutes, I was in full swing there". Well once he gets going it’s a grin, he must be the biggest embarrassment to all the time wasting, head scratching, bureaucrats that are, part of the ministry of out of touch walks.
Thurley Gig then part gets it right, frying his staff and his organisation in the process “What’s this"..." well the grass wont grow so we err" the minion says.

"Did they have plastic planting trellis’s for embankments in Elizabethan times" and then "who built this wall” as he surveys his kingdom come hobby horse.
Well it did look like something Barney Rubble had a go at I have to say.
Then he says “You can see the cars, (as if like, make them disappear) there is a road there” Then the budget goes ballistic.
They then try everything they can to claw the cash back off the hardworking craftsman joiners, who did a fantastic job, who had erected a wooden aviary replacing the stone idea, saving 300 grand while Mrs Thurley goes off on maternity leave ready to have Little Lord Fauntleroy II.
By this time your shouting at the telly, anyone could see that was gonna happen its so funny. I am biting my thumb laughing out loud. Basil Thurley, it should be made into a film.

Until you realise that the whole load of waste of money has just cost us the taxpayers a fortune while there are 10 buildings on the Heretics “at risk register” in Liverpool and a couple of hundred more on the verge of falling down and this Little Lord Numskull has just spent a third of a million on a marble fountain that wasn’t there in the first place because he wanted a folly.
And Liverpool's World Heritage Site was advised upon by these people.

He has must be the biggest confidence trickster to infiltrate a public funded organisation since……. A FISH


Thursday, 7 May 2009

Dr Simon Thurley and the Restoration of Faulty Towers

I have just watched last Fridays BBC 2 programme about English Heretics and the god-damn awful block of flats that no-one in Sheffield wanted to keep, there were major campaigns to have it demolished, only the out of touch ministry of funny walks at English Heretics listed it against all the wishes of the people who live there.
It was hilarious, well good entertainment but in the realms of a load of "out of touch twassers" at the ministry of funny walks, wasting millions of pounds of public money. It was like watching a disaster movie. image coutosy of BBC see link below for a gallery of images
PARK HILL is a Le Corbusier inspired monolithic block of misery that never functioned and never will because people hate it.,_Sheffield

The Heretics said it should be preserved as the largest listed building in Europe ( I think the honour used to lay with the Albert Dock, in England, at least as Grade I). It looks like a huge decaying beached Whale.The nutters from the ministry go Thurdling into one disaster after another.

Now I can see the theories behind the motives but what people doing up Faulty Towers don't seem to understand is that concrete is the biggest disaster to hit England, it just rots and never really looks good and once the structural metal reinforceing bars cast inside the concrete rust, it goes balloon and its bladdered.
In Marsailles they don't have the rain and driving winds like we do so its a mistake to compare.
They knocked Bell Vale flats in Liverpool down and they had a party to celebrate the event.

Tom Floxham from Urban Splash was rolled in, as the darling boy, who lives off the public purse saving buildings for the nation, what a good egg...and making a fortune out of the Heretics grant system.

50,000 signatures against its renovation were collected now there's democracy for you.
Did Basil Thurley listen no he saw a TV camera beckoning and went for it. Only this has backfired big time. My opinion is that he is a posing little twit with no talent. Could he put a shelf up? So why is he in charge of a fortune of our money, with no practical experience.
I would not let this character loose on renovating my shed as it would have an estimate of £120,000 or some telephone number. The builders see him coming and throw a couple of noughts on. You have heard the saying Lions led by Donkeys well this looks like a case of Donkey's led by Donkey's.

The architects go off on a "jollie" to Marseilles and ponce about the bit of hockey stick used for a door handle on one of the rooms that they cant get into because the bloke renovating Park Hill cant work out how the lock works. God help us, its evident that an architect in a tangerine orange shirt matched with red trousers has no design skill. But he had the requisite trendy gigs on so he fitted the bill and got the job.
Why do most architects look like something from the Village of the Damned?

They were bemused how the Corbusier block cost 7 million to renovate when their budget was three.
Well can you guess what happened next the budget goes to 51 million they rip the innards out of it, and the credit crunch hits. Basil sweats a bit and says lots of stuff like "as it were". The builders down tools because they are almost bust and the beached Whale is now open to the elements in places that should not be, and there is now a estimate of £150,000,000 to put it right.
The Councillor who led the campaign to demolish it is now Sheffield City Council leader.
Basil Thurley what a disaster , he should be renovated. A petition to demolish him me thinks would easily get 50,000 signatures. This bungling idiot thinks he is on Grand Designs with my money this nonsense should stop now the DCMS should take action.
Wayne Colquhoun

Wednesday, 6 May 2009





Liverpool Heritage Forum Special Newsletter. 1
A network of voluntary community societies concerned with heritage and culture in
the Liverpool area. Send your news to us on: Also forward
this Newsletter to anyone who may be interested or, better still, send us extra names
for our circulation list,. Our website is :

Newsletter No 58: 3 May 2009

We have referred previously to the possibility, indeed probability, that Liverpool
Heritage Forum would have to be closed down due to lack of co-operation by the City
Council, indeed its the failure even to respond to correspondence.
The Forum has undoubtedly assisted in “spreading the word” about heritage during
the Year of Heritage (2007) and the City’s year as European Capital of Culture
(2008). It is beyond question that the Forum’s influence, be it great or small, has
been positive. Yet through the “reigns” of Jason Harborough and Phil Redmond the
Liverpool Culture Company (part of the City Council) and now the City Council itself,
“Town Hall” officials have failed to answer our letters, even after reminders, or to
have taken months to do so. It is not as though we have bombarded them with
letters. We have written a small number of considered letters, which merited not only
acknowledgement (which they mostly did not receive without one or more reminders
being sent) but also considered responses. Other simple forms of co-operation have
not been forthcoming.
The Forum’s steering group has come to the view that there is no point in it
continuing to exist if the City Council continues to behave like this. We say “the City
Council” but given the number of supporting words which a number of elected
Councillors have give to us orally, we wonder if the reason for the failure is that the
authority’s structure does not take heritage seriously and does not give its officials a
clear mandate and instruction to support heritage and to engage in constructive
dialogue with us as part of that. Or is it just that the City Council has no system for
such a simple task as answering letters?
So, does the City Council take heritage seriously? It would be extraordinary if it
doesn’t because cultural tourism is the City’s main hope for increasing employment.
To prove our point, we reproduce below a letter which we sent to Claire McColgan,
Head of Culture on 4 February 2009. (repeat 4 February). Having received no
response, we sent a reminder on 29 March (repeat 29 March). We received a reply
on 1 May 2009 (repeat 1 May). The texts are below.
In order to test the opinion of the people who have shown interest in the Form’s
activities and the situation it finds itself in, we have prepared a questionnaire, which
we hope you will answer. This is at the back of his Newsletter.
Liverpool Heritage Forum Special Newsletter. 2
Letter dated 4 February 2009 from Andrew Pearce, Chairman of Liverpool Heritage
Forum, to Claire McColgan, Head of Culture at Liverpool City Council with a copy to Councillor Gary Millar, Cabinet Member for Enterprise & Tourism:

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Liverpool Culture of Capital

Where has all our Culcha gone. Where are all the exhibitions and Concerts that a Culchar'd city has as standard.
This year post 2008 is the worst year I have known for events.
Now, I don't like to be critical, but did they use all they had last year and they have now ran out of steam.
Richard Brooks threw a slant on the way Museums are being run with a Bonus Culcha. It made me think and I wondered how much has Our own museum director earned and more to the point how much was their bonuses for last year with the influx of tourists all spiked up with Capital Of Culcha.

As the recession bites, will the top staff at our museums and galleries waive their not-inconsiderable annual bonuses? I ask because Jonathan Stephens, permanent secretary at the Department for Culture, and his senior colleagues are to forgo theirs. And he has now written to the top galleries and museums pointing this out.
A veiled threat? After all, the bonuses can be as much as 20% extra on top of salary. Of course, a more sensible way forward would be to scrap the bonus culture in the arts, which often depends on meeting daft targets such as how many “yoofs” are passing through the doors. In fact, our museum and gallery bosses are hardly paid a fortune. Nick Serota, boss of the Tate, is top dog with £166,749 last year, including a £12,000 bonus, according to the latest issue of Museums Journal. Perhaps the biggest surprise is the low(ish) £130,000 for Neil MacGregor of the British Museum, Britain’s most-visited museum. He refuses to take any bonus. No wonder he is St Neil. Having already turned down a knighthood, surely the offer of an Order of Merit or Companion of Honour must soon be in the post.

So we have written to the Director of Liverpool Museums as follows.

Liverpool Preservation Trust
11-13 Holts arcade
India Buildings
Water St
Liverpool L2 0RR


Tel: 0151 236 1282

David Fleming
William Brown Street
Liverpool 3
Dear Sir.
We are concerned as to the lack of exhibitions this year of any note and would be critical of the lack of substance this current year after 2008.

We also note that there may be a bonus culture being used by Museum Directors, a sort of extra pay for extra visitors and I would request under the Freedom of Information Act details of any bonuses paid to any officials or Museum Directors at Liverpool for the last couple of years I look forward to hearing from you.
Wayne Colquhoun

Friday, 1 May 2009

MV Wincham and the Museum Director in Denial

After the appalling and galling decision to scrap the Wincham which was berthed at The Albert Dock. Top Knob at Liverpool museums David "Fuzzy Felt" Fleming has hit the roof with all the negative publicity being created.
In my opinion this pathetic twasser has no idea what the public think about the mess that he has turned Liverpool Museums into and the spin off from his public spat with the "Fiends of NML" has more than helped to contribute to the scrapping of this historic vessel. And it appears he does not care. In my opinion the inward destruction he has caused to Liverpool's historic landscape by setting out to further his career at our expense with the plan to build a new museum bang slap in the middle of the world heritage site is immense. This whole push to build this museum is affecting huge chunks of our, the publics institution, whether directly or indirectly and the full weight will not be felt for years, and it annoys me. What also annoys me is that he will bugger off when he has destroyed the whole spirit of Liverpool Museums. He knows how to complain his wife/partner Alison Hastings is also a member of the press complaints commission.
Peter Elsons latest column which has got him all wound up.

NML has destroyed the Historic Ferry Bell see previous blog
Manchester Dock which predated the Albert by 60 years
He has upset all his staff and now should share responsibility, in my opinion, for the loss of the Wincham whether he likes to admit it or not.
Wayne Colquhoun