Friday, 29 May 2009

Liverpool Museums gave me a MASBO

YOU HAVE HEARD OF AN ASBO...WELL I HAVE GOT A MASBO. The infantile little "twasser" who runs the museums "his Feltness" Dr David Fleming OBE (Our Big Ego)has banned me from the museums and to think, its that "plonker" who is guilty of anti social behaviour upsetting everyone around him including all his staff with his public relations car-crash.
He has complained to everyone who he has been criticised by, and thats many, and now he has thrown his toys out of his little frilly felt lined pram, and turned on me. I am so hurt and upset about this that I have taken an aspirin..lad a lay down.......mopped my brow.....its all too much........and decided to write about it.
He is now in a spat with the Daily Ghost and Jeckyl, who is is complaining about for, er...telling the truth. He is bully, he has realised that everytime he complains he gets a bit of publicity by default and he hopes that the hard working staff at the paper's will shy away from the aggravation and confrontation, I sincerely hope they don't. He has a big (lack of)personality problem in my opinion and not content with destroying the years of heritage that Liverpool Museums has by turning the publicly funded world museum into the Wacky Warehouse, where we have had two terrible deaths. He has also destroyed the whole essence of what Sudley House was about, and nailing a glass runway on the side of the Lady Lever was a big mistake. Its a good job he cant get his hands on the Williamson in Birkenhead....Can he? No please keep him away.
Well when I say he has banned me from the Liverpool museums, who are a client of mine, he was recently presented with the guest list for the current photography exhibition by Franco who I have known for nearly 30 years and when he saw my name he crossed it out and said "Under no circumstances is he going" boo! hoo! hoo! Yes he is big, he is tough, he is Fleming. Well I will just have to sneak in next time wont I, its a public place. What a little dictator he is. He has got a right cob on about me writing on this blog about him. I am so sorry about that. He is particularly sensitive to me mentioning his wife Alison Hastings who is on the press complaints committee...oh and she is a trustee of the BBC also.
He did not say much when Reximillions who also withdrew funding for NML because Felto has upset him, mentioned them both in his column.

Well I think this is all a smokescreen because he told us that 3XN the architects that he sacked were bringing us a piece of Danish Architecture to our World Heritage Site and we will like it one day the pathetic planning committee all believed him. Or did they! David "Am I bovvered because I dont live in Liverpool"Irving, passed the plans in what the papers called a nod through on the 20th December 05.
It reminded me of something I was sure it was a Oscar Niemeyer rip-off like Paddys Wigwam. I was sure that's where the inspiration came from.....and I could not understand why a giant skateboard ramp would be a museum. I wondered about the white Elephant-on-Sea and where I has seen the shape of the giant squashed ciggy packet......................... then, I found it.

Right behind the Baltic Fleet there it was the copper power station, they have conned us all, the architect has ripped off with a power station.
This is what Phlem hates being caught out because the little tin-pot Emperor is not wearing any clothes and is standing there naked in the ill wind of uncertainty waiting till the next massive tide floods all our artifacts because they ignored the flood risk warnings from the Environment Agency.
Its not me who should be banned but the tin-pot who runs the place who is wasting my money on a museum that no-one wants that will not even be able to display the items because they designed the shape first.

The Power Station behind the Baltic Fleet Pub. Liverpools New Museum was based on this design by............ Manweb.

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