Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Green Property-In Private Eye, Over India Buildings

It is a well deserved mention that Green Property get in Private Eye.
The lack of care and direction that they have shown in being the custodian of one of Liverpool's historic buildings has been brought to the attention of a wider audience by 'Piloti' in the NOOKS AND CORNERS section.
Piloti says the original title of this column was "Nooks and Corners of the NEW BARBARISM" and there has been plenty of barbarism described here over the years. Much of it emanated from Liverpool and alas, there is more.

Just who is the Liverpool 'Piloti' where does he get his concise information from and how come there is so much to write about Liverpool.

We thank 'Piloti' for helping to expand the Architectural Barbarism that is commonplace in Liverpool to a wider audience.

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Friday, 14 December 2012

Green Property Issue A Statement on India Building.

Mike Tapp of Green Property Group issued a statement as the proposed demonstration over their handling of one of Liverpool's Historic properties was to go ahead. The first paragraph says "Protests are the stuff of democracy and I am sure Wayne and his colleagues wont seek to disrupt other occupiers of the building, nor harm its fabric in any way".  First of all  Dewhurst the Joiner is sent out to vandalise India Buildings bronze fitments, with the removal of 6 architectural fittings that were removed without planning permission,  and then he insults the intelligence of those protesting by asking them not to harm the fabric. THEY WERE THE PEOPLE PROTESTING AGAINST HIM. You couldn't make this up. Whether his press statement was prepared by him or Dougal Paver who Green have employed to mitigate the situation is not clear. But the thing that is clear is that a lot of people turned up, over a hundred some a bit late or early and they all signed the SOS "Save Our Shops petition". Green made further,  comments in this statement regarding giving rent free periods to other shopkeepers and help with their fit outs, which is a nonsense.  They did give Robert Wade-Smith a rent free period while other shopkeepers struggled, oh and they replaced a foot of skirting board and layed some carpet tiles for him. Big Expense for sure, they are so generous Green Property of Berkeley Square London. Was Robert Wade Smith their consultant who said there was no use for the shops in Holt's Arcade and they should be made into offices?  Was he wrong to think he had any credibility left after his company went into liquidaton leaving debts to local companies.  Holts Arcade shopkeepers welcomed him even though it appeared he was plotting to bring "Brands" to Liverpool's Historic India Building. 
But Green helped him without helping the tenants that had been there for decades, in most cases completely ignoring them.

The peaceful demonstration was publicised in the Liverpool Echo the next day.

It was good to see so many people who love this building making themselves heard and sending a clear message to Green Property that this is our history they are trying to damage.

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Monday, 3 December 2012

India Building Mutiny by Green Property Group

Peter Elson unfurls his sails and puts on a head of steam over the disgusting act of Vandalism perpetrated by Green Property Group on the Main Entrance to India Building.
Its bad enough they just seem to be running the building down but to then vandalise it.
It now transpires that Mike Tapp and Co, of, The Greed Property Group, the vandals of India Buildings have done so much damage when Dewhurst the joiner was ordered to remove the architectural fitments, that four of the six can no longer be replaced as they were, instead they are having to employ architects to find a way to re-instate them........ or face criminal proceedings from the City Council, who seem to be taking this very seriously indeed, and so they should.
It is hard to believe that educated people could do this to such a wonderful example of Herbert Rowse architecture.
All the warning signs were there for some time and it had not gone unoticed by some.
No one would have believed any sane person would wish to desicrate such a historic landmark in Liverpools World Heritage Site when Liverpool is on the Unesco World Heritage Site "In Danger" list.

It has caused unprecedented local press attention.



Lets hope that the owners of India Building now realise what they have and start to think about their responsibility.