Friday, 29 January 2010

Border Agency Raid at Mann Island-Five are Arrested.

In a sting operation a gang master labour scan was exposed when 5 Indian workers were arrested. The Home Office had received a tip off and staked out the site catching them as they left work for the evening. After several tragic events in the area, you have to question what is the situation if there was a death on site either with a foreign worker or another close-by. This site has been marred in controversy and since it’s inception and the North “Vested Interest” Development Agency (NWDAwho use the money received to fund the new museum)  became involved giving the land to Neptune Developments for 3.5 million pounds when a value of 15 million was quoted, which should have been more like 80 million in my opinion.  It was then allegedly knocked out to Dylan Harvey, a property broker,  who has caused severe hardship for numerous deposit holders of land they were to develop in Manchester.  Such was the land given away so cheaply and Neptune became the builders, and all this instigated by the NWDA with our taxpayers money
Even with the huge profits to be made they still employ scab labour to do the job on the cheap possibly gang-mastered in from India. It looks like a similar thing that happens in Dubai with Asian workers being the predominant labour. These workers were working illegally while taking Liverpudlians jobs away from them at a time of recession. This scheme is sponsored by the Liverpool City Council and Warren Bradley backs it all the way.  Not only are they ruining the World Heritage Site they are doing it illegally. I was informed that Liverpool One was raided on numerous occasions and the Echo Arena……..not a mention in the Oldham Echo or the Daily Ghost, Trinity “Smoking” Mirrors. The Mann Island site is just over a hundred yards from the Border Agency offices within the Home Office. The third and final building has been given a further 3 million pounds of public funding by the NWDA so that Merseytravel can relocate there while across the road the historic White Star Line Building rots.  Will the local press print this?

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Liverpool Waters Developer Peel Unveils Proposals.

For the whole period of two days now thats public consultation for you. The horrendous idea to build Shanghai-On-Sea is to be thrust to the public for their views.....and then they wont take a blind bit of notice what anyone thinks. There are plans to site a Cruise Liner facility in the massive proposed development which will compete against its own scheme called Wirral Waters. Are they running the place, and are the Trinity "Smoking" Mirror group  really telling the true story of Liver-Peel.
Its exhibition near the city’s MetQuarter, at 9 Whitechapel from 10am-5pm tomorrow and Saturday, will feature the latest scale model of the draft project and exclusive new images, to encourage visitors to offer their views on Peel’s ambitious plans that could take up to 30 years to complete.
They say;  It is being designed to make a significant contribution to the economic resurgence of Liverpool and its wider area, with new and existing residents and increasing the number of visitors to the city.
I say: Its being designed to maximise profits for its tax exile owners who should undergoe a competition commission inquiry into thier stranglehold of the region.
The local papers says  Peel’s vision is for the waterfront area to become a base for a substantial workforce and residents, delivering many thousands of new jobs and homes. Part of the site lies in Liverpool’s World Heritage site and the plans are being carefully designed to protect and conserve the historic features of the area. Peel’s vision is for the waterfront area to become a base for a substantial workforce and residents, delivering many thousands of new jobs and homes. Part of the site lies in Liverpool’s World Heritage site and the plans are being carefully designed to protect and conserve the historic features of the area.
The project is to be exhibited for six months at Shanghai’s World Expo 2010, where Liverpool will have a dedicated pavilion with the aim of attracting international and national investment for Liverpool. Peel development director Lindsey Ashworth said: “We urge all who live or work in the Liverpool area to come to our consultation event.
“This is a great opportunity to see first hand what the scheme now entails and to find out what progress has been made over the past 12 months. Peel will welcome questions and comments.”

We say anyone can put a couple of perspex cones on a sheet of plywood and con the public if any turn up in the two days they have to join the the .........consultation. They have turned Princes Dock into Milton Keynes-On-Sea and now on Central docks in the WHS, Shaghai-On-Sea awaits

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Liverpools Pier Head Another Carbuncle Planned. This Time its Next to The Liver Buildings.

Have a look at the picture on the right and guess where it is for. Milton Keynes I hear you say or some new town from the 60s. No you would be wrong. This is plot 7 Princes Parade and in effect it is next to the Liver Buildings. The artists impression is from where the Terminal Ferry Carbuncle is now. We are turning into the Carbuncle Capital. This building has already had planning permission passed. The architects said it was Mondrian esque I told the committee Mondrian died in 19966 and its already 40 years out of date. 06F/1371. I was there arguing when Liverpools "Dame of Disaster" tried to stop me speaking, she who has now buggered off to live on the Duke of Westministers Estate just outside Chester. She rubber stamped it. I recieved a planning letter on the 24th December 09 Planning application no 09F/2610 this was strangely described as to extend extant planning permission for said site. I knew the site, but how many others would see the importance of it where is plot 7 Princes Parade, it could be anywhere. I was just packing up for the Xmas and telephoned a collegue in disgust of the dodgy tactics employed by the planners. Chris Ridland was dealing with it, how come everything he deals with on behalf of Riechmarshal Lee seems to be dealt with in a suspect manner. The applications objections had to be in by 11 January. Most people will not be back to work till the 5th very convenient I thought. Then we had the worst weather for 30 years and the whole of the country came to a standstill. If you want a contentios application dealt with its Xmas here in Liverpool. They know the score. The planners are confident that no-one will be paying attention. I made some further inquiries and complained this is Ridlands reply:

I can confirm that planning application (09F/2610) is applying to extend extant planning permission (06F/1371), which was due to expire on the 18th December 2009. This latest planning application (09F/2610) was received by the Local Planning Authority on the 17th December 2009.

I trust this is of assistance.
Chris Ridland
So the planning app is about to run out and the day before it is resubmitted the day before, and within a week the applications are sent out in a speedily put together excersise. But the way it is handled in truth is a manner more akin to a third world country than a world heritage site city. I informed Unesco who are doing their usual silly dance around the English Heretics advisers.

In a city run by spivs we cant expect anything else. You can object If you dont the spivs will get away with it.

Ben Scofield at the Daily Ghost makes an effort today telling us that the developers dont have any cash and have not filed any accounts and the Directors risk getting struck off, see link below. He writes
A LANDMARK waterfront complex is in jeopardy after its developers failed to secure finance for the scheme more than two years after buying the plot.

Lead Asset Strategies (Liverpool), the company that owns the Princes Parade site, could also be struck off the Companies House Register in a matter of weeks.  

Only in Liverpool could a crap building be plonked in a WHS in front of the Liver Buildings our symbol of the city. They have destroyed the views of Three Graces from the Strand, From the Sea and now for all the visiting Cruise Liners that are earmarked to stop at the Cruise Liner Jetty(another cock up) they are about to add to the mess at Princes Dock, it really does resemble, Milton Keynes-On-Sea.

Some History

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

A Travelodge for Liverpools World Heritage Site. Only in Liverpool Could This Happen.

Another Landmark building coming soon, the hoarding, which must have cost a fortune, proclaims. Another ad-sign on the other side of the old Coopers bar which closed a couple of years ago despite protests from the lessees to keep it open (Sunday was a particulary busy afternoon with Cy Tucker a old favorite, in some quarters, did his gig there) advertises the grand job they are all doing for us. This site was another CPO job by the North Vested Interest Development Authority. (NWDA). Directly opposite the Mann Island Development where the "Vested Interest" Development Quango gave away a plot of land worth 15 million for 3.25 million pounds. This can only be described as a conservative estimate by the shysters involved in the deal. I find it hard to believe that a site claimed to be worth a finished site value of 300 million pounds could be lied about in such a way as to devalue its worth to suit a few. Correspondent does another exellent article about the landmark building coming soon............a Travelodge...yes a Travelodge, has anyone seen the quality, or lack of quality, of the Travelodge chain. Correspondent calls it Hotel Reservations and usually critical to the Oldham Hall Street Brigade he picks up on the fact that even they are against this one. Even those dimwits at the Oldham Echo and the blind people at the Daily Ghost can see through this one. I noticed a lampost notice last Tuesday which states they are giving a small triangle of our land, pavement, to the developers. All objections have to be in by the 21 January, which was two days away after it was posted. What chance have you. This really is a city run by spivs who give away our land to their mates who have snuggled up to them. It is bad enough having a tacky travelodge in such a location but giving the pavement away is one step too far, or one too less as the case may be.
The Planning App and its Chris (The Riddler) Ridland dealing with another dodgy application, again, with The Reichmarshal Lee's our planning nightmares, thumbprints all over it.
The Application is 10F/0029 The planning departments number is 0151 233 3021.
The spivs have told Unesco everything is alright, it is far from it. is the portal they claim you can find all the details it does not say they have spivved the pavement away in front of our noses with no objections because no-one knew anything about it. We could write to Colin Cover Up the Liverpool Chief Executive but as part of the Executive Board, he has already passed this I am sure and now its a case of banging it through.
Through all those dark years of depressing times all I needed sometimes was to see our majestic world heritage site to believe in myself, to think that it could be done here in Liverpool we have got a start above other towns. When Sir Neil Cossons the then Chairman of English Heretics, at the symbolic unveiling of the WHS inscription. "This is some achievement, now we have to build on what we have at the World Heritage Site" surely he did not mean it.

Monday, 25 January 2010

North West Development Agency-Shysters-R-Us

A LAND deal that saw a publicly-owned site sold for a quarter of its real value will be investigated by independent auditors. Ben Schofield writes in todays Daily Ghost. Though he is only young and has not been around for a while, this is several years after the event, this is why we call the local papers Trinity "Smoking" Mirror Group. Why did they not investigate what we all knew. I told them about this and they chose not to print it.

He continues, The North West Development Agency asked Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) to investigate the purchase and re-sale of its Mann Island site after the Daily Post revealed it was sold for £3.5m even though its value is nearer £15m.
The waterfront site, in the shadow of the city’s historic Three Graces, is now being developed by Countryside Neptune, which bought the plot in 2007. NWDA had paid £9.25m for the site just six years before. Its audit committee voted unanimously to ask PWC to investigate the deal.
North West MEP Paul Nuttall has also asked the National Audit Office to look into the deal.
NWDA chief executive Mr Steven Broomhead said: “Given what’s been said in the public domain, I think it’s important that I reassure myself with an independent review carried out by PWC.”
An expert arbitrator valued the site at between £15m and £16m while settling a dispute between the NWDA and the land’s former owners last year.
Three blocks are being built on there – two residential and one containing offices. There will also be restaurants and shops, as well as a Winter Garden.
Neptune managing director Steve Parry defended the deal and also revealed a clause in the developers’ contact with NWDA means if the scheme earns high profits, some will be shared with the tax payer-funded quango.Mr Parry said:“A very complex brief was developed for the site to ensure buildings of the highest quality that would not jeopardise Liverpool’s newly-acquired World Heritage Status. This significantly reduced the value of the site.”

I wrote to Stephen Broadbent of the NWDA in 2006 and asked for more information regarding this land deal and was told in writing it was covered by commercial confidentiality. However during a Civic Society special meeting which was stitched up by Peter Brown the Chairman and Brian"Mad Hatter" Hatton Neptune said "We will make this happen because the price we paid for the land means we cant go wrong. NWDA-Shysters-R-Us. We have all paid for the WHS to be destroyed.
The PR agents for the NWDA and Neptune oh and Liverpool Vision were October Communications now Aurora PR based in Hanover Chambers, Hanover Street and the person at the Daily Ghost who I told this was the then City Editor of the Daily Ghost Larry Nield the Union rep. He now works for the PR company that would sell its grandmother for money and have sold our WHS right down the river.

Friday, 22 January 2010

NWDA to Probe its Own Land Sell-Off to Neptune Developments. Now Does That Make Sense?

This is how it was. Liverpool the Venice of the North, those magnificent views, so good we were made a world heritage site. A WHS for what our forebears left us. This had view survived by sheer miracle, that was the words of Graham Fisher the Chairman of the local Victorian Society during his elegant and passionate speech opposing the plans to develop the site by Neptune Developments at the planning committee that Lady Doreen Jones the Dame of Disaster  passed by a casting vote and then buggered off to where she lived just outside Chester with Clever Trevor the property developing ex Lord Mayor. Never should this have been allowed. All the power was with the NWDA who run the Government Office North West who report to the DCMS who are guilded by the English Heretics with their c****pted officials doing deals to further their careers. see a couple of posts we did earlier Peter de Figueiredo…. English Heretic is now I am informed employed by Peel Holdings. What good is all the money in the world if you sell your soul.

Now it is reported (badly) by the Daily Ghost that the whole of the land deal is to be investigated It is reported that the NWDA is to probe Liverpool Waterfront land sell off............which they did , how can this be right. and why are they continuing with the same old. They are funding Carbuncle after Carbuncle in the WHS.

Who-ever called themselves, falsely, a reporter who put the Daily Ghost article together does not have a clue as the figures they quote as they do not add up niether does the article make sense. It appears to be another NWDA press release packaged as a damage limitation by the Daily Ghost. We thought they were getting a bit better this year but they just do not have the journalistic skills.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Jim Gill of Liverpool Vision-Good Riddance.

It has been announced that Jim Gill the Grey man of Liverpool (lack of) Vision is to step down.
If he had gone 6 years ago we would have all been better off.
He makes the spitting image character of John Major look exiting. To Liverpool he has been amongst one of the worst arch vandals of the World Heritage Site. This is his true legacy.

The Daily Ghost and Trinity "Smoking" Mirror group, who helped promote most of his his schemes writes;

THE MAN who played a key role in Liverpool’s renaissance over the past decade has announced his retirement.
The chief executive of regeneration agency Liverpool Vision, Jim Gill, 61, is to step down later this year after spearheading the city’s physical regeneration.

Interesting no reporter puts their name to this article?

Warren Bradley who has played another massive part in Liverpool’s Degeneration says
“I wish him well in his well-earned retirement,” he said. In an exclusive interview, Mr Gill said he was pleased to have been involved in a pivotal time in the city’s history – but said no single organisation should take credit for its regeneration.
Gill said huge challenges remain and admitted there were still parts of the city that remained untouched by the economic renaissance.
This is the blind leading the blind. Gill and Bradley have often been the opposing sides of planning battles we have been involved in, and they hold all the power. Pulling strings behind the scenes.  Bradley has recently been put up for an award by one of his mates.

Liverpool Vision led the decimation of the Pier Head with their massive publicity budget, promoting the Glass Pie in the Sky Cloud, desperate to develop the site, and they said nothing when one of their ideas the Terminal Ferry Carbuncle won the carbuncle cup.
Gill says
“It’s about strengthening the business base in the city and building on the potential it has as a major international city.
“We need to find a way in which the business opportunities become more relative to all parts of the city, rather than [just] the ‘haves’. There are still parts of the city where the economic renaissance has not made a big difference yet.”
Quangi, Gill said he will be leaving in an important year for Liverpool as it goes to the World Expo in April to sell itself on the global stage.
“I’m sure Liverpool’s presence will be a big success and have a positive long-term impact on its fortunes.”

So when the world sees what this grey suit has helped to achieve for Liverpool what will his legacy be.
Could it be that anybody with a slight bit of architectural nouse will snigger at silly comments like his. Some of the “cosy” developers with close relationships to Liverpool Vision will of course be laughing all the way to the bank. While we have to endure his uneducated planning of a Liverpool dream that is now looking like anybody with a slightest of Aesthetic values will have to live with while he buggers off with a pension pay-off from the taxpayers.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Tesco Tear-aways

Tesco Every Little Hurts. I t seems to say a lot about the fact of life these days that big business is running the council. Now when a council chooses to abandon that relationship they start spatting about. LIVERPOOL Council last night accused Tesco of trying to derail a major regeneration scheme in a key area in the north of the city.

Tesco is challenging the legal battle it lost against Sainsbury’s over a multi-million pound plan to revamp the Great Homer Street area. The company will seek a review of the decision which favoured its rivals to open a supermarket as part of the £150m Project Jennifer scheme.

Last night, developers St Modwen and Liverpool Council, who are working with Sainsbury’s on the initiative, hit out at Tesco, saying it had caused yet another delay to the scheme.
Regeneration leader Cllr Peter Millea said Tesco was putting its commercial interests ahead of one of the city’s most important projects.
Tesco hit back in the war of words, saying it “categorically rejected” the claims and that it had a strong track record of delivery in Liverpool.
Tesco had originally been in talks with developers St Modwen and brought legal action to try to proceed with its own plans in the area.
In December, a planning inspector ruled in favour of the city council, which had rejected Tesco’s scheme for a 27,000 sq ft superstore and indoor and outdoor markets.
Maybe the council should do a facebook site that stopped them last time.  Maybe they should set Bernie Turner loose on them whose Old Swan ward has a massive Tesco
Sir Terry Leahy who was born in Liverpool wants to own it.
Tesco-pool the new name for Liverpool Unless someone at the council decides to shop at another supermarket that is.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

THe Scandanavian Hotel-A Shambles

Today David Bartlett in the Daily Post paints a telling picture of the fiasco which has been going on for far too long. This is all we want a fair crack of the whip and a bit of help with the fight to save Liverpools historic fabric before its too late.  He even follows it up with his blog. One of the prattish comments from some one calling himself regen man ( Its not Downing who are the Daily Post and Echos landlords is it, or someone working for him is it?) says it is over the top but I disagree so I will print it here.  says
Comment: Time to sort out the Scandinavian Hotel mess for once and for all

Jan 14 2010 Liverpool Daily Post
WHATEVER the ins and outs of the various deals first struck and then seemingly unstruck over the future of the Scandinavian Hotel in Nelson Street, the message to the city council must be that it has to be sorted out now.
Not later, not at some vague time in the future, but now. They’ve had a quarter of a century to get their act together: that’s plenty enough time.
Once everyone has calmed down, of course, we have to agree that, yes, there have been extenuating circumstances. There has been a long dispute over payments to various parties with a claim upon various parts of the building, and there is no disputing that we are well beyond the economic peak of a couple of years ago.
Whether or not Liverpool can fill another hotel on the edge of the city centre in the current climate is possibly open to question. The cry that the city is oversupplied with hotel rooms has gone up at intervals over the years, but has not stopped would-be hoteliers chancing their arm and, seemingly, making money.
It all sounds so utterly reasonable. Yet the fact remains that here is a distinctive part of Liverpool’s cityscape that has been under threat for longer than many people can remember and a final solution seems as far away as ever.
In the years since the building was last open for any kind of business, Liverpool has been transformed, yet somehow the old Scandinavian has not been caught up in the process.
Maybe the time has come after all to throw reason and caution to the winds and demand of the city’s elected representatives and its officers that they get their act together and sort out the affairs of the Scandinavian immediately. And that means now.

Interesting that Tuesdays planning committee voted to CPO the Whitehouse opposite. It is now reported.
Liverpool Council’s planning committee approved a repairs notice on the Watchmaker’s building, in Seel Street, and the legendary Whitehouse pub, in Berry Street.

Officials said that if owner Frenson Ltd refuses to start works or sell the Grade II-listed buildings within two months, it will start proceedings to compulsorily purchase both.
The 200-year-old Whitehouse pub is one of the best-known landmarks in the city centre.
But it is rotting beneath the image of a huge cat by graffiti artist Banksy daubed on its walls.
The Watchmaker’s building was a Victorian watch and clock-making factory.
Planners say it is the finest example of this type of building in the city.
With the shambolic mess that they got into with our money paying for legal costs. With Berni Turner involved will the same think happen as in Seel Street. How bloody long will this go on for. Decades, they have had to sort this mess out, its not right.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Oriel Chambers Liverpool-A Llittle History in Context

BD Magazine today has an article by Adam Caruso with a imformative start of an insight into Oriel Chambers in Water Street Liverpool. He says;
The thing about Oriel Chambers is that it’s so early — 1864 — more than 20 years before the key buildings of the Chicago School were being designed. It gets mentioned as a sort of footnote in some architectural histories as an early pioneering step in the progression towards modernism. But nothing is written about its architect.
There are some further links below to this historic building designed by Peter Ellis who also designed an important, but not as well known, Cook Street Building. Little is known of him but it is said he inspired a lot of Chicago skyscraper architecture. Not sure if the claim is as grandiose as claimed but it is an interesting thought. Further reading please click on the links below.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Martins Bank-The Twentieth Century Society Voice Their Concerns


70 Cowcross Street
London EC1M 6EJ
telephone 020 7250 3857
fax 020 7251 8985


Steve Corbett

Conservation Officer
Liverpool City CouncilPlanning
Municipal Buildings
Dale Street
Liverpool L2 2DH
11 January 2010

Dear Steve Corbett
Barclay's Bank (former Martins Bank), Water Street, Liverpool
Our ref 10 01 02

The Society understands that pre-application discussions are being held about the above building. As the statutory consultee for post-1914 listed buildings, the Society wishes to express its interest in these discussions for this important Grade II* listed building and would welcome the opportunity to participate.
Architectural and historical significance and ongoing research
As I am sure you are aware, the significance of the former Martins Bank building cannot be overestimated. Statutorily listed at Grade II*, the building is considered to be the masterpiece of Herbert J. Rowse and one of the ‘best interwar classical buildings in the country’. Its architectural significance is recognised to a great extent to lie in its richly decorated interiors – the main baking hall and director’s room being two remarkable examples.

Its local architectural and historical significance is no lesser: its design is considered to be a superior example of the American classicism promoted through Charles Reilly's Liverpool School of Architecture. Also, designed and built for Martins Bank, which has its origins in the sixteenth century, the building is part of the economic history of Liverpool.
Both its architectural and its historical significance is further highlighted by the fact that the building is currently included in a research project that looks into the direct connections between the architecture of Liverpool and New York. The society understands that a permanent exhibition on the subject is to be held at the new Museum of Liverpool and the Liverpool School of Architecture is also involved.

Current pre-application discussions
The Society is deeply concerned to hear that proposals for the entire horseshoe counter in the banking hall, or its top, to be removed have been included at different stages of the schemes discussed so far. The Society strongly believes that the removal of any part of the original interiors would be a regrettable heritage loss. We understand that the original interiors survive to date largely intact and, as is especially noted in the current list description of the building (2007 amendment), the ‘design of every detail was overseen by Rowse’.
For all these reasons, the Society would welcome an invitation to take part in discussions at pre-application stage for any new proposals for the former Martins
Bank building. We believe you would agree, the sooner all parties concerned are involved in schemes concerning such significant heritage assets the better the final outcome could be.

We hope our comments will be of help and taken into consideration. We would greatly appreciate if you kept us informed of any future developments of the case.
Should you require some clarification on any of the above, do not hesitate to
contact me.

Remit: The Twentieth Century Society was founded in 1979 and is the national amenity society concerned with the protection, appreciation, and study of post-1914 architecture, townscape and design. The Society is acknowledged in national, planning guidance as the key organisation concerned with the modern period (see
Annex to PPG15), and is a constituent member of the Joint Committee of the
National Amenity Societies. Under the procedures set out in ODPM Circular
09/2005, all English local planning authorities must inform the Twentieth Century
Society when an application for listed building consent involving partial or totaldemolition is received, and they must notify us of the decisions taken on theseapplications.

Yours sincerely
Christina Malathouni
cc Henry Owen-John, North West Planning and Development Director,English Heritage
Wayne Colquhoun, Liverpool Preservation Trust
Professor Neil Jackson, School of Architecture, University of Liverpool

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Colin "Cover Up" Hilton. Liverpools Chief Executive.

LIVERPOOL council was last night urged to launch an investigation into its chief executive, Colin Hilton, over claims he misled politicians in the run-up to the departure of its former finance boss. Larry Bartlett at the Daily Ghost reports

Ex-city treasurer Phil Halsall has demanded an independent investigation after Mr Hilton, right, reported him to professional standards body, the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA).
The complaint against Mr Halsall, which was dismissed, centred around financial planning and reporting, and also the council’s controversial IT joint venture with BT – Liverpool Direct Limited. Mr Halsall is demanding city solicitors probe whether Mr Hilton acted reasonably because he did not inform city politicians about his concerns about the treasurer’s performance first.
The former £180,000-a-year finance chief has made a number of allegations against Mr Hilton, including that he misled elected councillors in the run-up to his own departure.
He also claims Mr Hilton kept the council’s appointment and disciplinary committee in the dark about the situation, and that the chief executive should have sought its approval before instigating the complaint.

Well anyone who has had to make a complaint to Colin "Cover Up" will understand the frustration at the way the city council make it up as they go along. He is the freebie king of local politics.
Picked by Mike "Jackanory" Storey the ex disgraced council leader who was ousted by the previous Chief Exec David Offshore. Warren Bradley who couldnt pick his nose also nodded him in. It is not quite right. Strange that when you complain to a chief exec about heritage issues including world heritage site matters, it never quite seems independent.
He should be investigated for standing on TV last night and saying the council are doing all they can to beat the snow. The whole city has been stopped because of inadequate gritting in...... January. Should this not have been anticipated instaed of excuses made.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Frenson Ltd-The Scourge of Liverpool’s Heritage.

This company has done more to destroy the character of Liverpool’s Georgian Era than anyone in the City. Now, there is another set of plans to CPO properties owned by them. The last attempt in Seel Street was an unmitigated disaster as the buildings were shored up at great expense said to be 200k and the still fell down. Right next to the Alma De Cuba bar the old St Peters Church. It was only the weeks before I had warned of the risks.

So now Bernie “Big Gob” Turner Liverpool’s Heritage Champion and Mastermind expert on vegetarian vampires  senses she needs to do a little bit of work on the real Vampires of the city’s heritage Frenson Ltd. They really are the most disgusting little swine’s who are just interested in letting places fall down to packet the land value. And have been doing so while the council has let them off the hook. Sardine eating Bernie  Turner now explains that they were on the Stop The Rot Hit List. 

City building chiefs have vowed to forcibly buy up the Watchmaker’s building, in Seel Street, and the legendary Whitehouse pub, in Berry Street, if they continue to decay.
Today’s Echo who sponsored the pathetic Stop the Rot publicity runt jointly sponsored by the City Council who are the problem. quotes Cllr Berni Turner, the council’s executive member for the environment, said she hoped a repairs order would force the company to take action.
It goes on
“The company has made promises in the past but it comes to a point when we have to sort it out – and that is what this will do.”
Cllr Turner said repairs notices often have the desired effect on those who receive them.
She said: “They do tend to make people wake up and act. The ECHO has done such excellent work with its Stop The Rot campaign but some people just do not seem to get the message.
“We are committed to saving these buildings so they can be enjoyed by future generations.”
The buildings fall within the Duke Street conservation area, which covers all of the city’s historic Georgian Merchants’ quarter.
They have both been vacant since the early 1990s and were purchased by Frenson Ltd in 1992.
Planners say they have received virtually no maintenance or structural repair within that time.
In 2005, Frenson Ltd said it was preparing to turn the Whitehouse pub into a wine bar, but the plan has so far failed to materialise.
Repairs notices do not take the means of the owner to undertake the work into account.
They simply give the owner two months to demonstrate it is taking reasonable steps to carry out the repairs.
The decision to issue a repairs notice will be put before the council’s planning committee on January 12.
Incidently the graffiti daubing on the front of the Whitehouse which is said to be by Banksy. There is no evidence whatso-ever to substantiate this. Someone has now removed a window allowing rain to penetrate the inside.

What have the English Heretics done about it.
20 Years I have been watching the Liverpool Georgiana Rot.
Stop The Rot at The Council and the problem will be a lot easier.
Lets hope the do CPO these properties but what about the score of derelict properties in Seel Street and Duke Street. And what if they had of CPO’d these decades ago it would have cost us ratepayers a lot less.

Monday, 4 January 2010

St James Church-Is A Bit Of Common Sense Happening At Last

Has The Reverend Neil been caught "Short".  Ben Schofiels writes; The vicar who planned to build over the buried bodies vowed there would now be “minimal” disruption to his city centre cemetery.

It had been feared a huge new block being built next to St James church, on Upper Parliament Street, would concrete over a historic burial yard.
But new plans are now being considered that could see the new addition put up away from the graveyard.
Liverpool Diocese wants to see St James, which was built in 1775, brought back into use after it closed three decades ago.
Last year, it announced plans to build a “mixed use” block containing offices, apartments and community facilities in the graveyard. Rent-paying tenants would provide an income for the parish and help bankroll the estimated £2m building renovations.
The church needs a new roof, extensive re-pointing to brickwork and an internal overhaul.
Initial plans were to build the new block parallel to the church.

But now another proposal has emerged which could see the block set at the eastern end of the church, running along the disused Chesterfield Street. Rev Neil Short, the vicar of the new parish of St James in the City, said all the options were still being considered.
But he added: “We want to minimise disruption and if building on Chesterfield Street is a viable option, then we want to pursue that.
“We’re keen to look at everything that’s possible and to collect all the information and then to talk to everybody involved, then to decide what’s best.

Yes we bet they are seeing as they have been exposed as nutters  with a plan to dig up 7000 bodies out of the churchyard of St James (not the Cathedral Cemetery) on Parliment Street. Has Ricky the Arch Deacon or the Arch Enemy Panter whatever way you look at it been caught with his pantsdown  kidding us that the Church would pile drive through a couple of thousand skulls to lay foundations for a block of flats so they can raise fears.
It seems they are now saying they wont do this at all but build the flats on the road next to it, and in doing so still altering the setting of a Grade II * listed buildings.
I like to show respect for the clergy but this bunch of buffoons dont deserve any, they really dont.
The Bishop is Chair of the Echo Stop The Rot campaign that didnt stop anything.
Short, who should stick to wine and crackers evenings, rattling his tamborine, is mad, he goes on. But the reality is I can’t say – we have to look at all the options, collect the information and decide what’s best.”

Rev Short is determined to make an impact in his community.
He has certainly made an impact on me as a joker, a mad hatter who wants to make a name for himself.
His evangelical congregation started out with just him and his wife.
That has since grown to more than 30 adults and around half a dozen children.
The state of the church had meant they held their services in Liverpool Cathedral.
But now a marquee has been put up inside the church to keep worshippers dry.
Another tent is on the altar and acts as a creche for children.

How did the Church get in this state in the first place.......because it was left yo rot the only reason it has not been felled by the local clergy is because someone had the foresight to list it.
If this was ever the case to write a blog, to alert people to the dangers of Liverpools Heritage, to shame them into stopping making mistakes well this is it.
Bible Bashers acting as property developers what ever will they think of next.