Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Jim Gill of Liverpool Vision-Good Riddance.

It has been announced that Jim Gill the Grey man of Liverpool (lack of) Vision is to step down.
If he had gone 6 years ago we would have all been better off.
He makes the spitting image character of John Major look exiting. To Liverpool he has been amongst one of the worst arch vandals of the World Heritage Site. This is his true legacy.

The Daily Ghost and Trinity "Smoking" Mirror group, who helped promote most of his his schemes writes;

THE MAN who played a key role in Liverpool’s renaissance over the past decade has announced his retirement.
The chief executive of regeneration agency Liverpool Vision, Jim Gill, 61, is to step down later this year after spearheading the city’s physical regeneration.

Interesting no reporter puts their name to this article?

Warren Bradley who has played another massive part in Liverpool’s Degeneration says
“I wish him well in his well-earned retirement,” he said. In an exclusive interview, Mr Gill said he was pleased to have been involved in a pivotal time in the city’s history – but said no single organisation should take credit for its regeneration.
Gill said huge challenges remain and admitted there were still parts of the city that remained untouched by the economic renaissance.
This is the blind leading the blind. Gill and Bradley have often been the opposing sides of planning battles we have been involved in, and they hold all the power. Pulling strings behind the scenes.  Bradley has recently been put up for an award by one of his mates.

Liverpool Vision led the decimation of the Pier Head with their massive publicity budget, promoting the Glass Pie in the Sky Cloud, desperate to develop the site, and they said nothing when one of their ideas the Terminal Ferry Carbuncle won the carbuncle cup.
Gill says
“It’s about strengthening the business base in the city and building on the potential it has as a major international city.
“We need to find a way in which the business opportunities become more relative to all parts of the city, rather than [just] the ‘haves’. There are still parts of the city where the economic renaissance has not made a big difference yet.”
Quangi, Gill said he will be leaving in an important year for Liverpool as it goes to the World Expo in April to sell itself on the global stage.
“I’m sure Liverpool’s presence will be a big success and have a positive long-term impact on its fortunes.”

So when the world sees what this grey suit has helped to achieve for Liverpool what will his legacy be.
Could it be that anybody with a slight bit of architectural nouse will snigger at silly comments like his. Some of the “cosy” developers with close relationships to Liverpool Vision will of course be laughing all the way to the bank. While we have to endure his uneducated planning of a Liverpool dream that is now looking like anybody with a slightest of Aesthetic values will have to live with while he buggers off with a pension pay-off from the taxpayers.

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  1. Ronnie de Ramper20 January 2010 at 18:43

    Now he's clearing off, we can get busy knocking down some of the monstrosities he encouraged to be built. Just like they're doing in Bournemouth

    YES, WE CAN !