Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Oriel Chambers Liverpool-A Llittle History in Context

BD Magazine today has an article by Adam Caruso with a imformative start of an insight into Oriel Chambers in Water Street Liverpool. He says;
The thing about Oriel Chambers is that it’s so early — 1864 — more than 20 years before the key buildings of the Chicago School were being designed. It gets mentioned as a sort of footnote in some architectural histories as an early pioneering step in the progression towards modernism. But nothing is written about its architect.
There are some further links below to this historic building designed by Peter Ellis who also designed an important, but not as well known, Cook Street Building. Little is known of him but it is said he inspired a lot of Chicago skyscraper architecture. Not sure if the claim is as grandiose as claimed but it is an interesting thought. Further reading please click on the links below.

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  1. Ryan E said...
    I'm glad youve pointed out the Oriel building as i've walked past it several times and wondered about its history and the seemingly unusual design for its time. Last time i looked it was vacant which was summer last year- is this still the case?

    13 January 2010 14:00
    Liverpool Preservation Trust said...

    This comment may have been left on the next post by mistake so I will place it there on the commentors behalf.

    13 January 2010 14:37