Thursday, 7 January 2010

Colin "Cover Up" Hilton. Liverpools Chief Executive.

LIVERPOOL council was last night urged to launch an investigation into its chief executive, Colin Hilton, over claims he misled politicians in the run-up to the departure of its former finance boss. Larry Bartlett at the Daily Ghost reports

Ex-city treasurer Phil Halsall has demanded an independent investigation after Mr Hilton, right, reported him to professional standards body, the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA).
The complaint against Mr Halsall, which was dismissed, centred around financial planning and reporting, and also the council’s controversial IT joint venture with BT – Liverpool Direct Limited. Mr Halsall is demanding city solicitors probe whether Mr Hilton acted reasonably because he did not inform city politicians about his concerns about the treasurer’s performance first.
The former £180,000-a-year finance chief has made a number of allegations against Mr Hilton, including that he misled elected councillors in the run-up to his own departure.
He also claims Mr Hilton kept the council’s appointment and disciplinary committee in the dark about the situation, and that the chief executive should have sought its approval before instigating the complaint.

Well anyone who has had to make a complaint to Colin "Cover Up" will understand the frustration at the way the city council make it up as they go along. He is the freebie king of local politics.
Picked by Mike "Jackanory" Storey the ex disgraced council leader who was ousted by the previous Chief Exec David Offshore. Warren Bradley who couldnt pick his nose also nodded him in. It is not quite right. Strange that when you complain to a chief exec about heritage issues including world heritage site matters, it never quite seems independent.
He should be investigated for standing on TV last night and saying the council are doing all they can to beat the snow. The whole city has been stopped because of inadequate gritting in...... January. Should this not have been anticipated instaed of excuses made.

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