Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Liverpools Pier Head Another Carbuncle Planned. This Time its Next to The Liver Buildings.

Have a look at the picture on the right and guess where it is for. Milton Keynes I hear you say or some new town from the 60s. No you would be wrong. This is plot 7 Princes Parade and in effect it is next to the Liver Buildings. The artists impression is from where the Terminal Ferry Carbuncle is now. We are turning into the Carbuncle Capital. This building has already had planning permission passed. The architects said it was Mondrian esque I told the committee Mondrian died in 19966 and its already 40 years out of date. 06F/1371. I was there arguing when Liverpools "Dame of Disaster" tried to stop me speaking, she who has now buggered off to live on the Duke of Westministers Estate just outside Chester. She rubber stamped it. I recieved a planning letter on the 24th December 09 Planning application no 09F/2610 this was strangely described as to extend extant planning permission for said site. I knew the site, but how many others would see the importance of it where is plot 7 Princes Parade, it could be anywhere. I was just packing up for the Xmas and telephoned a collegue in disgust of the dodgy tactics employed by the planners. Chris Ridland was dealing with it, how come everything he deals with on behalf of Riechmarshal Lee seems to be dealt with in a suspect manner. The applications objections had to be in by 11 January. Most people will not be back to work till the 5th very convenient I thought. Then we had the worst weather for 30 years and the whole of the country came to a standstill. If you want a contentios application dealt with its Xmas here in Liverpool. They know the score. The planners are confident that no-one will be paying attention. I made some further inquiries and complained this is Ridlands reply:

I can confirm that planning application (09F/2610) is applying to extend extant planning permission (06F/1371), which was due to expire on the 18th December 2009. This latest planning application (09F/2610) was received by the Local Planning Authority on the 17th December 2009.

I trust this is of assistance.
Chris Ridland
So the planning app is about to run out and the day before it is resubmitted the day before, and within a week the applications are sent out in a speedily put together excersise. But the way it is handled in truth is a manner more akin to a third world country than a world heritage site city. I informed Unesco who are doing their usual silly dance around the English Heretics advisers.

In a city run by spivs we cant expect anything else. You can object If you dont the spivs will get away with it.

Ben Scofield at the Daily Ghost makes an effort today telling us that the developers dont have any cash and have not filed any accounts and the Directors risk getting struck off, see link below. He writes
A LANDMARK waterfront complex is in jeopardy after its developers failed to secure finance for the scheme more than two years after buying the plot.

Lead Asset Strategies (Liverpool), the company that owns the Princes Parade site, could also be struck off the Companies House Register in a matter of weeks.  

Only in Liverpool could a crap building be plonked in a WHS in front of the Liver Buildings our symbol of the city. They have destroyed the views of Three Graces from the Strand, From the Sea and now for all the visiting Cruise Liners that are earmarked to stop at the Cruise Liner Jetty(another cock up) they are about to add to the mess at Princes Dock, it really does resemble, Milton Keynes-On-Sea.

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