Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool Does Not Care About Liverpools Historic Past.

Joe Anderson is not concerned with Liverpool’s Historic Past.

This is what we wrote weeks ago 22nd July.
It has taken 3 months for the jokers at Trinity “Smoking” Mirror, A corrupted regime, led by a Moron, Alastair Machray, to get around to taking notice of it. 3 months after plans were passed
Liverpool to Lose Two More Listed Buildings. 86-90 Duke Street.
How Many More Can We Lose?.

46 listed buildings were destroyed during the Fib Dems.

How many more listed buildings can we lose in Liverpool?
Mike Storey and Warren "War Zones" Bradley's administration were ignorant to history but Joe Anderson is proving to be worse than the both of them.
We don't have a Conservation Officer anymore.

We don't have a World Heritage Officer anymore. (What good he was anyway)
What is being done to protect us from poor development when the people doing the checking are in with the developers even giving them grants?

Here is an email sent to the planning department regarding

Site Address 86-90 Duke Street, 71 Henry Street and 14 Suffolk Street Liverpool L1 5AA

No wonder developers are crawling over this area.
This is opposite The Monro Public House.


The one time Manager of the Monro was a local famous local politition. In fact a Mayor. Who was He?

Answers on a postcode please and address it to the Mayors Office.

Letter to the planning office

Ms Kirkbride
Site Address 86-90 Duke Street, 71 Henry Street and 14 Suffolk Street Liverpool L1 5AA
We wish to object quite strongly to the fact that two listed buildings in the Duke Street area are to be lost.
This is also within the World Heritage Ste and Liverpool is on the Unesco In Danger list

Application Number13C/0891
Site Address86-90 Duke Street, 71 Henry Street and 14 Suffolk Street Liverpool L1 5AA
We may not be able to get someone to attend the meeting but regarding the application we would wish that our comments be read out at the planning meeting.
We consider this application to be flawed.
Liverpool has lost 46 listed buildings in the past decade and cannot afford to lose anymore

Please confirm receipt of this email and that our comments will be noted with the application

Monday, 28 October 2013

5-7 Bridgewater Street To Be Demolished-How Many More Historic Structures Can Liverpool Afford To Lose?

 How much more of Liverpool’s Mercantile and Maritime history can we afford to lose.
We still have some old warehouses that are unique parts of our Maritime history in the Baltic Triangle. Some of them are deliberately targeted by developers.

Liverpool’s planning department have three functions accept. Process and pass, any planning application with a disregard for its history and its potential future use.
What makes this application unique is that it is next to a listed building.
Developers have destroyed most of the block on purpose.
It I easier to build boring bland shoe boxes apparently.
The building owners of 5-7 Bridgewater street have let them fall into disrepair.
In fact they are working on the demolition before the planning application has even been passed.
They are knocking the building down now. So confident are thy of it being approved.

13F/206 And once again its Liz Blake from the developers friends, Liverpool City Council Planing Department who is dealing with another historic building, as if is not there, with no disregard for history at all.
Are, Liverpool city planners colluding and conspiring with property developers?

That is a question part of something we were asked the other day. As part of a more wide ranging investigation into council wrong doing..
We go one further than that we say the whole system is corrupted from the Mayor down.
Demolition by stealth is far too common. Its easy to CPO poor people in the Welsh Streets but there is no engagement to tackle property developers. Just look what Neptune Developments, who are council sponsors are letting happen to the Futurist in Lime Street.

This actual area has been subject to further stealth demolition. These pictures are from the other end of the block and now the listed building in between, will be claimed as not worth keeping.
Marc Waddington at the Echo was made aware of this stealthing and did not give a damn.

What are the local press doing?……….nothing turning up at planning meetings or writing about it after the event?

Is Liverpool’s conservation office a joke?
Just what do they do?
 Do they exist?
This is what Waddington and Stinky Ink Bartlett, now promoted, should be looking into.

We at LPT have been fighting, and reporting on this area for years

While properties lay in various states of decay the developers now move in to homogenise the area.

Especially the culpable Dusanj brothers who sacked the entire brewery workforce and are being sponsored by the council to do this.

Come back Derek Hatton all is forgiven this new Labour crew make you look like an angel.

And all the time they keep on telling us the Baltic Triangle is going to be a cultural quarter.
Yes we know cultural quarter turns into a triangle.
We confirm today that the only bit of culture in Joe Anderson’s office is in the yoghurt in the fridge in the staff room canteen.
We cant lose any more old structures, there have been too many already needlessly lost.

You can see the application here.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Peel Holdings to Build a Brothel on Princes Dock, Liverpool

What a foul mouthed arrogant clown Lindey Ashworth is turning out to be.

Now Lindsay Ashworth says Peel Holdings are to build a Brothel in Princes Dock.
This was in front of John Whittaker, who is Asworth's boss, who he has lapdogged with for decades, he calls UNESCO idiots.
This man is a idiot.

What happened to Stella Shiu and Lindsey and why has he got Viagra on the brain.

21 Oct 2013, 11:27

Peel said it will submit a detailed planning application in the coming weeks for the first phase of the £200m Wirral International Trade Centre.
Development director Lindsey Ashworth, addressing guests at the launch of The Quay, a suite of serviced offices and meeting rooms on the ground floor of 12 Princes Dock in Liverpool, said the 500,000 sq ft phase would not be built speculatively.
The first phase of the 2.5m sq ft ITC could house up to 300 occupiers in small hybrid office-industrial-retail units designed for assembling and showcasing imported products.
Ashworth said Peel had 40 agents across China signing up the first wave of operators and construction would only start if the level of pre-lets was sufficient, but declined to give a proportion that would trigger a move on site.
Ceremonies for Chinese suppliers to sign up to the ITC are due to be held in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong but dates have not been set.
Tenants will be offered nine-year leases at a headline rent of £18/sq ft in the Broadway Malyan-designed building next to the Mersey.
The ITC is a joint venture between Peel and Chinese investor Sam Wa, headed by Stella Shiu, a minerals trader.
The pair has outline planning permission for the whole scheme but a detailed planning application has yet to be submitted. Ashworth said initial designs had been tweaked to allow parking on two sides rather than one and access from both sides, as well as changes to internal configuration. The 16-acre site has been remediated and construction is ready to start pending planning.
Meanwhile, Ashworth said talks between Peel and other Chinese investors over the Liverpool and Wirral Waters mega-schemes, which do not include the ITC, were progressing well but the identities of all interested parties remained confidential.
Peel has come under pressure locally with critics complaining about the pace of the dockland schemes, especially since Chinese investment was confirmed this month into Airport City Manchester. Ashworth pointed out that Liverpool Waters only recently received full go-ahead from government after the judicial review period into the decision by secretary of state Eric Pickles not to call a public inquiry ended.
Peel was the main sponsor of Liverpool's presence at the World Expo in Shanghai in 2010. Ashworth said the event three years ago was a success but the business opportunities it created for Liverpool have not been recognised.
Ashworth's speech to invited guests was typically colourful, twice referring to UN heritage body Unesco as "idiots" for opposing Liverpool Waters, which Unesco says threatens the World Heritage Sites in the city, and joking about putting a brothel or a Viagra factory on Princes Dock. The launch event was attended by Peel owner John Whittaker and representatives from Peel's Media City UK and partners from the Atlantic Gateway initiative.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

RIBA to move into Mann Island-Is This A Joke?

This has to be the biggest joke yet.

They build Three Black Coffins that spoil the best views of Liverpool’s Three Graces, and Herbert Rowses Ventilating Shaft that is currently being left to go to rack and ruin through neglect by Miserytravel. And then RIBA move in.
Thats The Royal Institute of British Architects.
 Herbert Rowse must be turning in his grave.
They throw up some of the most appalling buildings possible on the WHS.
 That were runners up in Building Design’s Carbuncle Cup competition and the clowns at RIBA appear to sanction them.

How standards have fallen really they have.
Looking into it a bit deeper wasn’t the RIBA area representative (that’s bad enough) the architect (without a capital A) Matt Brooks the architect of world heritage disaster who built the bloody things for Neptune developments.
 The firm of Broadway Malyan, should have been struck off, for building these monsters, not patted on the back by the RIBA goons.

You couldn’t make this up Architect destroys world heritage site and RIBA don’t notice and take an office there, probably on a rent-free deal.
The highest office block that Miserytravel have moved into costing the taxpayers millions is almost a carbon copy of Steers House that was on the site of the current Hilton Hotel.

Ans what about the structural problems.
Yes they knocked Steers House down one of the most hated buildings in Liverpool, and built Steers House only 12 storeys high instead of six.
And RIBA buffoons sanction it.
 You can just imagine them now sitting around the big plastic desk on their trendy Barcelona Chairs in their orange and red corduroy trousers with their dickey bows, oh and the mandatory little round Le Corbusier glasses…look at me I am an architect.

They promised us Iconic and really did shaft us with Ichronic and it all started in 2008 when Liverpool was European Capital of Culture.

Building Magazine has been around for a hundred years. Could Liverpool have built anything worse on its WHS.
Before and After. Dont ever forget how they shafted us! 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Miserytravel-How can a two-year-old baby fall off a Mersey Ferry?

How can a two-year-old baby fall off a Mersey Ferry? It is beyond belief. Last week the pathetic Liverpool Weekly Post proclaimed, whilst taking another load of adverts from them, that Merseytravel was to enter a new era.
This week the Mersey Ferries are suspended. STAFF ON THE FERRY JUMPED INTO SAVE THE BABY. It is wonderful to know that the toddler is now safe.

The BBC reported,-3,-fell-from-mersey-ferry.html

There has to be something fundamentaly wrong with this company.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Should Merseytravel Be Investigated By The Police?

That is a question we were asked the other day.

It now transpires that Herr Director Neil Scales sanctioned the purchase of a load of tat and bric a brac that had some vague relationship to the Beatles for 2 million quid of your money. See todays Weekly Ghost.
This was public cash.
Marc Waddington, now unshackled from the ambitious David Bartlett, who has been promoted, has done some good work lately.
Bartlett was very fortunate to take over Larry Neild’s phone who had been at the Echo for years.
We spoke to Bartlett who is now Andy Kelly’s assistant, on numerous occasions, sent him emails and questions to how Miserytravel’s finances were being run.
What did he do…..well not very much really.
Now Marc Waddington reveals how a further investigation into the running off the Miserytravel Gravy Train is to take place after more revealing allegations.

This is public money that has been used as frippery by the Directors of Miserytravel and it has gone on for decades.

Andy Kelly was a reporter when the Tram fiasco took place where Scales and Co wasted millions on steel tram lines that were never used.

Neil Scales was the Moron who cut up U534 in a savage act of barbaric vandalism that renders it virtually worthless.

Costing us many millions

Right in front of the noses of the local press.

In fact the local press almost welcomed it. They flirted with Scales publishing what his PR company told them. They took advertisments from Merseytravel.
We believe, the disgraceful October Communications now Aurora Media were PR for Mersetravel at one stage.
Who Larry Nield went on to work for effectivly becoming PR for Scales & Co.

Isn't it strange the way it all goes around in Circles. October PR for Neptune Developments.....who build the Black Coffins on Mann Island.
They were commisioned by Liverpool Vision and David Wade-Smith who was Director of Liverpool Chamber of Commersce and cost the taxpayer 6.5 million in a tragic team up with Merseytravel.
 Neil Scales then becomes Liverpol Chamber Commerce Director.
Merseytravel move into the black coffins costing the taxpayer a fortune.......No wonder Private Eye call Liverpool Murkeyside.

Now Scales has buggered off to Australia….how convenient is that.

Where is he to anser question about his decisions.

Scales was mates with David Wade-Smith, one of Joe Andersons trusted advisors.

And why did Anderson not argue out the Miserytravel question when Councillor Dowd was under investigation?

His legal team tried to gag us. Maybe Louise Outram head of Legal services at Miserytravel should answer a few questions too?

Miserytravel wasted a fortune on South Parkway Station.
 The London trains cant stop there because after a 25million refurbishment the platform was not long enough

The clowns even wanted to buy Ringo’s House

In 2008 when they were paying 2 million for a load of Lennon bric a bra they were also commissioning art…well that’s not what most people would call it.
 Ken Dodd with a kebab at Lime Street station as public sculpture.

You have to be a comedian to live here.

So there is an investigation into how 2 million was wasted but the real question is how did Miserytravel spent 11 million quid on a Terminal Ferry Building that won the Carbuncle Cup award as the worst designed building of 2009.

Those who were present at the Planning committee meeting when plans were passed, may recall how Doreen Jones, the Doyenne of World Heritage disaster, passed the plans, saying she had been blackmailed into doing so.
 What did that mean?
 Larry Neild reported the committee meeting for the Echo.

More investigations need to be done on this World Heritage White Elephant that the Lennon tat was placed in.
Why did we need a Beatles Museum in a Ferry Terminal.

 But will the local press continue their reporting and do some investigating, or just let it lie on the bottom shelf until someone else does the work for them.