Thursday, 3 October 2013

Should Merseytravel Be Investigated By The Police?

That is a question we were asked the other day.

It now transpires that Herr Director Neil Scales sanctioned the purchase of a load of tat and bric a brac that had some vague relationship to the Beatles for 2 million quid of your money. See todays Weekly Ghost.
This was public cash.
Marc Waddington, now unshackled from the ambitious David Bartlett, who has been promoted, has done some good work lately.
Bartlett was very fortunate to take over Larry Neild’s phone who had been at the Echo for years.
We spoke to Bartlett who is now Andy Kelly’s assistant, on numerous occasions, sent him emails and questions to how Miserytravel’s finances were being run.
What did he do…..well not very much really.
Now Marc Waddington reveals how a further investigation into the running off the Miserytravel Gravy Train is to take place after more revealing allegations.

This is public money that has been used as frippery by the Directors of Miserytravel and it has gone on for decades.

Andy Kelly was a reporter when the Tram fiasco took place where Scales and Co wasted millions on steel tram lines that were never used.

Neil Scales was the Moron who cut up U534 in a savage act of barbaric vandalism that renders it virtually worthless.

Costing us many millions

Right in front of the noses of the local press.

In fact the local press almost welcomed it. They flirted with Scales publishing what his PR company told them. They took advertisments from Merseytravel.
We believe, the disgraceful October Communications now Aurora Media were PR for Mersetravel at one stage.
Who Larry Nield went on to work for effectivly becoming PR for Scales & Co.

Isn't it strange the way it all goes around in Circles. October PR for Neptune Developments.....who build the Black Coffins on Mann Island.
They were commisioned by Liverpool Vision and David Wade-Smith who was Director of Liverpool Chamber of Commersce and cost the taxpayer 6.5 million in a tragic team up with Merseytravel.
 Neil Scales then becomes Liverpol Chamber Commerce Director.
Merseytravel move into the black coffins costing the taxpayer a fortune.......No wonder Private Eye call Liverpool Murkeyside.

Now Scales has buggered off to Australia….how convenient is that.

Where is he to anser question about his decisions.

Scales was mates with David Wade-Smith, one of Joe Andersons trusted advisors.

And why did Anderson not argue out the Miserytravel question when Councillor Dowd was under investigation?

His legal team tried to gag us. Maybe Louise Outram head of Legal services at Miserytravel should answer a few questions too?

Miserytravel wasted a fortune on South Parkway Station.
 The London trains cant stop there because after a 25million refurbishment the platform was not long enough

The clowns even wanted to buy Ringo’s House

In 2008 when they were paying 2 million for a load of Lennon bric a bra they were also commissioning art…well that’s not what most people would call it.
 Ken Dodd with a kebab at Lime Street station as public sculpture.

You have to be a comedian to live here.

So there is an investigation into how 2 million was wasted but the real question is how did Miserytravel spent 11 million quid on a Terminal Ferry Building that won the Carbuncle Cup award as the worst designed building of 2009.

Those who were present at the Planning committee meeting when plans were passed, may recall how Doreen Jones, the Doyenne of World Heritage disaster, passed the plans, saying she had been blackmailed into doing so.
 What did that mean?
 Larry Neild reported the committee meeting for the Echo.

More investigations need to be done on this World Heritage White Elephant that the Lennon tat was placed in.
Why did we need a Beatles Museum in a Ferry Terminal.

 But will the local press continue their reporting and do some investigating, or just let it lie on the bottom shelf until someone else does the work for them.



  1. we forgot to mention Wade Smith is now working for Frank McKenna


    Joe Riley has now commnted. Its like someone has fallen asleep at a Jimmy McGovern play and then woke up just as its all over