Friday, 29 December 2017

India Buildings-Send In The Clowns.

Stiles and Wood the big time building contractor trying to establish themselves in the Restoration of Listed Buildings are showing what a mess a bunch of clowns can create.
Upsetting everyone in the area this contractor is well and truly out of its depth.
 Fred Karno could have organised this job better.
What about the existing business and members of the public who use these streets?
 India Building has a Miseryrail exit/entrance for James street so this is the first impression they get when entering the locality.
 What have the council done?
Did they organise a consultation or an impact study? No that's too easy to do and it now transpires that the council have sold the streets to STILES and WOOD for them to organise as they see fit. They couldn't organise a dust up in a flour Mill.
 So the local businesses some that have been there for 30 years now have to struggle further in harsh economic times. While the MAYORS FUND gets a cash injection.