Thursday, 28 April 2011

Mann Island-Liverpool's World Heritage S*ite

Paul Vickers from Radio 4's Beyond Westminster programme came into my shop to interview me about the Mann Island Development Friday last.

They will have to edit a section when I slipped up and called it Liverpool's World Heritage S*ite. "What have they done he said none of it was there last time I was in Liverpool" he said, "Now I am supposed to be impartial, but"
 "Tell me about it" I said.
The programme is about the governments plans to relax the planning laws, to simplify them.....I had to laugh.
This development was covered by A World Heritage Convention and Liverpool's inclusion to uphold its principles, A conservation area act status, planning guidelines and considering the amount of listed buildings there its consent, oh and the framework for the protection of the Conservation areas. "Only the system is corrupt" I added "When you have spivs such as Fib-Dem leaders Trevor Jones and Mike Storey and their now defunct puppet Warren Bradley running the system you don't have a chance". I hope they leave that part in.  
This is the latest building to go up Y'know they knocked Steers House on Chavasse Park down, one of the most hated buildings in Liverpool, and they built Steers House opposite only 15 storeys higher.
Where is the common sense in that.
Liverpool's planning laws have always been streamlined for Neptune Developments, Rob Mason, a director used to work for the council. Steve Parry may be on the programme it will only be a 10 minute slot at 11.30 am on Saturday morning.
 Lets hope they show the corruption in the Liverpool planning system up for what it is. And lets hope there are a few M.P's listening and one of them thinks to tighten up the planning laws and keep corrupted councillors with sticky fingers and their local PR companies..........the local press out of it.

And let the public have their say, give it an equality of arms to fight the likes of this bad systematic destruction of a once proud assett.
Below is a BBC Merseyside link. This is what we had to say at the time of the planning application passed on a casting vote by the Lady Doreen Jones who was the English Heritage Historic Environment Champion, and Trevor's wife, at the time.

Oh and remember what it looked like.

We had it all and a hand full of corrupted councillors sold it.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Lewis's Its Our Story; Liverpools Own-BBC Take An Interest

Radio 4 did a programme, aired this this Monday
Roll out all the usual John Belcham suspects, to turn a blind eye to it all and make a living talking about the disasters after they have occurred, whilst doing nothing about it at the time.

Lewis's lost its way in the 60's really and never recovered through the 70's by which time it had a ugly tiled mural which now seems to be the centre of attention to the sentimentalists.
It does touch on the fact that Grosvenor-pool The Duke of Westministers fiefdom has seen it off for good.
Merepark the developers swing into a PR oportunity but it will never be the same again, it will soon be carbuncled.
People talk in the programme about the epicentre being moved and claim Liverpool is the same as any where else now.
Windsor Developments and their dodgy facilitator Trevor Jones was all over this area like a rash.
Is it time to move on now.......not for the people who were done out of their redundancy by the rat who owned the store up until it closed who had to have a body guard to visit the last time.

English Heritage did list it knowing about Merepark's plans several years ago.
It survived the Blitz but not the Riechmarshal Nigel Lee our Chief Planning Disaster and his dodgy Liverpool planning Junta.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Save Us From SAVE Britains Heritage.

I attended the planning committee meeting of the 19th April and on the agenda was the demolition of phase one and two of the Welsh Streets.
I previously wrote, and there is a real reason for keeping the heart of New Heartlands, but.........
The hotly contested Welsh Streets, but by who.

I have never before seen a situation where people who live in an area are supporters, declaring they want their houses knocked down..............and it helped change my mind, enough is enough.
Merseytravel once owned Ringos House. Joe Anderson promised to save the demolitions....but
Now it transpires that SAVE Britain’s Heritage are mischievously trying to buy, off anyone, who will sell, any of the remaining properties in the Welsh Streets.
This will cost us hundreds of thousands of pounds in legal fees in a futile and silly plan to disrupt the process, while the area is 95% empty, already cleansed, yes we know it was all wrong, but who are we to argue with people who want decent housing.
The idea is to have all the houses around them knocked down and force the council to CPO the houses that they may have bought.
What is the point?
I grew up in a similar house and some of the supporters of the demolition mirrored exactly how it felt for me till we were re-housed in the 60's from what was labelled a slum.

Now, I don’t like to give in on a fight but SAVE would be better placed buggering off back to London than wasting Liverpool ratepayer’s money on a lost cause to further their own public image of being heritage fighters.

Ringos house may have been worth fighting for I thought, but not any, more.
They at SAVE cannot buy Ringos house in Madryn Street because the city council own it. There was a point but it has now gone too far. It seems some people are so empowered to have their names in the paper, that it drives them on when they should stop and common sense come into play.

If Nina Edge and others wish to fight that's up to them it seems her house is a big house for the area, but why should others not have the right to move.
They at SAVE may have done some good heritage battles and they pride themselves on being vociferous, but on this occasion they have misplaced ideals that need to be stopped.

Peter Brown of the Merseyside Civic Society was in attendance at the planning committee and the MCS have been supportive of Nina Edge, who it was claimed by supporters of the demolition, did not fully live in Kelvin Grove. They the MCS have also assisted the misguided attempts of Elizabeth Pascoe who cost herself a fortune to save her house. There is one thing being classed as heroic as a way to make friends and influence people but at what point do you stop being tagged along by people from London who put on the occasional wine and cheese evening here in Liverpool and then go home.
I feel sorry for anyone losing their house. Joe Anderson said he would save the demolitions but it now seems he wont

Jonathan Brown seems to be able to motivate Peter Brown, oh, and Steve Parry of Neptune Developments, I couldn’t.
When he should have been fighting against world heritage blight he was supporting its developments. I will never be able to respect him again.

Where does the point come when all those around you have decided to sell and the place is an area full of rats and blight? It seems now.

So the idea of SAVE, if they can, as their charitable status is being checked to see if they can do it, is to buy up a few houses and let everything be knocked down around them. Hey clever!

While they go home to their middle class London Mews the people they are claiming to help are living in squalor. There is a chance that the development may stall but it is too far gone now I fear.

This is a misguided campaign by the eccentrics at SAVE and they should think carefully before they proceed in cajoling vulnerable sections of society. There is one thing putting on a glossy exhibition and producing a glossy booklet costing £14 about Liverpool’s lack of care with its heritage and genuinely helping people with their plight.

SAVE claims to have saved the Lyceum in Bold Street many decades ago, it was Florence Gersten who did all the work. This is now under threat with blight about to happen all around it.
Far too close to Peter De Figeurido they at SAVE are now art risk of becoming labelled heritage nutters, in fact there are a few there already. read some of the coments from SAVE members here
or here,
or eve here and there. Fruitcakes anonymous.

I do not take stating my opinion lightly in this instance despite some of their senior members being completely bonkers (see above links) and in my opinion verging on the edge of heritage madness, they have done some good work, but here they are looking like middle class twits playing heritage games that affect far too many people’s lives. Who should not be used in the arsenal of SAVE’s Heritage publicity machine.

SAVE Us from SAVE.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Warren Bradley Resigns And Then Is Suspended-Good Riddance.

To say Warren Bradley is as thick as two short planks, really is an insult to the planks.

Plonked in his position as a facilitator by Mike Storey, now Lord Storey, who also had to resign for dodgy tactics, and Clever Trevor Jones,  we have had to endure this stupid man for far too long.
Here he is toasting a glass of champagne with Mike Hanlon of Maghull Developments.
Remember his Best Mate Councillor Steve Hurst who had to go.

Is it just me who thinks this way, maybe not.
Read Correspondents take, though I cant agree its been good to know him.

Or a satirical look by Professer Chucklebutty who says Wheres Wall Now.

Last week he was complaining that Nick Gleggs involvment with the Conservatives would ruin his party. He now leaves the Fib-Dems without a leader ahead of the May 5th elections.

He will now concentrate on his Fire Engine Driving around the War Zones he helped create.

Good Riddance  

From: Warren Bradley

Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 11:51:54

Subject: Media Reports

Dear All,
I write to you firstly to outline the media headlines today and secondly to let you know of my plans.
I have today been accused by the media of putting my sons name forward to stand for election, without his knowledge, and then to underline my intention I spoke to the press as if to reaffirm the fraud.
I cannot say too much at this stage for obvious reasons, but to inform you I totally deny this allegation and am seeking legal advice to that end.
Secondly, although I fully intended to stand down this May to pursue my fire service career, I will be with immediate effect standing down as the Leader of the City Council Liberal Democrat Group (hooray I hear from some); lots of things have happened during my 6 year tenure, mostly positive with lots of support from the majority of members, but sadly there have been people who have continuously undermined me in the position, something which has been extremely illiberal, something I am not used to, and something I understand that has driven them to help with what they have today, sadly involving my son.
In conclusion, peoples private lives should remain just that, unfortunately some senior members in our Group do not feel the same. Can I give a gentle prod to whoever succeeds me in the position to ensure they have the total support of the majority of the Group, without that, life will also become as miserable for you.
Sincere apologies if this issue causes you more electoral problems (I think the national party have already done that - but I am now the scapegoat!), it is the last thing that I would want. Electioneering was never about me, but the Lib Dems in Liverpool, it is such a pity the same cannot be said for some.
I will still be around pounding the pavements as a true liberal, standing up for ordinary people.
I will also be collecting subs, leaflet bills and other outstanding amounts because life goes on. so if you owe, get paying!
Let us start afresh as a united team, (stop leaking information that makes it more difficult for us) to crush those who are the real enemy - our political opponents.
Thanks again for the opportunity.

Warren Bradley, What a Plank.

Urban Splash Sell The Midland Hotel in Morecambe.

The Midland Hotel

By Karl Holbrook

Published on Tuesday 29 March 2011 07:47
A charity stalwart has vowed to invest in an iconic Lancashire hotel after snapping it up.

Chris Richardson, development director of the Clitheroe-based Lancaster Foundation, said The Midland Hotel on Morecambe seafront would “go from strength-to-strength” after the charity bought it for an undisclosed sum.
The Lakes Hotel group, which has run the hotel since it reopened in 2008 after an £11m two-year restoration programme, will continue to run the hotel which has been sold by Manchester-based property developer, Urban Splash.
Some of the profits from the hotel will be used for the charity work of the foundation, set up by John Lancaster, the founder of Ribble Valley conservatory group Ultraframe.
Mr Richardson said: “These investments enable the Lancaster Foundation to continue our charity work and support for projects such as The Grand and skate park in Clitheroe and many other charitable causes throughout UK.”
Urban Splash chairman Tom Bloxham said it was now bidding to secure planning permission to develop a second adjoining site.
He said: “We are very proud of the Midland Hotel and all that has been achieved since it opened in June 2008.
“The Midland is a much-loved building and it was a joy for us to be able to restore and re-open this iconic hotel once again.
“We have sold the freehold to the Lancashire Foundation in an off market transaction.
“The sale shows that there is a demand for quality Urban Splash assets.”

Martins Bank-Gets A Nod Through At The Planning Committee.

I have just come from the planning committee meeting at the Town Hall.
I was a foregone conclusion on the part of the planners and true to their principles of accept, process and rubber stamp.
I have helped Andrew Rosthorn, a writer for The Lancashire Magazine with an article on the Bank in Water Street I believe it was published yesterday.

Take a U-Tube tour as a memory.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Liverpool, Regeneration or Ruination-The Writing Is On The Wall.

As part of the now longstanding Writing on The Wall Festival (WOW). presents.

15 May 2011 Location: Merseyside Regeneration or Ruination?

An urban trawl through the architecture and anarchy of Liverpool, with Owen Hatherley and Jayne Joso.

Sunday 15th May 3pm

Starting and finishing at: The Women’s Organisation, 54 St James Street

Liverpool L1 0AB

Once described as a velvet-gloved provocateur, Owen Hatherley is nothing if he isn’t passionate about the physical state of Britain’s inner cities. But his is as much a social outlook as it is an architectural one, and this itself sets him apart as ‘a commentator on a school of one’.

Owen’s latest work, ‘A Guide to the New Ruins of Great Britain,’ in which he finds himself in Liverpool One, both a ‘relief’ and a ‘functional failure’, has something to get everyone inflamed.

Jayne Joso is a novelist who has written extensively on architecture including writing for the UK's Architecture Today magazine, and is also highly regarded for her writing on Japanese arts and culture. Her first novel, Soothing Music for Stray Cats (Alcemi 2009), was shortlisted for the People’s Book Prize. Her second novel, Perfect Architect (Alcemi 2011), delves into the lives of the star architects and draws on her fascination for architecture and the desire to find the ideal home.
Join Owen and Jayne for an afternoon walking tour of key sites of Liverpool City Centre designed to get you to thinking with readings, debates and arguments.
The walk will last for approx. an hour and a half, and will culminate with readings and refreshments and a chance for further discussion with Owen and Jayne.
Places are limited and must be booked. Email to book your place.

Call 0151 703 0020 for further information and sponsorship opportunities.

Places are limited. Call 0151 703 0020 or email to book. £8/£5 (concessions) for tour and discussion. £4/£3 for discussion only.

Refreshments available.

The well informed Owen Hatherly's Blog has been on our roll for some time now it may be interesting to hear what he has to say.

My opinion is if you have to ask the question you already have the answer but will pop along for a walk anyhow. full programme of events

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Martins Bank-The Video Before The Destruction.

Bernard Byrne the owner of Martins Bank is going mad because someone has posted a video of his beloved Bank, that he is turning into a Hotel, on U-Tube.
He is blaming Frank Carlyle who does a Radio Merseyside Spot on the Tony Snell show on a Tuesday morning. Snelly may be some form of management for him to warble on.
Last time I saw him he was lost.
Frank who changes his opinion like the weather who once said Chavasse Park was "Gonna be Cracker". He is a misguided individual at times.

It is good, apart from the adverts, it is set to music and says at the end Thanks to Frank and Dave and all the Staff at Martins Buildings.
He has gone ballistic has Bernard Bog.
The reason is that he has not got full ownership of the Banking Hall.
Barclay's Bank still have a lease on it so he is pretty annoyed that if Barclay's get hold of the video he will get in trouble about it.
Have a look at the video and if any of you wish to send it to Barclays Head Office, well go ahead be my guest.
So if he hasn't got possession of the banking hall why is he putting a planning application to turn it into a hotel?

The planning application is to be discussed at the dodgy Liverpool Planning Committee on the 17th April planning application no 10F/2813 
Further reading.