Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Is Warren Bradley Really that Thick?

Liverpool’s International Garden Festival site to re-open in 2010
Sep 22 2009 by Laura Sharpe, Liverpool Daily Post

MORE than 10 years after it closed its doors, work will finally start on restoring the Liverpool International Garden Festival site.
Work will start in November to restore the formal gardens after the city council gave developers the go-ahead.
It means the gardens should be open late next year.
The North West Regional Development Agency (NWDA) have offered a £2.1m grant to developers Langtree for the restoration work, and a separate contribution of £1.6m from the Northwest European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is also currently being considered.
In order to accept the grant changes, a development agreement was drawn up between the council and Langtree, which included deferring a dowry, to cover maintenance costs from Langtree, for five years.
Council leader Cllr Warren Bradley, said: ”The gardens should be something the city is proud of and a real asset to the community.” Is he thick, is he really that barefaced? Its the Fib Dems who have allowed it to be destroyed.

An asset to the community when you have allowed the Velodrome to be destroyed from inside so that the developers have more space for flats, Mr Bradley.
Can we really put up with any more of this Council PR trash from a disgraceful regime that has been puppeteer-ed by Clever Trevor Jones who mentored Mike Storey who in turn, in my opinion tells Warren Bradley what to do.
Warren Bradleys fireman watch is Toxteth so Tommy Hickey the fire bobby knows the area well as does the "Dame of Dereliction" Louise Ellman what has she been doing all these years? The BBC have reported several times. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/merseyside/8030515.stm see this link
Councillor Warren Bradley, leader of Liverpool City Council, said work was still expected to start in the summer. "Langtree are absolutely committed to starting on the public park as the first phase," said Mr Bradley. What happened there?
Why do Langtree get a grant to assist them in developing the site into houses and flats that have got the residents up in arms about? In the same BBC article Quote; Mrs Davies said: "It's unbelievable. Really you could cry when you see what's happened and how it's been vandalised as well.
"The fact the garden became derelict was sad in itself.
"The saddest thing is that the plaque commemorating the fact the Japanese dedicated it to the city of Liverpool and its citizens in perpetuity is still there.
http://www.liverpooldailypost.co.uk/liverpool-news/regional-news/2009/09/22/liverpool-city-council-leader-warren-bradley-attacks-north-west-development-agency-as-money-wasting-bureaucracy-92534-24747797/ Then Bradley attacks the NWDA saying The amount of money wasted on bureaucracy and through having tiers of governance is phenomenal.
“We are told that we have got to slash public spending. One way to do that is for the RDAs to go and to deliver this funding directly to local authorities.” God help us if the Fib Dem spivs get the cash. In my opinion you are a complete and utter clown Mr Bradley, this is not joined up thinking, too many late night shifts.
Further reading;
This International Garden Site was to be the turning point after the Toxteth Riots and for a short while it was an example. This site including the vandalised Velodrome should have been restored for 2008 as part of European Capital of Culture, and left for the community instead of this clowning about.

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