Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Carpenter Investments Dont Deliver in Liverpool, Why will they on the Wirral?

What the bloody hell is this garbage piece of, well, could you really call it architecture.
Was the sketch done while drunk?
Does the designer need to stand up, or was he falling over when he did it?
Is it a joke?
We don't usually go on the Wirral but do accept that all the local editors and power people running Liverpool live there.
I have not seen the play "Brick up the Mersey Tunnels", yet but this is good reason to.

This is a very bad scheme that it looks like was inspired by the Terminal Ferry Carbncle, Son of Museum.
Controversial west Wirral hotel plan looks set to move forward
Sep 22 2009 by Liam Murphy, Liverpool Daily Post
COMPULSORY purchase powers could be used to press ahead with a controversial hotel scheme in west Wirral. The reporting by Liam Murphy says A leaked report to the authority’s cabinet, which meets later this week, recommends the council press ahead with the Sail project, on the banks of West Kirby’s marine lake.
The report – obtained by the Daily Post – details the conditions under which Wirral council officers recommend the scheme should proceed.

October Communications are Alan Beers preferred PR company, how convenient that Larry "The Lamb" Neild works for them and a report is miraculously "obtained" by the Daily Ghost. Is this Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors. Jon Egan the Director of October Communications also masterminded Ben Chapmans, the disgraced Wirral MPs Election campaign.

This is the way the property development companies owned by or run by Alan Beer of Carpenter Investments treats the people of Liverpool. They close a road and later put railings across it. Not once but four times. What a absolute cheek, the Police and the Council Highways had to warn them that action would be taken if they did so again. Total Contempt!
This is Kings Dock Street the old site of AJ Beers and now Eco Warm and a Car Park run by Simon Beer.
This was going to be the site of a huge development alongside Windsor Developments pie in the sky schemes. Windsor Developments whose director was struck off the accountants register for fraud, something that he denied, who were in bed with Clever Trevor Jones developing the site of the last ships chandlers in Liverpool that is now a hole in the ground eyesore.
What a disgrace.

Anyhow this may be proof that instead of doing us with more carbuncles the property developers are now destroying the Wirral and turning on themselves.
Quick, does anyone know any good Bricklayers.
Todays Daily Ghost writes

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  1. It looks like a cartoon bus shelter. The developer is also using the lake users car park to replace spaces for the unwanted hotel, bacally defeating the objective of creating a new facility. Can CI feasibly deliver a hotel and sailing school both in tidal flood zones for 7.5 millon?