Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The Pedestrianisation of Castle Street is Off.

Yes, one of Liverpools original seven streets, Castle Street, leading to the Town Hall, where Mayor, Mike "Jackanory, spin us another one, just like the other one" Storey is now donning his antiquated, silly looking, hat and coat, is not, to be a cafe culture hub after-all.
It was proposed while he was leader, as a place where people sit and while away the hours in continental fashion.

Part of the Castle Street Conservation Area.

The Reason?
They Cant find enough paving flags with Chewy on to match the originals.
Yesterday I recieved at the shop a big white envelope entitled Consultation Documents Please Do Not Destroy.
This contained all the proposals for the Castle Street U-Turn.
There will be no consultation about it....it is already decided by the City Council Junta. The Fiberal-Democrats they just make it up as they go along, they tell Larry Bartlett and the Daily Ghost tells everyone out there in phleb-land on behalf of the Council.

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