Thursday, 10 September 2009

Councillor Steve Hurst Steps Down-Good Riddance

You know you don't get any Shysters stepping down in Liverpool for ages and then you get two in a week, that's the Fib-Dems for you.
It is a sad reflection of the local political scene that this despicable no-mark was allowed to rise so highly by the elder statesmen of the party. Well what do you expect with Trevor Jones and Mike Storey running the place with strings attached to Warren Bradley like puppeteers moving his arms and legs.
Th absolute outrage that has seen off this fellow Fire Bobby of Warren Bradley, who supported him is there to be seen. Even the local press were against him. Doreen Jones supported him saying politics is a dirty business...yes I saw it happen at the planning committee where Hurst was often Vice Chairman when Doreen Jones stepped down as chair because of her many conflicts of interest. We now have to live with their disgraceful rubber stamping of inappropriate carbuncles for the world heritage site.
Mike Storey said he would trust him with his life.
Hurst is finally Burst.....Good Riddance.
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See the Professors humorous but possibly accurate take on the matter.

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  1. Good news perhaps, but there are always fresh ones willing to take their place. Nothing much alters in politics, sadly.