Friday, 11 September 2009

A City Transformed-They Speak With Forked Tongue

This is the middle pages of City The magazine for Liverpool. It goes out free to 220,000 homes and if you read it everything is, wonderfully, gloriously, rose tintedly, spectacularly brilliantly, ace. Or so they tell us. They don't mention once the 90 million shortfall on the budget. Basically its part of the council propaganda machine that we pay for through our rates to tell us how well the Spivs running the place are doing. The sort of propaganda that Goebbels would have been proud of in the Second world war, Yes Ve are stuffing the gubbings out of Liverpool, destroying its Pier Head, its heritage, its character, it vill never recover, it is great for our people.
What takes the hamburger is the picture of Quote (sorry about the pic, click on to enlarge)
"The Iconic Liver Building Stands proud-as all around it a new 21st century Liverpool takes shape.
And the picture is taken from the roof of the new Terminal Ferry Building, that won the Building Design National Carbuncle Cup for crimes against architecture.

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