Monday, 31 January 2011

The Wellington Rooms-Liverpools Disgrace.

What is the point in letting this historic building rot.
Here is a picture taken in 1989 by Jeremy Hawthorn, I hope he wont mind me using it.
It was on the calender for last year that was published by The Nerve a local magazine that does its best to highlight some of the rubbish put out by council spin doctors.

How can this building be left to rot after a billion pounds of European objective one funding has been swagged to the cronies who have contacts in the North "Vested Interest" Development Agency. What will Joe Anderson the Tory Cuts Reaper do. Here is Correspondents take on his current situation.
 The Wellington Rooms in Mount Pleasant were once described as a ‘house of mirth and revelry’. They were erected after funds were raised by public subscription in 1815.

An Adaptation of the Choragic Monument of Lysicrates of Athens, which was illustrated in the influential publication by Stuart and Revelt Antiquities of Athens.
It had a porch on one side for the setting down of sedan chairs.
The Portico was originally open but was found to be draughty and a disfigurement to the original design was made with the blocking up.
A ballroom of some 80ft by 40ft it had a card room and a supper room.
It was thought to have been frequented by the upper classes, as subscription balls, assemblies and occasional fancy dress balls.
How that description conjures up the most remarkable images of Georgian Liverpool. A Maritime City at the nucleus of its upward growth taking it to the city of its height in the early 20th century.

I grew up with it being known as The Irish Centre in the 70s and 80s, and ignorant of these facts relating the building back to the Battle of Waterloo and Napoleons defeat by the then axis powers under the leadership of the Duke of Wellington.

I recently highlighted its plight in a walkabout with Peter Elson  for the Daily Ghost and it is still the same building, only the deterioration seems to have been helped by the lead on the roof going missing. What state inside to the plasterwork?
There were ghastly plans to develop it by sticking a rubic cube sort of extension on the back. The plans looked more like a sketch on the back of a jerry-builders ciggy packet than a professionals work .

On the English Heretic at risk register for as long as I can remember. Henry Owen John  the area director should be ashamed of himself as should the joker who was the Historic Buildings advisor Peter De Figeurido who let it rot while sucking up to the developers of Mann Island, who it is alleged is now working for Peel Holdings. Click the link above to see him and the Reichmarshal Nigel Lee making excuses after my article sent waves out about the neglect.

And what of Chris Griffiths and Steve Corbett of the useless Liverpool Conservation office.

Next to it and with objective one funding an extension was built on the Gibbard Cathedral, that Oscar Niemeyer rip off, Paddys Wigwam while this wonderful little Georgian gem lies there, rotting, a forlorn looking Mausoleum to itself.
Its a disgrace.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Mann Island Wonder on the Waterfront.

The real wonder is how they ever got away with building three black coffins at Mann Island.
This is a full page advert in the local paper, I thought they said they had sold them was reported as such.
You will note that the White Coffin, the all new Wacky Warehouse-on-Sea...The Museum of Liverpool, is not shown in the picture.
That is because Dr Fuzzy Felt at NML has banned them from using the image connected with the black slugs. They are desperately trying to distance themselves from the Mann Island development, even though its all the same North "Vested Interest" Development Agency funding package. Loyd Grossperson threatened legal action if they were associated together just before Fleming had him sacked for reporting him to the DCMS. That's what was in the Sunday Times anyhow. To think the English Heretics let them get away with this.

Is this just my opinion? Well here is another.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The El Layla Hotel Liverpool-Destroying Liverpools History, For Yet Another Boring Hotel.

This is the view from the new Layla Hotel (what a daft name, Layla, you got me on my knees...laughing) on the corner of Dale Street and Sir Thomas Street.
Where the disgusting vandals at Iliad ruined an intact Victorian facade, which was one of a whole block, that had escaped two world wars including the blitz only to see this disgusting firm knock it down before English Heritage had a chance to list it.

It caused a lot of controversy, do not forget what these wretched developers did, sending someone out with a sledgehammer to destroy a Liver Bird crested stone portico.

Daily Post Editors views 6 Sir Thomas  

 You will see the view is interrupted by Old Jamaica House on the opposite side of the road. The originally said it was to be a six star hotel. Now they say five stars, but with Falconer Chester in charge and with jobs like the interior of Speke Airport under their belt, I cant see it, maybe a three at best.

Architect Paul Falconer, of Falconer Chester Hall, said the project had taken a long time because of the complexity of knitting three buildings together, two of which are listed.

He made no mention in today's press article of the one that wasn't listed....that, was been destroyed. The whole area is being stealthed.
Iliad once declared History is our Future.
How many more demolitions are planned.

Iliad are members of Frank McKennas, Downtown Liverpool in a skip.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

PEEL HOLDINGS-Running Scared Of A Public Inquiry for Liverpool Waters.

Today's Front Page of The Daily Post is a serious bit of reporting by David Bartlett about a very big subject, give him his due he is concerned about the World Heritage aspect of building in the WHS.
Interesting a letter drops through my door dated yesterday, stamped with a Peel Holdings frank, to co-incide with this. They want to talk now despite being arrogant in the past he is even saying hes had chats with me, no we wont be falling for Mr Ashworths charm offensive.
Believing they can do what they want because they have friends in high places, such as the council leader Joe Anderson. 

Peel Holdings cannot get away with an arrogance that is beyond belief and Lyndsay Ashworth should know better than putting words in my mouth, he says

Lindsey Ashworth, development director, said he did not think a public inquiry was needed.
“I have had long conversations with Wayne. He has a view, but it is not shared by the majority of people. He is one of a few people that do not like tall buildings.
“I think it is a fantastic development, and I am not inclined to just put something on the site that underplays it – like putting three to four storey buildings that look like grain warehouses.

“When the Three Graces were built, there was lots of controversy at the time. At this moment, I am minded to think ‘why should there be a public inquiry in Liverpool?’.”

Do they really have the cash anyhow.
Mr Ashworth may well be worried about a public inquiry.

Friday, 14 January 2011

The North "Vested Interest" Development Agency.

 Or in short "Systers Are Us".
How many dodgy deals have these grey suited flanneurs at the NWDA got away with.
Even right in front of the noses of the world on a world heritage site, the corrupted system that was and is Liverpool's regeneration is made a mockery of.
Considering that Mike Storey was on the board that is hardly surprising.

Joe Anderson, let it all happen while the Labour party used it as a foil for their election campaign.
Yet they rush headlong into bed with Peel Holdings whose ex chief executive a Mr Hough then became the Chairman of the NWDA. Louise Ellman with links the North Vested Interest Development agency and the GONW did nothing.
It stinks to high tide how they got away with this and now, "The Prisoner" David Bartlett at Port Merrion on the Mersey throws some light on the subject for the Daily Ghost. Claiming its all, now alright, the taxpayer will, well it says could benefit, and a Daily Ghost could,  means stuff all.

Yes the picture tells a story alright but the real headline is that the public were shafted by a bunch of shysters, and in doing so we lost the best views and most historic setting in the city to a trio of black coffins and a anachronis,m masquerading as a museum.
He forgot it was all the same deal that brought the whole destruction of the Pier Head into being, and was put together by the NWDA.
One funds the other, oh and lets throw in a canal that cuts the Pier Head in two, it needs it. Who were these goofs.

Hey good journalism David, made worse by the fact that Larry "the lamb" Neild whose position as city editor Bartlett took over at the Smoking Mirror Group went on to work for October Communications under the leadership of Jon Egan who im my opinion would sell his mother for a fee. Egan also led the disgraced Wirral MPs election campaign. October were retained by the NWDA and Neptune Developments and Liverpool Vision.
Someone needs to do an investigation into the way Trinity "Smoking Mirror" Group operate in the city.
The, no surprise is, this was probably fed to Bartlett by little Larry a small man of small stature who sold himself to the highest bidder when the going got tough. He was reporting our objections at the planning committee meeting but then fell in with Doreen Jones. I will never trust anyone at that paper again.
What was the outcome when the developers director was bailed on fraud charges.
The conclusion is that it is hushed up by the local chip-paper, was this as a friendly gesture to old mates. We can ponder just like what they did with the vrascist comment by David Fleming. Will Alsop got it right even though his cloud scheme was just as bad.

Bartletts confusing report, that attempts to put it over as a good will story finishes:

A spokesman for the NWDA said: “The NWDA is pleased that the independent PwC report into the sale of Mann Island finds that we acted properly in what is a complex site with a long and rich history.
“The NWDA is delighted with progress on the site and is proud to have led the development of this high quality, prestigious location, enhancing the beautiful and unrivalled Liverpool waterfront and creating a lasting legacy project for the city’s residents businesses and visitors.”

It should have said.
Jon Egan, I am yours, October Communications here I come, when do I start.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Martins Bank-Another "Dodgy" Liverpool City Council Planning Application.

Why would the Liverpool City Council want to put an application over Xmas, for what was described by the then 20th Century Society 1n 1982 as the finest 20th century Bank Building in Europe.
I will tell you why so it is ignored and it gets the nod through without objections.
The planning application goes no-where in explaining the magnitude of this historic structure.
Liverpool City Council Planning Department should be seen to be creating a level playing field so that we the public can see what is happening.
Without this visibility it could be construed that meetings behind closed doors are what truly happens with Liverpool's planning applications for buildings of historical importance.

The owners have sponsored City Council events.
Here are the documents
The c20th Century Society have not been informed.
They are the statutory consultee for 20th century buildings of historical note.

I have made the Council leader Joe Anderson aware that this habit of "hiding" applications in the Xmas rush only serves to expose how little the city council planning department wish to make the plans available to the public.
I operate my business 60 yards from Martins Bank an I have not received any notification letters.
I wrote to Steve Corbett requesting additional information some time ago. As usual he does not get too involved with the public but has numerous meetings with the developer creating an inequality of arms in the struggle to protect Liverpool from being plasticised.
The applicant has in my opinion made no moves to keep this building as a bank has not made any attempts to save the historical sector which has always been treated as a public space.
The applicant who may be a member of DLIB just wishes to maximise the cashback on a building that they have kept closed for sometime.

We have to be extremely careful not to undermine the historical setting of Martins Bank with its slave trading links back through the Gresham Bank etc and its symbolism that refers to Liverpool's murky past.

I will be supplying further documentation to support our objections to the way this application has been handled with a lack of consultation.

I have mad a complaint to the way the handling of this application has been carried out to the3 Chief planning officer and Joe Anderson the Council Leader.
Wayne Colquhoun
LIVERPOOL PRESERVATION TRUST Typical Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors turn it into a good news story.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Ringo's House, 9 Madryn Street-David Bartlett at the Liverpool Daily Post Takes A View.

I can divulge that Liverpool City Council have now acquired 9 Madryn Street from Merseytravel and the fate of Ringo's House is now in the hands of Joe Anderson the Council Leader
Liverpool the City that knocked down the Cavern Club and then called itself Beatles City.Concern is growing.

Ringo's House 9 Madryn Street Liverpool.
Why rip the heart out of an area and then call it New Heartlands.

Daily Post column: Ringo's home is a pawn in the battle over city's housing policy

By David Bartlett on Jan 7,
THE anger at Liverpool town hall has been almost palpable at the intervention of housing minister Grant Shapps demanding a re-think on the decision to bulldoze Ringo Starr's birthplace.
Don't expect it to be the last run-in between the city council and the Department for Communities and Local Government run - by Eric Pickles.
Leading Liverpool Lib-Dem Richard Kemp has already described the pair as Laurel and Hardy for the tragically comicway they have blundered around dishing out the harshest cuts to local government funding in generations.
Mr Shapps is not a household name but he has one of the most important roles in government.
Not enough homes being built, waiting lists as long as your arm, and mortgages out of reach for many. Let's be clear the country has a housing crisis.
Council leader Joe Anderson was right to make it one of his top priorities when he took power.
What was already a dire situation in Liverpool - a housing list with 23,000 names on it - was exacerbated when government decided it was pulling the plug on the Housing Market Renewal Initiative (HMRI). (To put that figure into context 23,000 is the entire population of the city centre).

The council calculates £200m was needed to finish the 15-year project, which was only half way through. It will only get a fraction of that.
Neighbourhoods, once described as war zones by former council leader Warren Bradley, will be left derelict messes for years.
Cllr Anderson and his Labour colleagues do not have an easy task and precious little money to play with.
The debate about Ringo's birthplace will run for sometime.
His former home at 9 Madryn Street is merely a pawn in a battle over the future of housing policy in the city.
Mr Pickles is currently considering whether to use a little-used piece of legislation known as a Public Request to Order Disposal (PROD) to force the sale of 9 Madryn Street and 440 others around it in Toxteth.
The council wants to demolish and rebuild new homes and says the vast majority of the community support the plan.
There is anger that Mr Pickles' department is not offering solutions or cash, just criticism. Should he decide to use his powers it will set a huge precedent and have massive implications.
It is part of a wider issue - the flawed HMRI scheme that is in limbo.
Not all about HMRI was bad, it has delivered in some areas, and a greater proportion of properties have been refurbished than those reduced to rubble.
Some areas were in terminal decline and radical measures were needed.
Campaigners, with justification, complain that the scheme - and the uncertainty it brought - created the dereliction that was meant to be addressed by the project.
The argument that too many so-called 'Zones of Opportunity' were created in Liverpool is also persuasive. Resources were spread too thinly across the six areas.
Now the money has dried up and huge swathes of empty streets remain.
A huge failure by policy makers was not grasping the strength of feeling that is roused when you suggest knocking someone's home down.
This led to pockets of resistance popping up, rallying around figures like campaigning grandmother Elizabeth Pascoe who finally lost her battle to save her home near Edge Lane last year.
Resistance led to delays, and delays cost money. Then the credit crunch arrived, followed by a housing market downturn that continues to this day.
Housebuilders who won the right to build new homes to replace the likes of Mrs Pascoe's now want to wait until the market picks up. And the government has pulled its funding.
A perfect storm at a time of crisis.

And then without telling anyone that the council own the house they start the propoganda machine.
Uncle Joe Anderson you are no better than the last lot.

David Bartlett has been following the story for some time and I commented while speaking with him on his column of today's date being imformative.

Another excellent line of thought on the subject come from Correspondent please read.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

9 Madryn Street, Ringos House-Why Knock It Down?

There is no point to destroy an area of cultural significance such as this.
This is the City that knocked down the Cavern Club and then called itself Beatles City.
Remember this garbage from Catherine Jones of the Oldham Echo, spin us another one Catherine.
I wrote about it a few weeks ago and I can now confirm that the City Council own the house as it has been passed from Merseytravel and the clutches of Neil Scales.
Just what he was doing with it is beyond me.

Couldn't someone just intervene and save it and knock through a few of the houses on the same block and make a visitor centre. What a springboard to the revival of the area, that 30 years after the riots is still having a rough old time.
Local Mp and all round lazy sod Louise Ellman, oh I do apoligise she may be busy, but not in her own constituency.
The Guardian had the news that the housing Minister has written to Liverpool City Council urging them to save Ringo's house in Madryn Street.
The only people who seem to want to destroy it are the city council. Joe Anderson should intervene instead of spining us line after line of rubbish about this subject that should be cut and dried.

Let it be: 9 Madryn Street, Ringo Starr's childhood home, could be saved from demolition after the intervention of an MP.
January 2nd 2011
The terrace house where the former Beatle Ringo Starr was born could be saved from demolition after the intervention of a government minister.
The house at 9 Madryn Street, in the Dingle area of Liverpool, was due to be bulldozed as part of a multimillion-pound regeneration scheme. But Grant Shapps, the housing minister, has asked Liverpool city council to postpone the demolition of the house where the Beatles drummer was born in 1940, to allow more time for alternative plans to be considered.
"Any regeneration project will generate strong feelings," said Shapps. "But when what many people consider to be a culturally important building, such as the birthplace of the drummer in the world's most famous band, is at risk then feelings are going to be even stronger. That is why, before a single bulldozer rumbles along Madryn Street, I want to ensure every option has been considered. In particular, I want local community groups to have the opportunity to put forward viable proposals to preserve this historic house."
The minister's intervention follows a campaign by a group of Beatles fans. If the council ignores Shapps's request, his department has the power to step in to halt the project.
English Heritage has rejected a request for the property to be given listed status. Officials said it did not deserve a preservation order as it lacked "historic or architectural importance".
Some 445 pre-1919 terrace houses in Dingle's Welsh Streets neighbourhood will be replaced as part of the scheme. Starr, 70, lived at Madryn Street for the first few years of his life. A nearby home, 10 Admiral Grove, where he lived for 20 years, will remain standing.
The decision to demolish houses on Madryn Street was made in August but Liverpool's planning committee will meet this month to finalise the details. Liverpool city council says the ageing properties are "beyond economic repair", adding that local residents are desperate for better housing.
A spokesman said: "Grant Shapps may not be aware of the fact that we have consulted extensively with local residents over these plans and the overwhelming majority are in favour of them. Residents have been fully involved in developing the proposals and have shown they want decent homes to replace houses which have long passed their lifespan.
"They are telling us that they are absolutely sick of the delays and the conditions they have to live in. They want the city council to demolish these properties as soon as possible so that they can get on with their lives.
"It is vital for local people that this scheme goes ahead. We have not been helped by the massive cuts, but we are determined to get on with this work to improve the lives of local residents."
The childhood homes of John Lennon – Mendips, in Menlove Avenue – and Sir Paul McCartney – in Forthlin Road – are popular tourist attractions run by the National Trust. George Harrison's Arnold Grove childhood home remains a private house.
Last month a zebra crossing on Abbey Road in north London was given Grade II-listed status, even though it was moved in the 1970s, years after the band were photographed there for the cover of their Abbey Road album.
Someone needs to get hold of Joe Anderson and shake him into reality.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Martins Bank Water Street Liverpool-The Destruction Begins.

A planning application has gone in to alter the Grade II listed Banking Hall.
They will no doubt tell us all the same old marketing rubbish. This is a massive risk to one of our best buildings.

More to follow
The c20 society have been informed just look at what the original proposals entailed the removal of the bronze horseshoe counter. The dodgy planners choose Xmas to post the notices for the planning application!!!!!!  Steve Corbett the Conservation Officer(sic) has been in there doing deals about our heritage with Bernard Byrne the current custodian.