Thursday, 19 August 2010

Liverpools World Heritage Site-More Demolitions Planned.

How many more demolitions are planned in the world heritage site. Well is fair game isn't it you just get to know a councillor who champions your cause, this time its Joe Anderson who welcomed the news of the applications and further investment into the city. So whats the sketch. John Hinchliffe the world heritage officer doesn't give a hoop, buy a property let it get a bit run down, and Bobs your Uncle, its down. Now a hotel, another one, is planned in Dale Street and its just over the road from the old municipal buildings, that Iliad own. Yes, Iliad, the perpetrators of world heritage vandalism and facade hacking of 6 Sir Thomas Street.
Remember our old friend Jamaica House take a look at the picture below, click on it it shows it demolished but the next building has a sign in the window and what does it say, is that, Iliad.
Now call me cynical, but how did that get there. It seems developers are crawling all over the area, despite 6 Sir Thomas Street not even finished. 
But the planned hotel in Dale Street – which would see the demolition of a row of buildings which until recently housed the Spar store – has raised objections from both Merseytravel and car park company NCP.

Merseytravel objected to the development of the 123-bed hotel with restaurant and bar on the grounds that it includes a 285-space multi-storey car park, which they say would have a negative impact on public transport.
NCP said they believed it would lead to "over-provision" of car parking and lead to a loss in available office space for the city.
But council leader Cllr Joe Anderson welcomed the news of the applications and further investment into the city.
Cllr Anderson said: "People tell me there’s not enough hotel space. I had a meeting with someone the other day who was saying you just can’t get a room.
"On the one hand, that’s good news, but it shows we need more and I think the city can sustain these hotels."
But the Dale Street hotel plan, put forward by Belfast-based company FourTwoFour Ltd, initially prompted several objections, including from English Heritage, which argued it would "harm the character and appearance of the conservation area and the outstanding universal value, authenticity and integrity of the World Heritage Site".

English Heritage withdrew its objections after design changes, but Merseytravel lodged a formal objection against the plan on several grounds, including that the hotel is directly adjacent to the route of the Merseytram scheme, and also because of the hotel’s proximity to the Mersey tunnels underneath.
Now theres a thing.