Monday, 9 August 2010

English Heritage-Its Like The Goon Show In There.

Last night on the BBC was a re-run of a series originally broadcast to show off the work that the English Heretics do, and, to be a showcase for its then Chairman, the Little Lord Fonteroy of a director, their very own Saville Row Bazooka Joe, Dr Simon Thurley.
Instead it exposed the sham facade that is English Heritage to be nothing more than a incompetent bunch of Hooray Henry's sneering down their noses like condescending little balloons. As it where!
Here is where they, at the ministry destroy a building
You have to watch it.
The Ministry of country walks showing just how dumb they are.
Here is what I wrote about it at the time.

Next weeks is even worse. Basil Thurley sets out to build a historic garden as a present for his wife, with our money despite there being no evidence that there was ever one there. Here is the original review.
It seems to be the Heritics make up their own rules.
While allowing the destruction of Liverpools world heritage site.
While complaining of how difficult a job they have.

Now there are secret meetings with Peel Holdings where deals are already being done behind closed doors.
Where ex English Heretic employees now are ...advisors

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