Wednesday, 11 August 2010

John Kelly-Liverpool's Regeneration Chief Leaves, But Its 10 Years Too Late.

LIVERPOOL'S head of regeneration will become the latest senior figure to leave the local authority.

John Kelly, executive director of regeneration, was last night in the process of hammering out the terms of his departure.

Mike Burchnall, head of planning, will follow them at the end of this month, and community services executive director Cath Green will leave next month.

Seven other un-named senior managers have also be granted redundancy.
When Mr Kelly's departure is confirmed, education chief Stuart Smith and city solicitor Paul Evans will be the only surviving senior managers since Labour took control of the council in May. Chief executive Colin Hilton announced his retirement just days after the Lib-Dems lost control. Joe Anderson is having a right old clear-out.
Mr Kelly was responsible for the council's number one priority area – growing the city's economy.
He has also overseen planning and development, transport and traffic, tourism, culture, and major regeneration projects. On the council's website, Mr Kelly, a married father-of-one, enthuses about working at the council.

He is quoted saying: "I've got a job which is staggeringly exciting in a great city with some really bright and passionate colleagues. I'm determined to do my best."

This is good news for Liverpool, unfortunatly for Liverpools Historic Environment and its World Heritage Waterfront is 10 years too late. Now can we have Nigel Lee, the Chief Planning Officer, out please.


  1. Sinking reputation

    JOHN KELLY, yet another leading, bright, articulate and impressive linchpin in Liverpool’s impressive regeneration, leaves the council’s employ.

    Since the last election, Labour has worryingly lost the chief executive, the city treasurer, the deputy chief executive and now the director in charge of regeneration. Following 2008 and 2009, Liverpool’s national and international perception levels have never been higher.

    Since May, it’s dropping faster than Labour’s hold on the very people it needs to keep if Liverpool is to weather the economic storm made worse by their own Labour government.

    I wish John Kelly well, and, on behalf of Liverpool, thank him for the massive difference he has made to this great city.

    Cllr Gary Millar, shadow cabinet lead for Employment and Skills, Liverpool City Council

    This is anothe Fib-Dem with no education maybe even unaware that the idiots have destroyed the WHS.

  2. A letter that this planted one refewrs to by
    Mark Featherstone-Whitty’s is not on the website, interestingly.

    Unkind remarks

    I WAS both shocked and annoyed to read Mark Featherstone-Whitty’s unkind letter regarding John Kelly (Daily Post, August 17).

    It betrays an attitude of mind which has undermined the efforts of many people to make Liverpool a truly European city, as opposed to a Victorian left-over dying on its feet.

    When he walks around Liverpool One, does he not realise that this is not a consequence of councillors of any party waving a magic wand, but the result of thousands of hours of work and negotiation by the city’s officers?

    Does he think the new canal link just happened, that the new museum just happened, that the development of the derelict docklands is just going to “happen”?

    I have had the honour of seeing John Kelly at work in committees, and he was the most knowledgeable, erudite and approachable person.

    His knowledge of Liverpool was encyclopaedic, and his understanding of the problems relating to our regeneration aided the council through the 10 years in which Liverpool has transformed itself.

    That the present administration has decided they can manage without him displays their naivety, and is the break in continuity that some developers are waiting for.

    If the council had any sense, they’d be begging him to stay. However, to quote the old Scouse maxim: Eaten bread’s soon forgot.

    I Poole, Mossley Hill

    This has to be a plant but who is our old friend I.Poole he keeps on popping up on the letters pages to support the Mann Island Scheme and what committees is he attending with John Kelly????????