Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Dr David Fleming-Calls For Him To Be Sacked As Director of Liverpool Museums.

Yesterdays letters page in the Echo had a letter from a A. Woods.
It sums up the mess that Liverpool Museums are in and spells out what we and all those who have to endure the NML dictatorship have known for an age. The Director should be sacked.

What a waste
PERHAPS the threatened closure of The National Conservation Centre and the Piermaster’s House (July 27) could have been avoided if so much money hadn’t been wasted on the new Museum of Liverpool?

If the press reports are to be believed, £750,000 was paid for a covenant breach and over £500,000 in an architect’s dispute. These amounts would have gone some way to covering any potential budget shortfall.

Regardless of how these projects are funded, these examples suggest just how cavalier National Museums Liverpool seems to have been with public money.
In most professional bodies the head person would have resigned or been sacked for presiding over such a scandalous waste of funds. Maybe National Museums Liverpool can begin the process of addressing its budget deficit by replacing its director, David Fleming?

A. Woods, Aigburth

Maybe those at the DCMS need to look at pulling in the strings of this argumentative upstart who is a bit too arrogant for his own, no, our good. 
Here is a prediction. All the publicity and funds will now go towards the new museum leaving the old institution of NML, the grand old lady of Liverpool underfunded.
The proposed volunteers don't materialise, or do, but dont have the expertise and slowly we watch as the much loved museums such as Sudley Art Gallery close...............and we go back in time, all because Fleming was not reined in, on time and was let loose with a kings ransom in funds that he argued away.

Picture of Rome MAXXI opened in 2009. (Well they do look exactly the same)

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