Friday, 30 September 2011

New Planning Laws, Will Be A Conservative Party Con.

Are the Coalition Government and its mate susing the recession in order to do a load of favours to their mates.
The Sunday Times seems to think so.
You may think this may not effect you but it will.
I thought it may be worth just highlighting something that may be going unoticed on a local level.
Considering the mess that Liverpool planners have made of the WHS, one would think they would be tightening rules not relaxing them.
 click on the pictures to read.
I was asked for an opinion to the Mann Island Disgrace for Radio 4's Beyond Westminster programme which was aired quite a few Saturdays past. Its worth a listen on the BBC i-player.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Museum of Liverpool-More Legal Action.

Liverpool Museums ae now in a further set of legal action.....this time over the museum steps.
How can a bunch of bungling buffoons led by David Fleming and Phil Redmond get away with such incompetence. Both should go now.
 NML chairman Phil Redmond said: “We will fight robustly to protect the public purse. It’s amazingly frustrating that we have to go through legalistic procedures, but it is the only mechanism we have.”
 pic ROME MAXXI well they do look the same don't they.

Yes he would say that, this is the plastic scouser who does not live in Liverpool that defended the £750,000 that was paid to Downing over the breach of covenants over protected views that should have seen a pay off to every Liverpudlian for an act of architectural vandalism.
He doesnt even own up to here he lives does our Phil.
Now there is a 500k dispute over the museum steps.
David Bartlett reports
How can you sack an architect and then expect the project to go well.

I wrote of this a year ago

Just how can this saga end? will Fleming go or will he be pushed?

You could not make this up if you tried. This is the building that came runner up in BD's Carbuncle Cup competition for the worst designed building of 2011.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Liverpool Vision-Blind Mans Bluffers-Can't They See The Damage?

Today in the Liverpool Daily Ghost we have another advertorial plumper, this time for Joe Andersons Liverpool Vision. How can they at the Daily Ghost be blind to the facts of what is really going on.
Liverpool (lack of) Vision are the purveyors of the three black coffins at Mann Island. David Wade-Smith says he rescued the Cruise Terminal from going under, whilst on the Vision board, but forgot to look at the small print, as it is now an embarrassment that the Liners cant depart from it.
 Now they issue a press release saying; 
REGENERATION agency Liverpool Vision has pledged to make the city “a beacon for enterprise”.

In its annual review for 2010-11, Vision has listed its targets for coming years – including a pledge to “establish Liverpool as a top international and national investment location with dynamic trade, investment, knowledge and tourism relationships”.
Vision also pledges to make Liverpool a city with a global reputation for science, creativity and innovation. The agency also wants to see Liverpool “become the number one culture and visitor destination in the UK outside London”. It is also backing a Strategic Regeneration Framework to revive the economic fortunes of North Liverpool and South Sefton. Vision chairman Mike Parker said: “In difficult economic conditions Liverpool Vision has again fulfilled a pivotal role for the city while adapting to the changing priorities of the city. “It has been an important year that has allowed us to capitalise on our hugely successful presence at the World Expo in Shanghai. “We are forging new global relationships and detailing Liverpool’s outstanding offer as a place in which to work, live, invest, study and visit.
“Much is still to be done to improve the quality of Liverpool’s physical and business environment to help emerging high value sectors realise their potential, to promote innovation and competitiveness and support business in creating jobs and wealth. Liverpool Vision will remain in the vanguard of this work.”
Liverpool City Council leader, Cllr Joe Anderson, said: “Vision is Liverpool’s business-facing organisation and is trusted and respected by the private sector. “This trust and its reputation for delivery are crucial if it is to help Liverpool to continue to grow and prosper in the future.”

 Strange that the Times has a different slant altogether in this weekends paper. click on the photo to read.
Incidently, they show a ten year old picture, Heaven knows I'm miserable now.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Liverpool Waters-Shanghai-On-Mersey

 This is what they do in Shanghai to the historic buildings in the name of progress. Leave them stranded awaiting their fate.
I was recently in Langton Dock and Peel Holdings who own several historic and listed buildings in the area are I am afraid about to do the same as this ghastly haunting image, to Liverpool's historic docklands, a world heritage site. All the warning signs are there.
Peel have now joined the Mersey Partnership.

Beware the creeping fate of so called progress.

Some journolists are aware of this and are also aware of the disaster unfolding, but the Liverpeel Daily Ghost still seem to print Public relation plumper's for Peel whenever they can, at every opportunity they line another piece of tripe up for your delectation. But read Martin Samuels column by clicking on thepicture and be aware that the local press care not for your world heritage site, just look what has happened to the Pier Head while Mark Thomas and Alastair Machray have been editors.

Now someone called John Siddle comes into the fray with more silly writing ill thought out and misleading. He says Liverpool was named an “exemplar city” in the UN’s World Urban Campaign 100 Cities Initiative for its public-private sector approach to sustainability.

Cllr Nick Small, cabinet member for employment, enterprise and skills, said: “Liverpool clearly has a great story to tell, which resonates across the world and more people want to hear it.
“This is an exciting development and a considerable honour. Only 21 other cities have so far joined the 100 Cities Initiative, and Liverpool is the first UK participant.
“The UN has recognised our commitment to building a better sustainable future for our citizens.”
“It offers the city the chance to learn from others, share our experience and build long term international relationships which the city can benefit from for many years, as well as showcasing the city to potential investors and visitors.”
Liverpool was formally adopted into the scheme, which recognises good urban planning, ecological and economic sustainability, at a ceremony in Amsterdam.
The city’s request to be included was pushed forward by Liverpool Vision in conjunction with the council and a range of high-profile private and public sector partners, including Peel, Cofely/GDF SUEZ and Arup.

Cosidering the UN as Unesco have put Liverpool on notice it seems right to say that John Siddle who usually writes for the Southport Visitor would be better off covering the Southport Flower show than plumping for Peel.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Councillor Gary Millar-Set To Make A Packet On Parr Street Studio Sale.

I recall they were doing us all a favour..........saving an iconic piece of Liverpool history, Studio 2, The Parr Street Studios, once owned by Phil Collins, where Coldplay recorded, when in reality Gary Millar the councillor responsible for tourism, and his mates were out to make a packet for themselves.
Remember all the sob stories and how Warren Bradley and the ex Fib Dem council did all they can to help, with errr, saving the studios. Warren Bradley fast tracked him.
He turned up at One Park Worst looking like a baloon To hug the building nominated for the Carbuncle Cup award. Correspondent had the measure of him.

Remember all the fuss when they wanted to buy the studios. Was public money used?

Gary Millar then jumped ship from the Fib Dems and defected to the other side      Some may call him a two faced bar steward, but not I.
There were public demonstrations to save the studios.

Now LIVERPOOL’S famous Parr Street recording studio and hotel complex is being sold with a price tag of just under £3m.
It was saved from closure in 2006 by a trio of businessmen – city councillor Gary Millar, Steve Macfarlane and Thomas Lang

Millar became business assistant to council leader Joe Anderson after defecting from the Lib-Dems to Labour in April this year.

They bought the studio in 2006 from a company called Hit and Run, which was part-owned by former Genesis lead singer Phil Collins.
Even Barry Manilow have all used the city centre facility down the years.
Cant think of a better reason to have closed it down!

The deal, believed to have been worth around £1.6m, was struck after a campaign against a plan by Hit and Run to close the studio and convert the building to luxury apartments.

Hit and run is the right name for this new crowd. What a profit margin. They will be selling the Picket next.
Now they are all set to coin it, and all on, and with, the godwill of the people they told they were doing us all a favour, when they got behind them as act of goodwill.  Gary Millar now seems to be promoting the Cruise Cock up campaign.
Does he have a stake in that too.


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

David Fleming of NML-Will He Go? Or Will He Be Pushed?

Never has there been such a case to sack a Museum Director, as the case against Dr David Fleming.
How he has managed to stay in his job is beyond me.
I said a long time ago that he will bugger off as soon as he has erected "Flemings Folly" leaving us with a huge carbuncle in the world heritage site that helped to create a chain of events that now sees Liverpool as an architectural laughing stock.
He even saw off Loyd Grossman after the pair of them helped destroy Manchester Dock, now buried under the Museum of Liverpool, showing that the reality is, Fleming is not in the slightest bit worried about Liverpool history................but his own career.
It may have backfired on him this time, the national press have slagged off the misguided design, if that's what you can call it of Liverpool's new eyesore.
Nearly sixty years after the blitz more architectural damage is done to Liverpool's historic fabric by giving old Fuzzy Felt Fleming a hundred million quid to play around with than was done by the Lufftwaffe during the Blitz.
Runner up in BD's Carbuncle Cup competition.
 “Our first reaction was that you shouldn’t build here,” Kim Nielsen, the director of 3XN, the Danish practice responsible for its original design, has said. He should have trusted his first instincts.

Mistake after mistake, after elementary mistake was made by what is, in my opinion, an incompetent who, if he was doing an extension on his own house would have gone bankrupt for the lack of skill to manage his project.
He had all the Liverpool pottery removed from the Maritime Museum to make way for a cafe.

He called all his curators dysfunctional characters.........not the sort of people you would want to go for a drink with" he said to a interviewer in New Zealand.
Just how many will attend his leaving party.  

He should have been sacked when he proclaimed that he wanted all young black men to feel shit
Yes the Director slavery museum said what.
Andy Kelly the news editor of the Daily Ghost bottled it and hid the story. Trinity "Smoking" Mirror fashion.
£750,000 were paid out for breach of covenants.

So will he now jump or will he be pushed. The local press hailed the opening of the new Museum a success but now as the winter draws in and the kids are back at school there is hardly anybody going there. And of course it draws attention from our museum district.
He is on his way I feel a Judd-er around the museum that there is something about to take place, but its too late for Liverpool. The damage has been well and truly done.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Peel Holdings Win Carbuncle Cup-What Hope Is There For Liverpools World Heritage Site?

Yes, they, at Peel Holdings, managed it, an award for carbunculating Salford with an architectural atrocity that is that bad it even knocked the new Museum of Liverpool into second place in the same competition.
Media City Salford scoops the award for the worst development of 2011.
The BBC put a brave face on it with a little snapshot on BBC Northwest.
The regional director was asked about the Carbuncle Cup award for their new home. "Well it suited our needs" he said. Two years ago when the Terminal Ferry Carbuncle won and One Park Gone West came fourth, there was extensive coverage.
They, at the BBC ran a series on name your carbuncle. Ed Thomas now on national BBC said it was great, it caused a sensation, tapping into something, the phone lines were on fire.

"Which truly creative person would ever want to work in such a place?" The Guardian's Jonathan Glancey

A `crime against the built environment'… A `lack of urban vitality' are just some of the nicer things said about Peel Holdings' MediaCityUK site as it won Building Design magazine's Carbuncle Cup today – given to the year's worst building.
The sterilized Media City site even held off the squashed oblong that is the new Liverpool Museum to take the least coveted architectural prize in the country.

What Salford Star call MINGIN' MEDIA CITY

"…a city is the last thing one would mistake this development for" You have to read the local opinion!!!!!!!!!!
 They go on, on their firebrand style webspace that holds no punches and tells the truth.

Referring to the BBC's move to MediaCityUK, the Carbuncle Cup commendation states that "it is hard to see how the corporation could set its aspirations any lower… Following the Blue Peter garden's recent relocation to Salford, one can only presume that the newly reinterred Petra must be turning in her grave."

Yes, Peel Holdings' flagship "crime against the built environment" absolutely stormed the award for the worst building in the UK today. The jury - architecture critics, Rowan Moore of the Observer, Hugh Pearman of the Sunday Times and the Guardian's Jonathan Glancey – were unanimous in their verdict that the £600million Salford Quays site visually stinks.

The commendation states that Media City "had every opportunity to be a piece of city to be treasured for centuries to come". Instead we got "a crazed accumulation of development, in which every aimlessly gesticulating building sports at least three different cladding treatments. The overriding sense is one of extreme anxiety on the part of the architects - an unholy alliance of Wilkinson Eyre, Chapman Taylor and Fairhursts."
It adds that "There is no urban idea to speak of whatsoever - no space that one might recognise as a street; no common architectural language; no difference between the fronts and backs of buildings; no distinction between the civic buildings and the private ones…"
It concludes: "No-one can be too surprised that Peel Holdings…is behind MediaCityUK but quite how the BBC has stooped this low is hard to fathom..."

Media City community money scandal Part 1 and 2,(worth a read)       

Then they are building Wirral Waters with abysmal style architectural, of crass design, of the same style, that has just found them awarded the Carbuncle Cup for.
Just look what they have done on Princes Dock already, turning it into MILTON KEYNES-ON-SEA 

Further Reading

Liverpool City Council should take a long hard look on where they are spending our hard earned ratepayers money, though a decision has been put back until Unesco inspectors visit the Liverpool Waters site................all the warning signs are there already.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Bethel Chapel Heathfield Road-Now Demolished, But Just What, Went On Under The Pulpit?

I wrote this article up some time ago as an ongoing attempt to save Bethel Chapel Heathfield Road Penny Lane Corner.
English Heretics refused to list it.
It has now gone. Welsh Presbyterian Chapel demolished by Morons.
I was sent this article some time ago. There seemed to be a underlying feeling that all was not what it seemed. Was there something going on under the pulpit I thought?

Church sued for £600k

3 November, 2006
Property developers take a church in Wales to court after it pulls out of scheme
A church is involved in an unholy row with two property developers after being accused of reneging on a building scheme.

Property developers Samuel Beilin and William Kearns say they have lost more than £600,000 after the Welsh church encouraged them to spend money on a scheme to develop the Bethel Chapel.

It is alleged that after spending four years funding planning permissions and development schemes, encouraged by the Properties Board of the Calvanistic Methodist Church of Wales, they received a letter pulling out of the scheme.

The church, also known as the Presbyterian Church of Wales, plans to sell the site to another developer and is likely to win planning permission after the work put in by the developers.

Mr Beilin, Mr Kearns, and TRB Estates (Liverpool) say they have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on the scheme, and that the church pulled out of the project knowing it was likely the planning application would be granted.

Now the three are suing for “proprietary estoppel”, and are claiming damages for the loss of opportunity to develop the chapel, loss of profit, and for the expenses they have incurred.

They value their claim at more than £600,000, and are also suing Dr Benjamin Rees, of Bethel Chapel in Heathfield Road, Liverpool.
They had originally entered into arrangements with the church in April 2002, when the church asked them to develop the site. As a result they say they expected to be the developers of the scheme, and that the church encouraged them in this expectation.
Read more:

Now, A BANKRUPT city property developer along with seven other people were arrested in raids across Liverpool in connection as part of a fraud and conspiracy investigation.

Officers from the Serious Organised Crime Agency, backed up by Merseyside Police, arrested Sam Beilin, 49, as part of the probe.
His home address in Allerton Road and his offices were also raided.
The seven were arrested on suspicion of fraud, perjury and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.
Marc Waddington writes.

I am not suggesting for one second that there is anything wrong here, but there are questions to be asked. Starting with what is the, so called clergy, doing mixing with these characters?
And who paid the bill to knock the Chapel down surely it would have been the same cost to repair it.

Monday, 12 September 2011

All Saints Childwall-And The Pathetic Diocese Of Liverpool, Out Of Touch, Out of Reach.

David Bartlett seems to have sold out, literally, his Dale Street Blues blog, has now become Dale Street Associates, giving a platform for his mates to put their ideas forward that would not usually be heard in the Daily Ghost. 

Talking of Ghosts, heres one for you, there's a church in Childwall that has a spare graveyard that no-one will notice if the local Church Disease, ermm, I mean Diocese whack an extension of top of.  And because those frocked types are all jolly good sorts no-one will object. Alleyuyha!
This time its Stuart Haynes for the church, on Bartletts blog, who gives us a misuided sob story about how those people who objected to the All Saints Plans, that were rejected by the planning committee, are standing in the way of the future.

Only, its they, who got it wrong this time, over and over again they make the same mistakes.
How can you have such an out of touch regime as the Liverpool Church elders. Blaming everyone but themselves as usual.
Bishop James Jones was the Chairman of the Liverpool Echos, pitiful Stop the Rot Campaign, that saved nothing, someone should stop the rot at the Church.

You may think, show a bit of respect here but my social contract with the local Diocese ended a long time ago when I attended a meeting at St James Church over plans to dig up 7000 bodies and build a block of flats on the churchyard. Poltergiest! St James Church Graveyard, a plague on your clergy's houses.
Are they all English Heretics at the Liverpool Diosese, or is it   just the ones I meet. 
 Here they usefacebook to promote  Mad Easter Party at St James.

So at last a bit of common sense by the planning comittee rejecting the montsrous plans to pile concrete over some poor dead persons skull, laid to rest, probally paying for the privilidge, in peace and tranquility.
Amen to those plans. Perhaps it wll teach the local clergy its they that need to learn respect for those they have to protect. Bartlett had written about the planning committee rejection, where he probably met Haynes. a Church Spooksmen said
“We remain convinced that our plans presented a visionary approach that enhanced the historic beauty of All Saints with facilities that would continue to enable this growing church to serve its community"
Is Ricky Pansdown behind this he usually is behind any ill tought out scheme proposed by the church.Here is a letter from George Fowler highlighting his concerns that appeared in the paper some time ago.

Where now for the Doicese of Liverpool, pray for them,will you, they need help. 

In the meantime the powers in control wacked down the Welsh Chapel for a new era of..............being, a car park for Tesco.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Liverpools Heritage Open Days

100 historic buildings across Merseyside will be open to the public as part of the Heritage Open Days.

Williamson Tunnels, West Derby Courthouse, the Ancient Chapel of Toxteth and all Three Graces.

Unusual attractions include the Wavertree Lock Up and a tour of St Helens Cemetery.
Sir Edwin Lutyen’s Crypt on Saturday, September 17.
You can learn about the building’s rich history and enjoy a range of performances in a majestic setting.

FOR more information on booking details, visit

But remember we still have a number of properties on the at risk register.

St Lukes Church
St James Church

Royal Insurance Building Dale Street

St Andrews Church

Wellington Rooms
etc, etc, etc,

Here is the list 

Call this Regeneration.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Museum of Liverpool-Runner Up in 2011 Carbuncle Cup Competition.

After the original architect 3XN left the project in 2007, the £65 million waterfront building, which opened in July, was delivered by AEW.

Lowly Commended
Museum of Liverpool
3XN and AEW

Liverpool secured the Carbuncle Cup two years ago for Hamilton Architects’ ferry terminal. This ridiculous building won in considerable part because of the damage it did to the view of the Three Graces — the trio of early 20th century buildings providing Liverpool’s defining architectural image.
Sadly, this vandalism to the city’s waterfront was only the start. This year the jury had the ferry terminal’s neighbour, the Museum of Liverpool, to consider. “Our first reaction was that you shouldn’t build here,” Kim Nielsen, the director of 3XN, the Danish practice responsible for its original design, has said. He should have trusted his first instincts.
However, the problem isn’t simply that the building is in the wrong place. Another prime example of decon lite — Hadid’s Maxxi being the all-too-obvious model — this was a voguishly banal design made considerably worse through its botched realisation. In a saga that saw the client taking legal action against both 3XN and its replacement, local practice AEW, the competition-winning project was subjected to multiple dumbings-down, the most cringemaking of which proved the introduction of a slalom course of DDA- compliant ramps at either end of the building.
The Museum of Liverpool came a close second in this year’s Carbuncle Cup but with work soon to complete on Broadway Malyan’s next door Mann Island development — the third of what Hugh Pearman aptly termed The Three Disgraces — Liverpool is in a strong position to reclaim the prize next year.

Salford Keys is the winner. Media City the new home of the BBC.
Peel Holdings the developer..................who want to build on what part of the Liverpool World Heritage Site has not already been carbunculated. This is what Salford Star says
The Independent
The Telegraph

 Livepool Daily Ghost..............nothng

Liverpool Oldham Echo...........nohing.