Wednesday, 15 December 2010

David Bartlett-Come In Number Six Your Time Is Up..

 First let me say I have nothing against Mr David Bartlett personally, or any of the other reporters that I know in Port Merrion on the Mersey at Oldham Hall Street, but it really has got to a stage where they are so understaffed (well I will give the benefit of the doubt at this stage) that the whole credibility of the local press has got to be questioned in a lot more detail.
The Daily Post "Prisoner" David Bartlett.

The Trinity "Smoking" Mirror Group seem more content to look after their sources than their readers, so it is inevitable that the chip-papers sales will go down.
They tried giving the Daily Post away free at one time, that didn't work either. It has problems.
David wrote up an article regarding the awful David Fleming who, I do have something against, namely he is a twasser ruining a once great institution, he is ruining it.......... and it was squoshed.
This was dynamite and there had to be a duty for the local press to expose this racist comment by the director of Liverpool's International Slavery Museum.
 I gave him all the information, he reads the blog and he had asked me for more clarification, to which I duly obliged.
He wrote it up.........It was a big story.......... and it was nobbled by the senior staff at Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors.
Come in Number 6 your time really is up.
David Bartlett, The Prisoner.
Does a big balloon come down Oldham Hall Street when he tries to go out, that swooshes him back, and who is Number 2
Dicky Felt-tip, Flemings personal  PR man who spends all his days at our expense getting him out of the shit that he wants to spread over all young black men that visit the museums, had asked David to bury the story. He personally asked the City Editor to edit this out of the papers.
I didn't think he would it was big. I thought David too big for that. Finally exposing a man of little common sense with distorted sick views destroying Liverpool Museums to build Flemings Folly in the world heritage site, ruining our views.
But he wrote it up especially after Fleming was to be investigated by city council.
 I felt contented to have done some work.   I had predicted he would bury the dynamite that is David "Fuzzy Felt" Fleming.

No it never got out outragous as the story itself.
Mark Thomas told me he has to strike a balance. Well the balance has gone too far and you are a No Mark Mr Thomas. Is it just my opinion No not really, but do the public know enough to have theirs.
Lazy journalism is not the correct balance.
Today's papers and yesterdays are full of Joe Anderson, Liverpool Vision PR pap that is already packaged up for the papers so all they do is put their name to it.
Liverpool Councils "One Plan Scheme" They only have one plan to manipulate the press and they are succeeding.  David Bartlett also sells it on his blog but I don't want to give it the credibility here, only scorn.
I recently sold a couple of old Liverpool Mercury's from 1812 and reading through them it made me think it was a time that the Daily Posts fore-runner The Mercury turned a blind eye to the plight of the slaves that were shipped across the Atlantic. Yes they are as guilty as the slavers.
 I watched a taped ITV4 film this weekend about the life of William Wilberforce and his struggle for justice for right and I thought this local press has not changed one jot, they still turn a blind eye when it suits them and I thought, shame on you local journalists who don't tell the truth, shame on you.
They package a Palm Oil disaster that causes misery for indigenous races in far off climates as PR pap for Peel Its just the same in a different age.
My opinion is its what you don't say and its what you hide that makes you as much a liar as having the brashness to declare a lie.
When you join a deceit you are part of an overall lie and the old saying for evil to succeed it takes good men to do nothing.
Come in Number 6 your time is well and truly up and who is Number 1.

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