Monday, 13 December 2010

Liverpool Conservation Centre To Close Its Doors To The Public-The Decline of NML Continues.

Liverpool Conservation Centre to close its doors to the public

Dec 13 2010

by Ben Schofield, Liverpool Daily Post
LIVERPOOL’S flagship conservation centre will permanently close its doors to the public at the end of the week.
Art lovers have been able to have free entry to the Whitechapel-based National Conservation Centre for 14 years.
But museums bosses facing a 15% budget cut said it has to close its doors.
The conservation work done there will continue, and its permanent exhibition – Revealed: the Hidden Stories of Objects – will be moved to the World Museum.
But several staff are likely to be affected by the closure.
NML director Dr David Fleming said: “We bitterly regret having to close one of our venues to visitors, but this is the harsh reality of government cuts. The National Conservation Centre was a very popular venue that staged many fantastic photographic exhibitions and other events over the last 14 years.”

This what happens when you let a twasser like Dr David Fleming loose with too much money, he puts all his eggs in one new museum basket and the rest of the once proud establishment starts to decline.
Not only does he want all young black men to feel shit but everyone associated with NML.
Couldnt Phil Redmond-stien have found some volunteers to man it.

What a disgrace, and it will get worse.

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