Thursday, 4 November 2010

Maritime Disaster at the Merseyside Maritime Museum.

Our friends at Seven Streets highlighted last week, the lack of diners at the Maritime Museum Dining Rooms at the Albert Dock. Another one of the wacky director, Dr David Flemings schemes, overseen by the trustees and their Chairman Big Society Tory Phil Redmond.                They call it a Fright at the Museum and its delicous stuff.  Served up on a platter of irony with just a touch of relish on the side. Here is what the racist comment maker "Fuzzy Felt" Fleming had to say about it in the museum insider in 2009 when it opened. click on the pics Hey he's so clever.

Maybe considering its next to the slavery museum his wishes to make "all young black men feel shit" it has worked.
Maybe that's why there is nobody there. Seven Streets show a picture, they were just a bit late with the shutter speed to catch the tumbleweed drifting through. 
They say, "How to take a winning formula and kill it stone dead. Why Merseyside Maritime Museum's Restaurant has sunk without trace"...  worth a read.

I commented at the time.

 When the tin pot dictator, I mean director took out all the Herculaneum pottery, because in my opinion he is not educated enough to understand how important it is to Liverpool history and how volunteers painstakingly researched and built up the collection over decades. Only to see a racist comment maker, who thinks he's clever destroy their hard work for another cafe.
He should have been a director of Starbucks not our museums.

Or maybe its because of the way the Pier head looks.
Now to enter the Maritime Museum you have to go past the awful Mann Island and past the obnoxious scrawling architectural disaster that is the new museum. That some people at Seven Sheets seem to like, well there is no accounting for taste, but there are other views there too.
Remember though that the Mann Island Coffins designed by Matt Brooks, oh, and the museum, along with the Canal Cut are of the same funding package and were always treated as one.

I am reliably informed that Morrissey worshiper, Dicky Felt-tip, Flemings personal PR is under instructions to distance all publicity linking the museum, the White Coffin, to the Black Coffins.  Whinging about budget cuts.
Don't let them get to you, if so much money had not have been wasted paying out for covenants or settling legal disputes, or wasted on overcharging     the once proud institution would not be in such a financial mess.

Well what do you expect from a regime whose directors favourite museum is The Museum of Genocide Victims in Vilnius and who wants "all young black men to feel shit"

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