Monday, 8 November 2010

RIBA To Send Its Drawings Collection to Liverpool.

More pathetic LIVERPOOL Daily Post reporting. This time from the council lap-dog Mark Wadding"Padding"ton.
The spoon feeding of the public is culpable. This time its more uneducated garbage from a local paper trying, but failing miserably to understand the scope of the disaster they have lauded on behalf of the council and the North "Vested Interest" Development Agency. Burying their heads in the sand.
Unable to see or comprehend World Heritage Disaster that is partly their fault for spinning everything.

The article may be well meaning, but is so full of "ifs and maybes" it should never have been allowed to go to print.
We have heard all this garbage before, they even roll out the Merseyside Civic Society calling it the historic Merseyside Civic Society. God 'elp us.
I call them heritage collaborators, responsible for turning a blind eye on purpose.
It is said the RIBA collection "could" be placed in a new premises located on the waterfront, close to the Albert Dock. The Daily Ghost shows a 15 year old picture of the Albert Dock before it was turned into World Heritage S*ite.

Read the previous RIBA have a rep who is no more than a vandal disfiguring the WHS, and being allowed to.
 Jonothan  Brown comments, he will try hard, but it may be that he likes the sound of his own name in the papers and is the only one who is running around as part of an aimless, and bleedin' hopeless, bunch of heritage no-marks who have stood by and watched while the waterfront has been decimated by bad design. Now they want to bring a load of architects here to see the damage.
Now forgive me for being cynical, but could it be "proposed" for one of the Black Coffins on Mann Island as the Open Eye Gallery look as if they wont be joining the world heritage disaster party.
Has Matt Brooks been trying to pull a few strings.

It was said Mr Brook, who opened Broadway Malyan’s Liverpool office in 2007, will serve as a North West representative on the Royal Institute of British Architects’ National Council.

It even takes the Daily Ghost opinion. The very same opinion that said Alsops Glass Pie in the sky was to be brilliant for Liverpool.
The well meaning idiot who wrote the Comment and Analysis in the Daily Ghost says Every effort must be made to convince RIBA that Liverpool is not only a spiritual home for architectural excellence, but a practical, vibrant and cost effective base. After all Liverpool's historic waterfront can offer what every desirable building requires-location, location, location.
And a bunch of brainless numb skulls who report on any bit of council rubbish, with a positive spin, who are oblivious to architecture, and have allowed the waterfront to be carbuncled while Blind Bill Gleeson tells us all how good it all is.
With Mark Thomas, the Daily Ghost editors favourite building the 2009 Carbuncle cup winning Terminal Ferry Building, it really is the blind leading the dumb and blind. 

The reality is we are yet to be a laughing stock for the mess created on Liverpool's Waterfront and The local press just put a blind face on it all.
If we all turn a blind eye maybe the architectural profession wont notice Mark.

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