Friday, 19 November 2010

Mike Storey Becomes A Peer-Oh My Lord!

The appointment comes five years after Mr Storey was forced to step down as city council leader, a position which he used to drive the regeneration of the city centre and help create Liverpool One. It is said

The man who served as lord mayor in 2008 will use his long experience in education to closely scrutinise the Government’s controversial schools' shake-up – which includes privately-sponsored “free schools”.

What a load of World Heritage S*ite.  Best read this blogspot just to remember how he had to resign. OR TRY THIS TAKE ON.

This disgraced ex council leader has spivved his way into this position.
Mr Storey will help form a powerful Liverpool Lib-Dem line-up in the Lords, alongside former party chief executive Chris Rennard and ex-Mossley Hill MP David Alton.

Mr Storey served as council leader for 7½ years, having spent an astonishing 37 years as a councillor, representing Wavertree ward.

Awarded the OBE in 1992 and the CBE in 2002, he was praised for helping to win the 2008 European Capital of Culture year and for bringing World Heritage City status to the city.

Then he set about destroying it.

It is not clear to the public why he and Bernie Turner fell out.
I once asked a well known councillor in a planning meeting.
"Can we really trust Mike Storey"
"How can you trust someone who lies to his wife about his own sexuality" he replied

It was him and Henshaw who signed the documents for the Cruise Liner Cock up.
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    further, further reading

  2. ....having spent an ASTONISHING 37 years as a councillor.....

    I think that said it all. So he's been on the political scene since 1973. That must be enough time to work your way into the House of Lords, with all its perks. What a miserable comment on our political system. Did Sir Trevor Jones have anything to do with this appointment ?