Thursday, 25 November 2010

LDP Business Week-Are They PR Plants For The Palm Oil Industry.

Today Neil Hodgson reports about how wonderful it is to increase the profitability of a Merseyside Palm Oil Plant.
 It is he who is the plant on this occasion.
 I label him an ill educated man who has been taught how not to think outside the box. To be told what to print by his fellow compatriots at Trinity "Smoking" Mirror Group. To look no further than his nose, to be a poodle. Today he tells us how wonderful it is to have Palm Oil Shipments processed in Liverpool.
He writes:
 NEW Britain Palm Oil today said its new Liverpool processing plant is achieving week-on-week increases in sales and production since its opening in May.

The manufacturer of edible oils developed the £18m waterfront plant on Regent Road to process regular shipments from its plantations in Papua New Guinea.
He continues. Mr Thompson said the Liverpool plant is performing well, adding: “We are very pleased with the level of demand we have going forward, and the quality of oil produced at the refinery is of the highest standard.

“The demand for fully traceable and certified sustainable palm oil is growing steadily and more and more food manufacturers continue to contact us as part of their intention to bring forward their commitments to using traceable and certified sustainable palm oil.”

It may be this is a traceable commodity. But i t is the duty of a reporter to check it is, not roll over and have his tummy tickled just because he is told so.
Not a thought about the environmental impact from he of little opinion.
A quick google search, yes its that easy Mr Hodgson, you lazy little poor excuse for a journalist you, reveals the environmental damage to the world.
Try this
Where a proper reporter who uses his brain take full account of the Palm Oil crop and its world impact.

The guilty secrets of palm oil: Are you unwittingly contributing to the devastation of the rain forests?

Does your shopping basket contain KitKat, Hovis, Persil or Flora? If so, you may be contributing to the devastation of the wildlife-rich forests of Indonesia and Malaysia, where orangutans and other species face extinction as their habitat disappears.

Report by Martin Hickman

Saturday, 2 May 2009
A fisherman surveys the scene as he steers his boat alongside a recently cleared area of forest

Palm Oil Mini Mills
Palm oil processing mills, SSPE0,7 - 4,5 tonnes FFB/hr
It's an invisible ingredient, really, palm oil. You won't find it listed on your margarine, your bread, your biscuits or your KitKat. It's there though, under "vegetable oil". And its impact, 7,000 miles away, is very visible indeed.
The wildlife-rich forests of Indonesia and Malaysia are being chain-sawed to make way for palm-oil plantations. Thirty square miles are felled daily in a burst of habitat destruction that is taking place on a scale and speed almost unimaginable in the West.

You have to blame Bill Gleeson the LDP Business editor, again, it really is the blind leading the blind sending his staff out like little scullery maids searching for things they can make look good.

I think the public may be wising up to the poor standard of local scribblers at Trinity "Smoking" Mirrors in Oldham Hall Street. No wonder they cant give the paper away.
They dont tell you the truth and in my opinion a liar hides the truth.
You dont have to tell a lie, to be a liar, in my opinion, you just hide one. 

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