Thursday, 11 November 2010

All Saints-Childwall-A Disaster Waiting To Happen.

This is a letter in todays Daily Ghost from Mr George Fowler.

I TOO was dismayed to read of the proposed cultural vandalism threatening Childwall Church. (Letters, November 4).

All Saints Church is beautiful, ancient and the most prominent feature of Childwall's history, its origins being mentioned in the Domesday Book.
It is the classic village church, standing in its own graveyard and garlanded in arboreal splendour. Its charm is owed to centuries of use and respectful care; its greatest value is as a symbol of religious constancy.
To tack on to this traditional church a modern, circular, extension – a so-called “church-rotunda” – would be tasteless to say the least.
Within the aged and straight(ish) churchyard walls would sit the ancient and straight-sided church, protruding from which would be a modern, circular church-carbuncle. It doesn't take Prince Charles to point out the obvious here!
The justification claimed for this desecration is vaguely given as it being part of an “Open to All” policy, and that the benefits of the “added uses” would outweigh the impact on the church setting and its historic fabric.
Well, on the other side of the (narrow) road a new church hall also is to be built, on the site of the current one. That is the proper place for secular activities and it should be designed accordingly.
All Saints Church, and its graveyard, are inspirational and visually splendid yet, sadly, the fabric and conventions within Childwall Church have already seen change in recent years with the loss of choir pews.
The church and grounds are not simply commercial assets waiting to be optimised; they are the very cherished image of Childwall itself. Those ambitious to embark upon superficial improvements should perhaps be reminded that they are only the stewards of Childwall's finest heritage, the essence of which has been sensitively preserved and passed down from generation to generation for 600 years or so. That is a very rich legacy, not one to be squandered, and I hope that we and future generations will continue to respect and enjoy it.

George Fowler, Childwall
It seems the Bishop James Chairman of the ECHO Stop the Rot campaign is getting his disciples to cover this with comments. You have to stop the rot at the church first.

What are English Heretics doing about it or the pathetic Conservation(sic) department of Liverpool City Council. They will probably put a shed on it.

So here we have another attempt to dig up bodies by the Liverpool Arch Deacon and his crew.
We may have made them think about digging up 7,000 at St James Church in Toxteth.

Stop digging bodies up Bishop James.
I think its a pathological disorder in the Liverpool clergy, that they cant stop digging up graves.............Or do they not respect the dead and leave them alone.


  1. The word "desecration" comes to mind. Does this even need to go before the planning committee ? If so let us see the true worth of English Heritage in their objections.


    updated with a strong letter from Heritage campaigner Florence Gersten