Monday, 29 November 2010

Government Office North West- How Can We Trust Them.

How can you trust the Government Office North West when it has been run by the North Vested Interest Development Agency.
Their senior person Robert Hough was a business partner of John Whittaker the tax exiled owner of Peel Holdings. Considering Liverpool's local office was in Cunard Buildings overlooking the world heritage disaster that is Liverpool Pier Head, it is obvious they don't care for Liverpool's historic fabric. We wrote to the Secretary of State, who in turn gives it to GONW.

I consider them corrupted by the power they possess.

So Peel have put all their tentacles out laying down their chosen men.
How much will Liverpool Waters be worth when planning permission is passed.

Instead of branding Liverpool Docks, the new Shanghai, the model should be Amsterdam, where people live harmoniously in tightly built quarters, all built on a human level with green space and canals as location.
It would be good to make Liverpool Waters the New Amsterdam.

Peel are to build a new port in Salford, costing 400 million pounds and turn Liverpool's into a plastic palace of glass shoe-boxes stacked on top of each other.

We need a public inquiry nothing else will do.

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