Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Joe Anderson-Spiving for Peel Holdings.

Joe Anderson is working for Peel Holdings, he may not be taking a wage, but he is working for them alright.  Today's paper is a joint effort from the Daily Peel and Council to propagate the myths that English Heritage will not be listened to by this current council. We have laws to protect us from Joe and the cosy little relationship with Peel Holdings, and the World Heritage Steering Group and all that the council is.  They are proving to be no better than the last lot of uneducated clowns that destroyed the Pier Head.  Take no nonsense from this man he is far too close to Peel Holdings and Lindsay Ashworth their chief arrogant bastard.  So you expect a developer
 who lives on the Isle of Man, who is building a new port in .......Salford to care about Liverpools heritage? 
But Joe come on you are proving no better than Mike Storey and Trevor Jones, this time spiving for Peel.
 Just read what the council leader says about English Heritage. He apears to think he is above planning law. He is so clever, its painful. 

See what Bill Gleeson of the Daily Ghost business section pre-ambled.             

So just to let you know where we are up to Mr Anderson. We have been in correspondence with Unesco and the DCMS for months, well over a year in fact. The DCMS who are charged with reporting, usually badly to Unesco. The OUV is at great risk here from these naff developments that will compete against Wirral Waters. Read some of the letters by clicking on them.
 Todays Daily Ghost gives an insight into Joes mind, well.
Remember all the promises when they were after power. This is what they said.  Cllr Paul Brant, the deputy leader of Liverpool’s Labour group and who represents the city ward covering Mann Island, lamented the loss of the views at mann Island.

Cllr Brant, who said he had no idea the planning brief existed, lobbied against the buildings when they were being considered by planners.

He told the Daily Post: “I think they’re in the wrong place or on the wrong scale or massing.

Funny, That I didn’t see him or hear him objecting he then continues.
It seemed to me to be madness to be downgrading views of some of our architectural heritage in a way that might make it less attractive to visit, especially as these areas were deemed to be so exemplar that they were given World Heritage status.

“It’s a major piece of investment and what was there before – the Mann Island car place – was hardly exemplar.”
He added that the building’s impact on the views has not taken him by surprise because he had looked at models of the area before they were built.
But he said: “I’m deeply disappointed that those views are now being lost. It’s bizarre that Liverpool residents now have to go to Birkenhead to see that best view of the Three Graces.”
A Liverpool city council spokesman added: “The development brief set the framework for schemes on this site. It was intended as guidance and was not prescriptive.
“Planning applications are considered in the light of this guidance and when this scheme was determined it was considered that it followed the principles of the brief in that developments should provide ‘glimpse’ views of the Three Graces.
“This view was endorsed by ICOMOS, who visited the site on behalf of the World Heritage Committee.”

So now the new Labour administration all get a free trip to Shanghai and change their minds. Joe Anderson no better than the last lot really, and not as clever.

Dont forget he is very close to Frank McKenna of Downtown Liverpool, maybe he has spent too much time listening to him.

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